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Hg Aug 7
i can
her voice
and the way
it moans

i can
her lips
and the way
they close

i can
her pulse
on a

she can’t
do the same
with a heart
of stone
KitaRaizal Sep 2013
The soft skin of her collar bone appears
turning into something more
lower she would go
her cleavage
until finally her beautiful
full breasts appear
his greedy eyes taking it in,
drinking up what he may never see again

she doesn't stop there
yet her fear is as bright as the sun
but she herself has lost all
so she continues
lower and lower
she goes
his greedy hands reaching out to
play with her

her soft moans of hate towards herself
leaves her
something she never thought she
would be
bringing this he, to her home to bed
and many more just like him

It all starts with a love story.
A summer  a kiss a smell and a glass of wine.

Feel the scent of the life is so good.
But keeping us sane every day is difficult.
The city smells like burned hearts.
We can  love each other,  if you want.
Your kiss tasted of honesty yesterday.
You destroyed me last night with your stare

Can I show you what I have under my skin?

Do you like my messy hair?
 Do you like my makeup blurred?
Do you like my 70's style?

I slept at your door, after that party.
You liked the scent of my youth in your bed.
You said that I was needy so I got that one.

I saw everyone running to an unnamed place.
I came back to your house.
I danced softly for you.
You touched your lips to my neck.
But you did not kiss me.
I felt your breath,
I liked to feel it because your mouth is mine

You like to play with me.
I'm not a loser.

The red dress is lying on the floor.
 The scent of your body's scent on me.

Make me moan like yesterday, tonight .
You thought I was a young woman with insatiable desires.

I'm not a pain lover
I'm just a lover of heat.
I like to watch people burn

Would you burn for me?

I just want you to burn for me.

I'll let you burn in the fire of love.
I'll let you burn in the fire of passion
I want you to scream for me.

Burn in the fire of love.
Burn until I can no more.
I want to hear your moans of pain.

As I dance gently in front of the mirror.
While I sing for you.
I want to find you in ashes.
I like to see the perfect tune of the flames.
Would you burn in the fire for me?
KitaRaizal May 2013
Soft Kiss's
Burning Skin
Soft Touches
Goose Bumps
Soft Breath Curling Against the Skin
Parted Lips
Rough Tugs
Loud Moans
Eager Tongue's
Soft Groans
Skin Slick An Damp
Soft Pants
Wrapped In Each other Arms
Is Where We Belong

lX0st Nov 2014
I'm drowning in your moans
Every word that melts from your lips
Floods the room about us
Suffocating me into believing
That I would be satisfied
Spending my last moments
Staring into your eyes
KitaRaizal Apr 2014
Pressed lips
Clear blue eyes
Racing heart
Damp skin
Panting breath
Naked Skin
Perfectly imperfect body
Gently touches
Wondering fingers
Exploring hands
Echoing moans

Cindy Long Aug 2017
I look at my purple and yellow flesh.
Smile at the memory of where you have been.
The harsh and heavy marks of our love.
I bite my bottom lip and press my thighs tight.
Stifle moans from the ache it brings.
Explosions raddle my brain and i wish to be with you again.
I trace the indention of rope along my wrists.
The thin line between pain and pleasure.
How we crossed it; played hop-scotch with it.
I giggle to the excitement of my battered soul.
The snap and crack of a flogger on my back.
Spiders crawl down my spine with the words,
"You are mine."
I am now, I am now...

for reasons you need not concern yourself,
oft disappear for an hour or two,
making an odd combination of
groans and moans,
that she follows like a crumb trail through the forest,
til she finds me and asks if I’m OK,
and answer-true, same-always, when only she inquires,
smile>gritted teeth, laugh line>worry line,

I am now, I am now
KitaRaizal May 2014
My body trembles
I lick my lips
Laying here
Seeing it all in my head
You going down on me
Fingers tangled in your hair
Back arched
Lips parted
Eyes closed
As your tongue plays with my soft skin
Making me beg for more
Heart racing
Burning need
Growling at you
Pulling you up
Lips meeting
Tasting my sweets on yours lips
Reaching down
Fingers stroking your shaft
You quiver against my body
Making me crave you more
Shoving my tongue into your mouth
Playing a game for two
Lacing my tongue around yours
Choking your moans
As my hands wrap
Slowly getting faster
Bodies heaving
Breath getting shorter
But baby this isnt the best part
Shoving you back
Pinning you down
Evil glint in my eye
I slide myself onto you
Smiling softly
You stare back in shock
Purring I bounce  
Hearing your sweet sounds
Drive me to please you more
Tangling my fingers in your hair
Face pressed into your neck
Thrusting back and forth
We both let go
We made love

KitaRaizal Apr 2014
A Kiss as cold as ice,
A smile as stony as brick,
Skin as rough as the stormy waters,
Eyes sparkle like diamonds.
Her kisses leave icy splinters in their wake,
Lips soft as a snow flake,
But sharp as the sea,
Fingers tangled in jungles,
Tongues tied,
Lips parted,
Soft echo's threw the valley.
Whispering moans,
Gentle breezes,
Timid hearts.
Thawing out,
Her kisses slowly turn,
Into blooms of spring,
Heating up like the summer sky.

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