Antonio Fonseca Feb 2014
Naked eye,
silent sorrounded heart.

what's that sound?
elderly and ancient crown
from a spirit beyond recognition.

a vast dark room
comfortable crouching,
no hope,
no light,
yet he takes a glance into my soul.

Naked eye,
he sees through me
directly to my soul
his silence seems to claim;

"poor pretentious soldier",
"come home",
"come home"...
Holding hands
Kissing in public
Giving sexy looks
Holding each other close
Walking arm in arm
Naked in the woods
Picnic sex
#public #naked #woods #picnic sex
may my naked desire
rest in You
with delight.
10w "naked desire" is a term from Cloud of Unknowing, a book about divine love and contemplation written by an anonymous author.
Tessellate Nov 2012
i had a thought.
i ran out of my room,
down the hallway,
and into the bathroom.

i wriggled out of my worn down, tie dye shirt.
hopping up and down as i pull off my
high-waisted jeans, pulling my pant leg with my foot as i
trample the dark denim to the ground.

i stand there naked, in front of the
harsh, full length mirror.
combing my fingers through my natural, wavy hair.
i contort my face in disgust, cocking
my head slightly to the side.

i close my eyes, and take one deep breath in.
when i open my eyes,
the reflection staring back at me is a thin, natural

Her smooth ivory skin glows in the
silvery reflective glass.
Her stomach is flat and toned.
Her breasts lay on Her chest in perfect
proportion to the rest of her petite frame.

i run my fingers down the sides of my body.
my palms trailing along, dipping and
rising with the mounds beneath my skin.

i close my eyes and open them again,
this time taking my reflection for
what it really is.

i am fat.
my skin is pink and spotted with freckles the
colour of blood.

my stomach hangs low, covering the part
a man should see when i'm naked.

my breasts are big.
but not in the way you'd like them to be.
they lay there, sort of lop-sided.
hanging just above my ribs. Another place for
fat to take over.

the cuts on my thighs are hardly noticable
next to




i can see tears in the eyes of the reflection staring back at me,
but i am numb.

i thought correctly. i am
fat. i am ugly.
Nobody in their right mind would want to
love me.
Matthew Harlovic Mar 2015
I may clothe myself,
but it is not out of shame,
it’s for the weather.

© Matthew Harlovic
We cuddle naked
On a lonely island, in the sea,

Where our bodies press each other
On the sand, under the tree.

With sound of splashing waves,
Your arms tangle me, legs ready to heave.

Where we make love to each other,
My body under yours, we are so free.
#press #sand #tree #splashing #waves #arms #tangle #heave #free #cuddle #naked #lonely #island #sea
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
Love rules the blind
Life rules the naked
my naked lady framed
in twilight is an accident

whose niceness betters easily the intent
of genius—
                        painting wholly feels ashamed
before this music,and poetry cannot
go near because perfectly fearful.

meanwhile these speak her wonderful
But i(having in my arms caught

the picture)hurry it slowly

to my mouth,taste the accurate demure
              rhythm of
laziness.  Eat the price

of an imaginable gesture

exact warm unholy
If you are quiet
when truth is buried naked
Lies will make you slave
Unrequited Love Jul 2014
Now my clothes are stained with the memory's of the boys that took them off.

The ones that never bothered to learn my middle name.

And I never found out their favourite colour...
I can't get dressed without a flashback now days
Ashley Nicole Nov 2014
These clothes, they hide
These clothes, conceal
And when these clothes slide off
There's nothing left to reveal

Unhooked clasps
Undone buttons
Just unwrap this body
'Til absolutely nothin'

My raw self for
Only you to view
Removing this fabric
Is saying that I trust you
Sarah Procak May 2014
He asks me ‘what’s wrong’
And I was almost stupid enough
To let him in & tell him everything
But I know he does not give a fuck
Because he only notices me when I'm naked
Elioinai Oct 2014
Be naked and vulnerable,
They say,
But hide some things away,
Your liver isn’t lovely,
But your heart keeps me in awe,
I can’t,
Uncover my chest,
My brain,
And show the world the blood,
And shining blue,
And red,
And yellow,
The curves,
Without showing half-digested cheese,
And bile,
And poop,
Once in a while,
Or often,
To be naked,
Is to allow mistakes,
To offend,
And forgive yourself,
And them,
When they offend you too,
It is impossible,
To share our beauty,
Without the ugliness.
And humble pride,
Is knowing,
That you can’t find,
Anyone with more poop than you,
Or more most beautiful blood,
Do you have the courage,
To be naked?
March 28, 2014
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