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Deovrat May 2018
it all set
finally he left
assign no reason
or argument

to regret
about his act
I never wish
to discuss infact

he is always
in my remembrance
i perceive
his presence  
in every object

he is with me
and lives
in my heart
never to forget


© deovrat 24-05-2018
Astra Nov 2018
Another sleepless night,
Another night of lies,
I harbor my feels that I have to hide,

Why might you ask do these feels stay alive,
I answer with a few simple lines,

I’m a girl, one slightly broken, one afraid of the question and attention,
So hushed are my thoughts and silence is my voice,

There’s one good thing I must say something that strengthens me inside,
And keeps me alive,

That fact that this feelings are all MINE
All right reserved, written by fragilehalo
Callie Richter Oct 2017
I came across a picture of you
It was a picture of you
With some other girl
I looked at it
And looked at it
And looked at it
Funny thing is
I couldn't feel anything
I didn't feel anything
I swear to you, I tried
I wanted so bad
to be jealous
Because you're mine
And only mine
But guess what
That never happened
I never felt jealous
I guess I realized long ago
That you'll be there
Around every corner
And that you'll come for me
Whenever possible
But, pal
You sure as ****
Ain't mine
Mona Jul 2018
This heart of mine was once dark as the clouds get.
this poor heart of mine was so rich with emptiness.
But the LORD dispensed all his love into thine Heart.
Once more I was rich, rich with a passion that sores the skies with Praise

Though I may hide in all the shadows of confinement, your hand calls me to Peace. A Peace that could never be replicated by mere man. A Peace that fill me with permanent Joy.

This heart of mine, now looks and pursues the Grace that you bore in Your stripes and thorns.
This heart of mine searches for a wave of Love that goes beyond the depths of the sea
This heart of mine now,no longer hides but it seeks to be seen, so that they may know that you Oh Lord exist.

This heart of mine is grateful that you pursued it and
was constant as the northern star.
You are not Forsaken, dear LORD
Thine be the Glory.
A detailed outline of my experience with God
Amaris Jun 2018
You're my gold-crowned prince
My knight in shining armor
My hero and savior
Guide and companion.
Storybook romances come alive
With you.
poshal gyamba Oct 2017
There's a darkness inside
It's permanence like the cosmic sky
You can bring the sun right into me
And I will shine in the brightest hues
Igniting my inhibitions in lilac fumes
Dangling in the crimson ceramic
Happy and astute
But like every sunset
The sun will come set on me
Leaving me in the darkness of rye
Only truth to this ?
The darkness never left
It stayed safe and composed
Just like the night sky
Waiting on the sun to go.
Chris Nov 2018
As I smell your manly scent, I slowly move my lips to yours
I closed my eyes and put my right hand to your chest
Feeling every heartbeat of yours, then you hug me tight
Every pause of moment, I genuinely smile coz I know you are mine

Your pleasure becomes mine, and mine are yours
Your stares my love, delights my heart
You sexified me in every content, nevertheless, caresses me
You rest in my arms, I kissed your forehead. You are mine.
Love session memories.
Jaycee Nov 2014
Why does everyone want to lose it?
Isn't it supposed to be somewhat sacred?
I've always thought so.
It's too bad that mine was stolen from me.
Evie Dec 2018
the hand from nightmares
that grabs you and squeezes until you pass out crying
lives in my room
each year since birth
i became closer and closer with it
first when i was a baby we were strangers it was still a little shy
then as a child it started crawling slowly out of the corners and looking
i was curious
next as a teenager i rearranged my room
i was closer
and it was so happy
i felt that disguisting smell all the time and those fingers
grabing at my body and breaking and
cutting skin
today i realize i haven't felt the sun in a while
it has been stealing pieces of my heart leaving me in eternal winter
i have no skin and not a single free space on my body
wounds wounds wounds pain and ice
but ... since existence
it has been there for me
suddenly those fingers turn into my mother's hands
i just want to lay my head down and let mom touch me
coddle me like an infant
i don't remember where or who the hand belonged to before
i felt my eyelids dropping
sleep tight little angel
no one stopped me
Eno Sep 2018
Theres still 5 more lives
Connecting and disconnecting
In this scene
An American diner
In south west England
Sat in a booth
That holds thousands of shared
And narratives that only we feel
With characters we played and knew
There’s no stronger drug
Than those things humans have collectively been through
But I didn’t think of this
When I looked at you
I’d never seen you look this good
Not in years
You’ve just upgraded
Your vehicle in life
No paper boy bicycle
Doing the rounds
But a brand new direction
You don’t need to worry for the next 3 years
Joined a scheme that will take you where you want to be
I wished it was me
Evie Apr 2018
i had a huge wound on my chest
it has been bleeding my whole life and i knew i was eventually gonna run out of blood
so i didnt bother
i gave up
i gave up on trying to stop it
i gave up on speaking about it to anyone because they kept saying i was imagining it
but i never tried to deny
so i gave up on feeling
i wanted to laugh like i didnt want to laugh
i was hurting so much it eventually stopped hurting at all
i smiled at passengers without smiling
i became nothing
but then i met someone
and he has a soul full of secrets and magic
the kind of person who you dream about but you never did reach them
so i looked into his eyes with my empty ones
and i was suddenly back somewhere
back in a memory i didnt actually remember
and without a word
just this quiet promise that your eyes gave out
you tighten your arms around my chest where the wound was
and it stopped bleeding
i was scared that your body was going to get ***** from touching my dried blood
no one likes a stained shirt
or that you would see what all of them saw and you were gonna laugh or run
but you are human
and i felt that
you are me
you understood me
and you stayed
and i stayed as well
and i think the wound has disappeared
i have never been more scared of a relationship

also the title is not by me i took it from a movie "**** your darlings"
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