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"I'm a mermaid," she said as she kissed me.
Ah! her kiss made me drunker than wine.
I'd been longing for the ocean in her blue eyes,
it was calling to the diver in mine.
She whispered, "I've got just a little bit of magic
from my home in this big blue lagoon--
join me tonight for a swim in the moonlight,
I'll make some magic for you."

The full moon was rising in Paradise
as I made my way down to the shore.
There I dove right into the water,
I just couldn't stand it anymore.
Here she comes, swimming up to meet me--
wraps her self around me like a glove.
As long as I live I never could tell
the magic of a mermaid in love.

Goddess of the crystal blue ocean,
sharing your mysteries with me.
When I'm with you I can breathe underwater
and swim beside you under the sea.
If I could stay here under the surface,
I would never go back to dry land!
Goddess of the crystal blue ocean,
Meet me here whenever you can.

The spell would be broken by sunrise,
but her "little bit of magic" was no lie.
We soared, freed by love, underwater,
free as two birds in the sky.
All too soon the sky began lightening,
the moon and the stars took their flight.
Our kisses were mingled with tears at the shoreline
where we promised to meet every night.

Goddess of the crystal blue ocean,
sharing your mysteries with me.
When I'm with you I can breathe underwater,
and swim beside you under the sea.
If I could stay here under the surface,
I would never go back to dry land!
Goddess of the crystal blue ocean,
make me a real merman.
This is a song I wrote some time ago. I can't read it without hearing it as a song--
Copyright  2010 by Michael S. Simpson. All rights reserved.
Valsa George May 2017
On the bank of a rushing brook
I sat for hours watching its course.
Peered into the clear gurgling mass
That cascaded down from a mountainous source

Like a slithering snake, it slinks and slips
It babbles downhill night and day
Rolling and gliding through plains and dales
It winds its way to the wider bay.

Dipping my fingers in its icy chill
How my hand got repelled as from a shock!
In its ripples stirred by the kissing breeze,
I saw trees, clouds and the jutting rock-

All floating in *****, fanciful shapes,
Shuddering, trembling and standing still
And the fishes leaving zigzag trails,
Swishing and swimming in the winding rill.

As I quietly watched her speedy flight
With her ***** rising in mournful heaves,
In my ears fell her whispering soft
Orchestrated by the rustle of quivering leaves

I hardly knew the time speeding by
Nor noticed the birds’ homeward flight
Or the Sun moving to the west end side
And the Sky reddening at his sight

As the brook thus continued her headlong ride
To be mingled finally with the ocean wide
I walked, brooding over man’s relentless stride
To be merged eventually with the Cosmic Guide.
Angelina Dec 2016
It's true, I must admit
He caught my eye, doubt I caught his
Drenched lips and maneuvering gestures
Lost in **** perhaps, wandering in bliss
Shimmering stars above reflecting
The sparkle in his eyes as he nodded
Lucid dreaming every day
Will he realize or will he not

Now I stand alluringly
Beside him, gazing
Fingers tangled
Hearts mingled, souls stringed
Sinews intrigued
My thoughts had topped all odds, I suppose
Nonetheless, it's true, I must admit, he caught my eye
And indeed I caught his
tinhearts Jul 2018
Why do people lie
Don’t they know that they breed
Like fleas mingled with dustmites in the crevasses of your mind
Lies are like gnats always flying in eyes impairing the souls creed

Once one is told another has to coincide
Gathering facts to cover up one from another
Losing control of the minds ability to see right
Sooner or later stuck in quicksand sinking to recover

The least said the better
That way you never get caught in a debate if he said she said
Always examine your words before you utter
Keeping them to a minimum is safe indeed
Mariamme Jun 2018
i danced with your heart in my hands last night
the pulse of beating blood in our veins
drowning out the distance between our bodies
and i loved you in the stillness
in the shift from song to next song
in shift from love to **** to love again
my teeth glinting against the harsh sparks
we've turned up our bassline and
i doubt i will ever be satisfied like this again
your eyes became twin suns against me
burning me alive in the heat, mingled
mangled inhibitions lying with our clothes
and ferocity lies in wait behind your smiles
wolflike and hungry for the bisous, & more
that only we can bring to life in the darkness
between the slick of my thighs, phantasmic
in the starry stealing of moments under canopies
of wavelike sound; and nothing else mattered
but that your heart kept beating in tune
& my feet kept pounding the fear down into dust.
falling generally is a frightening thing; however, i think fear is delicious under certain conditions, when consensual and with a friend. in this case, perhaps a little deeper than friendship. pour mon roi, yet again.
the songs that bred this beast:
happy days - ghali
basic space - the **
daddy issues - the neighbourhood
suicoke - wesson ft. jagonte
rental - brockhampton
will he (medasin redo) - joji
mushaboom - *****

also inspired in part by medusa, don't ask why, i don't even know. it is 1:13 am after all :)
Cronedrome Jul 2018
I stare into the space outside of you
Is it now
Will you give me the excuse Im always waiting for
Will you give me the excuse
Will you take all you've learned from these long nights
And longer days that float
Then wizz past like the eternity of a skydrop
Where the heart pounds faster than the sound of blood
And time stops

Too fast
So addictive
Full body shocking echos of sensation invade at random
Chemical flashback still-frames
Stir ancient Bonobo DNA into frenzied tool construction
So that I can have some more
Always more
I want more

Is it now
Will you take all you've learned from this telepathic dance
Of  fire fighting fire
will you give me the reason Im always hoping for
A secret I pretend to keep hidden from myself
Will you give me the excuse
Is it now

What are you
Who do you think you are
You read me so well with your body
Help manifest prophecies of pleasure in my pain
We take only what we need of each other's language
Syllables distorted by fresh intakes of breath
Newborn grammar crackles in the impulse of our mingled sweat
And in the chaos of sparkplug cell explosion
I am home

How human of me to decide
That I might just about be able to grasp infinity
In a few sharp moments of oblivion
But what can I do
My memory like yours is bloodcode
Millenia of dancing kept vague is a mercy
When fears longevity demands a louder voice

So what can I do
What do I know anyway
What am I
Who do you think I am
Is it now

So much pleasure
Dizzy illusion that this motion
Is all the poetry I'll ever need
We sanctify the pain that brought us here
Without it we would never know
I am a seasoned devotee
And now hungrily I carve your separate pain into the scripture
This is power
Electricity that can never be destroyed

But now I stare into the space outside of you
The wave of shock in my blood
This time runs cold
Fist in my diaphragm
Breath labours in my chest
And I am home

In the old language I am so ******* sick of hearing
Declarations of war are never accidental
So please, let's not bother to pretend that we don't know
This mythology has nothing left now to enchant
Nothing to offer but the same cowering, mean spirited
Petrified and shrivelled desperation
That is the battle cry of every war
Every single ******* time

The root of so much evil
Of Imagination.

Control is always illusion
Betrayal always an insult to intelligence
And that is why
You can't look me in the face now
You betray yourself in this role
A waste of masochistic potential that you expend
On making yourself small in my eyes

And for what
I understand too well
This language is old
But not as ancient as they
And You
Would have us believe

I understand too well
This story is tired and hollow
This story is flat
A mythology so corrupt that even the old dears
With sinister, insipid eyes
Barely manage to keep a straight face

You join their ranks
With just a few short words
You join their ranks
With just a few short words that cloud your eyes
And widen mine to a horror
You try to convince me I have no right to
To a horror
You try to convince yourself that you don't see

Is it now
Is it an excuse that I've been waiting for
Or was it this
Dreadful feeling of inevitability
Did I forget?
Do I sleep with my enemy
Or is this just an accident of time in this geography
Too slow
Too dead for me
This is now
Dita Oct 2018
Spines curve as sweetly as drops from a honeysuckle
Notes in a melody fill the void spaces
Gentle rushes stir like the swish of rustling leaves
Flushed as red as the cherry who’s stem is knotted
Time stolen from the hands of a frozen clock-
Still like snow fallen from a winter shower

Senses fully awaken to chase alluring aromas  
Repetitive jolts of candied sin trickle throughout the body
Electric flow in the veins sparks an extended invitation
Contagious appetite will mirror aches of desire

Surges of shock in the body join the mind and soul
Accelerating spikes in heart rate kiss private secrets
Boundless longing branded to one another
Yearning indulged by limitless exchanges of energy-
Transfers immune from harm

Pressure from oneness loosens the tremble in pleading breaths
Hands close around each hip to clench their hollows
Credible fingers drenched in admiration coat mingled skin
One is composed by the gravitation of two
Defying moonlight to surrender at an immeasurable ******

Reaching for the highest point to let go
Sharing traces of untamed wind with soaring wings
Collecting innocence altered by ecstasy
Choosing vulnerability to expose what cannot be said
Fantasies traded through the rhythm of touch
Arianna Dec 2018
The shells echo still
With lamentations of lovers and lost ones,
Ossified souls among the primordial sediments of the Sea, and I

                                        Lift them one by one,

Fitting foot to print in the sand, and
Holding each in hand, in turn to my ear in hopes
Of catching your turquoise baritone

                    On the tumbling tides

Washing heart-shaped ammonites
Colored every shade of Earth and Sky up

                             From the fossil index of lives immemorial, mingled

As ours now commingle,
In the merging of breaths and bodies, of breaths

                                                  With forms

In the titillating of tongues, and
Though we share not a native one,
Words lose their meaning in the language of Love,

                    Resounding louder
                    Than the Ocean's fury

In silence,
In a glance,
In a kiss and caress along the throat, humming

                                 With the music of your expression,

                                                    ­     Savoring your deep blue voice...

                                                On my tongue,

                         In the echo songs of shells...
"Medieval Songs of Love and Loss" by the superb Ensemble Gilles Binchois:
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
What do you know me as?
Some know me
as a doctor,
some know me
as a pastor,
some know me
as a poet,
an author,
Others know me
as a Naturopath,
Most know me
as a herbalist,
Some others know me
as an alchemist,
some know me
as a mystic,
some know me
as a beloved hierophant,
a high priest,
Some know me
as a metaphysician,
Some know me
as a crisis counselor,
some as a
human rights activist,
some as a martial artist,
some don't even
know me,
I'm different things  
to different people.
My life is complex
and dynamic,
and very interesting
with incessant activities
that surrounds it,
debonair and a teetotaler.
But with all the
complicated complexities,
I am profoundly so simple,
amiable and easy to placate,
with a great sense of humor,
purposeful mingled with
a no nonsense attitude.
I know who I am.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
My love,
I saw you in the smile of the cheeky Sun,
When we met in the park.
I saw you in the glow of the charismatic moon,
When you asked me out.
I  saw you in the twinkle of the dazzling stars,
When you kissed me with passion.
I saw you in the lyrics of our favourite song when we had our first dance.
I saw you  in the cocoon of a caterpillar,
When you slept soundly beside me.
I saw you in the huge waves of the ocean,
When we made ecstatic  love,
I saw you in the flutter of the butterfly wings,
When you were agitated and worried.
I saw you in the ferocious roar of the lion when you ranted in anger.
I saw you in the tub of my favourite icecream,
Which you did not share.
I saw you in the halo of an angel,
When you showed love and kindness to grandmother.
I saw you in the sweet song of the lark when you mingled happily with  my family.
I saw you as a complete packet,
Someone I could spend my life with.
I saw you in a four hearts diamond ring,
When you proposed.
Last I saw you in the marriage vows,
Which you and I took.
For better or worse.
Donall Dempsey Nov 2018

And so, we celebrate our love
as if it were a religion to be believed in

& praise our days
& all the ways

that we discover
to love one another.

Each touch...a parable.
Each kiss...a little miracle.

You are sunlight
stained & transformed by glass.

You are a candle
kissing & caressing the dark.

You are incense
mingled with music.

You are the hymn
that ends & begins
& transcends all things.

Each kiss...a parable.
Each touch...a little miracle.
Nathalie Dec 2018
Pearls of rain kissed each petal

Of pink, yellow and green

As the rabbit scurried to find refuge

Under the old birch tree

The branches mingled playfully

To support each other under

A sky of gray mixed clouds

The howling echo of the wind

Reverberated throughout

the house, announcing

the arrival of the scowling storm

adding a sense of urgency

to fasten all the windows shut.

Trails of papers scattered on

the floor as the air stormed through

the entrance of the study

and the scent of jasmine

from the neighbouring yard

filled the empty spaces.

The cat curled up on the sofa

As birdy remained quiet

And found comfort at the

bottom of its cage; feasting

on seeds that had tumbled

to the ground floor of its castle.

We smiled as the awareness

Of our heightened state

Revealing the contrast

Between the brewing storm

And the peace that flowed

Through our hearts …

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