life's jump Aug 2016
too soon to see
these mirrored mornings
read directions
on becoming a better me

CD it's tray sits,
marked, "mixed, road trip exits"
map folded twice in my vest,
sleeveless jacket.

sleep crusted eye lash
my coffee compress
sugar packets from
last nights waitress fix-

everything's a mistress
confronted, listless
nothing tempting me to stay

two spoons to play with
gasoline tank lids
old exhaust and cigarettes  
my flannel, one pocket.
mixed diesel and oreo scent
My divulging outcries should
match the anguished weeks we've had, fully
infused with misconstrued grief. I've deceived all of
you with obscure replies, and now this distrustful person
I am is hard to understand. But you see, I can't decipher myself,
for I'm a traveler of my own heartbreak. A nomad without a map, searching for this knack to surviving. Deserted on scattered land, and each fighting "I'm okay" evolves me more lost. An unsolvable destination to which discovered, I may uncover a pumping, breathing new body and fresh spirit clean of a blemished memory. Deprived and striving; I'm holding on for that revival of flared hope, to where I cope with these thoughts in a better way. How long can you
thrive on nothing?
Will I last today?
I hold everything in, and then I break. No one gets what I'm feeling, because it usually happens a long time beforehand.
Roxconscious Jun 20
Finding ska light to lead
Electric received
for love energy
human beings
past gone
or food alive in its mood
it seems
leverages for amending things
let it bes
Marks the map
of every culture
comes from wealth
comes from splat!!!
The balance of yin and yang
Evident that
Evidence this
Life imploding abiss
In this self sustainable
transmittable bliss
Life exploding kiss
Face to face
As will takes the way
to love space to grace
Standing face to face
By pace
By pace
By pace
By pace
By pace..
By Roisin aka Roxie Rowland 2014
Her fourteen days $?..........&

And what? And I am losing
some attachments

is this our way
We should say is this my end today
My salvation
(Losing) wed long train
of thought

One day before
She screams!!
Such finesse of refinement
We all fall down 
Like children
of the Damn torment
Statues the transformation
so real
Carve the deal on the 13th

Like the Gal Friday
battle Tut
masked out the
Halloween taking
out their spleen

Statuette Tut of
the jurisdiction
The fourteen karat teen
gold doesn't put a hold on me

How our minds
became off-set

My blocks are the key
to his heart mindset
The trade of the marks
her freedom
Her lips
quite a
surgery can blow
those bricks
down like a bullet

How it out knocks singing
over again
we all fall down
like ashes remain

Oh! Gee  V for Victorious Glee

How he couldn't pass
because of me,
there I went to the silent hill
The tranquil of quietness
Her weapon
the bullet dress - --
The coffee in the
King Tut shape
The curvy glass

Like a desert storm fires
Going First class

Not a block party second in mind
          "He" King Glee
Behind her walls, he reconstructs
Cheers of joy bullets one of a kind
Like a setup ploy
Her body fine weight
of gold
Eyes almond he's my candy
Second chances of joy
Her third timeless so hot
Is "She"
He's trying to nourish her heart

"With Glee"

Those love instructions
Like a bullet for me?

The King Oh! Gee

The Queen you
had to see
Like the golf clubs to putter set
The ball whole cup
The whole process stayed put
She was so enticed by his
bungee climbing
Seeing his first shot shooting
wasn't a star

The bricks to the end of the war
Judy the Star was Garland found
a different  time of Era la boom
reborn lady Liza Minnelli

The Empire of the Tut
(Bali Island Hut)
Her best to the
last stone paver layers
Like a Tut mortal dreamers
On her deck Golden Egg cards
King on top of the Queen
blocks bam the bomb ticks
The Joker having his last laugh
The war of fidelity like a plaque
of immortals
"And Please God' let it be over

You're my lucky star
No matter where you are
The ancient portal sip of wine
"All Glee" smile to trust
Come attached with loads of funds
His attache case modernly- eyes dim
Cashed into her twilight blank stare
Head over heels digging underneath her
gold - heavy heart and mind spins
into a migraine

His prayers are working
constructing a force
Something is emerging
racing for hearts
Engaging the space of valuable
objects of time

  We heard of the
one-day creation
the mysterious temple
Kinksters my heroes our fellowman
To the hipbone, those hipsters stick
  together to hustle

She is trying harder to please him
The gold to be seized
Thousand times over
to build
a form of loves the golden touch

The building could collapse
Heart together can relapse
If her love doesn't stand tall
The darkness can come to her eyes
The death of cards handed
like her corpse flying bullets

Such a massive stone block
She loved to be entertained
Let me make you walk my path
Solid as a rock

Like the Sun Gods map like the
Egyptian cat tongue
The strange pharaohs ancient
stolen identity
Layers and layers
Trumpet tower Presidential
Her bullet racer tulips
Lips bloom with gravity
900 feet getting a grip confidential

The ruins the strange existence
every time will there be next time
The new technology reveals
more secrets one bullet at a time
A silver bullet doesn't
compare to her myths Antionette

Her Anniversary all in gold,
to be or not to be
The silver award bullets
His mighty treasure
for poems of the sonnet

The largest space to build
in Egypt
Look up its a plane
King Tut bird
Super bullet giant beams
Going once or twice
70 Ladybird feet
Pharaoh timeline
so many wives

The column layering
She the sweeter cake
Had life sliced itself

Her layers the feed
of his smorgasbord
The name Ramesses 11
To reveal the evidence
stolen identities this
wasn't the (Providence)
Laying bricks in
my stone bed
Like a heart of stone

Building a gold his
mind like a block-freeze
It will take lifetimes
Marlon "Brando"
The commando of the waterfront
try to be upfront
It felt like a hard cement

Two bricks intellectual speaking
The goldrush her heart racing the
bullet of time
So thick-headed 
The Queen just sit

The golden bond have
  guns will travel I Glee I pads
  The speed of bullets meet
my heroes what lads
The kingdom was
holding women
Joy to the
tacky glue magnet

Not the carnival of
cotton candy soft gold
The King got his ladies like
The Funhouse King Tut
no detention to have
Like the speed of lightning
never to hold
More love to build intermission
The kings only private
Gold VIP Theatre

All smiles the build-up
   Another mysterious setup palace
Those bricks of brown
warmth orange-reds of fire leaves
Falling over her milestone of
Mink hair
the fairytale of
 Are we in to know
  what really clicks

More layer and layers of her
goldilocks of hair 
 stronger than any bricks
King Tut Biblical time so sublime we all need more time the  war of gold roses those statuettes all bricks and give peace  a chance at a glance get a second chance  were the world it's hot and cold you got to have a voice a mouth like a bullet it's your choice
'It's a war against the world', they told me
"I don't understand?" I said. "hold on"
They put me on hold
'What?", I just got connected
just signed up, logged on
For good internet speed.
Wifi protected,
lust online and dark web for weed
I just need more time,
slow down, load is heavy
And now it's the end of the world
You're telling me

I was born on a pad
now bored with keys
No return, sad
The click group
The click this
The I like
The send kiss
The text wasn't taken as intended
Now we're disconnected

Scroll back
Hard to believe that post
Or, that host,
or anything on web pages
these days.
Is true

How's it the end anyway?
We haven't a million views yet
We need a cure before it goes viral,
I bet,
We need to save, send
or keep a draft at least
Probably someone spamming,
Or hacking the net. The beast.
Would the end have an ISP?
The mark? Location, a park
Or GPS to park?
What words could I google to look?
Never heard a tweet
Did anyone post anything on FBook?

How long will the end
of the world be anyway?
For an episode or season
Will it be snappy or instant
No time to chat
Forget that
Can I catch it on Netflix?
Live stream,
upload pics?
Capture that
Bug fix
on my phone Or Cloud
Will I be left alone
Like my USB stick

Waiting for a reply
Will I have time
to FaceTime
my family
Or say goodbye
on Skype
Refresh, try again
Will I find lots of following
Before the end

And if the end did come
Will it be available in a new app
Will It need an upgrade
Or a New OS to fix that map
A Firmware
And where's that file
Can't leave without that
Just a peak at what's trending
While the world is ending

And if I don't like it
Can I delete it
ignore it or block it?
Or mute one
What will the end
of the world
Be for some

As for me,
here's the keys to my survival
Make a shift
Take control
Have some space
Then return

It may be the end of the world
But it doesn't need to feel that way
Look at me, I won't run
I'm still in the middle of this email,
And almost done.
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
KM Hanslik Jul 2
Keep your eyes soft and your dreams
up on the highest shelf so you won't take them down too early;
keep everything that you spill in the dark locked
behind your teeth during the day, don't bring it out before dusk;
like secrets we drip over sidewalk cracks
from cotton-candy sticky fingers and leave our names
dissolved under each other's tongues, the warmth of you is keeping me company
as I try to crawl out of my blood again, they told you to leave
a bread-crumb trail in case your heart becomes too watered down by just visiting
to even remember the vacation at all; you carry
kisses on the knuckles of amputated arms,
driving through parking lots with your seatbelts on,
collections of constellations growing
in the bruises on the insides of your thighs, reminders
of salt & the whites of your eyes;
she tells you not to worry- "we'll all be dead someday"
you tell her to carry a map around and mark the spot
where her heart rolled away
from her dirty fingers and fell
into the grave dug open by
daily misadventures and old habits of always keeping
your tongue tied up between your teeth -
you'd best remember which aisle you kept
your dreams in now.
Cork boards in school halls,
Pinned with this and that,
Chalkboards out of date, covered by a map,
Whiteboards smudged and in use,
Boards of wood used,
To build a home for friends and family,
An abode,
Composed of hope.

Egg 4d
I begged you to come in
to read me like a book
to feel the touch of my skin
to taste the promises on my lips
and whisper them back to me.

You did.
and more.

You cut me open.
Did everything I asked of you.
Read the pumping blood in heart
like the code of my DNA.
Looked to the blue and red twisting of my veins
traveled those lines to find me
like following a road map to the place
Where you could burrow deep down into my mind. My heart.

And keep that space.

I branded your name there.
The image of you.
Your back.
The outline of your shoulder blades through your t-shirt.
The way you look with your eyes closed.
Like you're trying to shut out the world.

and me.

Wishing I could be a part of it.

Wishing I could take up the space in you that you took in me.

Wishing you counted on me
like I counted your heartbeats as you slept.

That our hearts molded together like I so dearly believe they should.
That those words I wrote on that empty
Lined page

That they were wrong.

He doesn't love me.

I don't know what I did.

I asked you to cut me open.

Now I'm trying not to bleed out.
Olivia 1d
Dear Coshocton, Ohio-

           I remember how warm you seemed. Not in the traditional sense of the word, but in a way that evoked feelings of safety, comfort, and care. In a time before I knew the true meaning of red and blue, did not realize the depth of ideological division, and assumed that nothing existed beyond the eggshell walls of our town, you taught me the meaning of community. Perhaps you were a community to which I never fully belonged, or maybe I just never earned my place, but you are also a world from which I know I will never be apart.

          Coshocton, you showed me the strength of caring for everyone, young and old. Your chipped-paint homes and run-down factories and aged population all represent a better time but possess the undying hope that this better time was only a state of mind which you never left behind.

          I remember the trips to the library, where swarms of sticky-fingered children and their families listened to story time as I clambered to make conversation with people nine times my age, stumbling over my words and speaking with the staggering and lilting speech of one who has not yet learned what not to say and when not to say it.

         Coshocton, you gave me the first memories I ever had, laughing with friends and sledding down hills, wandering around a house much too big for me, wonderfully satisfied with what life had provided and wishing for nothing more than to continue being happy.

          I know I will always be indebted to you, and for that I apologize, for I will never return what you offered. But you are so much more than what I owe you or what you granted me. You are a community, a city, a history, a people, a tiny dot on a map of cornfields and flatlands and run-down highways, a little theater in a dilapidated strip mall, an annual fair in the midst of an ailing community, a possibility for revitalization at the hands of your now-grown youths, a piece of flypaper in a sea of mousetraps, you were a gift.

         You are a gift.

         Thanks for everything.
. . . Does she
                   Kiss you goodbye before
    You leave for work in the morning?

Do you miss her on the week nights
        That she doesn't spend in
   your (our) bed?

             Do you think she picks out
   Places she wants to go
        On the map printed on the
             Inside of the shower curtain
That I only bought
                            Because you liked it

       I find something to miss about you
But it doesn't hurt like it used to

I'm not asking
         Because I'm afraid that you love her

I'm afraid that maybe, you don't . . .

— The End —