Julia Burden Jun 2010

Your smile
tastes of mint smoke.
It’s refreshing
against the taste of my tears
and the drink you gave me
to stop them.
Your eyes
trace their way down
my body
every little sweet spot
long forgotten.
Your hands
melt into mine;
a connection revisited.
And for a moment
I see in your gaze
that (love lust longing) we shared.
I blink
and it is gone
in the moonlight
and blinking light
from your clock.
So I close my eyes
and let the smell of tobacco
in your hair
and the smile against my lips
bring me
to a dark connection
I know far too well.
We can be together.
Just one more time.
Just for tonight.

Christine Jun 2010

Sweet, smooth, bright-green beauty,
Chunks of chocolate perfection
Generously swept through the soft swirls.
An orgasmic minty dessert.

Hannah Meyer Aug 2015

You smell like mint and freshness
And I am so sorry I don't
I smell like plants and cigarettes and herbal teas
And you are my everything
And I am your nothing

Allison Sylvia Jul 2014

Some associate a faded mint
with either the speckled mint chocolate
chip ice cream from their nearest shop
or the chipped colors on her fingernails
that were the perfect spring shade.
Personally, I recall the sign
at the café down the street
from my cramped two bedroom
apartment that the three of us shared
after they separated,
soaked with nostalgia and resentment
and appreciation for the new home
I share with our new addition
in a much nicer city
where all the houses are beige
cookie cutter resemblances,
but I can take refuge in my car
for the night and not fear
what lies outside the frosted window.

April 14, 2014 8:54:27 PM

Jessica Nichole Oct 2011

beautiful green mesh
of a garden full of
a thick snowy web
gently tops the tall,
fragrant mint—
never thinking where this
dewy web derived from.

i suddenly spotted the source.
how could something so
so ghastly
create something so beautiful
such as this web?

thick body, thick octet set of legs
and ready
for something.

when it dies
the vermin
could possibly redeem itself
because of the
snowy, dewy web
(a home)
it made in the green
meshy garden of mint.

Guy Braddock Mar 2014

Innocent Hyacinth tinted with mint
Tingèd grey hinged on stem singed
With chestnut leaves flowing, to me a fair hint

Of off-centred carousing, black eyes perusing
Wares of all sorts and stocks of all shares
The leading on of a pleasure most gracefully enthusing

Drops dews of all shades, of selfsame structure
And we full of rowdy Sedition;
But Wait! Recognition.
In my hopes and tired efforts, a puncture.

Music blaring loud, aftertaste of rejection
And full on full strand of all smoke addled people
Oh! How great Quasimodo I fell off my steeple
In the midst of the crowd, full dejection.

From an as yet unfinished novel
Noah Ripley Dec 2014

some connections can't be adequately explained
freezing wind and gilded ceilings, mousy brown roots
on bubblegum hair
keeping a scarf in place is too hard, and staying inside is too easy
(the bottom has cobblestones)
why is there is only such thing as effortless
when the air is cold enough to burn?
(the best veins are beneath the lids of my eyes)
if footsteps don't echo there's neither point nor interest
menthol, sorbitol, glycerin, xanthan
I exhale mint when I breathe in the world.

Cadence Musick Oct 2013

my room holds your scent
like it's another being,
forming hands and lips
winking at me from under warm bed sheets
it whispers your name
a desire i've always known
but couldn't put words to it.
an unspoken holiness
,your name,
and i find my fingers steepling together
to kneel in prayer,
thank you for leaving
and always coming back
to give your smell
/ a body /
and a mouth.

stargirl May 2

more violent than violet,
you bring lavender blossoms to me
wrapped hastily in brown string
thrown on the porch
as you step all over my heart
the vinyl record keeps turning
around now and i sit
and look out the window
is he coming back now?
i suppose he's not
it's rainy and muddy and i only
have tombstones for souls
actor anchor
my home and my harbor
my greatest regret
in a suit and armor

Lauren Jun 2015

i was never a big fan of mint, but after you kissed me, with those sweet spearmint lips of yours, i was hooked.

i was never a big fan of horror movies, but when we watched one, you covered my eyes and held me like i was glass, and i realized that i would probably hold on to you in the middle of a snowstorm.

i was never a big fan of hiking, but when we went on a camping trip, i could see that your eyes were the brightest thing shining in the night; and i wanted to look into them forever.

i was never a big fan of life, but on the night that my world spun and my head pounded with thoughts, you told me it was worth it; that i was worth it.

i was never a big fan of you, but after you picked me up in your old car and kissed me, and kissed me, i couldn't stop chewing mint gum. i still can't.

Dhaara T Feb 23

I told you,
didn't I?
If you don't water the mint plant
It'll die
Oh alright,
I can see it isn't dead
But plants are like love,
my love
They'll bear fruits
Even non-fruit-bearing plants
Will gift you something
But you cannot keep taking
and not give a thing in return
You need to tend to them
Nurture them
Talk to them
Give them your time
Then watch them flourish
Into something beautiful
And perennial
Spreading their fragrance
All around
All year round

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