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Hg Oct 2018
she was quite the actor
always on a role

lights camera affection
putting on a show

she was quite the model
never had to pose

every lie a candid
such a natural
insecurity is eating me
the world is showing me
that you have to be having it all
or you have nothing.
i should be happy
with my natural blessings.
my hair
my face
my me
because it all belongs to God
and i was made special in his image
and if he supplies all of my needs
then my natural self is okay
that is all i should need.
those people that i envy
those people aren't happy
those people are irresponsible
those people are temporary
because they waste their life
and feed on
on temporary things
and you are what you eat.
those people don't care
those people are full
of the gigantic meal called
their ego.
i see
but the would feeds me
a different meal
which i am the cook
they feed me my own
this is how i eat and be eaten.
what does the world show you?
Levi Kips Feb 2018
Natural disasters flow like Water.
Either naturally or what we consider to be natural like water from a faucet.
The nature behind the definition natural used to be so concrete like telling the difference between an earthquake and thunder but lately it bends so flexible that now
it’s like telling the difference between a 6 and a 9.
I realized my definition and vocabulary was about to be tested when I saw him.
Nothing about our encounter was natural except for our reactions.
Normally we're supposed to look at them Aurora Borealis
like their presence is a gift from God but naturally,
I look at him like a rooted tree looks at a thunderstorm while he,
He looks at me the same way a tsunami looks at a beach house.
I'm just trying to survive while he.......  
I'm trying still to decide what he wanted.
Was he trying to do what he sees as natural now or
was he trying to protect and serve God,
The Earth,
His Life.  
Either way, I know how natural disaster stories end and
I don't want to end up like Louisiana to Katrina,
like Haiti to the earthquake,
like Eric Garner to the NYPD.
That word natural is so abused and misused,
the word they really mean is normal.
It is normal for all kings to get taken down,
like King Charles the 1st,
like King Richard the 1st,
like African Kingdoms,
like Rodney King,
like Martin Luther King.
I want to keep having natural endings and not normal ones,
I rather want the debate of
"was that sound a heartbreak or an earthquake" and not
" was that the sound thunder or another black body hitting concrete".
In today's society, natural and normal trade blows and dance around each other so much
we ignore the chaos their tornado creates.
I can very much so be another victim of the normal slash new natural tornado
and hang my name up in the clouds next to a rip hashtag
and have it blow away the next day.
Instead, I hand over my genetic recipe to the elemental force
and hope that it doesn't return to the melanin back to the earth.
Normally the statistics aren't in my favor
nor is it in the favor for black bodies but today
nature rooted for me,
it didn't promise me a forever, but it helped me weather this storm.
Weather if you are looking at this situation as a 6 or a 9.
This shouldn't be the new normal.
Today I survive, and hopefully,
There will be a nature to help others do so too.
This is about when I was pulled over on a bike around the corner from home
Chelsea Rae May 5
You can be the fire
And I can be the air.
Fueling flames and going higher.

We can twist and dance,
Spin and twirl.
Essence of Earth,
Hidden, buried pearl.

I can be your tornado
And you can be my inferno.
"Natural disasters"
Booming thunder
But also, a worldly wonder.
You and I. Best friends.
Like a drop of dew I condense—
Onto a leaf where I sojourn.
And as swiftly as that I fall
Beneath the clouds
Hand in hand with gravity
Offering zero resistance.
sara May 2014
you** are the sovereign tide
i- the feeble yacht you consume
i contort and conform to abide
by the rules from which you are excused

i am the pathetic attempt
the sun makes to escape from the clouds
whilst you are its radiant rays
that no darkness could ever beat down

i am the dust of the earth
and you are the Northern Lights
whilst I dwell on my lack of worth
you climb to unprecedented heights
feelin' kinda ******
els Oct 2016
I feel my love
for you growing,

just like
how the grass will
continue its responsibility
as nature,

to fill
the earth with warmth
and comfort,
to cover all emptiness.

What I mean to say is,
my love grows with a goal for
others to see how you are
very much alive.
how you made me, alive.
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
And just like coffee.
Let your aroma tingle and stimulate the smiles of those around.
The best source of touch
Without cream or sugar.
Stir the organic presentation that brings the next minute that much closer.
Whether the preference is a mug or a styrofoam cup.
At the end of the day.
Coffee fits into any size container
And brings to life any size smile.
With one quick sip
The senses awake to a new day.
Swirled in unspoken travel sized rule.
It follows,
The beautiful ovation that rushes once poured.
Beautifully represented by your smile.
The tone of your skin.
Your hair naturally at ease.
Stirred by a finger.
Specialism by the majority nodding away,
Yet awaken by your essence.
Soon extracted and brought to life.
Swirling beyond content.
And just like coffee,
I look forward to a cup of you
amme Jun 2018
It was a couple of years ago I had an experience I couldn't explain but wouldn't deny.
It was almost like a daydream that took me back to the age of five.
I saw how I was pushed into society before I had developed the wings to fly.
To survive I had to split my soul into two to create a false personality of mine.
Ever since, the 10% I was suppose to give as tide has been occupied by the hatching seeds in the left side of my thin mind.
The experience brought me back to where I lied. I couldnt move and my heart was racing It felt like I was going to die.
At the end of what felt like a paralyzed panic attack I had a strange tingle in the lowest part of my spine.
The tingles slowly started to rise,
like two angels slithering their way up all thirty three steps of Jacob's ladder to open up the seventh seal. My gateway to heaven.
It was sensational. A euphoric feeling, I never felt that happy before. Everything that was holding me back, all the bad memories
and all the grudges I had been holding on to, did not matter anymore.
I started to think freely and act accordingly. I worked less and wrote more because money was not a priority.
The value of life became clear to me.
There I was, reborn with Christ oil.

I dwelt in that right hemisphere of my brain for three and a half months before I got thrown out of paradise for questioning myself again.
Of course I tried to force my way back but drugs only gives you a temporary pass.
Besides I can't let go of the lifestyle of the genie in my genes that likes to buy expensive jeans.
It's genius how they deceive us, or I'm just seriously delirious and my psychological awareness is just as meaningless as my nihilistic periods.
Who is really the genie; us?
I use religious ideology sometimes to explain my feelings.
Sam Hawkins Jan 2016
My quarks my molecules and my cells  
they all piped up, asking:
Can you hear us?

 The Universe was plying
 its simplest tune.

My heart skipped light fantastic
to the moon.

Moon expressing her left and right,
face turned to everyone.

I heard her voice
serenade the sun.

Natural me is I ~ I am.

I shall offer myself
to the sky above.

Bow to earth.
Dance one love.
Dominique Jul 2018
I pop a pomegranate seed.
It bleeds,
Delicate fuchsia delight,
Citrus scented, warm, bright,
Full of nectar and promise
(now wasted)

I pop another one,
In a soft cove on my arm-
A slight dip between two veins -
And watch the blushing drop
Edge closer to my elbow. Stop.

A third time,
With the fury of fear
Tiptoeing listlessly in my mind,
Like raindrops on a rooftop.  
It is sweet, and ******,
A waste of time but an act of god

I crave the sound and texture of it,
So a fourth time comes around.
By now, the citrus is overpowering
But I keep going,
For the sake of purity,
For the sake of the shock of vibrance
On deathly pale skin.
When my arm is covered in juice,
I give up.
There's no sense in envying the wasted.

Scarlet sticks.
Joanna Jul 8
Watching outside, I see the sun begin to set.
Framing the horizon with a warm and misty
glow, I find myself, touched to my soul.

And as day becomes evening, I am filled
with delight, taking in an explosion of color
that will soon fade from sight.
To read more of my writings go to:
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
Life is so funny in its
uncanny and unpredictable
It reaches out to us
with powerful grip,
yet allows us to make decisions
about what we think we want
without interference
but with consequences
of our actions.
Molded in our favour,
fashioned to bring succour
and comfort to ameliorate
the pains to be encountered.
This helps to do things
the right way the first time,
allowing things to manifest
and work the way they should,
not the other way around.
It’s like when we brush
our teeth before we go to
the dentist to have
a teeth cleaning or
when we wash the dishes before
we put them in the dishwasher
or when we clean up the house
before the maid arrives.
These are not following
the natural order of things.
Yield to the kindness of nature.
Listen to the rhythm it beats
into your consciousness,
it's wisdom is of superior quality.
Accept whatever it gives you,
for the miraculous is woven
and hidden inside it.
The notion is to take you to the apex
of your mountain if patience is excellently
exercised and not be distracted.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Tenshi Feb 2018
The meadow sang in harmony
As our hearts synced in melody
They stopped their agony
When we met finally

My soul longed for such caress
You have never cared less
In your arms I want to rest
You're the peace in my chest

The glimpse of you
It restores my hope anew
Your presence is like the dew
How pure and so true
Michael Martins May 2018
I caught a sight of lovely Laura
Under the aurora
Her sheen had gleem
Or so it seem
From where I stood to see

Lucky are those northern lights
To catch her, such a sight

I caught a sight of lovely Laura
What a sight to see!
Looking at you day and night
It's ,doubtless, my natural right
Every night, our feelings start to fight
You're all,you're my night light.
Get closer and see
Away from you,I can never be.
So many times, I wonder "is that me?"
You and I are but one,not two or three.
Your heart made me fly higher than a kite.
Getting stronger, day after day, we unite
Careless about them ,even if they backbite
We are whatever, that's my right.
Sonia Ettyang Jul 14
I walk through the shadows of the night  Under the glowing light
The mysteries of the moon mystify my mind
Shed light to my soul
Engulf my spirit to the core of the earth bringing me closer to my inner being
Fine tuned to the rhythm of the ocean
A Mar 15
What if *** is there just to give us a release,
to let out all the anger and disappointment
we otherways just stash up behind a smile
Maybe it's a way to let that long finger out
from our pocketless pants
and throw it in their ignorant faces
Lily Sep 12
Roses grace the sky in a bouquet,
And a few fall down to me.
The last fleeting rays of yellow sunlight
Shoot up into the sky like fireworks,
Illuminating the beach for a brief moment.
A cool breeze whips across the shore,
And the sands drift in my face,
The sands that tell the stories of all
Who have watched these pink moments before.
The ocean whispers to me,
Its enticing scent pulling me in,
Saying, “the world is not so bad,
Watch this beautiful sunset.
Everything will be alright.”
The last rose petal falls,
And the clock reads 8:12 pm.
The taste of salt lingers on my tongue
As I turn and head for home.
The sunset says,
“Come back tomorrow!”
The inspiration for this poem was from this essay on NPR's website called "Pink Moments". Here is the link for the essay if you would like to read it (; it's a gorgeous work that I did not attempt to copy but that inspired me to tell my own "pink moment" story.
Lash Mar 25
my nap py roots are a natural root to the tree of life.
i dare not damage my sources to the source of light.
afro made all strong and sturdy,
a sprinkle of all that is worthy.
a sign that i am everything and i exist.
stop bleaching out your blackness.
i insist
that you cherish your being like you cherish material possessions
& feed into obsessions of your ego that knows of nothing else.
only mirrored image self,
detrimental to your health.
only focused on appearances and features.
beauty industry focal points
with tutorial teachers.
influencers influenced by ingenuine sources,
no natural resources.
your reign has been challenged.
may the best man be exalted.
Ylzm Apr 26
Weirdly wonderful caterpillars,
liquefy, transform, and reborn;
Wonderfully beautiful butterflies,
Who taught you how to do that?

Mother Nature, the mother of gaps;
Magical hand hides ignorance,
Misdirects from real question:
Why do we even ask at all?

Curiosity satiated we move on,
Forgetting blindness unremoved.
For if sighted, a new tongue to learn,
Mother Nature, the new alphabet.
Pauper of Prose Aug 2018
When the moth no longer meditates on the cloth
When the fish fails to flit when it’s caught
When the calling crickets lose the will to whip up noise
When the eagle’s eagerness is evaporated along with poise
When all of nature neglects itself, adrift on its track
You’ll know for sure those feelings aren’t coming back
When that spark flickers feebly before flailing out
To me, it's about living
What it feels to be alive
More than just being
Finding that excitement
Within the walls of society
I look for what, to me
Makes me want to live
The blue ocean,
The tall mountain trees,
The long car rides in a '66,
The laughs and late night tears,
Passion in those rare souls,
Art in the eyes of wanderers,
Beauty in each unexpected moment
To me, that's what worth living for
To me, the beauty of the natural world
And the gift we have to enjoy it
Is all we need to pull us through life
From monotonies of life,
An escape at times we need;
An escape at Shaw's Garden,
Will be of much help indeed.

A visit in the springtime,
When flowering trees there bloom,
Capture the eyes and calm them,
Many release sweet perfume.

Folks sure find Shaw's Garden is
A real lovely place to be.
It's a great place for a stroll,
To enjoy nature's beauty.
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