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I catch the stars as they fall from the sky,
Each of them is a sparkle of 'why?'

I brush the space dust with a broom,
To tidy the hair of the man on the moon.

I catch satellites as they whirl,
As the lack of communication makes me hurl.

I swipe the light into the black hole,
To show the deep deep cold.

My hand waves the gravity away,
As all weight fades fade fades.
DM Oct 2012
Hurtling along and away,
Approaching the center of the galaxy,
The event horizon becomes visible,
Slowly pulling me inside,
Time and space distorted,
Wave-forms collapsing in on themselves,
Stretching and bending frequencies,
Unrealities become fluid,
then begin collapsing and twisting,
Beyond recognizable form,
Into infinite and immense matter,
Like twist and tears in the fabric of space,
Falling toward nothingness,
That dreaded singularity,
A moment away,
A million moments away,
As time ceases to exist,
And crushing gravity,
Displacing understanding,
Dispelled notions,
And peaceful,
Become the same.
Ryan Holden Dec 2018
I want to call you
That sweet outside,
That tasteful yet
gooey centre,
covered in a hard shell,
Yet you have
The beauty of the night stars,
Sky and all the wonders
It carries with it.
Stu Harley Sep 2014
poetry builds
a  bridge of light
from our
imagination bright
suspending across
the vastness of
Milky Way
highway tonight
Umi Mar 2018
Go on with haste and fly through this undawning memory of love,
What is the moon looking up at, perhaps a dance of pulsar stars ?
What is the sun looking down at, perhaps the life growing from light?
An eternal sinner wanders under their light, with no aim, no goal,
All he carries shall be the pride in his heart, with undying love burning as bright as a hyper nova in the nearby young nightsky,
Lingering sadness seeps it's way through, to the surface of the moon, forever to be bound in an orbit, overshadowed, shining in lesser light,
Yet does it oversee, what beauty it brings to the night, or what it would be if darkness reigned supreme without it and the stars to rise?
Enlighting the darkest of nights for us, forgotten it keeps up his duty,
For maybe, even if just one is touched by his luminosity it would be enough to keep going, until the time comes to greet the break of dawn
The milkyway alike a river of stars, each with their own story to tell,
Stars stand with their secret hidden, an orbital parent to many planets
The sky is the eternity in a land of pure fantasy and hope after all,
A dream which knows no death till its termination draws near,
But isn't waking up the commencement of something far greater ?

~ Umi
Umi Apr 2018
Out of what our hearts are made,
The sea of stars above our little heads is widely spread, expanded,
The river of the milkyway, seperating two lovers, with more stars,
All come within a clear, manifest orbit, bound to gravity and bounty,
A vally of natural nuclear fusion reactors, spreading light through the dark of the night, a play of beauty and might, on the ceiling of Earth,
All shining uninterruptedly, without the intruding light of the moon,
In the world of empty dreams, waiting to be filled with memories,
Clusters, binary, trinary stars with their satelites, dance as celestial beings through the infinity of space, all with grace, individuality, bliss
Heartfelt, past the luxury of luminosity and spinning alike wage wool
Because stars are, a magic mirror to the things we are, or want to be,
Weave the fate that you want to feel free, broken loose from the lies,
It is best to dance with me on these fantastic grounds here with me,
If we gather in a dark night, my dear knight, we can grasp fantasy,
Dear trasure mine, you're, a distant eniment galactic heavenly beauty
So shine on until you someday let go of this worldly life, my dearest,
As then I would like to meet you in the realm of the dead again,
In the loitering darkness one day.

~ Umi
Stu Harley May 2017

red cliffs of Wales
night stars sparkled
the edge of
blinked off and on
red blue and green
douglas chesa Feb 2012
I have been drinking wine
To douse the burning tip of my mind
Worries chewing at my nerves
Like the filter end of a rich Havana cigar
Woes of this world turn my whiskers
Into drab willows of misery
My nights into endless nightmares
And my thoughts rattling and jarring
Like the business end of a mechanical hammer.

Dreams clad in limp loincloth
Revisit me from the dark
Urns of history
The salad days of our beings
And their neauseating euphoria
When in drunken trance we siezed
Conscience by her arms
And threw her on her back
Splayed her legs
And smacked our lips
As blood spurt out...
I wipe my mind with the back of my hand
To brush away the dregs of the sordid rituals
We once enshrined.

A plump shiny green bottle
Buzzes around my mind irritating
Reminding me of Death
Hanging mockingly
Like a pendulum over my mind seducing
''O Sweet Carrion
You are food for the elders!''
And my sins in their hordes shimmer
A deathly pale round the nooze
Suspended from blushing heaven's bottom
My mind's eyes shed crystal tears
Giving away bucketfuls of Chiyadzwa diamonds to regain
Long gone and lost innocence.

I shared a bottle of wine
With my new-found friend, Today
Clinking glasses and minds
Then a greenbottle in full flight
Was caught between the grinding bellies
Of our glasses and minds
Bloodied fleshrot bespattered our intelligence
And our minds rushed to the wash basins retching
A brush with the fetid breath of the past
Left the gums of my mind barren and obscene
And together with newfound friend, Today
We covered our private parts with our hands
At the ****** of our thoughts.

She knocked at the door of my mind
Eyes shadowed in wet grey paint
Lips smudged in scarlet smiled at me
A Good Morning
My palm hiding the discoloured teeth
Of my inner-self
I muffled a Good Mourning to her, but
I felt a warmth spreading
At the base of my belly
Her milky-white mouthful was inviting
A milkyway blaze trailing into deep future
''I will flirt with her'' my mind whispered
But then the rasping sandpaper touch of her lips
Bruised and bloodied my thoughts
And I saw red at the future.

I must have swooned
From the First Lady's fistkisses of philanthropy
Doling out sweet nothings and promises
At a ceremony sheathed in royal pomp and dignity
Where the guests dressed like Harlequins
Mesmerised us with the crablike dance
And flummoxed O poor we
With democratic mumbo-jumbo and lingo
And the Povo touched with feeling
Donated oceanfuls of diamond tears
And their sincere prayers a mutter flutter
Into the heavens for beloved leaders.

I broke Biltong , my past, into the ***
To give life to ailing friend, Today
With my fingernail I peeled off
The tomatoe's tough ruddy jacket
To make sauce
And I heard a rumble of objection
From the August House
And the Mujibhas and Chimbwidos' angry yawn
Gave a chilli spice to the dish
And the food touching Today 's lips
He sneezed and broke wind
Startling ghosts of old nostalgic memories
That had took seats at the kitchen table
To wing away to the scrapyard
Their home beyond the rusting horizon.

Perched on the anthill of anticipation
I roll my thoughts
Into a big joint of mbanje
I **** and grey fading puffs
Of wishes spiral into the bored sky
Each a crippled dream
That was bulldozed at Churu Farm
An ambitious dream that was displaced
By the Operation Murambatsvina
A dream that lost an eye and limb in the food riots
A dream that lost its ***** at university
A dream that fell from the 11th floor at the Towers
Into the Taxman's hat
A dream that drowned in the opaque beer tank
At the Uhuru celebrations
A dream that lost its breath
On top of another man's wife in Mbare
A dream dumped and disowned
Only to find home at the bottom of the Blair toilet...
To find home in the sympathetic clicks
Of poets who have lost their voices.

The stub is burning my fingers
Minds run out of fuel and fire
The angry verbal lash
Of the emotionally wounded
Is a stub licking back at the wielder
To be snuffed out and discarded
On the ash tray of hopelessness
The grave yard that houses all
Once active minds.

imnthea May 2017
yesterday in milky way
i heard giants used to be in this world  
how enormous creature they were
even with their beastly claw
how they have fallen
yesterday in milky way
things were different and tall
now all we hear is legend
if so mighty can not be here at all
i wonder if we'll be just another legend
them digging our bones and documenting
In log  " yesterday in milky way"
Wanderer Jul 2017
I got lost in her eyes
But I found the world there
I got taken by her brain
Stolen to a galaxy far away
Lappel du vide Mar 2014
you know? i'll stop being so empty sometimes. i'll fill myself with words, so they will be dripping down the carefully creased seams of my lips and dents in my cheeks. i am tired of margins and paragraphs to box in what i have to say. i'm ready to let things out like a destroyed dam barricading a swift, roaring feline river; distorted reflections of the day racing past.  i am a goddess with dripping hair and naked skin, you can't stop me from feeling. i feel with my soul i feel i feel I FEEL and i am alive. i am the start of morning, i am red tinged and purple, i am the end of the afternoon, dark skinned and starry. i am everything that this universe is made up of, and i intend to be that way till the very earth splits my bones and drills my skull, and my skin droops tiredly to the ground. i am whole, and i am divine. i am eternal, like the dust scattered across the milkyway, and *you can't stifle me.
alexandra Feb 2013
salt water breath
i'm thinking about air or an heir or whatever you call it,
whatever you think i'm thinking cause i don't know how to explain this feeling
heart is aching and breaking as time goes on
freezing in the lack of ocean, fresh air, and sight of the milkyway
how my body craves the smell of salt and family,
the desire keeps me up at night with taunting dreams of gummy bears and the breeze,
never thought i'd say i'd miss a mode of transport that makes me physically ill,
red eye lids, and chapped lips pine for a better way to sleep due to the sick desire for some place a little rarer
Catrina Sparrow Sep 2013
my DNA is a self-made daisy chain
strung together with the best of intentions
and a few yards of dental floss

it's always getting tangled up in moon beams
and boot strings
     tugging me in one thousand directions at once
like the sea pulling at the limitless shorelines hem

i am magic

my flesh reflects the hue of the desert dust the winds bathe me in
speckled with freckles that occasionally line up with the stars

what a fool i'd be to paint myself into obscurity
with make-up brushes and lipstick hues


i choose me

excessively sensitive to the energy of all other living beings
always feeling everything
all the pain and happiness
love and fear and angst
     at once
          lumped in with the leaves of my tea
destined to forever reside within

the high-priestess of the immeasurable things
the guardian of treasures unseen
     constantly filling my sundress with ***** pebbles
     broken feathers
          and all the stardust i can find

i've spent the last one thousand life times
being everywhere at the EXACT same time 

you should know
     you were there

     and oh
such love i've found
hiding in the shallows
in the mud
     and under the edges of your finger nails

even in the darkness of the vast
and ever-stretching sky
there is so much light
so very many precious gems
hoisted into timeless settings along the milkyway's head-dress

          i promise
where i am right now
is the best place to be

and if you don't believe me
     crane your neck towards the stars
K Balachandran Oct 2015
You are the  invisible canvas on which I am a painting indelible,
every minute you reflect in this mirror, my thirsting soul,
history of this love immortal,  begins beyond the portals of time,
but my love, for ages, I've been searching relentlessly for you since.

What do I call this love, that consumes my every life,remains anew!
in wake, sleep and in the realm of dream, I feel your sublime presence,
my heart, filled with wonder, but at times  slips in to a haze of despair,
then your presence becomes  palpable as wind, rain or purple sunshine.

There isn't anything perfect,than this  love, chants the Milkyway
invisible you are, but never ever, for a moment your presence is not felt
isn't it your mantra  of love immortal, my heartbeats repeat?
*You are perfect,  that glory I too reflect; I am within your embrace.
*"Poornamada, poornamidam, poornal poornamudachyathe.."
"That (the ultimate)is infinite, this (each being)is infinite; from infinite emerges the  infinite..."  opening Shanti (peace)mantra of Bhehadaranyaka Upanishad..
Seán Mac Falls Jun 2016
The mountain lily crowding,
Grassy glens in formal dress,
After snows and early spring—
Rain over all the green hillsides,
An earthly heaven of constellation,
Daybreaks into marvelous milkyway.
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Oct 2015
The memory of your touch on the earth will remain
As you glide through the Milkyway
Watching the earth circle the sun
You are part of every sunrise
You are part of every sunset

You're up there
Between the planets
Dancing on the moon
Inhaling stardust
Exhaling love
Lounging on an asteroid,
Tapping the ash off the tip of your cigarette on the galaxy's edge
Memories in constellations
That you twirl between your fingers

Our mission was together
But you decided to leave early
The suspension of your ship caught me off guard
I was too close to the flames
It burned me deeply
But I know the stars were meant for you

You're more infinite than you have ever been
Breathing easy; my fellow space cadet
I know you're okay
My wounds will heal
but the scars will remain.

You always loved my space poem, I thought I'd write one for you.
We were going to go to NASA in Houston together. I'm going to have to make that trip for both of us now.

I love you Desma, please don't be gone.
Babu kandula Jul 2012
ఎందుకమ్మా  ఈ  ఎడబాటు  గుండెపోటు  తెప్పించి  వెళ్ళిపోకు .
గండు  చీమలా  కుట్టి  వెళ్ళవు  గందరగోళంలో  నన్ను  పెట్టావు .
Black hole లాంటి  మనసు  నీదే  బయటపడటం  అంటే  కష్టమేలే .
Bumgy jump చేస్తానే  sky  diving కూడా  చేస్తానే .
మేరి  దిల్ కి   దడకన్  నువ్వే  ఉంటానంటే  .
Big bang theory లా  mystery గా  మిగిలావే .
History నే  తలపించే  lovestory నాదేలే .
ఘారాలే  పెట్టిన  గండాలే  కలిగిన  నిన్ను  వీడలేనే .
Milkyway నే  మించే  అందంతో milk shake చేసావే .
పదే  పదే  గుర్తొస్తూ  నా  memory మొత్తం  నువ్వయ్యావే .
నల్లమల్ల  అడవికైనా  సై  అంటూ  నీవెనకనే  వస్తానే .
ఎంతగా  తపించిన  ప్రయత్నించినా  అది  నీవరకే   నీ  కొరకే  ప్రేమ .
georgie Nov 2018
she's looking for me
the afternoon fell away
waiting for the Milkyway

I'll be honest now
don't look away, say nothing
I'll take off my skin

I want to feel real
no ending or beginning
let me feel something

I might not come back
there's a meteor shower
off to catch a star
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2015
The mountain lily crowding,
Grassy glens in formal dress,
After snows and early spring—
Rain over all the green hillsides,
An earthly heaven of constellation,
Daybreaks into marvelous milkyway.
Mujen Suraj Jan 2019
With the sleeping silence of moth
He walks, in this dead morning,
like a winner of the yesterday.
steps up from the sinking hills
drags his heavy shoulder,
carries the soul of today.

The gloomy sunlight of dawn,
shines for him. He witnessed a flood of
the last moon,
In dark night.
With the dogs' howl, face is staring to up.
He doesn't look back,
far back, the villages of ghosts,
He crossed.

The festival of blood ends.
with the red moon.
The flower of wind of east
bruises wounds of his now.
He, immersed from the sweats in many moons.

He sang the songs of tomorrow,
red and silky. He harvests the flower
of sand.
In his hand, kept a treasure,
the dust of last wood.

The cold face is rising now,
with the disappearance of the last firefly.
Like the winner of yesterday,
He swipes sweats, seeks for Eli.
The compassion and vengeance
holds in the grail.

In the dream, He kissed the illusion.
swam in the sea of Milkyway.
He solemnly pierced the flower of the hurricane,
in his blue heart.
And claimed the meaning of nothing.

In the foreign land, He emptied the bag
of the voyage.
The footstep in the snowy path, cracking
the silence of manhood.
Then, he loved the selfishness of
his lover,
He is brave to not to return.
There were so many stars
in the midnight sky
but even with
the milkyway above us
all I wanted to look at
was you.
josh nunn Nov 2013
The moon hangs, like the main decoration on a very eerie christmas tree, gloomily in the night sky.
Its gentle glow illuminates the world which is otherwise consumed in darkness.
The giant orb, plump like a ripe fruit-
yet glazed over with a chilling moss, inches higher and higher through the starry Milkyway.
When the clock strikes twelve it reaches summit and stops - as if basking in its own awe.
Gently, ever gently the music of the moon wafts through its carressing waves of moonshine - which hug the world below...and in the light of the full moon the fairies seem to dance and glow.
Their tunes and merriment are in celebration of the magic of dreams and fantasy in the air;
But suddenly it's not there anymore, and terror strikes the fairyfolk as they are abandoned in pitch black -
The moon has disappeared.
A candiflossed cloud eclipses the globe and steals the magic from the world.
But soon the moon is free from its disguise and the merriment continues.
Late into the night, when the goddess has long since begun her decent, like a silver'd over balloon, deflating - ever so slowly.
The fairies go back to their flowers and trees, go back to sleep and the world begins to lose its magic again...the soft symphony starts to die, in a slow pianissimo.
And just as she disapears, and sinks into the horizon, just as the dawn approaches, the world is engulfed in a deafening silence - in anticipation.
And as if the interval had gone on for hours, the sky bursts out into a carcophany of trumpets, and orchestra;
a crescendo jubilation as Apollo then edges into existence.
He brings a new kind of magic;
The magic of life.
All this I see, all this I hear when I play my sonata.
I feel the softness of the moon.
I feel the magic as I dance across the keys.
I see the world in a different light, through the music notes sketched into my mind.
And then as the night dies, I experience the rebirth of a new day, through the rise and fall of my melody -  
All in the span of just a few minutes and then its gone, all gone -
And I am left starring, alone at the blank pages.
Jimmy Solanki Feb 2014
Alone here
Another soliloquy in my head
Only desires live
and the living dead
Alone here
An abyss for company
Only desires live
and the dreams faraway

Million voices swirl
A black hole in a milkyway
They sparkle and shine
While I drift away

Million voices swirl
The Sun and the Moon and the stars
Collide to condense
****** in an apocalypse
Licking their fresh scars

Darkness cuts into the deepest corners
Living off the bright
Out of mind
Out of sight

Alone here
As the fates divined
Dark and Light
Louise Ruen May 2017
There will be astronauts who will take your space.
Wanting no more space between you
Enveloping you in a sheet of stars and warm spheres
With the promise of your love living forever like stars
because you’re the only thing prettier than the milkyway
His love for you is bigger than all the galaxies combined
He’ll say
To heat up that heart of yours, till it collides with his like shooting stars
Two universes become one

But stars don’t live forever
In love as deep as space you can’t avoid black holes
That will consume all your love, all your strength, happiness until there is no more
Or him
Or love
Just to spit you out into lower atmospheres
And hey, Andromeda is kind of pretty too
You are no longer good enough to go to space
Mainly because they made you so

Earth feels like hell once you’ve been to heaven,
Trust me I know
I have been deprived of my fuel too
....just realized this poem is about falling in love with a *******. Oh, well.
Diya Jun 2019
The tiny
thoughts collided within her extramundane mind
that eternity too lies within her.
We often fail to recognize our true potential and ability...Often underestimating our worth...Just remember we've got stardust in our veins  ;)
We can do anything... Nothing is impossible right?
Stevie Ray Aug 2014
A gentle stream of people
flowing like a river would
flowers on both sides
earth breathing
we knew we could
a vast blue sky
filled with birds and ocean life
evolution's true
and the stars at night
a marvelous light
the arm of the milkyway
stretched like one awesome smile
it's my bluebrint of the world
but still it's a raw design
In the cold
I sit alone
With myself:
Cup in my hands;
Raised it up, to invite
The sun, the moon and
My fathers, for a drink,
A drink, through the milkyway
A pause
A silence
Freezing cold
Teary eye
Curiosity fades -  the silence.
Come drink with me, my fathers
Come drink with me, morning sun
I seek friendship with the past
I seek wisdom with the past
I seek travelling mercies
A cup in my hands
Cold questions in my heart
Future, frozen in silence
Come drink with me, through
The many lights of the constellation,
To a future, of liquid beauty
Come drink with me,
The warnth of the    
sages, through this lean path;
Dotted with thorn piercing puzzles.
Bruised feet
Wounded hearts
Pilgrims surrender
The crown has fallen
Servants rule
Come my fathers
Come morning sun
For a drink with your son
Before I succumb to the many voices, in my ears.
Astrid Ember Apr 2015
Well you see,
my skin melted
into a lot of things
last summer. Even my
bones mixed with a

The fact that everything
became a liquid river
passing around my ankles
didn't help.
Time became a
cloud that a giant
walks through on his
way to get food.

My stomach and head
got a little sea-sick on
this voyage. Their ears
never really popped from
this altitude.
My body shivered from
the OD.
My skin burned and
melted with him.
Trees grabbed my
hair, leaves stained my

I had rotten skin
for bones and cracked
ribcages for flesh.
The rivers were
fire and the fish
rocks of ice.
A beast by my side
through hellfire.
Her eyes were marbles.
Her flesh cracked glass.
Her hands were iseicles.
Ripped tendons looking like
dreads hanging from her

But this is only how she
looked in Neverland.
In my geometry class
you never would of guessed
she bent time around her
fingers, squished it into liquid,
painted her nails with it.

Everything is liquid with
She could turn you into
fine wine or a **** stain
on the pants of a scared

Walking into her house
the walls are mallible
black fur.
They'll nick your change
out of your pockets.
One time it ******
her dad into it.
She said he hasn't
emerged in 5 days.
"He's changed." She says.
"He said it's a way
to Neverland but, mom
says he comes home smelling
like Narnia." She whispered.

They had eyes. The walls.
I could hear them
churning. Black liquid that
gurgled and popped like
an exploding guinea pig
in the microwave.
The fur moved like legs
on a centipede.

Everything got mixed
up and colors stopped looking
the same.

I stayed over at her
house one night,
and I swear to
God faries came.

They called my
beast a pirate.
Said she's been
off duty too
They thought I
was asleep.
In the morning
we walked out
her door and we
fell into the sky.
We fell through
The world became
white and black.

We landed in the
ocean, emerging
through the sand.
She became a
new kind of being.
Her eyes were 8-*****.
Hair, blue fire,
and her skin was
moving black smoke.

She said I looked like
something she could
get addicted to.

One night I found
my hand melted in
her hair,
my hip bones
became Lego pieces stuck
to hers.
Fingers mashed in
places they couldn't
be seen.
Her eyes kept answering
my question of "should
I keep going" with
"**** yes". Her mouth
stretched smoke that
you could lose your mind
Her body a maze
that I couldn't wait
to figure out.
We grew gills
and kept
breathing each other

She said it was
a solstice one night
as we got lost in
I asked her what
that meant.
Before I knew
it, the ocean
****** us up
and the sky
spit us out and
we fell with the
rain. We were hail
being delivered with
drumrolling thunder
and lightning.

We didn't return
to "Earthly" beings.
We stayed in the
flooded streets, gills
still only needing
the other.

She said
she had to return
to Neverland,
but she wasn't sure
if I could go.

We'd find out soon
Just how,
do we get there?
She pointed to a sky
Her see through
fingers found my skin.
She said my eyes looked
like black holes, my skin
had the milkyway trapped
beneath it.

Hopping from rain drop
to rain drop we got to
the top of that building.

We had to wait until
She told me the grass
is smooth like
the seaweed where
we're going.

That my blood would
look like northern
My mundane mind
wouldn't exist, I
wouldn't feel dead
She said we'd be like
Bonnie and Clyde.

When the sun peeked
at our side of the earth
she told me
I might not pass through.
She said that might
be her case too.

She said we'd find Neverland
if we jumped off of that
But all we found was our
bones infused in the concrete.
I was a tad bit high when I wrote this one too.
betterdays Dec 2014
i perch
like a mindful, tiny bird's spirit,
on the very cusp of the milkyway.

a mere wisp,
of an evocative thought,
a dreams first seed,
a speck of fairydust, 
in the iris,
of tentative belief.

i have,
to travel the spirals
of the windmill mind,
to be fortified by conjecture,
ratified by trial of fire.

my inchoation began,
at the galaxies birth, 
i am a by-product of
the big bang.
yes i too, 
have seen
how and why, 
god made the heavens,
such an alluring shimmer
of blue,
and why
all things,
great and small.
need the spark,
the desire to accede, 
to the wont,
to ascend to
higher and more profound.

i am,

i am
in the tears of
sad sorrow,
i am
in the magic of
unadultered joy
the laugh of a child, 
the flight of a bee, 
the glimpse of tommorrow
the purr of a cat, 
the bark of a dog,
the roar of a lion, 
the ribbet of a frog, 
in an old womans glance,
the first kiss of new lovers,
in a babes first smile,
in the fragrance of flowers
left in memorium,
in each and every
of  flighted fireworks.

i am
to be found
for i am
i abide eternally,
in all.
this is an older piece, but i wanted to repost it
in response to the events
in Australia over the past week......
Peter Cullen Dec 2013
The fairy from yonder at night she would wander
under sparkling skies, the lush milkyway.
Skipped over bridges and ancient old ridges
along with the night and natures soft sway.
Till she came upon pixies sat loftly in ditches
who told her, "you'll soon see the cold light of day."
The fairy from yonder just laughed as she pondered,
something with light and love worth to say.
She gathered them round behind the old mound,
its said where the masters once knelt
and once prayed.
She told them the secrets
and shared natures trinkets,
and laughed as they all saw the cold light of day.
Laughed as they rejoiced the cold light of day.
Alyssa Torres Jan 2016
Once I let my Milky Way dance with your Jupiter,
I was called a ****.
But the story that you told was as twisted as your brain.
You pried open my milkyway, and forced your Jupiter deep within me.
I gasped and cried and fought and then

I was tainted.
I was broken.
And now I was full of hate, but not for you.
I hated the god that let this happen.
I hated the school that called me a *****.
I hated each little pill as I swallowed it down,
Because I hated myself.

Inspired by a ****/suicide story that didn't seem to have a good ending to me
Deniz Demiriz Oct 2016
A kaleidoscope
Of your hair, lips, eyes
Is all I see
Laying in the cool grass
Enveloped in a curtain of night

Twinkling stars that
form constellations in my heart
and resonate in my chest,
Are honey drops
of your laughter

Gravity loosens its hold,
I lose my breath and
the world tilts
When the scent of your skin
Seeps through my pores

Under my fingertips
Ignite the sun's never ending ember
that flows through me,
Melting the moon

And the taste of you darling,
melting in my mouth
oh so sweet,
leaving a trace

of the milkyway
The revised version of an old one
Joanna Oz Oct 2015
I'm all dressed up in bourbon and black
screeching at the stars until they burst forth from my navel
unraveling and unapologetic,
sprinting down uneven brick pavement
triple-dog-daring gravity to spite me
so that i can say it was an accident when
I swap spit with the earth, bloodied and laughing and
lustful to kiss her molten center.
in stolen whispers
I pray the moon draw closer
and taste the heaving tide,
salty and biting on her lips.
the whole universe is caressing me in secret.
wet and wanting, I cast myself into the sky
as an emblem of the siren that seduced me
as she crooned the milkyway into existence.
sarah bell Jun 2014
a doctor once told me I had a cracked spine
and it all made sense because
I always seemed to fall in your direction.

but maybe I'm not afraid of heights
our falling from them
just the noise my heart makes when it hits the ground.

I need a new endoskeleton
to keep my heart from getting punctured
or maybe my current one is just tired of the bruises.

you want to know how I got these scars?
I ripped every memory of you out of my heart
and out of my mind and sacrificed them
to the part of me every time you
come into my vision screams "move on".

just when I started to get over you
I saw your face again and realized:
I will never be able to be just friends with you.

when the space between us went from
the gap between my fingers
to the distance from here to the MilkyWay
I told myself:
fire and water don't mix,
but when they love, they love passionately.

but unfortunately,
my local supermarket doesn't sell a band aid
able to fix a heart.
and my mother never taught me how to sew.

but tell me I'm not crazy when you were the one
who taught me to be thankful when my lungs filled with air.
how can it be a crime to come home late
from wondering what it would be like to wake up next to you everyday?

and I had a front row seat to watch
you give her everything I once gave you.
and with every syllable,
I swallow yet another piece of my heart.
but I do not complain.
for what good is art if it is not shared?

loving you was self-destruction.
I treated you as if you were the sun
and I were the flowers; I needed you.
But I guess the sun doesn't need the flowers
as much as the flowers need the sun.

but you were always my biggest muse.


— The End —