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mariamme Dec 2018
i see the skyline shivering
and i know mama is crying somewhere secret & cold.
i know the trees are afraid
to speak. i hold out my palms
out of habit, not that i seek
gifts from her. my heart
feels heavy, a stone without
the hum of the mother.
i stamp my feet to the rhythms
i remember, to keep warm,
to hold myself together &
to stir the dust as it settles.
blowing out breaths, i listen
for the sound of the clouds
gathering like spectators.
i can run my fingers
through them like the ocean
waves, like hair untended &
heavy with loose curls,
the slightest resistance
in tangles of vapor.
everything is so alive
& i can taste the tang
of newness on the horizon.
sit back on your heels,
drag your feet if you will
but she is coming,
the fiery sun & mild moon
are waiting for her return.
years peel off the surface of
her skin like birch bark,
and the turning of the earth
exposes the next layer
of greatness. bless up,
mama, i'll wipe your tears
& pray at your feet.
31 dec 2018.
release all that is unhealthy, let the tide carry your heart into her hands. be washed by the rain & watch as the sun meets the ocean's surface. another year has peeled itself away, crumbling into time to be a memory. let the stars fall to her feet & everything will be new. say your goodbyes to this year, my loves <3
a crumbling asphalt road
   is the only way up
winding amid wild slopes
young brush  and vinyards
heavy with grapes

in the distance
we see the evening sun
   catch bare white mountain peaks

   on the hills before them
   glitter little towns and villages

the air is mild
chestnut trees
   keep dropping their fruit

the farmer's restaurant
   announced downhill
is closed

so is the church

a German shepherd dog
lies watch over the winery
   behind a cast-iron gate

the castello
turns out to be
   a not very impressive ruin

advertisement and reality
seem to have grown

what makes me write
is the quiet of the hills
   through which we walk
the sight of the full moon
   we enjoy
   with my hands
     cupped over your *******

our togetherness

          * *
Cormons -another lovely old place in northern Italy - northlery betwwen Venice and Trieste - you may like to visit... good food, good wine, lots of history in the town and around,..
Jessica Nov 2017
Dark Side of the Moon grieving over what's left of my womb and I gave birth to the Moon child. Throw that face on, you're not that wild, actually your package reads perfectly clear big letters mild. Too bad I flip script ha-ha I stand in line, oh you must have thought I was kind not with what goes on in my mind.  The feeling won't leave that I'm the one blind
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Sweet summer leaves breathe with the breeze
Like a mild smile
Like a country mile
Sit with them awhile while you feel at ease

The sun soaks the smoke pouring from his throat
Cold in whirling blue
And like his suit
You can see right through the seams of his coat

Fall river blues run deep into his mind
Like a thousand blank stares
Coming from the air
That's stale and bare with no sense of time

Crisp winds that bend the crease of his tie
Holding in his hand
The promise of a man
He understands what it's like to want to die
Nitin Pal Jan 2018
It all came back when she knocked my door one afternoon,
My love could've been stretched to and back from the moon;
I had enough supper to feed her and her child,
While I happily starved for her in the summer that wild.

She left the next month and I went berserk,
Went scouring for her and skipped a months' work.
Deep in my heart, I knew she had reconciled,
With her ex-husband, in the summer that wild.

I can't open my heart again for I knew it was broken,
She came back again with a truth outspoken;
That she wouldn't ever go back for she'd been exiled,
And my heart started beating again, in the summer that wild.

If I had only known that we just had over a month,
I wish there was a sign, to alarm me, just once;
But the problems she bore were never too mild,
It got enough of her and she passed, in the summer that wild.
shamamama Jan 27
"What's your birthstone?  
I don't know, Oh, I know--it's rock."

Black rocks baking in the sun
dot this beach
Like chocolate chips in the dough
They call to us
Come climb,
Come hop on us
Find treasures hidden behind and between
All our dark shadows,

Lying as still as stone
A large rock shape,
Oh, it's grayer
and duller,
and there's sand sprinkled on it,
And it's moving!
It's Living Rock,
The monk seal napping
from its morning meal.

Yes- we watch others walk right by him
caught in their words,
Unaware of the living amongst the rocks,
Living Rock doesn't care
His belly is full

Gray sleek shape
massaged by the wind
with feast in your belly,
So mighty tired!
You taste your sleep for days,
Clouds cover the day's starlight you seek,
Your body begs for light, and yet
Nobody can wake you from your slumber
Not even the high pitched voices
of children playing
nor the fishing lines in and out of the tide

What of your dreams
Oh Large Gray Rock
Do you dream of the ocean tossing
Fish  into your mouth?
Or of the warm sun coming
to bake your skin?

The salt water dances up your nostrils,
You lift your head in mild protest
Then let it rest on your
Ancient bed of coral and shell bones
My feet love to dig into your bed

No insomnia for you sea creatures,
Maybe I should count monk seals
Instead of sheep when I want to sleep,
Your body clock measures time
Not in days or hours
But in meals, in hunts
In fullness, in emptiness
Your sleep is well earned
My friend

We can learn from you.
You bask, dream,
Then awaken renewed
To taste your ocean again,
Rock, monk seal, ocean,  beach, renewal
Kara Jean May 2016
My configuration is accelerating
Off balance with the earth's core
Dissatisfied, I try to be still
My form is hyper and energetic
Loud and obnoxious
Mistaken and exaggerated for being cruel
I only seek to harness similarities
To stand grandly, instead I appear egotistical with low self-esteem
Contradicting, no way to make sense
This is a normal place
Disconnected, I try to behave
Social skill are at low percentage
Sitting, I embrace the heckling
one hand on heart and the other on mind,
In hopes to intertwine
Take control, define the soul
Combine me into a whole
Let standards go
Carrying a presence of a mild wind breeze
Never nearing nor ending
Venus in Scorpio Jul 2018
This painful curse
the worst way to live
to not give but take
whats yours
thoughts energy
to fill the void

emptiness in your heart
veins dried up
the contamination that fear creates
love doesn't course through you, hate does
disgust Id with your ego

what did you do
protect your sanity, your delusion
Pretend like confusion will never exist
You wish

But truth is
the Narc in us all is useless
when running wild
but important in not seeming too mild
you might feel like a child
but it's the children that beg and scream for what they want,

And they usually get it.
D A W N Jun 1
i kissed you
and the faint taste of alcohol
on the tip of your tongue
it reminded me
of when we
under the influence
of liquor.
of such a vile that is
strong and bitter
that matches my soul  
nobody could handle except me.
but when i devoured your lips,
soft and mild
bittersweet like
champagne mixed with strawberries
under a starry night
every moment.
never have i ever
that could be addictive
and destructive at the
same time.
with lust and liquor
stirred on the same glass
there's bound to be some trouble
and i admired your bravery.
i watched "pretty woman" for the 3rd time this week n im adding it to my list of fav movies. the champagne scene inspired me to write this :))
Eryri Sep 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the sanest of them all?
They say I'm mad and egocentric,
But you and I know I'm just wonderfully eccentric.

You've reflected my soul for many a year,
We've seen me shed many a tear
For they all have it in for me
As my beauty lives in infamy.

I know I'm stunning and uncrazy,
But, some days do get a little hazy;
If I forget to take my mild prescription
Then my beauty really does defy description!
I thought it right to assess some antidepressants, which philosophers should be more inclined to call mood enhancers.
(This was during my foray into human enhancement, substances intended to enhance physicality, cognition or mood. Nootropic compounds concern the latter two categories.)

The most commonly prescribed mood enhancers are serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs), but it takes over a week for these compounds reach their peak effect. I therefore approached them with the notion that a limited dosage might point to their character which would further manifest in the long-term. (Side-effect were this unlikely to be fully manifest.) These considerations in mind, I set about acquiring a few miscellaneous anti-D's.

Fluoxetine was the first successful selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), better known by its original brand-name Prozac. Fluoxetine has an acute biological half-life of between 1-3 days. Presence of a trifluoromethyl group on the compound deserves note, I wonder what the presence of electronegative fluorine atoms add to the psychoactive flavour of a compound (subjective effects).
I administered a single dose by mouth, there was some indication of subjective character. Light serotonergic sensations and seemingly benign mood-dampening, there is a ****** towards the positive. Waking headspace relatively uninteresting. Observed hints of oneirogenesis, did not manifest in enough character to be detailed - a sort of vivid, 'pulsive wandering, more pronounced in contrast to its waking character.
Good experiment, intresting results.
Ligand     Ki (nM)   Ki (nM)
Target      Flx            Nflx
SERT        1               19
NET         660           2700
DAT         4180         420
5-HT2A   200           300
5-HT2B    5000         5100
5-HT2C    72.6          91.2
α1             3000         3900
M1            870           1200
M2            2700         4600
M3            1000         760
M4            2900         2600
M5            2700         2200
H1            3250         10000

Escitalopram is an SSRI commonly prescribed for major depression and generalised anxiety. It is the (S)-stereoisomer of citalopram. The biological half-life is of escitalopram is between 27-32 hours.
I administered a dose and thought the phenomenal serotonergicity less apparent than fluoxetine but then gastro-intestinal disturbance was noted, I correctly surmised it has a high affinity for 5-HT2C but was also surprised to find it is is quite adrenergic.
Any oneiric qualities were not readily apparent after a single dose, relatively little visual imagery which is understandable given its lack of affinity for 5-HT2A. I found this to be philosophically intresting. Mood elevation observed in bursts of conversation and as odd sensations, possible mental discomfort.
Recptr     Ki (nM)
SERT       2.5
NET        6,514
5-HT2C   2,531
α1            3,870
M1           1,242
H1           1,973

Venlafaxine is a selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). Venlafaxine and its metabolites are active for about 11 hours.
Initial subjective effects similar to a very light empathogenic stimulant. Perception of altered attention-span/increased reflexive response; energising yet paradoxically much yawning.
Ligand,  Vnfx      Dvnfx
Recptr    Ki(nM)  Ki(nM)
SERT  ­    82           40.2
NET       2480        558.4

Tianeptine is a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) with an unusual mechanism of action. It is an atypical agonist of the μ-opioid receptor and has been described as a (selective) serotonin reuptake enhancer (SRE). It has a short duration as sodium salts [prescribed form] of between 2-4 hours but as sulfate this can be notably extended, some of its metabolites are active for longer than tianeptine itself.
Definitely anxiolytic, quite artificial; possible aphrodisiac. I find its opioid activity dissuading, requires utmost caution.

Moclobemide is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A (RIMA), its monoamine oxidase inhibition lasts about 8–10 hours and wears off completely by 24 hours. Inhibiting the decomposition of monoamines (e.g. serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) increases their accumulation at an extracellular level. It tends to suppress REM sleep and so it lacks oneirogenic properties.
Feeling of well-being, less constrained by the usual anxieties; openness. Relatively unnoticeable side-effects when diet is carefully managed. Made the mistake of eating a cheese and turkey sandwich (i.e. foodstuff rich in tryptophan), indications of a mild serotonin syndrome later became apparent. Symptoms included feelings of overheating and flushing, slight sweating, racing thoughts and anxious discomfort. A stark reminder of Shulgin's old adage: "there is no casual experiment".
Combination with a select few tryptamines (not 5-MeO-xxT) should be safe, and synergistic (perfect for pharmahuasca); reputed to potentiate GHB. However, generally it is extremely dangerous to combine with serotonergic drugs.
Brianne Rose Apr 2018
"Under a Mountain of green and a Sky of blue,
Lived a race trapped behind a Barrier forgotten after so many years,
Slowly their hatred over their predicament only grew,
Lost and Forgotten, Hurt but not Broken, some wept their last tears,

They heard them say, 'It's been four years since an Angel fell',
But the wary Traveler knew not what that meant,
It was up to the race to explain to the Traveler and tell,
Of a Tale long ago Dreamt,

Tale of a sun, and of a world Beyond,
Where two races once lived in Peace,
A world where both races could bond,
Where fighting could stop, where hatred would cease,

The Traveler knew then what to do,
To free these people of their Fear and Hate,
Some wished to help the Traveler, others where hesitant to,
This Traveler - however much they faced - promised there wouldn't be anyone they'd berate,

The Barrier was a force none had broken thus far,
But this Traveler - too kind, too determined - couldn't give up,
This Barrier they broke - an obstacle they hurdled like a highset bar,
The Race rejoiced for now all where free - even Jerry and that Annoying Pup,

This Traveler - who called themselves Frisk - was no more than a child,
Yet a new Ambassador had been set,
They told any and all that the journey had not been hard but mild,
This child was greeted with a smile by whomever they met,

'A new family born,
A past left to rot,
A new treaty sworn,
A kind present this lot!'

This child thought with a smile upon their lips,
As they moved forward with their friends,
A skeleton too smiles as out of sight he blips,
'there will be time later - he thought - for the kiddo and me to make amends'."

Continue                       Reset
Finally finished it today, phone took longer than I thought to charge so I left it overnight, and again sorry for the dry spell! I honestly dunno when my next will be so just keep those eyes peeled. Enjoy!
Heavy rain
Caught my attention
People scattered here and there
Open the window with no care
Few drops Touching my eyes
Soft and mild
Other drops slithered on my palm
Trying to see
A message from the sky?
Looking at the drops
I felt the need to cry
The rain's drops
Shaped the first
Letter of your name
My love for you
Is still the same
Love the rain
Soothing my inner pain.
Akash mazumdar Aug 2018
I know I've met you just and it's isn't a lil long,
It's been three years we've talked, we laughed fought vividly but that's ain't wrong,
Maybe you're 22, 21 or verge of being the most pretty,
Every count of a second you're taking a mild puff of bitty ,
Breathes in existing exciting day,
Living and loving the moment and stay,
Stay whatever you are it's good enough,
Sometimes with few talks and some pictures mixed stardust,
I know what I had seen it's been sweet,
It's been beautiful it's been neat,
I haven't seen the all of you but I know the most part ,
You're not a puzzle but a piece of splendid art.
A beautiful birthday wish.
a profound silence
deep grief imprints on your soul
lonely a mild word.
The sun rises and then it falls into night
People you love get into fights,
The day starts and the day ends
Society is cruel and you lose friends,
Dreams are crushed by the reality of life
The truth about love stabs like a knife,
People live and people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

Innocent lives are ruined by warfare
One greedy person’s action the outcome we share,
Children become people of their own
Rebelling and running from their broken home,
No one sees better than the eyes of a child
Curious mind tender and mild,
They show us how not to live in vein,
Their innocence shelters them from the world of pain,
Children grow up and children die
Once in a while everyone cries.

The sun rises and then it falls into night
People you love get into fights,
The day starts and the day ends
Society is cruel and you lose friends,
Dreams are crushed by the reality of life
The truth about love stabs like a knife,
People live and people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

The world is over taken by the perfect face
Artificial glamour from place to place,
One imperfection is one too many
You’re not beautifully till you don’t have any,
Big brown eyes and flawless skin
Unless you’re Brittany Spears you won’t get in,
Society has no time for real people and their flaws
So what should happen to this lost cause,
All this pressure to be what no one can be
To be a part of this vision I can’t see,
If people are killed because of differences then who lives?
Different People are born and different people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

The sun rises and then it falls into night
People you love get into fights,
The day starts and the day ends
Society is cruel and you lose friends,
Dreams are crushed by the reality of life
The truth about love stabs like a knife,
People live and people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

When the sun rises it falls in shame
Even it is sick of this game,
The world is greedy with popularity and wealth
Anywhere I go I’ll get there myself,
Kids who rebel, suffer inside they suffer alone
Just pleading for attention, they don’t get at home,
Nobody sees how imperfect we are
Pressures in life leave a permanent scar,
How can I be more than I am
I can’t be anyone but me
And I’m not perfect as you can see,
I was born who I am and I’ll die the same
No matter what you do that will never change,
People are born, people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

The sun rises and then it falls into night
People you love get into fights,
The day starts and the day ends
Society is cruel and you lose friends,
Dreams are crushed by the reality of life
The truth about love stabs like a knife,
People live and people die
Once in a while everyone cries.

I could cry a river of all the pain
Build a bridge to get to the same place again,
I could cry for depression, family, and ****** weather
But even I know I can’t cry forever
People live and people die
Once in a while everyone cries,
I could preach forever how it stabs like a knife
But I’ve learned the hard way, that’s people that’s life.
Read more at http://******-in-oncology
Our nights are seldom
More restless  and
Our Mind begins to ask
The bigger questions
of life

As a child
A day lasted

As a youth
so anxious
To grow up

As a young adult
To be free of
Our parents
to taste life
Through our own

Middle age
a bit of
Enters our mind
Of what lies

Reminiscent Of dreams

We ponder
How old age Will

As our sprit grows
Meek and mild

Restless and wild
Looking through the eyes
Of a child
Walking slower now
Life means more

We prepare for
The next chapter
Of life old age
Life lessons as our gage
How will that play out

Will we live in pain
Lose our mind
slightly off our rocker

How will our life end
In the arms of a loved ,a friend
Will we be ready
Or will we fear

Did we learn  our lessons
To grown in spirit
I know they say
the journey is
As important
as the destination

However will we ever truly
know our purpose
There are no random accidents
Every action has a reaction
And life’s movements
Ever changing
Emotions rearranging

We are not messured
by our good deeds
But by those who remember us
Relationships cultivated with
God greatest gift of
The older I get the deeper my questions of life evolve
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