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Trina Nov 2015
it wasnt my choice
i didnt want it
i was drunk
i was 15 he was 18
im in high school
i puke... wet pants in the hospital bed
i cry
i cant sleep
i write
i draw anything to destract my mind
i want it to leave myhead
i want the faded demon to leave
no cuts but i want to
no soul but i need it
rapped and called a liar
im tired of it all
i want to be done and nobody will let me
Neo Avilleo Jul 2017
You went out,
In the verge of desperation,
Looking for consultation,
But you’d never find the right solutions,
Of how you’d live in such misery.

You don’t know when it started,
You didn’t see it coming,
You allow it to come,
To possess you as a whole.

You could never know the reasons why,
You’re so afraid of losing your mind,
And you just want to run away,
From all the people, things around you.

You know the demons that lurk inside of you,
You know he’s coming to get you,
You used to resist what you are,
But you always knew that there’s something to lose.

— The End —