hungry, i breathe into the veins of your neck
and with my tongue, i taste your flesh.
hot breath stains your skin,
as i run my hands over your porcelain body.
hungry, i tear into you.
as you moan for more,
i know that i have won.
you will be begging
and i will be leaving.
There is this green marble
Following it down
It travels
Along the depth of a sizable tongue
Even, firm
A swab of spit covers it.

It loops through corridors
Circles around the tracks of hooves
Passes by a bush of thorns
A snake hisses as we scoot
On, beyond, past
A bridge that extends off into the distance
A light flickers there
As lightning bugs glimmer on and off
Off and on
Humming into the summer.

The crack of a whistle
A crooning moan
Round eyes
Round lips.

The green marble stays a while
Immobile stable
Until the breeze of the wind
Lifts it up and out
It jumps along the length of haystacks
Climbing onto the back of ponies
Neighing, a mating call from birds
Cry into the golden hour light
Our lenses pretend to capture
Fighting into the present
We run past our own shadows
Of our ancestors
Thinking our being
Must be much like mini gods.

I shut the lips of Bibles there
Tracing blood along the lines of my lean legs
I hover in-between the tent of the sacrament
And disappear like smoke
Into the corners of the highest ceiling
While the sermon and preacher
Neck and neck carry on.

It is here
In the humid hot humiliatingly haughty sun
Where full length white gloves
Replace clout and shame
Petticoats align with virtue and grace
It is here where you train
To sit near fireplaces
Chattering for hours
Relive the mighty past
Hear words of the gospel
Prospective pets your best companion
But you might catch and eat a new animal in the

It is here
In the sweltering beautiful heat
Where you're from.
Don’t look down look up,
I think as they pass me by,
Don’t look down, look up,
You will miss the world go by

Don’t look down, look up,
There is so much to be seen,
Don’t look down, look up,
Enjoy where you have been,

Don’t look down, look up,
You never know what you’ll miss
Don’t look down look up,
Savour life’s sweet kiss

Don’t look down look up.
Raise your head towards the sky.
Don’t look down look up,
Don’t let life just pass you by

Don’t look down look up.
My intentions not to moan,
Don’t look down look up,
Put your mobile down

Look up, not down,
Embrace in life what’s free,
Look up, not down,
Smile when you see me.

— The End —