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Donall Dempsey Oct 2015

Come Spring...

I paint my little room
all yellow

fill it with
daffodils & jonquils

drag in a giant

(left in the back yard)      

so large

it takes up
all the wall

giving the illusion
of another room

as if my room
were now not so


Sometime the trompe d'oeil
fools even me

& I walk into
the imaginary room.

'Ouch! '
my reflection shouts!

Come Spring...
...came you!

(totally unexpected)      

& my playing with

hath you enthralled.

I'd catch you
catching your
reflection observing you

the mirror couple

as they
mimiced us

watching our every

you thought it so

or could pretend to be
at a small ****

when it was only




Bodies of flesh & blood
bodies of glass.

You breathe
upon the mirror

tracing our names
with a fingertip

fragile words
made of breath

'...this love...will last...! '


When we break

the mirror
stayed intact

except for a jagged
lightning crack

& now it was I
who watched

like a gentleman of Shallot

the couple
in the mirror

(the ghosts of

making love

bodies of flesh
& blood



Tim Peetz Dec 2016
Blackness is green in a setting of grey and the surface as chalky and white as snow.
Sharp edges are rounded, wood is metallic, black is green and green is white.
White is being wiped, green emerges and black is as absent as green in winter.
The powdery substance of snow is mimiced by lines of white traversing black
which is not black but green.
Blackness is green.
A tribute to Gertrude Stein, inspired by her work "Tender Buttons" (1914).
The Fire Burns Aug 2017
Am I staring into,
or out of my reflection.
free or trapped?
who am I?
or am I him?

Shifting in a mercurial pool,
mimiced in still blue water,
emulated in a window pane,
depicted in the mirrored frame,

crisp and clear from time to time,
also appears fuzzy now and again,
bleary, filmy and foggy frequently,
the scene in front of me,

Am I staring into,
or out of my reflection.
free or trapped?
who am I?
or am I him?

— The End —