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Classy J Apr 27
Dulled passion, lingering fire.
Sailing across my empty desires.
Strayed away from my paths for so long.
Sustained pretender believing nothings wrong.

Prolonged suffering, becoming my new friend.
Tedious tendencies paying dividends.
Lost everything by gambling.
Red-eyed monster got a hold of me.

And I...
Just wanna break away.
Just want to feel ok.
Just want to be sober some day.
But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my pain away.

Tossing and turning, losing sleep.
Pegged to the ground, as a black sheep.
Melancholy Malcolm, maladapted mongrel.
Maliciously troublesome, painted as hostile.

And I...
Just wanna break away.
Just want to feel ok.
Just want to be sober some day.
But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my shame away.

Thinking back at the times I laughed.
When reality made sense to me.
Thinking back at the times I cried.
When reality came undone for me.
Thinking back at the time I screamed.
When people kept leaving me.
Thinking back at the time I said nothing.
When my words could’ve changed something.

Wishing I could break away.
Wishing I could say I’m ok.
Wishing I could be sober some day.

But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my life away.
Classy J Jan 13
Making an *** of myself while asking myself, does cash moo when these cows Plow over poor fools?
In Cotten fields with brothers floundering,
But still gotta give grace even if monsters starve ya to death.
For they only concerned about cashing their cheque’s, and saving their necks.
Such is the carnal nature of wendigo’s,
Who egos keep em entitled and keeps the dough only flowing to their sect.
Leaving us to fend for ourselves in the wrong neck of the woods.
Evil twisted as some ******* story of a necessary moral good,
With these dark fascist crow puppeteers designing the hood.
Whilst demons like Regan test us like lab rats, pushing pills down our throats with police beating us with batons to our backs.
Backs that built the foundation for these pigs to thrive on while they watch as we slowly die.
Maybe that’s why the hood is also known as the projects.
A project for white supremacists to always have a usual suspect.
Should’ve known my skin colour would get me shot down for nothing like Malcolm x.
Assassinated because we’re deemed as a threat, So how can we live good lives when the cards have already been set?
I thought that the police was supposed to serve and protect, but corruption comes in and now a brother got to protect his neck.
Maybe that’s why ain’t a **** thing changes?
When one’s race determines the length of their jail sentences.
When ones gender determines whether or not another gets away with ****.
For goodness sake!
Devil please take a hike!
And God please give me the strength to cut up all this red tape!
Because at this rate, society will end up worse then the Scorpion album from drake!
Cause we just like his secret love child for we are in need of some ******* support.
Life is a *****, for if it was a **** star it would be easy but also expensive like a private resort.
So unless you actually started from the bottom it might be impossible to make the charts.
So when life is weighing you down, at least you never had to **** the ***** of a tattooed clown.
In order to try on a Burger King crown,
Then Letting one’s ego run wild and as a result your music becomes watered down.
But every day one a tone’s ah for their sins ah, and for drake it was the coffin Pusha T buried him in ah!
****! Fatality!
Such is the price when one makes a fatal mistake.
For you can’t have everything and that slice of cake!
You can be a model all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that your fake!
Just a manufactured mannequin pushed out at a flat rate.
For uniqueness is just a moded state.
And for the most part we are all bargain bin plastic sheep.
Man humbleness makes ones knees weak.
But loss or gain is all just something that we reap.
So be careful what you seek.
And be sure not to advantage of the meek.
Or else you will get put through a saw mill.
For if you underestimate your opponent you’ll be killed.
For real though man I swear this world has no chill!
jeffrey conyers Sep 2018
In this world of surrounded racism that many let simmer on low.
Like it doesn't exist around them in a daily manner.

If you black and stand up to injustice.
Do one major race group get so heated to show their racism quickly?

W.E.Dubois stood up and stood out against racism.
And when you do?
It only makes you better as a human.

Sure, many gonna to hate you.
Even try to address you with their version of the truth.
Except, until justice is fair and equal to all.
Then it's an injustice to everyone.

Some minorities live in this "don't rock the boat" mentality.
Which really means don't upset the whites.
But then the world "white flight" means they forever running from the reality of the world.

They lost in Disney's living in a written fairytale.

If you black and roaring to fight injustice.
Standup, we have great examples in this country called America.

Cassius Clay,  known later as Muhammad Ali, stood his ground and faced the hostility of them.
Like the man, Job lost a lot during that time of standing on his principles.

But through it all, he stayed true to himself.
Yes, that group that hangs on to this superior mentality of stupidity complained.

But don't they always when they don't get their way.

Malcolm X, the threat of common sense tricked the world with his brilliance.
Stood toes to toes with the brightest during his time to engage others into thinking.
But he stood up and stood out.

When you go against the norm the group that follows like robotic figures get mad.

Sweet Rosa Parks, became known simply by standing her ground on the seating arrangement.
We wonder why must she have stood when she was in the section they stated she must be seated.

They rocked the wrong woman.
Who stood firm against authorities?
Remember if you black, they want you to stay quiet.
Well, least they got Ben Carson.

Martin Luther King Jr-thanks to a certain level of protest became the symbol and the brave face to tackle law enforcers and racist politicians.

A bigot is only a bigot when they have their group of supporters around to push foolishness.

Don't use the word EQUAL if it's not applied correctly to everyone.

And realize tricks and manipulation is always used to turn the narrative of any protest stand.
Conservatives crying about players being unpatriotic in sports.

But not too many crying the truth that Colin Kaepernick complaints centered around injustice of the police against black males.

Where has he said anything against America?
But we realize if you black they under this impression that you should be quiet.

Notice, white whistleblowers take time to complain.
Then more come out when they terminated.
Then they firing off all wrongs they see.

The two black athletes that raised their fist in the sixties suffered personal gains.
But didn't Jesus protest various injustice to a hostile crowd and authorities?

Politicians are tools of fools afraid to lose an election if they stand for right.
Even the evangelicals(money makers) afraid to stand up to injustice in the world.

Don't you believe when King marched in the beginning that all faiths were behind him?
It just got too big to ignore so they joined in the protect for justice.

If you black and point out wrongs.
Take this message"you better be strong".
Willard Mar 26
I break down into a heartbeat
through a whipped cream canister;
God’s feet whomp at the Pearly Gates.

Incapable of sin, I’m unable to think.
Love jitters through every pore
of my skin & laughter drools

out. In an out-of-body only
Malcolm In The Middle exists
when Dewey asks, “is your
brain big enough to get

your feelings hurt? Me
neither”. My life replicates
art, choking out brain cells,

and I no longer have to know
what my heart feels. My brain
is too small for that.
this is really self explanatory
N Feb 4
28 days
29 on a leap
to learn specifically about me

my people
my past
my present
my future

i relearn stories i’ve heard
every year since 1st grade

martin luther king
rosa parks
malcolm x

do they not realize
we are more than those three names

do they not remember
we built this country, quite literally

do they not see
we are black year round

but how untrue this is
they see, remember, realize

they simply don’t care
Classy J Nov 2018
Served up diseases since the day of my people’s birth, we were created equal and fruit of gods holy earth.
Yet envy and hatred brought forth devilish wrath, that has left our lost souls unable to find the right path.
Because we have fallen victim to unhealthy thoughts and insecurities of our own self worth!
The cost has tainted our roots, which then poisons our fruits.
The fruits of labour that doesn’t favour minority’s and for the longest time we couldn’t speak or else we’d get taken out by authorities.
The fruits of our future offspring, that pick and choose between corrupt governments and kings.
But now the cycle has turned back and falls flat on our faces that chose to define each other as different races.
My guess is that we never realized that these messes would take us to dark places.
Parading in red and black faces saying it’s all in good sport?
But now we have taken over your rigged sport!
So I ask you how is the your own medicine dear sport?
How does it feel when minority’s are starting to own the court and change the rules of your ball park?
How does it feel when your beliefs are no longer welcomed?
When you become the third wheel stuck in the middle like Malcolm?
You mad mon, but you better listen son after all the **** you said and the **** you done, you expect me to go back to where I’m from?
But you see this is where I’m from!
I’m more from here then you, **** what a savage got to do to make this clear to you.
When there’s two sides too each story but eventually all these lie’s you be telling and selling will reveal the real you.
Look I don’t feel bad for you, in fact I love the fact that your power has all fallen through!
Now watch as all eyes are on you, and see your ***** turn blue because there ain’t nothing you can do!
For this pc culture is putting the pressure on you, so come on white man tell me what you going to do?
For I think I need to spell it out for you,
so here we go give me a ******* y-o-u!
And while your at it, How about you go back from where you came from!
Ya **** ***** ignorant intolerant hypocritical immigrant!
Man What a ironic world we live in!
Dondaycee Feb 12
I want the people knowing they made Day,
If that’s the case; or no case... make another day;
-Hey, I don’t want to turn into Malcolm or Michael;
I just wanna be what I wanna be...
Kovu, Mushu, Samuel; Bruce Lee -pure mind, **** Bill, Ip Man currency;
Me and my friends are under the sea,
Ernie and Bert are on Sesame Street,
They naughty away, displaying heart break; one day they’ll say it’s egregious;
Down here, -whales
-Nobody beat us,
Deprive us from our freeness, or leave us for our weakness,
There’s no place more exquisite, diabolical; omniscient like under the sea...

I just wanna live young, fall hard, talking love; fog season...

Can I be a petitive anomaly?
Can I be condescending pompously?
Can I touch on your skin and examine your eyes like there’s no bound to thee,
Can we slowdown the time to entwine minds and be,
One with our breath before the first drop of sweat electrify our senses to heal and define divine as we activate dormant currents in spine?

You don’t notice me but in time you will,
This connection is bigger than the Wachowski’s “Red Pill”...

Girl you must understand...

I wanna be your man, like Morpheus and Carrie Anne.
Butch Decatoria Nov 2018
(For Black History Month 1998)

i have a wish
to be profound...
   to be proud and stronger
   and carry myself like the **** poets on Def Jam
voices of Kenya and kings, emblazoned
with wisdom, respected / permanence
tanned in words of Malcolm & Martin's reign...
   to have passions of Nubian queens
   wear a crown to herald my approach
head held high
   without raising a calloused hand,
   copper polished hearts
A presence that only demands simplistic
of silences in the awe, the inspired
unchallenged in my reverence--an African / American ability
   choreography / invention
   the first to dance, when others fear to
to keep it real and say it loud
my human wishes, strong, profound, proud...

i wanna be black...
like King Cobra, a hood to umbrella fright
with venom from just my stereotypical sight
   immobilize and paint caucasians whiter
   to be well endowed yet humbly
angry but with proven reasons unrequited,
to be singled out by mere appearance
alone, a Halley Berry poster, child - dealing drugs,
   respected yet in the poetry of chains
   creative even in these multi-colored pains
from a thousand lands of strife
music is sister, artistic is brother life
become ingenious
   saxophones in the moody blues,
   athlete of hurtles, jazz / boxing fights / sang...
gold medals, worthy for full frontal

do i amuse you, with these longings?
think do you - it's a cursed delight?
   but life only
   excels with each challenge: our battles
against ignorance / shame defines
the worth we're given
our lot mostly restricted, our lions tamed
perseveres - tho' weep the dust of our ancients names,
and bleeds these,
our cotton soft truths some mistakes
   and Dolby stereotypes revealed
now worn like brand new:
a garden painted stronger
roots - and robes of shackles' / thorns
sharp with unlocked prejudices
   brown can do no more (for you sir)
   criminal confidences find the unmoving wave of faith
a prominent jaw-line, obelisk-lips
kiss and smack / wet with loving lengths
it is ... no hurt in these earthen eyes
   stoic, strength, serenity
mine to dance and sing my apathy instead...
about the history, i wish to dis
yes, re-avow
empty empathies before,
   experience my thousands, marching
   Melato’s at the founding fathers' doors, will show
you how to open house
these ghettos of / our violent villages / of tar & soot
shadow our poor ever the more
our stars shine on
   broadway be our stage / Stomps / in the heart, hopes,
   styles rap / songs to battle racial profiles
racial cops in devil blue,
beating brothas, home video tell our news,
while our rich forget the rest
******* **** in their cribs
re-pimped, yes, ******* new money & *****
   of course, they are the talented ...
   almost gods on Apollo / knock on wood...
the music is still
the song still is
the foot is stampeding
the noise will be loud,

i will be proud
i will be profound
   in this time of redefinition,
i will be strong
(i wanna be black) like Etta James
at last...
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
With so many tears from living these years
Pains shedded cuz I was breaded
As a young hustler
Made from a struggler in the nutsacks of my father
But why bother
Me swimming in the Galaxy where other suckas like me
Was destined to this world
For the painful swirls that's soon to curl
Me back into a fetal position my ambition
Is to crush the hidden commissions lynching
Til they dead and gone Im feelin' strong
Off of that **** same ol song different day
Feelin' like Malcolm holding the AK
Destined for doomsday
No words to say
My silence invoke violence check the appliance
In the kitchen cookin' up spells for the gospels
Its god-spells lady liberty ringin' the bells of hell
Reachin' for my wooden shells where all the pain dwells
And you can tell by the smells of a demons cartel
How art thou? takin' a bow to my problems that vowed
No mercy to my hidden energy see my enemies
Surroundin' me with much artillery them shells
Knockin' my ghost out of a shell o well
And I'm still chasin' bail made to fail
A curse for my next birth welcome to a new world
Transformed into a pearl my minds trapped in the
How many wanna travel with me to the lost mysteries
Of the Egyptian dynasty see ?****** like me
Evadin' reality to get caught up in the penitentiary
Also the cemetery while the gangs flurry
In a hurry so we quick to get buried
Leave our families in tears for many years
****** dying for whips and
when we used to die from.whips and
Got dang things done change don't act strange
I know ya feel me from death my eternity
To see my enemies burn eternally so much little to see
In the world painted with past blood soils
Of war spoils I'm a stay with heat until my skin boils
Over two hundred degrees making epiphanies
So when ya see know Yosef climbing for freedom See
I'm a lock down from the pain that surrounds
Paying taxes I'm feelin' closest to the abraxas
None could tax us I'm kicking in the factors
Goetias burning in to turn me in
To a nother being far from a human seeing
Beyond a galaxy a far shining my mental like a star
A lost slave tryna to behave but I can't and I won't
Til my spirits come and taunt hunt
Down the wickedness
Sick of this life ain't a bliss I'm giving a kiss
From the slugs invested heavily heated and protected
Check the rounds selected as I kick it
Chaos I'm shattering thangs and strains
Things remains the same cuz I'm feelin' so much **** pangsss..

— The End —