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I cant concentrate on anything i do
The sky is turning grey from sunny blue

You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife
You stab me in my back, not once but twice

You are a lier, a poser , a freak and a cheater
What wrong i did that you  became a mistreater

Tears, depression, pain and scar
You gave me and i was like
Why you did so
If its my mistake then
Let me know
But if you dont like me then
Let me go......
KDFr Jul 2017
I'm insufficient,
a victim of injustice,
Incapable of proving to be more than taken for granted.
I am injuria sine damno-
You see I cause no harm because I keep to myself but I'm labelled as a threat and legally, religiously wrong because I refused to be accepted by the crowd if it meant I'd have to reject the beat beats of my heart, that sound
That low frequency sound I make is all they could take,
I say nothing most of the time, even when I see them close their eyes to the truth, and judge me incorrectly then call me blind, covering their ears pretending they're deaf but lash at me with whipped words until there's no skin left,
On my mind's back and chest they beat, making me feel less- they're obsessed,
years of pain taking and saying nothing and them thinking they're doing what's best,
But they never stopped to realize- I'm depressed.
Yes, they call me lazy, crazy, heartless, stupid, and an embarrassment,
they never really knew who I was since I often wondered around the lost and found tent,
I'm in this field of life, but I have no permanent address,
I could be quickly tossed out if I don't pay them a daily rent,
They took my confidence, my joy, my humanity- I'm not a real boy,
I'm a liar, and a cheater, deceiver, a mistreater,
They're lies became my bride and I willingly received her, I believed her, she told me all the things I didn't want to hear,
Maybe if she didn't I wouldn't feel so bad about myself and live in fear,
I'm afraid of me,
But they could never see,
They're either too busy being holier than thou or making money,
No time for the broke ***** with no popularity,
I used to think that they were wrong, but they clearly pointed out it was me,
Solution: suicide
For too long this pain I hide,
Tell me What's the point of living if I'm dead on the inside,
My insides were misguided,
Bitter lies left my vision blinded,
your heart and mind will never feel the torture like I did,
And it was all because of you,
You my brothers and sisters, mistresses and misters, you were the ones who deemed me guilty before my trail began,
You turned me into the sacrificial lamb,
Like Jesus you judged my actions based on your standards,
you crucified me, classified me with immature geese and ganders,
Is this what you hoped for?
These are the results of you trying to help, no, fix me?
Well congrats, now I'm broken,
this is your reward-

The end of me.

— The End —