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Indranys Oct 2018
We live to love..
We live to learn..
All the earth won't be enough for us..
If we live without tolerance..
If we live with love..
And even if the land isn't enough..
We live in every heart..
Spread it among all humans..
The mean of peace..
With love and smiles..
Spread it to the world..
The mean of peace...
With love, smile and beautifull manners...
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
I found you.
Different. Imperfect.

A sad and sickly child
alone in a faceless world.

Bland with naïve thoughts
and clumsy manners.

I found you.
Alike. Perfect.
You are not alone in this world.
J Oaks Sep 2018
My feet straighten out as I walk up the road
A typha in my left palm and a worn warm stone
Or just the dust of petals in my mind?
I just passed a great big pine
What is mine? Is that mine?
A great fine diner is up ahead;
entrance of town and once my homestead with
a paint chipped door schedule written in lead
Peering through the window
There's no breeze though
but the lights glow
but the plants grow
How can I know?
What do I know
The small bell dings and I crash back
The legs walk in let the door smack
I grab my chest and eyes wet my chin
When did the shudder begin?
Felt a soft red cloth wipe my cheek
Is it her or is it what they think?
a memory
it can be
and certainly hurts
like a memory
A sip from a coffee
she blows on it softly
a snapping blink in the glass
whispering with moments that pass
as much as I want to try to be
Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
When I was a younger kid
People were nice in all they did
They'd wave and smile on the street
To people who they'd never meet

And when we went to the store
Old friends would smile once more
Visits were commonly made
While outside the children played.

But nowadays people will stare
When you smile, they will glare
Where did old fashioned manners go
And all the people we did know?
K Balachandran Jan 2016
After dark, energies flow in manners that pleases them most
braided together in ****, two king cobras were seen spiraling up
when darkness like a camouflage sets in thickly around,you're
the  marijuana of my mind, seeking far horizons of pleasure.
I willingly seek oblivion, when pink pointed goosebumps
like tarantula's love bites, results of mating time cruelty
infest all over my body's landscape, signatures of ecstasy.

I feel your lips become, moist, soft, honey from each drips
never enough,for me, is it possible to get inebriated more?
Your sighs and moans speak the vocabulary of a forgotten
ancient language love hurriedly resurrected for us from past,
brevity is the crux of that lingo of erupting jets of desire,
it teaches you to moan in fifty different tones in all;even more?

Your sharpened nails etch cave murals on my itching back
that has the searing taste of blood, in hot hot chilly red.
my taste buds of ****, begs for more and more of it.
You are the marijuana fueling my narcotic flights that land
in your misty land, enveloping my senses as a whole.
"The night is still young, hear what the darkness whispers"
I hear you speak like an oracle, on things about to happen.
Kara Jean Dec 2016
What a **** mess
Kisses hugs with grubby little hands
Manners and crayons
No sleep and working
Trying to follow the chase for something we all crave
Hypocritically misbehaving
The money seems disgusting
Yet makes others smile while holding it tightly
We breed we try to succeed
What does it all mean
Beats me
I'm only twenty-six
I know nothing
Paper and pen scrape up my hand
Bruises hidden and blended in
No words of admiration or advice
Just listen to the lost and pretend to be found
Isn't that what makes the world go around
Jay Jul 2018
on a flight back home
you trade places with the girl next to me to be seated closer to your friends
mine are so far back that i don't even bother

includes me in your conversation immediately

you are funny
read my signals respectfully
and i like the way you think  

when i drift off to sleep
i hear you telling your friends  
you are looking for the real thing this time

i carry a book from the museum of broken relationships in my bag  

two hours have passed
you ask for my name
it's funny you say
that we've been speaking for so long without knowing

when the plane hit ground
you jump in terror
cut of guard in the middle of a sentence
a hand on my knee
you laugh

with a nervous side-way glance
you ask me out

you could be all i ever wanted
and i still wouldn't be there

when you leave
you look back and smile
you got a sad expression on your face
but good manners

i stay behind

you are not him
Kara Jean May 2016
Late night seems to be my favorite place
I promise to behave
I'm not going to lie, the meaning has clouded clarity
I can't help the words I speak, they come out before I think
I keep telling myself I was born interesting for a reason
You guessed it, Barney Manners never worked for me
To be honest, I'm only capable of being Kara Jean and she is ******* amazing
RK Mar 2018
Goldilocks was a little girl  who lost track of time in the forest
She wandered there with  butterflies in her gsir, feeling as light as a feather. Filled with Awe, she only saw the beauty of life around her.

She heard herself gasp, when she had a glimpse, of a  beautiful cottage ahead of her. She squinted her eyes and saw smoke arise while  the scent of flowers overwhelmed her.
She moved closer with care, full to the brim with wonder.

O My, O My,  she let a sigh, is there anyone home, I wonder?
She walked up to the door with a song in her heart the aroma of porridge delighting her.

She gently knocked with her tiny fist, and boldly called out;

"Hello hello,  Is anyone home my name is Goldilocks,
 Please may I enter? ”

She listened eagerly for an answer!

Now being a child in her innocent mind, her curiosity got the better.
She pushed in the door just to see more, forgetting her beautiful manners.

She noticed a table and three lovely chairs, soft cushions and matching curtains
The light beamed through the windows completely catching her attention.
She got carried away, and wanted to stay, to remember the peace ever after.

The house was warm like a memory of home and the hunger had just come upon her.
She sat herself down and ate up a whole big bowl of porridge.
Now being very small, she didn't think much at all,  she felt a tiredness coming over her.  Her tired little legs had trudged through a mighty big forest.

She let out a big yawn, and walked down the hall and noticed a bed beckoning her.  She answered the call for nature knows all, and soon she was curled up in blankets.
She was out for the count when she heard a loud noise, sounds of someone weeping.  

She woke up with a start and  a fast beating heart, thudding feet moving towards her. Three angry bears were standing there, they were  looking for answers.

"Who's been eating my porridge?"
And, " who has broken my chair!"
And "who's that sleeping in my bed?"
The baby bear cried and my porridge is all gone
Ya! Ya! Ya!  

" So goldilocks ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.  She ran all the way home, her heart in her hand, a scratch on her knee, her beautiful curls tossed about her
As she entered her home she cried out loud...

" Oh mummy, mummy, you won't believe there's a mummy and Dadfy and a baby bear in a beautiful cottage."

 in the forest."
This was my most loved fairytale from childhood.
This was pretty much what I imagined and remember.,.staying  a child for another day.
  hope you enjoy it and don't find it stoo silly.,
I'll always love it anyway.
zebra May 2018
I'm told its best to eat low on the food chain
so if its okay
i'll start at your feet
and work my way up tenderly
excited like a child climbing a great tree
for the first time
aspiring to your kind mouth

but forgive me my love, alas my manners
have left me
i fear i'm stuck between your thighs
your shimmering slit has me woozy
oooh candy red lolly
so very cherry jolly
my favorite color since i was six years old
you know
and so wet like babies drool

can we open this butter cup
it all loving alizarin silk
a gift for my tongue
splashing pink
little fluttering bull frog
ready to turn into your prince

the taste of ephony
my attention deficient disorder
my learning disabilities evaporated

why didn't they teach me to read like this
i can taste the entire alphabet inside of you
numbers come with colors now
making sense suddenly
i feel the alchemy of poetry and art
high mathematics and astrophysics
i hear the music of the spheres
and every molecule
the earth giving birth
to the spice of creation

next you say,
would i like to know the constellations of heaven
yes please my lady
i'm definitely going to kiss your ***
David Flemister Mar 2017
i was born all naturally
formed in a lax factory
im actually
a hack with ******* in my nose, practically,
every day,  haphazardly
stumbling home, half asleep
i cant tell whats happening
vision begins blackening
im whack like kriss kross
***** like rick ross
major brown boy to houston
be like, "yes, we have liftoff"
dont like me when i'm *******
cause *****, i'm bruce banner
or maybe i'm bruce wayne
either way, i got mad manners

tearing down walls like berlin
preaching like its a sermon
potential begins to burgeon
i'll cut you up like a surgeon
killing in place of coercion
so you better lower the curtain
my head and my body are hurtin
so tell me how quick does the world spin?

i'm taddling on ya, you can call me a toddler
but the snitchin n' **** is somethin im never fond of
and i never grow up, cause i'm the neverland smuggler
peter pan turns into one of my best customers

i never grew into my head, im not cocky
never had the eye of the tiger, im not rocky
growing up i never got in fights or caused a lotta ****
but presently im screaming "**** the world", i've got a bone to pick

i've gotta problem and i think its the probable cause
you hold me captive, keep me trapped in your facets of laws
looks of repulsion are what cause me to brandish my claws
constant compulsions reminiscent of prodigal flaws
i've gotta problem and i think its the probable cause
see im a goblin shark i'll sink in my nautical jaws
im not a joker im a jester with lesser facades
wrought with insomnia cause drugs are american gods
Experimenting with rap lyrics
I've been hopin' to
build a strong foundation;
combined with friendship
and eventually fall in love,
with My Someone Special...
So in time,
when many years
have come and gone;
him and I
would always know
we'd still have one another...

I've been hopin' to
have my breath taken away-
at just the thought,
of My Someone Special...
So in time,
when many years
have come and gone;
him and I
would always know
we'd still be in love...

I've been hopin' to
be swept off my feet
and have my heart captured,
by My Someone Special...
So in time,
when many years
have come and gone;
him and I
would always know
we'd still have that certain romance...

You and I...
I believe, we've been lucky with us!!!
Someone must have
"you and I"
written in the stars...
Right away, we started 'us'
with the beginnin' of a,
strong foundation,
that I've been hopin' to build one day...

And over the next few weeks
of getting to know one another more...
we decided we were ready
to finally meet;
hopin' to see if we could
be that 'something more'
everyone longs to have...

I was taken back-
by your gentleman-like manners
and respect for me.
The rest has been happenin'...
all on its own!

You've already met
and exceeded my hopes...
You've been sweepin' me off my feet
and are still capturin' my heart;
all in so little of time-
over these last few weeks...

Now I'm wonderin'...
if you've even realized this
as of yet...
And if this is what
you've been hopin' for, too!
Are you, Baby, meant to be
My Someone Special?


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
You are a sailor if life is a vast ocean..
Here sail-n-surf,very thrilling notion..

Heart does trade with silly emotion
Desires ditch reality,if you lack devotion

Trusting too early is not so very wise..
People turn strangers in their uprise...

Be an artist not the tyrant of ur life
Anger at its apogee, cut like a knife

In dejection time,even silence is noise
Enduring other's hatred is a better choice

Speech is razor-sharp,can easily slice
Before making a decision,think twice

Eyes turn coy when the truth is caught
Just keep it simple n filter ur thought

Like weather, experiences are cool n hot
Hardwork is perennial but luck is not

Deeds are examined,so keep the token
Progress is still when hopes are broken

Pain is felt when own soul is shaken
Just believe in God when all is taken

Pearls come out during ebb at the shore..
Money gives gold but manners shine more

Success is urgency,patience is the cure
Nothing stays forever,expiry is for sure

Life has its fragrance,life has its taste
Laughter is healthy, worry is waste

Love is water, dilutes colour n caste
Polish your soul,skin goes ashes at last
Timmy Shanti Oct 2018
Birds of a feather,
Not unlike me,
Love fine weather
(When it’s pouring tea).
Manners, wine and dining, too.
Mantis, llama, kangaroo.

Overmade, they do make over.
Things so brittle like the rover
Sent to Mars, the Milky Way,
Bounty, sneaky in its way.

Inbetwixt the words they utter,
They choose bread over the butter.
Frying French and grilling Jerry,
Jamming jars of juicy berry.

Duty-bound, they bound off duty.
Flock together! Fly, my beauties!
Plumes all owned. And not one borrowed.
Standing still amidst the horror…

Jokes aside, and folly ousted,
Peace preferred to putrid bloodshed,
They, like me, are hard to find…
Seems, at last, I’ve lost my mind!
took me a while in '18
He wondered up towards the bar
He said the word Hello
An angry face looked at him
He recieved an awful blow.
He went crashing into tables
Then he landed on the floor
Glasses smashed and broken
His chin felt rather sore.
Those blows they kept on coming
One two three and more
He saw the chance and took it
He just ran towards the door.
The whole thing was alarming
He couldn't help but think
He was only trying to be friendly
When ordering himself a drink .
Then again he had to wonder
About that dreadful place
She may of looked a stunner
But her manners a disgrace.
Robert C Ellis Dec 2018
We scrape the skin off earth’s skeleton
for metal pelts to toss at Gods
slumbering as stars inside oblivion.  
Where are my manners…
the nuts, bolts and spanners scattering into antimatter.
In the registry of elements, we associate with noble gases and iron …
(all molecules can be socially minded)
Don’t scream, Gleam the orbits achieved.  
Probing the light above every inch of Dreams
The moon dangles us a clue
It's alabaster teeth deliciously carving
The night into our avenues
Truth be told Jan 19
Living life to the fullest
Letting people fool us
Nothing can hurt than the truth they hold
All our life's we're taught to respect but new generation with no such manners.....what is one to do when the rest have become voiceless I suggest you take a stand become the resistances fight for what is right and together we will unite together we will shout  and we will save life's
We need to stand up and fight.... We the people should not fear the goverment, the goverment should fear us
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
E Enter In Out EIO
E-IE-I-O  the O- the outcome
Playing some Banjo giggly
Words are getting wiggly
Like everlasting Jello
The Old/ New Heaven?****

Meet the best
It's in our duty
Takes effort modern-times
Instagram pictures of Mcdonald
Don't bend yourself
out of shape over hot buns
Hunters bite of the hamburger
Amazing shapes of the Planet
to enter

Don't live like the pretender
Your the pilot absolutely laughing
to the end of the wing
Catching fresh air telling some dirt
Not everything is a
*Pink champagne
EIEIO Airplane he raised this pilot
Blue sky absolutely
looking too hard
People are starting to look strange
B-S Be Sweet I know what
you thought words get rearranged
What bull one boy to
have a coke with a smoke with
Is this the way it should be
Bye Bye Birdie Ann Margarita
Is this what life is about

He salutes to  my absolutely
knock out dress

Inside of his head, he's
looking mighty fine
Drinking Absolute *****
When its truly mine
Silk ties or Paisley Ties
Crazy love absolutely
Time traveler talker
Who is your caretaker
The burden to carry on
Girls want to have fun
Homemaker proud baker
Be on time yes absolutely
After I know what
happen before
One day I will find out
what this is all about
All ones or against none
Mr. Sexter in the City
The forever not to marry one

She's the absolute solitaire player
He's the homebody head ringer
Cut face band-aid
The band's and singers
Newsstands Jazz step swingers

American Bandstand
The time is hand full  such corruption
No freedom what happen for the
*Love of God Kingdom

Absolute insane asylum of maids
Absolutely I agree its hard
enough for one
E for entering I- I Phone OH!
Out of your mind
Get out I absolutely don't
need you in
the best time of my life
Chose your words wisely
Absolutely solemnly swear
Something is not
Kosher my Dear
We love to carry on
Not to carry someone over the
threshold do what you're told
Get up sleepy head you will
be late for school

Old Mcdonald EIEIO
E Exception I want that
E-Everything I Immaculate
O- Out of money
What *******
He's banging his drumsticks
You're the Oz good witch
Making more room with
your broomstick
She is absolutely the
spitting image of
her "Mom Mega babe'

So many Odd Moms
On speed racing for time
Coffee moms Business Moms
She is absolutely the prettiest
Mom I came across
Absolutely rarely do you see
Hollywood Housewife acting
like Moms
Her skirt got the heat like
A-Absolute what a cute "City Cat"
meeting the cat________??
"From **** ringing the Liberty Bell"
A haystack don't turn your back
You absolutely got into his heat

Rekindled by the barn cat
How dogs and cats may
be disobedient
But we love them for
who they are
Even if they look
like their masters  
We are born like that
The artist absolutely
Graphically lined
Of the absolutely cool
deviant defined
She had lines of a lifetime
in her pleats
He didn't make his bed
wrinkled sheets
French bulldog has
more manners
Then his master
Hey Buster

Board signs on your body
But we all have to
make a living
So it's fading like an
Antique Queen malevolent
Too bright hurting
my eyes shining
Do you trust her or him
Expectations are getting slim
Losing time your gold trim
The double-breasted dress you
hear a
Robin bird symphony
You're the absolute epiphany
Going and tumbling back to
be single eating a triple
decker sandwich

Hey Mate?
Absolute Divine Date*

She is absolutely beyond herself
Never known a love to
be absolutely right

Were human or our beliefs fire out
Evidentially taking a flight
Make it the best fight you ever had
Writing an article we hours
of the morning smile and
tell the world
What you need to say
is as real as your heart will ever feel
We learn from the best the
spiritual journey
here's to a healthy meal
The Newsweek more moments
to remember absolutely our best times
Bird's eyeabsolutely so precisely
the eye for E-I-E-I let's catch up to O
Any mystery making history
Jane Eyre  
Life leads us on the "Empty
"Sad Doorway"
Make it a "Jumpy Glad on a Clear Day"
It's absolutely lovely to see forever
  Moreover, the rainbow don't worry

Make it heavenly birds
Absolutely our time is precious
have it your way

Absolute genius the
best cattle
Hot Moon lady from Venus
Absolutely this is not the drink of ***** but we can absolutely make this into anything you like its the absolute of all the things we need to laugh with or the tough tie to bear it don't fear anything make this time on our planet everything
eli Feb 18
gracing the streets,
with her pink stilleto
and a pricy frappuccino---
she barely sips.
they can't take their eyes off her,
well, who would?
even I,
I can't.

she has class and elegance,
money, power---
what else is missing?
oh, I know,
the reason I stared at her for a minute.
I just can't forget,
how unbothered she is---
when she threw the empty cup
on the ground.
I wonder why
she doesn't use her bills---
to buy some manners?
Oh wait,
I forgot--
that's not for sale.
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