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Joel A Doetsch May 2013
You slowly walk down the avenue of normality
Ignoring the side streets and oddly placed alleys

Change, you feel, is strange and unnerving
You stay straight and narrow, no veering or swerving

You look at us weirdos and our strange machinations
you speed up your pace with much trepidation

You're so busy keeping to the road that's more traveled
that you are completely unaware that it's turning to gravel

You're walking alone, and the road has all but decayed
the streets that you passed up, now bustling highways

Your fear of the odd and peculiar, the offbeat uncommon
has led you to become alone, forlorn, and unwanted

Everyone's different
Everyone's weird

Everyone has secrets that no one will hear

You wanted to be normal, and normal you are
now you're a minority, among the bizarre
Wait, you're completely normal?  ******.
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
collect payment support
regulatory regimes including failed merger which
effect enclosed circle including capital
Other responsibilities include:
enforce administering registrations
Responsibility protection
overarching public service
strong cadre investigating previous criminal work
Alcohol aligned
tackle pounds
Their skills range: intrusive
arrest, entry, search, detention.
detain anyone committed
listed parts which deter intelligence
analysis assessment:
the nascent department staff
occupies office
cultures: mating the terrier with the retriever
interim period empowered
relation matters within remit
Customs: ethnic-minority permanent policy of racial discrimination.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source -
It has become clear, since the Great Recession began, that the American banking and the political, "systems," are 'one-and-the-same' entity. Neither works for the majority of Americans but both appear to be working quite well, historically-compared, in fact, for the richest or most advantaged people.

Life should model to become a, "heaven," on earth for all people not just those at the foremost of political benefit, wealth or talent. This current state of affair is not what Plato envisioned. It is not what the Founding Fathers intended. America should not be about exclusion and private benefit but the public as a whole and the individual inclusion; Every Man a King.

Not Kings among the men who serve them...even Jesus would be appalled.

No one wants to think they are taking something they do not deserve or someone is being forced to accept something they do not want yet it is clear by the recent election that the American people are fed-up and ready to start taking things away. Naturally since they own this nation not the Fortune 500.

At a point greed undoes itself.

Rather than reach that point, the ultimate point of violence, we should endeavor our creative consciousness to alleviate the concerns of the excluded masses as Congress has proven that government can fix major world-altering problems such as the worst financial crisis in modern history. They cannot agree on health care, minority rights or ****** behavior but when Wall Street came begging they had no issues in agreement.

So here we are with a solution for the smallest percentage of Americans that fixed part of the economy leaving the multitude behind with nothing. Sorry, they got something; half of all familial wealth created since the Federal Reserve Act has been wiped out for the bottom half of society.  


Our economy is a dud. Ironically our central bank along with England's now admit they failed Main Street and furthermore say they should no longer be involved in these kinds of decisions! Yes, Americans should eliminate all of their authority over the finance industry, central banking and monetary policy leaving it the hands of those beggars who ruined it for everyone but themselves and admitted they failed us all?

How about a simple act of Congress to amend the matter?

Declare that all publicly-traded corporations can no longer issue corporate bonds or stock for revenue if they do not offer consumers a prepayment option to their accounts with an interest bearing incentive. From now on all corporations with publicly-issued stock must accept any prepayment towards future consumer services liabilities and pay an annualized interest rate identical to the Fed prime rate.

What corporation would not want to borrow at the Fed prime rate?

When any company needs money for expansion they should have the option to pool money directly from the account holder's prepayment revenue as long as they credit those accounts on all prepayments regardless of usage at the Fed rate. If they do not pay interest they should not be allowed to access the funds until a current invoice for service is generated and due from the consumer. Consumers should be able to earn money by being good stewards and paying off future liabilities early, or if requested, the consumer should receive a check for all of their annualized interest at the end of each fiscal year.

Corporations now need you to finance their dreams and you can finance your own with real interest paid to you since most of these multinational corporations would be bankrupt and gone today had not your bank, The Federal Reserve, issued credit and capital to save them as they whined about the unfairness in the economy.


For whom?
I don’t know who
I’m supposed to be
Who I am
or who they want me to be
The answer’s not
so easy to see
Not well known
There's an uncertainty
Knee-**** answer
is to be
wholly free
I'll explain
in detail
Paint a picture clearly
A tutor's not needed
No need to study
No higher degree
With candor
I’ll speak

Let me tell you about
so-called “un-pleasantries"
The list is quite lengthy
A few;
maybe three
Gonna rattle them off
What's been mentioned to me
Not the worst of mistakes
but a category
May irritate some
To others
‘let be’
Saying that’s who I am
and as such
accept me
A minority group
not the majority
and by far
and by few
They are lost in between

Some say I’m intense
and can be
quite chatty
a talker
‘Verbose’ tendency
Don’t deny what is true
But not always guilty
The day in
and day out
doesn't constantly stream
Not sustained
They can change
Just like who
we will be
Not robots
Not copies
or placed on CD
Live a life
of routine
but not one
on repeat
Even still
I must say
there are worse things to be

Empathetic and kind
I give generously
All I have
My last dime
Will donate
each penny
I'm not searching for credit
Approval don't seek
Like to make others happy
Inside, I’m complete
When I focus on others
No discrepancy
I’m not dwelling
or thinking
of my tendencies
Please don't offer
your pity
or give charity
Try to bend; compromise
don’t perceive me
as weak
I'm the chivalrous type
Will get down
on one knee
Not walled off or closed up
Bare my soul
Give freely
But there's more
locked inside
So when time comes to speak
It’s a flood
a deluge
There's an intensity
Give too much
Give too quick
Try to stop
inside keep
I can bottle
it up
but sometimes
it still peaks
Little may trickle out
it will seep
If an access is given
in a heap
When I love
I dive in
You may think I’m a freak
The emotional type
Tug heart strings
and I’ll weep
Not a blubbering fool
my emotions
run deep
A calm hand
I can sooth
In a crisis
I’m strong
This unfortunately
is something
that I know
But don’t wish on
to speak
Life presents me
two roads
With both closed off
to me
Feel locked up
in a cage
while I look
to be free

A locked door
Here I stand
desperately for the key
Wanting answers
A new found decree
Need a mantra
A mission
affecting systems
The true stem
of what’s me
My core
Sprouting roots from a tree
Happiness from the Sun
or beneath canopy
Not about
getting answers
Away goes the fee
Hamlet asked long ago
If 'to be or not be'
I know that it's different
Just work with me please
My point
is the question
In life, what to seek?
A life
that’s authentic
or society
We conform
and adapt
What they want us to be
If like me
you're unsure
It can drive you crazy
Take a chance?
And be pure
Live a life that's taint free
In return
you'll endure
Side remarks
and critiques
Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Be like them
or unique
Written: September 22, 2108

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Hexameter Format]
Classy J Feb 6
Trying to figure out why a ***** tried to stunt on me.
While my homie fronts on me.
Triggered lie’s blasting out like bullets into your chest, golly!
Vigor dying whilst family crying that left me locked up now in a little celly.
Why did I pour out my heart to that ***** named shelly?
**** got me melancholy, casting out poxy curses.
My proxy is dropping down which got me feeling worthless.
Growing up in projects where one survives by snatching purses and killing snitches.
While society bides their time by tying nooses.
Rigged games yet we are told to give no excuses.
So, a minority got no choice but to role with the punches.
But with darker skin colour most don’t or won’t notice the bruises.
Vile nobility just loves hunting gooses.
Stark contrast idly confides and resides Inside institutionalized nuances.
Some people can be such nuisances.
Got me feeling like tony roaming through the different cosmoses.
Lonely sinking feeling, with my hope which was once flickering but is now slowly fleeting.
Reciprocal tensions pokes through my barriers like an unwelcomed greeting.
Typical tropes of under-achieving maybe it’s time I let God start intervening?
However, I’m doubtful on whether spirituality is real or nothing more than Kris Kringle.
Jingling jester choirs who always be harping on my people.
Which makes me ponder whether or not God’s supposed love is fickle.
Or if supposed believer’s have actually ever read the bible?
Religious pharisee’s not seeing the irony of praying to their falsified idols.
With their heads so far up their own ***. That they don’t even realize that they’ve actually been worshipping the devil.
in complete melodies
the frequencies i hear
can not be contained by anything
love is drifting through the hills
and you are home to its trills
she dreams of light, the fire bright
and full of crystal skulls and eyeballs
dozens of monuments are built
just to mark the moments
when we could have said i'm sorry
merge with the mountains
find the source of fountains
shine the diamond compass
if that's what you are really here for

broken dams are our business
feed the swans their luminescent lunch-boxes
duck for cover, its a wonder that we are all together here
that's clearly redundant
the tendency to dream
is the most important human faculty
its a tragedy that the lack of nuclear power
showers the atomic world in rainbows
as forlorn teenagers in the ice-age of America
govern our equipment from their parent's basements
and carouse with comfort upon chairs, cushions and couches

a million times the victory
a million miles of rope to weave
a million are the paths to god
and a million more are the souls
who've learned to cope with tragedy

i come cherishing and bearing gifts
figures of speech are my playthings
i am furniture remodeled daily
and intuitively placed around your home
the finer things in life are free
so see me there upon your television set
i am electromagnetic static
within the black and white of advertisements
i am figures of forgotten speech
so record the unwatched programs
in your mind’s virtual memory
the hard drive of work and play
creates hundreds of new retirees each day
hundreds of haunted expatriates
knuckle-headed people
that couldn't tread lightly
even if they wanted to
so will you please untie me
and remove these binds and chains
it's time to free the lover from the psyche
for that is all she wrote

i am a silent p
i am a violet apogee
i am a cosmic minority
i am a message in your tea leaves

but if you stand too long in my shoes
you’ll likely drown in solitude
stefan badham Oct 2017
left-wing people
and left-wing politicians
they **** the ***** of red Indians
by calling them
native Americans
they **** the genitals of gays and transgenders
by calling them
they **** the genitals of islamic extremists
who hate gays and transgenders
by calling them
victims of Christian crusades
or freedom-fighters
they **** the genitals of blacks
by not mentioning the fact that they are black
or coloured in any way
and they hate the N word
but say 'N word' all the time
that's how ******* stupid they are
when anyone hears N word
they automatically translate it into ******
and those that don't know what ****** is
will soon know what it means
when they ask
and find out
what N word means
left-wing people and left-wing politicians ****
they appease
they make excuses
they ingratiate themselves
to every minority
but every minority
hates some other minority
and that is why
left-wing people
and left-wing politicians
Amanda Jean Jul 2018
Where the artists breathe paint the blue pig too fat to stop them
Blue lives can **** my blue **** swinging money *****
They want to **** my **** and somehow profit from it
Blue killing color from the jails and school halls
We gotta stop dad **** the patriarchy
Spreading ******* miracle whip from the white supreme party
Ignorance it blocks me taunts me my privilege shows
Standing up for the fight of love we fight for our humanity
Fight for every minority because it’s a dog ******* in America’s White House these days
They’re sending out prayers and our media sends praise
Tired of the gunnings and the hangings
Tired of the negative nancies dancing on graves of ancestors shooting up death with no awareness of how they **** others too
Boo hoo
******* and your trump too.
False Poets Feb 2018
complexity bias

how you love to criticize my poems
as too long and overly complex

poor me, I’m no genius, don’t prosper by exploiting
unrecognized simplicities, rather deconstruct the
intricate complexities that I flatter myself are the me-sinews

Writing is a **** temptation -
we focus on the 10% that is complex and ignore the easy 90%

perhaps this once I will surrender my bare bones
put aside the rich, satisfying of cave diving, urban spelunking
word caressing tongue verbiage rich tapestry exploring -

give you the plane of plain where nestles my destiny: nesting near motionless where the couch is my kingdom and cold cereal is
easily digested and there are no consequences

I am a member of a discriminated-against minority
we have no charismatic leader, no marchers anywhere, and government programs say
hey you’re free white and twenty one plus, get the crap out of
our faces,  you useless piece of rhymes with **** and includes dirt, though I shower twice a day to keep myself occupied

25 years old, a high school dropout, of course I’m white,
my occupation is playing video games and making sure
my supply of opioids is adequate in these great United States
where I was born

there are fewer jobs than none that my application survives
a first glance discardation, and now my disability preempts
any demand to pretend there is gainful employment in store in
my future

this reductio ad absurdum is a technique to expose the fallacy,
ah what’s that you say no interest in hanging about,
on your way out, of course, of course,
we are the wrong flavor of downtrodden

my life is simple - simplistic in its a chaotic entropic way,
order slowly declines into disorder

my rituals are a fight against slip sliding down, falling off the
the Herzog continuums
and the poems are desperate hand holds to prevent my
going, gone under

so forgive me if I tax you without possessing not the
requisite taxing authority

you hone in on the obvious disparities and my contradictions

resenting my sending you this bill of extravagant length

compose with me and a mean will be located and to sleep I go,
perhaps to undress my dreams and explicate the wealthy multiples of complexity in the simplicity of a junkies life
Storm Cusick Oct 2018
Make a day right, don’t show me the spotlight
Cause I’m not ready to leave on my own
You tear my defences from all round and now I’m left alone
Money, fame, a name something to give yourself
You’re selfish you can’t see what’s happening, people begging for help
I’m no saint I am no god, I’ll do my best and pray for the less - fortunate - i am to be given a chance in this world even though I feel ****** up and it ain’t even gold
I take it day by day tryna live a way to exist in societies demands, I remand in custody every so often getting into crime cause the bills won’t soften
A family to feed, a girl to keep happy, the baby keeps crying, no screaming for someone to change its *****
I don’t know how to live so I shout out the pain, the only time I feel myself is when I’m insane,
Money doesn’t make itself it’s taken by the elite, jobs mean nothing when it’s obsolete
The PM Theresa where’s the evidence, the government is giving us nothing not even a single pence
Our freedom is limited, our lives are decided, it ain’t no wonder most of us end up dead or derived of something we never had, we end up rotten or bad... fruit it’s healthy but it’s taken as a negative connotation everything has its relation
I can’t speak for everyone maybe not even for myself I’m just a loner trying to make it right, cause I’ll never be a home owner I’ll end up on the streets begging for a real life not being able to afford to eat
And that’s the bitter end, it’s bitter sweet, the winter is coming there’s no one left to send to see if I’m okay, I’m never okay I can’t afford to pay for my existence in this life, I end up having to carry a knife and live this way it won’t change, I’m here to stay

There’s nothing we can do to change ourselves to overcome what’s happened amend itself
We shout to the people we think will listen, they gave us a voice but they want to us to keep it hidden
There’s nothing right about the way we are treated, left on streets for dead; bruised and beaten. I can’t describe the emotions inside, they’re in my head I have to abide by the laws that we are restrained by - locked in a virtual prison with no bars but no where to run or hide
Sitting here scrapping a single gram of a sugar pill, whilst the kids from school hit 1 million but I’m standing still.
It’s such a shame our lives are so different I was once you, maybe not so intelligent but I paid my dues, maybe not all of them... I guess I have nothing left to lose
You can’t see my progress because it’s nothing compared to yours - it’s a given. we work to be broken, mental illness to be welcomed - what’s left now is scars to be opened, memories repeated on imaginary screens, voices screaming - bad decisions daunting our every move, buying things we think we need; the commodities aren’t real nothing is - everything’s a virtue, myself too

The rich kids they laugh, they play on the Xbox but their mums cry out for them to stay back and watch - “We don’t want you getting Sqaure eyes, it’s bad luck”, my cries were from the blood and sweat of running from broken homes, never finding the right place to call my own, my kingdom has fallen and yours has grown
They say I’m strong but it’s just cowardice. how can they believe in something that has no bliss, - it is numbers on paper that run our world, consumed by many and overturned by loads. It keeps us warm, it gives us a name - some people die for it, is it really a gain?
We rely on false things to keep us alive, after all without dreams we’re all just bees in a hive.
This is the poem that accepted me onto here so I hope you enjoy :)
The Chosen

Zionism is like Ayn Rand's philosophy about
the right of the powerful.
These days to avoid saying a Jew we say
they are Zionists.
Even if Israel practice a policy of power
There are still 7 million Jews there, a minority
Classy J Sep 2015
welcome to classy productions, this is the beginning of my classy movement, so enjoy this ride with me, and please keep your bias opinions to yourself, thank you. Yeah started from the bottom unlike, I ain't no phoney fake, I have a for you all; spoiler alert it may be honest and hurt your ignorant minds. This is my interlude but we haven't been formally introduced, my name is classy j, it's my privilege to make some sick mind blowing rhymes just for you. Grew up in a broken home, only child all alone, yeah just me and my mom, if I could go back and change things I would, but life sadly life has no rewind. I only have the road in front of me, so I  chase it, trying to find out my destiny, trying to figure out the real me. Started life, grasping for life, I've been a fighter my entire life, because I don't take **** from others. Left with my ironic name, left with a messed up family, left to walk the darkness of life, trying so hard to see. Life happens man, humans are idiotic fiends, survival of the fittest in the war zone of life, no where to hide, no way to find cover. Bonafide native that has a talent for the creative, not an alcoholic, not some drug addict, but yet society and police doesn't seem to want to accept me yet. They tell me to go to nativia, quickly let's do some trivia, to see how really stupid you all are. Illegal genocidal aliens mad about other foreign aliens, natives were here first, so I don't want to hear you fret. If you don't like it leave, when become a discriminated minority, let me know about it the next time you go by my bar. You have no clue what true classiness is, because indigenous people still are alive  and are now ready to challenge your privileged view. We used to be quiet and contempt with taking all your lie's and *******, but now we are ready to fight for what we stand for, so beware the upcoming storm. You tried to **** us, you tried to make us white, but it didn't work out for you, government you may be ******, but we will no longer be your jews. This is reality, you've been warned, it doesn't need to become a race war, cause if it came to that, would you be prepared to combat against our final form. This is a real issue, that you can no longer hid in your dark past. It's time to stop your lie's, it's time for honesty, it's time for class, so sit your white assess down, because we are now in session. You lucky this is just an interlude, because I'm not close to being finished with you, you may not enjoy this, but I'm having a blast. Evidence all over the place, why go to court, when you should just tell your guilty confession. NO more half fast apologies and no changes being made after that? What is up with that? I ain't having that! No way to truly slice this issue cleanly, because I promise there will be some after math in this habitat you bunch of tardy cats.
jeffrey conyers Aug 2018
Simply, a commentary of the races.
Every minority is comfortable to some perspective in their own skin.
Being label and tagged this for years.

But what we notice?
Whites are fearful of going into being the minority race.
Although power will still be within their hands.

Is why many still support this redheaded joke of a man?
He reminds many of their own stupidity.
He barely can read simple words written

He mirrors many of them.
Of course, not all cause many whites are extremely smart.

We notice that they have too.
And it kills them is that must honest compete for employment.
Sure, the good friendship connection still exists.

Some know for a fact they got ahead due to it being a family's business.
And truly think they earned their way when you employed by your family.

Only, one race more than others can honestly state with factual reality of truth.
They never really met a black until they were in college.

This what we notice?
Many white officers are quick trigger shooters dealing with black youth.
Although more whites have mouth when confronted.

And all minorities know the lie of defense.
I felt threatened for my life.
It's taught to say.
Eric L Warner Aug 2016
I was painting a portrait the other night,
    when I figured this out; so let me paint you a picture now.
See I’m a writer, and not a very good artist, and I’m overly clumsy
    and far too bulky for my own good.
I have a boxers’ hands to go with a boxers’ grip which is the worst
    way to grab a paint brush unless you want to tip over your paints.
And that’s exactly what I did.
I tipped over that tray thing with the little slots for all the different
   colors of paint to keep them separated.
They went tumbling to the floor and they all mixed together and
   became one, and there was no more white, no more purple, no
       more yellow or red.
There were no lines to color in or outside of cause the paint was
     everywhere and I left it to dry instead of calling it a
                      “mess that needs to be cleaned up.”
I gave it a chance to become its own thing.
And it didn’t.
It just remained sprawling on the floor.
But at LEAST it was given a chance.
And then I turned on the TV to see that cowboy has-been from Gran
     Torino talking about how this is a “***** generation” and how  
             everyone is too Politically Correct.
He said we used to not be afraid of words like '******' and '****'
    and we walked around proudly in our own neighborhoods,
         and I immediately turned that ******* off.
Not to ignore it, but because I couldn’t respond to it.
I’ve been screaming at the TV for 32 years now and have determined
     that either they can’t hear me or they just don’t give a ****.  
It may be both.
But I want to scream.
I want to tell him that people still aren’t afraid to use those Words; they just choose not to.
I want to tell him that they still walk around proudly in their own neighborhoods, and they are even more proud that he doesn't live here.
But all that’ll lead to,
is an Us vs. Them mentality,
which eventually leads to wars.
We can’t have a war.
Not based on this.
And there are people out there who want that, and there are a
   lot of them.
And they are using those words and they are walking those
      neighborhoods, and they are posting on Alt-Right Message Boards
           and talking about how the White Man is going extinct and how
                   they are the minority.
They white-wash phrases like “White Supremacist” to become
   “Racial Purists” and I realized that they just gave us the answer.
We need to spill the paint.
We need to fall in love with people of color.
Any color.
Every color.
We need to spill the paint and mix it together and make new colors.
And it’ll take a long time, but anything worth doing is worth doing
And there will be no more primary colors and secondary colors,
    there will only be people.
But its not enough to mix the colors, we have to clean up the act too.
We have to raise our children of all colors right.
We have to tell them that no color is better than another, and that you  
    can draw a painting with just one color, Because that IS a choice!
You can surround yourself with just one color, and only use just one
       color your entire life, but what kind of a life is that?
You walk down the street and the Roses are grey. And the trees are
     grey. And the grey men at the bar are hitting on grey women
          outside and the bartender is pouring grey goose for everyone
               trying to wash down the fact that something is definitely
We need Red roses and green trees and black men with white women,
      and Asian women with white men, and everyone needs to just start
           mixing and loving, and loving to mix until there is nothing left to
Nothing left to minimize, undermine, or scrutinize.
And if we don’t do this soon,
I fear there may be nothing left to scrutinize at all.
Some thoughts on Current Events
Hugo May 26
The girl child is strong, I was raised up to know
The girl child is rarely wrong, even when it's not so
Though a fragile build, a fire in her shows
The girl child is always the first to take life's heavy blows

The young girl works hard, at school and at home
The young girl learns duty, engraved in every bone
The young girl dresses well, her look like polished stone
Weight of family, weight of duty, weight she bares alone

The teenage girl has personality, she learns to artfully speak
The teenage girl has attraction, hence the company she keeps
The teenage girl  is temped but the bucket of weight and duty never ever leaks
She wants to be free like the boy, in frustration she can only weep

The young lady is focused, determined without fear
The young lady has barriers,that she slowly begins to tear
The young lady is pressured by society, more duties come near
The young lady graduates well, because of her *** her future is still unclear

The woman is taken in only for the beauty of her face
The woman is the minority, in every single race
The woman is more qualified, but for her there's just no space
It is a man's world, didnt she ever learn her place

It's a cruel world for her if she doesn't become strong
It's a cruel world for her if she cries at every wrong
It's a cruel world for her if she mistakes life for a song
Be strong woman, for woman's  life is usually very long

Hannah May 24
I walked all alone
a small city
it dialects into
three districts
other times
I am lost
like a baby born
who has been put to live
they say we have free will
I laugh
with misery in me
my heart pounding
and I question why
I was born at all
I spent my lifetime
books are gentle friends
it is a give and take game
you isolate hours
and fall
with no consent
into another brain
whether it is dead or alive
you fall
you say you do not care
but you read and read
you feel less lonely
even though, you spend
your nights in your room
candles lit, your demons
are awake and they
are next to you
haunting you
3 AM and you are
still holding that book
wondering if you have
ever really existed
do or do not
right and wrong
does it matter?
you fly from your
third dimension
and throw yourself
in Andromeda
loneliness is eating
your insides
they think you are insane
but you are too woke
to stop nourishing your
brain, with whatever seems
boring and useless to the
But we are the minority,
we see the world the way it is.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
(You) Left alone in a world full of
Angry people and sad ones too
None of them happy, what did they do
Sitting down depressed, sitting alone
Breathing out their chest, what this shows
That me and you made it out alive
We survived this hellish landscape
I will die in a matter of time
Everything around seems to fade
It falls to the ground someday
Even mine die and fall and decay
Fall to holes and break down someway
I know this first hand and today
I will show all of you the way
To push obstacles and I may
Show how to crush them and rush them
Until they betray teachers, parents, friends
And all of them say phones are the things to blame
The users cannot be tamed as the phones claim
Their soul became attached to the games
And some only care about fame
I can't explain the shame, what have they all became
Beasts behind the shadow of yesterday
History, time, phones are why
They will die and be memorialized
In a stone cast shadow like
Medusa and her art and minority rights
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
Shadow from the sun
Shown upon the wall
Upon a temple called a school
Public school is all
Corrupt teaching, corrupt leaching
Brainwashing the kids of tomorrow
The kids we count on
Their little developing minds are being destroyed
By school, phones, and other little boys
It's a chain back around and back around again
Their brains are being cracked down and down again
And we sit and watch, stop the corrupt leaders and stop their sin (sin)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Phones take over everything!
Eryri Oct 2018
There was death and gore,

During the second world war.

Many people died in extreme violence,

Killed before they could call out to loved ones.

Young men were trained to ****,

Often against their morals and will.

So when I see your 1940s weekend -

Your 'war was fun and cosy' pretence,

Your clichéd polyester and fibre glass mockery,

Aiming to re-enact a mostly imagined happy-go-lucky camaraderie -

Forgive me for not joining in,

As I happen to feel it a cardinal sin,

To idealise and romanticise a decade,

Made up of austerity, rationing and air raids.

I've read a little social history,

The 1940s were not idyllic or crime-free,

Just as now, there were heroes and villains,

Among the soldiers and civilians.

Heroism abounded but so did black marketeering,

There were brave sacrifices but also racketeering.

City-wide black-outs were a gift,

To those who would rob and grift.

Your jolly nostalgic tribute is an annual celebration,

Celebrating your own fabrication,

Of a time when the machinations of war and a crazed ideology,

Saw the near extinction of an entire ethnic minority.

I do not wish to be a party pooper,

But don't just step into the fake shoes of a fictional trooper,

Please occasionally remove your rose-tinted glasses,

To remember that beyond your nostalgic narrative of the routines of the masses,

People lived with the daily fear,

Of the likely deaths of people they held dear.
A little bitter and exaggerated perhaps.
Yenson Oct 2018
Please be aware, the arrogance of a Burglar
that breaks into your home and steals your
property is permissible

Please carefully note that the arrogance of a stinking bully
that oppresses you and wants to cower you down
is permissible

Please take into consideration that the arrogance of a gang
that terrorizes and bullies is permissible

Please bear in mind the arrogance of liars, twisters, slanderers
fraudsters and defamers is permissible

Please remember the arrogance of fringe lunatics to unjustly
condemn and victimize and bring chaos and destruction
to an innocent human is permissible

Please keep in your appraisals the arrogance of a misled majority
to impose, mob, obstruct, harass and hound is democracy
in action and is permissible

Please note that the arrogance and ignorance of offensively discriminating against any foreigner or minority member is permissible

Please note to work hard and earn an honest living is Arrogant
Please know to stand up to criminal bullies is Arrogant
Please know to stand up to stinking bullies is Arrogant
Please know to speak up for yourself is Arrogant

Please note to refuse to be cowered by thieves is Arrogant
Please know to refuse to be browbeaten is Arrogant
Please know to refuse to have your confidence drained is Arrogant
Please know to stand up to adversity is Arrogance
Please know to not be weak and Feeble under pressure is Arrogance
Please know to have self respect and be self assured is Arrogant
Please know to possess your own mind is Arrogance
Please know to offer as much as a squeak when being unfairly and unjustly treated is Arrogance

Above all please know that we invented the English Language and have the sole knowledge as to what constitutes Arrogance, whether you like it or not, and if you protest about that, you are ****** guilty of friend!

Please be strictly conscious that Arrogance is weakness, mental weakness. Falling to the desires of our darker instincts and
succumbing to conceit and smugness.

Please pay particular attention to the salient fact that Arrogance
portraits a total lack of human decency towards other humans
Know that when arrogance ceases humanity ascends.
And we we all live in a lovely perceptibly white and wonderful world
Please note that the last two stanzas acknowledges extracts by Guru Hollinngs, from " How Mr Westerner Ruled The World " By the esteemed New-age Philosopher and Poet, Guru G J. Hollinngs aka The bearded Guru of Disingenuous Hogwash and Spinner supreme of Shyster Twister Goonery.
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