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Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
The fastest way to feel
or get hurt is through
the path of love,
though it is not threatening,
it only beckons the worthy ones.
It is a joy-pain road to the
miraculous and the mysterious.
The unknown forces of
the spirit divine is hidden within it.
Though fearful,
it is still safe and secure,
with the ability to heal
anything it touches.
Full of bliss and joyful tenderness,
intriguing and captivating.
It is a rock of offense,
if it hits you,
you just gotta fall,
and be in love,
it crushes and squeezes you,
so you can give all,
and when you fall on it,
you crash and fall in love.
I know the way to eldorado,
I know the way to Ionano,
I know the way to your soul,
Yes I know,
Believe me I know.
It is only through a heart
full of love,
a heart molded by love,  
a heart that can love again,
even when bruised
and broken by love.
A heart that can find love
in the unlovable places.
The heart that can forgive
the hurts however deep.
A heart that can pass
through the narrow gate.
The one that can believe
it can do the impossible.
The one who sees with
the eyes of God,
for God dwells in such heart.
Such a beautiful heart knows
the unexplainable mysteries of the
invisible road to the abode of love,
full of lovely memories,
memories that never want to let you go,
a little hug, a little kiss, and little gifts
are all a little something
that makes me want to cry,
wishing it would last forever.
Honor such a heart and soul
that can love you anyway.
Such heart has truly found God
for God is love.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Tammy M Darby Jul 2013
On the molded plastic black keys
Tip- tap tipping away  
Smiling wickedly
With self-satisfaction
Words deliberately in a sociopathic array

Crazed Eyes agleam
Thoughts rambling across the planets
In and out of reality
Both far and away

Each letter vibrates with its own life
The deranged wordsmith's release
So the clicking and typing
Systemic vacant sounds
Never seem to cease

To the mad poet
The combinations of descriptive words
Promotes the disease
Calling in a sweet voice
To the mad poet
In letters A to Z

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3),

Tammy M Darby
Cné Sep 2017
Let me mold my body along your curves; trickle yourself into my entire being

Vulnerable, ****, my heart exposed, palpably we connect across the starry sky; you ... within me

I want your intimacy to linger along the edges of my lips hours after you've gone

I ache to be consumed by your eyes, intense with emotions, long after the dawn

Take me to your intimate chambers where hearts race; the rhythm of our silhouettes melded on satin sheets

Leisurely feel your way; a slow descend along the avenue of my rhythmic swell; forgive me of my quivering wanton needs

Allow me to graze at the gates of your femininity, drinking the honey from your pink walls; to feel your crowning point between my lips

How can I resist those wandering lips that stirs the curtains of my garden alcove; perfectly painted in honey dew, I throb for the touch of your kiss

Drape your thighs upon my shoulders; let the waves of satisfaction cascade up your spine

I beg to be released, dear God, of this intoxicating spell; I submit myself, heart laid bare; oceans of emotions no longer can I hide.

Find your eyes locking with mine; my torso parallels yours, my body pressed to you; equal in ferocity and tenderness

Mesmerize by your burning eyes in our melting flesh, so strong your hold; yet so tender your caress

Utter our names in fiery moans both whispered and screamed in heated breaths on our solitary night

Vile obscenities float out on heated breath, as cool air kiss our molded skin on the evening our time takes flight

Take me to your heart & cast away the flesh; allow our souls to weave in the throes of passion as our bodies mix into one; slow-motion ecstasy

A longing deep inside, the locked chambers of my soul to exotic places beyond our imaginationsyou sneak into my heart to fulfill my every fantasy 

Feed me the lullabies you paint on your canvas; orgiastic symphony we conduct in cascading tides; trembles throughout our bodies when our fluids mix

Let me paint upon your heart a ballet of our duet; the crescendo palette of my tide drown you in the spirit of our lyrics

Your ripe fruit quivers tenderly while our union completes; take my hands and let me be yours

Hold my sated body that tremors from the wake; a union of our souls ensnare a bond secure
A Collaboration with Jack Jenkins.
Cné Mar 2018
I treasure those nights of unexpected surrender
when hands molded
and made me tremble
waking from slumber with body afire
as he inched gradually into me
bathed in my welcoming heat
one palm curled protectively
'round the weight of my breast
as finger and thumb drew on beaded peak
and breath caught in my throat
as his full depth was reached
unable to remain still
rocking back to achieve a deeper sink
his sudden hiss scalding my neck
teeth worrying my bottom lip
neither willing to move
afraid it would all end too soon
and as the flames continued to rise
groans replaced whispered sighs
no hurried pace or rapid ******
slow and sensual movements
dragging us ever nearer the edge
denying that final release
drawing closer but holding it back
sensation heightened beyond bearing
until that fraying tether breaks
causing walls to tighten and quake
drinking every last drop of his lust
clutching inside and out
desperately seeking his mouth
sealing the cataclysmic moment
heart pressed to heart
breath to breath
I’m a soldier
in a war
sold to the highest bidder
Biding my time
getting high
but not getting
anything out of

A lifer
a loser
lost his way
was on his way
on a journey
was earning
a living
was living
a life
in spite of
spitting in the face
of all I was faced with
Couldn’t face up
to the need
I was feeding
A hole
from which
my soul
was bleeding
Unknown reason
harboring this treason
give it time
it will season
Belief system
the Devil
finds pleasing

No matter
how much I tried
and from everyone hide,
including myself,
what was
deep inside
If I went
and made
an attempt
a fool I'd be,
wasted time spent
A lament
at controlling
the tide
And each day
from the next
more and more
of me died

There was a time
when all my efforts
went unheeded
and instead
But these courtships
did not breed
or plant the seed
Instead was seething
to be
Escaping from me
with each breath
I’m breathing

A horrible time
making me ill
Not having free will
and not for me
to get
Must get angry
and upset
Breaking steps
So many
I’m falling
more than I’m standing

Steps I’ve climbed
mostly blind
by my blindfold
Its knots
I bind
the moment
I ‘rise-and-shine’
so that
in time
when rising
like yeast,
the hiding
inner self

Every hand folding
as I’m
raising the bets,
doesn't make sense
From where
did I get
this invisible pet
Originally set
and previously molded
in the early stages
of the morning
in a story
that’s boring
and been told
time and time again
lost love ones
and friends

A friendly reminder
that a
is not
a time saver
if the referenced ‘stitch’
relied upon
was built upon
from others
that we
self tie
but mostly
force fed
by the very hand
by my head

It’s a numbing thought;
reasons sought
but pieces
My peace disturbed
by actions
from a desire
to numb
so that these thoughts
will be

and rotten
left for days
in a
wrought iron cage
with sage
too afraid
to consume
but 'In-Doom'
I trust
and with full ******
my smile
Forward I go
for sins
I pay
and lie within
this bed
I've made

Not night;
thick of day
No difference displayed
Skewed indifference
to the
that have been
like the path
of destruction
from this day
in my wake
can't brake
A life's mistake
Lay me down
my soul
to take
Lying in state,
a viewing,
my wake
My mind
now awake
Cruelty's laugh
makes me
an ***
A crass reminder
of a life
that's past
Written: July 14, 2018

All rights reserved.
Najwa Kareem Dec 2018
On an island with so much untouched nature outside, why are the prices of things so expensive inside

Is it really necessary to charge a customer for oatmeal cookies four times the price they should be

Does it really take stealing from people and worrying people to sustain a country; to fuel an economy

Molded apples and molded oranges not having sold quick enough being removed from the shelves in a store

Things are so complicated, I say to a cashier at the register about life as it is now

She shakes her head yes and says, I often ask myself where am I?

written on 12/19/18
King Panda Oct 2017
The birth of our sun wrote megalithic,
two-word bursts of observable heat to life.

It pounded the density of a billion
squealing animals and thought itself
star—a pencil

being lifted by an oven-mitted hand
somehow deft, fortune-telling

sun—which will, in time,
bow out to a goodnight city
where every light is eaten

by dark-spelled window—no reflection
of flame,
no kiss of magnet—no

just cold death to
the bones—a molded meatball
dancing in a spiral once believed

to be beautiful.
TT Aug 2017
I am closed
My heart, barricaded
Molded together by unequivocal fear and total agony
It lies in bleak solitude
Pulsating with every emotion,
Yet left it it's cage, utterly dissatisfied
There are times when my heart can hear
It can hear the beckoning call of my suitor,
Begging this troubled heart to mend his pain
At times, it might understand the misery
Though, it is reminded readily,
That these walls are not meant for destruction
That these walls, shall instead last a lifetime

My heart cannot fix you,
My heart cannot fix this
It is unable to mend your wounds,
As mine have yet to heal
Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
My mind has molded
Into the shape of a bullet
It's running through my thoughts
Violent screams of the innocent
Fleeding through my ears and eyes

My mouth sewed shut
Told to keep quiet
I sit here still and silent
Not a word to be shed
The only white noise you heard
Was a bullet to my head
Kara Jean Jun 2016
A hail storm of tears roll down your chest
I feel you are near
Your warmness wasn't sincere
Harness your empathy and color clear
Pierce the molded statue held together by strong glue and fear
You seem to be ignoring the address
Instead you only here muddled up curses of vulnerability
Hurt feelings you developed as a system to keep you safe
Creating a type of gunk around your face
It's thick film is nothing but a temper angry
I am sorry no one assisted you in modifing your animosity
You will forever be stuck immature and hating
You could always let go of resentment and regret

but then

You would have to forgive
Vicki Kralapp Sep 2018
My bedsheets envelop me
with the familiar scent of home
as I lie comforted
in their warm embrace.

Outside my window,
crows call from maple trees
their leaves tipped in gold and ochre,
while raven visitors welcome me.

Sprinkled with bits of bleached sand,
my dashboard is a daily reminder
of my my beach-time walkabouts
where I kept my hopes and dreams.

My tropical adventure,
now just a memory in snapshots
lies packed away with shells and other mementos,
as I embrace tomorrow.

Summer's sultry days
with their myriad of challenges,
have molded me into the woman I am,
and who I will become.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
jim moore Dec 2016
Such brief pleasure
Your presence
The smell of your hair, your neck
I hold on for dear life

So many things left unsaid, undone
Pages unturned
Questions unasked
The curves of your body unexplored

The sensation of you, molded into me
In the late morning hours
In a strange place, an unknown bed
Left to remain in the imagination

The fear of feeling something
Got the better of me
The fear of feeling THAT feeling
Paralyzed me
polyratic Jun 2018
Attempts to make
Meticulous marvels
Molded from mountains
Mindful of the minds
That mind it
My mind whenever I attempt any project.
Lex Condran May 17
Earth is heaven and hell, tell someone that
Dreams and Daydreams
It's interesting to note, we sit at the center of it all
As witnesses, the eyes of eternity
The players of the game of life and death
A universe of words and ideas
Molded and shaped, by our own actions

May 17 2019
Strange, the brain is the machine that runs it all
our dna - rna, ancient memories
and our life, the self we are
we take it all in like a sponge
and become that which is around us
and us, the spirit we say, deciding yes or no
01100111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101101 01110000 01101100 01100101 01111000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011
good or evil, on a scale we only act upon by what we see and think we know
shatteredpoet Apr 26
once upon a time
the universe ached for you
it longed for your soul to be formed
so in response
the oceans and stars collided

and when the waves settled
and the stars aligned
you were created
molded from the salt of the seas
and the stardust from the sky
~remember, you have the strength of the ocean
and the power of the stars within you.
Kitten Yvad Mar 1
I'm in a world where
I’m curled up in your
Raven hair
and I’m free to be here

You’d want to be near me.
You’d stop doing all the
things that scare me and
just hold me
fold me and keep me on your

What could be worse
than being eons away
I could have anything at all
and I’d still be cold this way
You could have folded me
And held me on your person
molded me any way you liked
then told me

Raven’s hair in your
Forrested eyes tell me
“you are mine, don’t ask why…
Because the Night
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
Life is so funny in its
uncanny and unpredictable
It reaches out to us
with powerful grip,
yet allows us to make decisions
about what we think we want
without interference
but with consequences
of our actions.
Molded in our favour,
fashioned to bring succour
and comfort to ameliorate
the pains to be encountered.
This helps to do things
the right way the first time,
allowing things to manifest
and work the way they should,
not the other way around.
It’s like when we brush
our teeth before we go to
the dentist to have
a teeth cleaning or
when we wash the dishes before
we put them in the dishwasher
or when we clean up the house
before the maid arrives.
These are not following
the natural order of things.
Yield to the kindness of nature.
Listen to the rhythm it beats
into your consciousness,
it's wisdom is of superior quality.
Accept whatever it gives you,
for the miraculous is woven
and hidden inside it.
The notion is to take you to the apex
of your mountain if patience is excellently
exercised and not be distracted.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Morgan Spiers Sep 2018
every molecule of your being
each cell
down to it's nucleus
is one that has existed for millennia
yet is entirely unique.

all that we are is matter,
recomposed in a way to create
to  establish
                                  ­       new,

it is not within ourselves
that we find purpose
but in the artist that used chaos
as a canvas;
in the sculptor that made monuments
out of mere molecules.

do not fear the "you" you are is of bad quality;
for it was molded
and perfected
by the perfect
bythesea Mar 2018
It's seems like I've held you for 100 years

I've bred your fear
And multiplied you in the ways that you couldn’t.

It seems like I've left you
Your sweet, sad eyes always held more than just your innocence.
I've molded you
As a crutch would,
Determined you to speak
but you wouldn't.
i thought i could guide you through my motions
But you were never fully there
Your rhythm was flat
you could never speak out of your imaginary line

You've never had my electric everything and I can’t stay so humble

T Aug 2018
She has this gift only I can see
And she let me go how could this be
Her words so soft as that of an Angel
How could this woman leave my heart just to dangle
When I am with her I feel at ease
For I am her clay ready to be molded
I am not a pair of pants that need to be folded
Her gift that she has..... it captivates me when ever she is around
Every time I start to drift away... it drags right back
I think the gift that she has is love
That way that she loved me was different and it felt oh so good
I want and need that stay with me for the rest of my days....Ohhh and I need her by me in so many different ways
This special gift that only she has kept my heart open just to her love ......and like I told you all before she was sent from the lord above.
#she has it
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