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Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I wanted to sneak into
a space down the star
I couldn’t sleep in a night
Huh I was yet to get an
answer to a quiz why!

Though I showed a mirror
The moon floats in the night
gently, the dark could
mingles into the light.
But one couldn’t relay
My sweetie toyed it away!

As if no matter what if one
wishes so is free to sway.
Huh my sweetie toyed it away!

Did the Moon score
tapping in on the starry
night’s blackboard,
how many *****?
Who can tell, who can tell?
Though a cheering sun rises
In the end by the rose.
Myriads stars meltdown
in a stunner’s teardrop.
That stirs coming so close.
Yet is a dwarf over the ocean!

Touches the moon not
one that pulls the most.
The sea lives by the small earth
There is no law in love
My sweetie toyed it away!
A Sad Alex Jul 2018
I will write you the most romantic verses tonight
For you deserve nothing less my love
Than verses to make your heart soar
Than verses than make you want me more.

I will say “You carry my heart in yours”
“You stole it like a thief in the night”
“But I don´t want it back, to you it now belongs”
“It is yours, my sweet, as am I”

I can write the sweetest verses tonight
For they remind me of you my love
When I see you, I smile from side to side
The clouds go away, the sun shines bright in the sky.

I can say “You are a beacon of light”
“You are the reason I go to sleep every night”
“You are everything to me my dear”
“I love you, please, don´t ever leave my side”

I could write you the most sensual verses tonight
For it´s something I can´t help my love
The sway of your figure, that look in your eye
It sends my senses into overdrive.

I could say “Tonight no one else exists but you”
“The night is only yours and mine”
“Your lips clamor my kiss, your hips my hands”
“As our breaths mingles, our bodies melt into one”

I want to write so many things my dear
Fill pages with silly love poems
What I don´t to ever write is “Goodbye”
And I want to tell you always
“I love you… I love you so much…”
tinhearts Jan 2018
Having no light of her own
The moon, a smitten planet
Relying on the reflection of the sun shone
Brighter as she is the outward picture of the soul, just granite

Inwardly the Son shines as she adores Him
He is the flame
Giving her light to receive and live
Walking on the narrow path

Next time you see the brightness of the moon
Give thanks to the Son (Lord Jesus)
Lighting our way to become One
Loving her as she loves Him spirituality mysterious

Everything outward is a picture of the inward
The eclipse of the moon
From the northwest toward
The southeastern
America’s  sign of

A warning of the soul’s rule
Under the captivity of a Babylonian garment
Mingles the *****
****** killing lambs in the church’s embarrassment

Come out of her My People!!!
Adulterated doctrines spilling wine
Under the covert of a religious steeple
Blood stained souls intertwined

The innocent haven’t a clue
Sunday schools happy meal
Jesus came to rescue
Wolves rob and steal

Above the inner eyes insight
Deliverers mounted to save
Filled with the inner light
It’s not too late to change the wave

Three days Salvation plan
The story’s been told
Make a righteous stand
Be brave strong and bold

Don’t wait for destruction
Your soul depends on you
Seek for yourself don’t take my word for conviction
The whole earth is waiting to view

The coming of the Lord Jesus
Finally the moon is under her feet
New Heavens and New Earth reigns praise to Jesus
She’s all aglow being complete

The light of her Love now shines from within
She looks in the mirror to SEE she has become
Perfectly joined to Him
Together as One

All Her Glory is in Him alone

Behold He’s IN You!
In dreams I have delighted in you ,
now my heart is found ripped in two ,
by you’re icey stare ,
and olive eyes ,
and sharpened breath from which know no lies .

For the manacles we made were but a monkey in our heads ,
For flowers I must give and on this bridge I wait ,
nothing but bird song and the sounds of the waters below .

The rushing of the wind ,
tbe pale sun dims ,
the evening primrose fades ,
as in memories of you in the twilight ghosts of the fireflies wait ,
for you .
I shall wait until the  darkness clears ,
for many a night I have waited here ,
and though another mans love you pine ,
you’re love will be forever mine .

My blood how it mingles in the cold flowing water ,
for I kept my promise ,
Red waters for red roses ,
and a blood red sunrise ,
When the morning breaks ,
Pritty poses !
Deidre Lockyer Jul 2018
There is something in the air today
Something fragile and undecided
It speaks to me of moody memories
Velvety scents and
Lazy summer desires
Your hands are everywhere and I’m blossoming
Addicted to you, the feel of you,
The way your eyes covet what your fingers touch
Tracing curves and angles
Claiming territory...

There is something in the sky today
Something sensual and languid
It draws me close into your inner world
Unspoken fantasies
And unmet needs
Funny how the day weaves sensuality around us,
Gathers us up in honeyed arms, musky scents
Tangles our limbs, mingles sighs and glances,
Half whispered obscenities
So sweetly urgent...

Brewing up a tempest...
So much to explore in an afternoon...
Synchronised swimming, melting in the heat
Of me and you
.oh, i can live in a small city, just give me the meat to taste on the tips of my fingers! and, yeah, i'll continue to confirm my base: ******* for the me who based myself in a Faustian lesson... you do the supermarket cashier favors'... i rather die with the ambitions of a beggar on the street... last one i heard? he said: my mother told me to only speak truth... yeah... i have the ambitions of a Diogenes.

x-men apocalypse...
is, so much better
than the marvel
     karina stow...
            i feel like:
i do want to shoot
a gun into a target...
even prostitutes
aren't as this,
overtly nervous...
      eddie izzard
mingles with the early
singles of the corss...
you walk into
a jobcentre?
chances are...
you won't find
an application for a job
in a slaughter-house...
   by the package-worth
of demands...
don't worry...
you're just ******!
i want to work
in a slaughter-house...
i guess i'm
too dumb...
  too dumb to fish,
too dumb to...
do anything beside...
for the death of the
supermarket cashier role
of: standing still...
waiting for a role...
playing the gyspy
isn't in the jobcentre either...
   you give me
one more take on
the role-play...
i want a job...
akin to
being a street-cleaner...
or working
the slaughter-house...
but those sort of works
are not made advert for
the unemployed...
          marvel: infinity
war *****...
x-men: apocalypse?
              black panther...
  spawn? rules!
                   the end.
ever walk into
a jobcenter...
   being unemployed...
there are no vacancies
positions in
a slaughterhouse?
      lucky you,
lucky me.  
a man...
just wants to ****...
what he's about to eat...
Candice h Dec 2018
A disastrous night
       where wicked death
             Mingles his with beauty’s breath…

                                         Like father like son he brings **** upon
                                               His words are sharp they fall from his tongue
                                                      Deliciousl­y destructive to **** with the law
                                                            He crawls through your mind to whisper your flaw
                                                                ­       His eyes are dull and brown as the earth
                                                                ­              With a devilish smile to mask his thirst
                                                                ­                   His appearance is savory it’ll leave u in awe
                                                    ­         A sly smooth talker for his words are raw
                                                     Wherever he goes he strides so smooth
                                          A manipulative young man to control one’s mood
                                Cold blooded to the bone brings shivers up your spine
                     Intelligent too with the strongest of minds

                                  A wicked child in sin he drips
                         There’s bass in his tone when he parts his lips
                He speaks many lies you must drink it in sips
      For one too many drinks and his prey may tip.

— The End —