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Nat Lipstadt May 2013
Three Minute Warning

A messenger delivers
A three minute warning
As I lay in bed at 10:30 am
(Resting in preparation for,
not from, our oops, early morning hike).

Breakfast will be ready in 3,
Get your **** in gear or else
It will be cold, I'll be mad,
And you will answer to a
Higher Authority.

No problem cause I already know
All I need is two.

Splash water on my face
Now I'm presentable
enough to the human race,
current company probably won't be happy,
But I ain't telling her, are you?

Shave! You crazed?
It is a three day weekend,
Every day a July Fourth,
Celebrating freedom from the European tyranny,
Of shaving smooth  every day!

Splash water on my head, count with me,
Five brush strokes as you can plainly see
Is a classic case of overcompensating
In my geling n' hair stylin'

Brush my teeth, well,
I hope 2 full minutes of rinsing with  CVS
Green stuff, mouthwash, will have to suffice.

Blast my deodorant both sides,
Long and strong, wearin' now
My bold blue *** husk of musk,
Cause I am a very considerate fellow
Who happens to really have stunk.

Clean T- shirt and shorts,
Yes, clean underwear too,
Leaves me a whole minute to write this scribble.

My flip flop noises coming down the hallway,
Are the butler announcing our joint arrival,
Me and my poem.

Lest you think this is paean to men
Another grand male boast,
Be advised this ditty be writty
By a man who, while no longer gritty,
Just put jelly on his scrambled eggs
And ketchup on his toast!

Mmmmmmm there might be a poem
Lurking in that too...
Sigh, a true story.
Ryan Nash Feb 2013
We step outside and even though
you were only one option out of many,
I chose you.
You were perfect
for a seven minute fling.

Your milky white skin burns instantly
to my fiery touch.
At first, you play rough.
Your breath scalds my lungs
with the promise of a shorter life.
But as you ease into a pattern,
you begin to mellow me out.

Now we are halfway through
and your tan lips
are starting to soften
at the thought of this fling
coming to an end.
As the seconds whine forward,
you send me one last shock of ecstasy,
and then in a puff of smoke,
you leave forever,
with me wishing
that you would come back.

They say a seven minute fling
will take seven minutes
off your life.
I sit and ponder this
but still I hunger for more.
And although there are millions
of you out there just waiting
for their own chance at a seven minute fling,
the time you have given me
is as good as it ever will be.
harlee kae Jul 2014
Everyone complains about how long my showers take.
I wish they understood that they're my only time to break.
Out of my thoughts and out of my head.
Out of this place, constant swimming with dread.
No need to think
So blissful and sweet.
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
Softer in the morning like the light of the sun
Don't worry about today until tomorrow's done
Light up your eyes and sleep on the run
Where we will be isn't for anyone,
but Us

Climb into my mind and make yourself at home
I'm not strong enough to ever be alone
Sing me that song so long ago I wrote
Poison me to sleep and swirl me like smoke,
and don't rush

I've got a bourbon headache in my weary eyes
Let's go to the city and dance across the sky
Drop another line with acid in our smiles
In dreams and in life, let's die awhile,
before we live

Tomorrow isn't here until I come alive
Send me the curses from yesterday's drive
Memories from a ***** whiskey dive
Is that my face in someone else's eyes?
Or is it his?
A Apr 2015
One minute with you is worth more than an eternity in the heavens.
A minute with you means I can memorize the shape of your palms that ever so lightly caress my flawed body.
It means I can gaze into those honey brown eyes and see your pure soul.
It means I can adore the way your smile is crooked, but manages to make me see straight.
It means I can trace your culminating lips with mine.
It means I can caress your ears with my sweet whispers and declarations of my undying love for you.
It means I can touch you and without words feel your body radiate the words I love you.
It means I can endure the pain of this only lasting a minute.
But a minute with you is worth more than an eternity in the heavens.
Jules 2d
Lost myself
In the moment of it
I fell in love
With you for a minute
Mister J Oct 2017
Those simple, honest smiles
That leaves my lungs breathless
That noisy, heart-felt laughter
That leaves my chest bursting with joy
Those innocent, striking eyes
That render every muscle in me helpless
Those subtle, soft whispers
That feels like music to my ears
Your warm and fuzzy embrace
That I look forward to all day

They bring my frozen heart
closer to melting point
They make me fall from my heaven
fast down to your earth
They pull me closer by the minute
to wanting to stay with you
They give life to my nightly dreams
of getting pulled towards your gravity

I want to chase your heart
catch it and make it mine
As you chased mine
and made it yours
The world may be imperfect
but you are my taste of heaven
Everything may feel wrong
but you're the only thing that feels right
I won't ask for anything else
because I am content
of getting closer
to you
ryn Oct 2014
Give me a minute
To read the stars
Lamenting in their stories
Their laboured twinkling far and sparse

Give me this moment
To stumble and swoon
My branches reaching for
The faraway moon

Give me a while
To be one with the universe
Hear the colliding planets
As they spill their mournful verse

Give me some time
To plot my rightful place
Within my uncharted galaxy
And collapsing space...
sara Aug 2018
I'll see what I can make
out of the leftovers I have.
Although, it's never too long
until the milk turns bad,

until a love turns sour
in an online second;
since, an online minute
wastes a real-life hour.

But in a snap-shot moment,
I can find life for weeks
on my stash of sugar truths,
until I forget to eat;

forget to breathe;
'til I don't even need to sleep
because the lovehearts on my photos
sing such soft melodies.

And despite the fact
that often I can't sit at ease,
somehow this perfect madness
always tastes so bittersweet.
a poem about the addictive nature of social media
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
It's 6:00
Time to let myself down again
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
You"re on my mind
every second,
every minute,
every hour, of every day.

The way you look,
The way you smile,
The way you touch,
The words you say;

Simply takes my breath away
Smittenn,yearning, love, desire your always on my mind.
Ieternaly waiting..
Advent Jan 2015
i have plenty of unread books
from Roth
to Palahniuk
supposed have been read
at a good nook

these books I have
are stacked on one shelf
cause time hasn’t given
a minute for myself

these books I have
are my companions
when I’m split into halves
amid destruction
Michael John Sep 2018
two minute poem

no eggs darling
no nothing
no space
no cake

no nothing
said that
no no
ah..just you
and nonoe
but me..

one more
KillerKhooler Nov 2018
I don't want to keep you against you're will.
At the same time I want to keep you a little longer.
You're not obligated to spend another second with me.
Another second without aggression, show me that you care.
You are not the only one who can help but be the one who stay with me.
I hate when I have to try my best to persuade someone.
I hate after I've tried, it's all in vain and I fall into the dark
I tend to do some unnecessary thing when  I'm alone.
Every minute you linger will compel my dark thoughts away.
Your company will keep me from making contact with the surrounding walls.
Your presence will negate the curse but only for tonight.
This is something you may never know but you might save a life at this moment.
I **** at endings
Panda May Dec 2018
The minute goes by while I wait
looking for something to do
this isn't new
I thought I could change looking at my life rearrange
but when every minute goes by
I feel like I must cry
They look at me saying I am **** practically  
every single thing I do doesn't work
every minute will stay the same
I don't expect it to rearrange
I take it I take it, it goes right through
But I don't expect anything from you
Jesse stillwater Jun 2018
Time is fleeting
as the spring river runoff
that gushes out to sea

A heart trickles out
a moment,
minute by minute,
in a timeless ink drop;
unmeasurable expanse
     immured in spilled ink ―
   manifest in the lexicon of poetry

For only purged words
cannot quench this thirst
that is loneliness;
it's a hunger that gnaws
like an unsatisfiable ache ―
a starving emptiness
all hearts
do one day taste

Left in the sight
of doubt
and eyes that fail
to believe what they see
lain fallow in the silent

Lost in a lingering void
unburied all around,
bespoken out loud
alone in plain sight
a feigned understanding;
reticent letters shape
reluctant words
to hold forth
enunciated breathe

The only words
that still echo unstilted ―
uttered  words
indelibly felt
from lips once sweet
as daybreak dew
    upon musing tongue ―
tasting the only
voiceless truth
that ever broke my heart

a vanishing wave
that moved an ocean
   deeply ...

Jesse Stillwater ... 06 6 2018
Notes:   unstilted:  Adj. - flowing naturally and continuously

Thank you for listening to my 2 cents ...
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