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MaYJa Aug 2014
Money cant buy Love, and Love cant buy bread either.
Be wise in your thinking
jane taylor May 2016
all that was not real

etched its way away


while those whose thirst needs quenched

see crystal pools of blue

my eyes search the horizon

for the desert

a mirage that’s real

jcl Oct 2018
I loved you
I hate you
I cherished you
I despise you

I believed you
I doubt you
I trusted you
I fear you

We laughed
I cry
We whispered
I shout

We bonded
I grieve
We lived the lie
I haunt the ruins
em Jul 2015
maybe all i need to stop this pain is a little motrin.
maybe all i need to stop this bleeding is a band-aid.
maybe all i need to stop this screaming are some ear plugs.
maybe all i need to stop this drowning is a life raft.
maybe all i need to stop this agony is a little numbness.


it wears off,  doesn't stop the pain only holds back the flood gates
of sleepless nights and screaming hearts, bloodshot eyes and rejections knife.
just long enough for me to catch a glimmer of hope, a mirage
in the Sahara, so beautiful yet so cruel.  
just as i get close enough to taste
a sweet tomorrow,
the desert sun sets.
and i'm still bleeding,
and you're still

maybe all i need to stop this searching is a little less hope.
feedback? i kinda like this as spoken work....thoughts ;)
I'll be thinking of you
at the new year's day

I'll be missing you
at the first day
of the rest of my life
like you never ever left
can still see your silhouette
it's moving at the sky
now it is melting away
and saying me "goodbye."

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank u for reading.

To see my other poetries you can check this link.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care **  -E
Sonia Ettyang Dec 2018
I thought I could save you from the your own demons
That lingered behind those empty eyes
But if I knew then what I know now
I should have ran and never looked back
As everything felt wrong right from the start
The love bomb
The mind games
The death stares
All those were red flags!
But I lied to myself
I lied to myself that me and you were destined
I lied to myself
That you were the chosen one, yang to my yin
I lied to myself
That you were my mirror and I was staring at my reflection
But you were just a mirage
Putting up a charade while you mimicked me
Took down my walls and entrance gain
I was so lost then but now I'm found
If you ask me I know better now
As for you, you'll never find what you're looking for
No amount of love on this earthplane can rescue your fallen soul back to light
For you need no saving, all you're after is your next source of energy, a chain of supply is what your ego craves.
Just know you can hide but never ran
Your Mr nice guy masks will soon fall off
Everything will lay bare and that void within will show
©Sonia Ettyang
Music tends to spark back memories...wrote this while listening to "Hubris" by Sevdaliza
jcl Mar 11
at what point in your life do you realize the futility of chasing the elusive

acknowledging all your past love stories are tragedies

stillborns, held briefly, remembered daily, for the rest of your life

to meet the paragon that matches your impossible list of requirements

the odds are against you, possible, just highly improbable

to find the unicorn on a merry-go-round of painted, wooden horses

mindlessly, repeating the cycle, searching for the one, in a universe of stars

how many times must you be pulverized in the online emotional meat grinder

craving the unconditional love, acknowledgment, validation of prince charming

to be kissed, caressed, cherished by the bad boy on the harley

romantic love is a dangerous illusion, a mirage in the desert, la fata morgana in your heart
#233 2019.04.15
Robert C Howard Dec 2018
A lost and thirsty wanderer
          sought oasis on a parched and dusty plain
                   where spectral mesas
                merged with pastel stratus clouds -
            quivering in the summer sun.

                    A slender blue ellipse emerged
                            along the horizon's edge,
                          taunting the traveler’s arid throat.

                    Recalling child-day afternoons.
                         splashing in the pond behind the barn,
                              his legs urged toward aquatic deliverance.

                                       But knowledge seized his boots.
                                   Wary of loving a delusion,
                               he chose instead to seek a road or farm
                           or chance upon a horse-backed rancher
                                tracking down an errant calf.

                                       Still he looked back to his phantom pond  –
                                             never to know if an oasis flowed
                                                   less than an hour’s walk away.

                               December, 2018
Eva Aloezos Jul 2018
He is chased, never grasped
pursued, yet never domesticated

he runs free,
without a care
of what the consequences may be

so with insight,
I let him go from my grip
because he is a tempting figure in the night,
yet my heart would be the one to break, and my soul would surely slip

I did what many others could not bring themselves to do,
I left him in the rain,
not succumbing to his pleas or pain
sara Jul 2018
I'm lost in translation,
by hallucinatory sensations,
between border and sea,
cold but free
like a continental breeze
that drifts lonely
to shore.
Still so unsure.
Then lost again, once more;
this time she's lost like never before.
Jo Harris Jun 13
The dust from the storm finally began to settle
and I could see clearly again.
You were really just a mirage along.
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
Happiness is an elusive thing
Kind of like an invisible string
You try your best to hold on
But life likes to test how strong
Promise of better things ahead
All an illusion, this single thread
Savannah Oct 2018
Pastel skies came crashing down,
Watching sugar coating fade.
In darkness sat sapphires,
Wrapped in soft suede.
Frosting covered words,
Poison puff pastries unpaid.
Seraphic stranger unmasked,
In my honey lavender masquerade.
grace snoddy Dec 2017
i regret letting you in.

love will always start with illusion.
and i fell in love with
the mirage you displayed.
i told myself that
the person i fell in love with
was still there.
that is why i stuck around

for so long.

for so long i believed that you still loved me
as much as the sun loved the sky.
even when you said you didn’t,
even when your voice didn’t feel like


home was late night conversations.
home was your laugh ringing in my ears.
but what was once the house we loved in,
it is now dominated by ghosts.

it has been 8 months.
i still

i regret letting you in.

From childhood to this age
From birth to death

Until you met me with
Glimpse of LOVE
Everything was a mirage

All the time....
Wherever I see & feel
Every image, sound,
Words & touch are fake

Until you met me with
A Glance of LOVE
Everything was a mirage

From the first breathe till last
From sunrise to sunset
From short-to-long sight
From oceans to peaks
From night to morning
From sleeping to awakening
From watchfulness to awareness

Until you met me
With a touch of LOVE
Everything was a mirage

The mirage of LOVE that evaded me
Your LOVE removed me the starkness of
Life's illusions & delusions

Until you met me
The eyes that were just dreaming of LOVE
Your LOVE made "LOVE" a reality
Till then everything was a mirage

The paths that we walk endlessly
The insomnia before and after LOVE
Those tears that I cried for LOVE

Until you met me
And led me to your LOVE fragrance
Everything was a mirage

We've crossed every line
Into each other's shades
After all this time
LOVE has crawled back
Out of my desert mirage
In your oceanic BLUES

Until you met e
And showed me
Everything was a mirage

My despair has become hope
The breathe is deeper & stable now
The heart is calmer in peace
My soul is flying high
In the wings of your flight

Until you met me
And sparkled your LOVE on me
Everything was a mirage

Beyond the realms of time & space
ryn Sep 2014
I am the entourage
Of a fantastic mirage

I am the agent
Of my mind's figment

I am a believer
Of mythical creatures

I am a builder
Of splendid architecture

I am a drunkard
Tripping on futures so absurd

I plan construction
Of my own destruction

I am the feeder
To dreams of grandeur

I am a magician
Of wild, potent concoctions

I am a tycoon
Of emotional typhoons

I am an adept
Skilled in exploiting concepts

I am a parasite
Brandishing fangs that bite

I play host
To a monstrous, hideous ghost

I am an addict
Of thoughts derelict

I am the dreamer
Incapable of anything lesser

I am a diver
Sinking deeper and deeper

I am an insatiable thief
Claiming trophies without grief

I am an emotional hermit
Hoarding my all in a bottomless pit

I am a weaver
Fabricating tales that meander

I am a Neanderthal
Adopting behaviours and habits that appall

I am an ape
Mending wounds that gape

I am but me
I'm blind, fighting to see

I am rhymesmith
I lie through my teeth
Getting hard to breathe
Heart to words, I seethe...
Rochelle R Feb 2018
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
I am aware as the colors of my aura
fade from vibrant to mute
A spiraling sense of self grasps at false promises of hope or help
Each face that shows itself as an ally is simply mirage or ghost
Or wisps of nothingness I probably hallucinated to cope
I am an anchor in a rushing tide
Life floods by with no more than a glance over the shoulder
Some collide from behind urging me to move on, frustrated when I don’t align with their idea of time
I need to be unapologetically ‘not ok’
Imagine my electric shock when I find that’s not an option
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
Qweyku Aug 2018
This world is full of dreams
many are lost, found
& salvaged by others.

Some fade, starved of thirst;
ghosts haunting minds’ mirage.

But, there are those rare sparks;
shorn flashes of brilliance,
blazing through self-existence.

Yes. Our world full of dreams.

              © Qwey.ku
sara Feb 2015
if your mind is a warzone let battle commence,
i will send in my soldiers to fight

if your mind is a warzone the army i lend
will chase the demons from your mind

your mind is a warzone and as soon as i enter
there's no sound to be heard but silence

your mind is a warzone; i stand at the centre
to offer my few words of guidance

your mind is a warzone but i fall to my knees
when i see that you're under attack

your mind is a warzone, from here i can see
a mirage of tears you held back

your mind is a warzone and there in the corner
lies a pile of broken words

when it's one in the same: chaos and order
there are only whispers to be heard

if your mind is a warzone do not try to say
that you must fight this battle alone

because if your mind is a warzone then please do explain
why when i'm in it i feel like i'm home?u
the sacrifices you make for the people you love
ethan gaskill May 2018
she’s a precious rose bush
i can’t see what she’s going through
all i know is i’ve got thorns
in me

i grabbed on with both hands
to a mirage romance
which left me bleeding
with only a glance at you

through a desert i wandered
went four days without water
nothing could replace how much
i wanted her

she had her sights on another plant
i know i didn’t stand a chance
i guess that happens when you handle
a rose bush
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