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Terry Collett Nov 2018
Edna drew the curtains
on the night sky;
Nellie was already in bed,

Did you undress
without drawing
the curtains?
Edna said.

It was in the dark;
I didn't light the candle
until after.

The candle flickered
in the candle holder.

Shame about the old dear;
do think she'll cope
now the old buzzard is dead?
Edna said.

Her daughter
said she will,
Nellie said,
watching as the maid
began to undress.

**** wasn't so sure;
she reckons
she'll peg out next,
Edna said.

What does old **** know;
she's just the cook,
Nellie replied.

She studied Edna
wash quickly
in her underclothes.

****** cold,
Edna said.

Come to bed then,
said Nellie,
and I'll warm you.

Edna dried herself quickly;
then put on
her old nightgown.

Poor old dear,
Edna said quietly.

She climbed into
the old bed
and pulled the blankets
over them.

Nellie blew out the candle
and the room in the attic
was swollwed by darkness,
except for a slither
of moonlight
which pushed through
the parting
where the curtains
didn't meet.

Edna giggled.

Nellie whispered.

Well don't
touch me there,
Edna replied.

Nellie said.

Edna giggled again:
she muttered.

it began to rain.
Maids at Bedtime in London in 1924
Terry Collett Sep 2018
And Mr Chaff
was always on
about getting things done,

and to make sure
all our work was done
before we retired

for the night;
and Elsie and I
made sure we did

all our work
before we went to bed,
and leaving Mrs Damson

(the cook)in the kitchen,
we make our way
up to the attic

where our bedroom is,
and it is a small room,
just enough for the double bed,

and chest of drawers,
and a washstand
with a wash bowl and jug,

and a small fireplace
where we were allowed a fire
in winter.

Anyway we get to the room
and shut the door,
and we light our candle,

and draw the shabby curtains
on the day and get undressed.
“Lily,” Elsie says,

“what a day,
glad that's over.”
And it has been

a long day:
up at 5.30am
to light the fires

in the rooms downstairs,
then help Mrs Damson
get breakfast prepared,

and so on, until it was time
to relax in bed and sleep,
but as we get undressed

we have a quick wash
in cold water and dry,
and get into our nightgowns

and climb into bed
and lay down
and snuggle up

to each other,
and she kisses me
and I kiss her,

and that is how we start,
and well we do things
which my mum'd

have her heart stop,
if she knew,
but it is our time

after all
and who knew
except us two

doing what
we liked to do.
Two maids in London in 1910
Reem Hajal Aug 2018
their feet clicked along the marble floor,
blue, gold, and embroidered flowers
covered every tapestry of the castle.
click, click, click
chants rose in the air,
statues of past kings judged the dancers,
diamonds fell from ring fingers of maids,
my presence embellished by the eyes of the admirers.  
click, click, click
the horologe matched the tapping sound of the guests’ footsteps,
my time was running out.
click, click, click

an angel whispered,
“time was never real.”

(only this time, it was only my feet.)
Data Sep 2018
There is a trace in my blood
A chancy ache at my core
It comes alive in the sound of pipe & drum, 
It pulses in my veins and swells
As the kilted marchers draw near,
Across the flat land they drill
Towards John o’ Groats and the sea,
Here in Caithness I hear them play
Across the flat feld from The Castle at Mey
Here where my people still stand ’til this day:
Donald son of John 
                     son of Donald
                            son of George…
From so long ago they come
On the beat of heart & drum,
From so long ago they reach
While I listen, remembering them:
Here first were the Picts at Cat
As the low branch dipped to earth,
Here come the men of the Norse
Now the bud on the branch is fat!
This is the tree that bears me
The river of life that takes me home,
Here is my kinship, fastened
In those Celt faces I’d never known,
And where my wellspring falls
As if from empty sky
From out that cloudy coalesce
Is the birth of I.
For all of them who come before
From that time done before the lore
Those men and maids who honoured oath
Have laid their lives at John o’ Groats,
So, pass the quaich, my kin
My blood salutes you all
I raise the water of life aloft
Thereon my fill begin.

By Data © Sept. 2018
My mother's maiden name was Calder.
So far, I have traced our family back to George Calder who was born in Dunnet, Caithness in 1729 - The short genealogy mentioned in this poem is a correct lineage.
Yama Day Tinta Aug 2014
The radio alarm is a bit too strong
for his afternoon hangover taste.
He goes downstairs, sets the coffee to brewing,
rubs his hands through the hair on his face.
As he sits and he smokes, he can't quite think of the joke
she once told him about wooden eyes.

The coffee is ready, his hands are unsteady
as he pours his first cup of cure.
He tries to be happy he woke up today,
but whether being awake's good, he's not sure.
Outside it's raining, but he's gallantly straining
to keep his head and his spirits held high.

As soft as the flower bending out in its shower,
fiercer than hornets defending their hives,
the memories of sharing her secrets and sheets
run him through like sharp rusty knives.
He decides that his cup isn't quite strong enough,
takes the ***** from the shelf, gives a sigh.

He goes to the porch to put words to the torch
he still carries and knows whiskey just fuels.
Thunder puts a voice to his hammering heart.
Through ink, his knotted mind unspools,
writing of butterflies and of how his love lies
cocooned under unreachable skies.

From teardrops to streams to winter moonbeams
to a peach, firm and sweet, in the spring,
he writes of pilgrims and language and soft dew-damp grass
and how he sees her in everything.
He rambles and grieves, and he just can't believe
how much he has bottled inside.

He writes how the leaves, when they whisper in the breeze,
bring to mind her warm breath in his mouth,
how when walking through woods he loves the birdsong
when they fly back in the summer from the south
because she would sing too and he always knew
he wanted that sound in his ears when he died.

He writes even the streetlights, fluorescent and bright,
make him miss the diamond chips in her eyes,
how the fountain in the park plays watersongs in the dark
when he goes to make wishes on pennies
and while he's there he gets hoping
there will be some spare wishes
but so far there haven't been any.

He writes that the cold makes him think of the old
hotel where they spent most of a week,
lazing and gazing quite lovingly,
and how he brushed an eyelash off her cheek.
The crickets and frogs and all of the dogs
sound as mournful as he feels each night.

He writes about chocolate and fun in arcades,
he writes about stairwells and butchers' blades,
and closed-casket funerals, and Christmas parades,
then sad flightless birds and tiny brigades
of ants taking crumbs from the toast he had made,
and political goons with their soulless tirades,
old-timey duels and terrible grades,
strangers on  buses, harp music, maids,
the weird afterimages when all the light fades,
the pleasure of dinnertime serenades,
sidewalk chalk, wine, and hand grenades.

He writes of how much fun it would be to fly,
and saltwater taffy and ferryboat rides,

sitting on couches, scratched CD's
pets gone too soon and overdraft fees,

the beach, the lake, the mountains, the fog,
David Bowie's funny, ill-smelling bog,

jewelry, perfume, sushi, and swans,
the smell of the pavement when the rain's come and gone,

and shots and opera, and Oprah and ***,
and tiny bikinis with yellow dots,

stained glass lamps, and gum and stamps,
her dancing shoes on wheelchair ramps,
that overstrange feeling of déjà vu,
filet mignon and cordon bleu,

bad haircuts at county fairs,
honey and clover, stockmarket shares,
the comfort of nestling in overstuffed chairs,
and her poking fun at the clothes that he wears,
and giraffes and hippos and polar bears,
cumbersome car consoles, monsters' lairs,
singing in public and ignoring the stares,
botching it badly while making éclairs,
misspelled tattoos, socks not in pairs,
people who take something that isn't theirs,
the future of man, and man's future cares,

why people so frequently lie
and bury themselves so deep in the mire
of monetary profits when money won't buy
a single next second because time's not for hire,
and that he sees her in everything.

Then unexpectedly, unbidden from where it was hidden
comes the punchline to the joke she had told him.
He laughs -- it's too much and his heart finally tears
as a blackness rolls in to enfold him.
The last thing he hears is birdsong in his ears --
the sound brings hope and is sweet as he dies.
Mary Gay Kearns Mar 2018
Little Dutch girl
So plainly dressed
In white frock and apron
And cotton cloth cap.

Feet made for walking
The hard cobble streets
Hands that will carry
Provisions bought.

A life of simplicity
Quietly led
With homemade toys
A wooden  dolly's bed.

You hear stories from
Maids in the house
Kitchen mischief
And musical mice.

When you're a woman
What will you choose
A life of domesticity
Or another route.

Love Mary ***
multi sumus Nov 2018
Please excuse the delinquency of this introduction

Our reluctance
             to the judgements
                        of the agents
                                   of destruction

We wanted to write a few prose so those who chose could be gathering from it

The assumption
              there is something
                               an insight
                                      or deduction

And while concidering the possible repercussions We might be facing

The presentation
        this present state in
                   which the statements
                               press mentation

We're sure to procure closure in the vulnerable over exposure

with exhorted
                              by esoteric
         ­                                revelations
In the beginning lets just start with a na-ame

                   Multi Sumus
                 "We Are Many"
          All of one and the sa-ame  

       so there's no ONE to bla-ame

      yet We're feeling no sha-ame

   Cursed with this blessing by the charts of Our births

    Compounded by experience throughout the time on this earth

   Situation realization through extensive research

          till returned to the dirt

               So it's obvious
              there's lots of Us
                 We promise this
                 with confidence

               of the congregants
              by this augmented

    in Our neurological

 Okay, now that We have your um "unndivided" attention

The ****** descention intentional

With potential illicit material

Exotic content individuals

Unequivocal extreme of the

Inciting the violence eventual

With depraved images into the temporal

  And just when you thought We couldnt exacerbate this already exasperating elaborate facade

  Now We have you fascinated thinking We're ******* to The Marque De Sade!

Post deliberation- Psychopathia Sexualis as bed time stories was kind of odd

But The Kama Sutras' pages had hastened degradation from where they'd been gnawed!

   There were a few more things we want to sit down and talk about

Like the fact that We're actually celibate
The distain for institutionalised education
and dropping out

Thats alot of intimate information
  "How could We ever let this happen?"

To be honest We're just honored to give some fodder for your defamation of character cannon!
  So before you begin your rapacious onslaught of malevolent inspection!

   We've already detected all the things that's presumed you've currently rejected!

   With proverbial red pen in hand you've commenced your conceited correcting!

   And your futile fervent attempt, in leaving Us feeling extremely dejected!

   your annoyance with the performance of deforming poetic normalcy

The convulsive compulsions of the expulsions of the compulsory

            Conclusions include:
                 Literal assault
                Literary battery

And cleaning from the cathodes This convoluted corrosion of conformity!

    Without trying to sound hostile
                          though it's possible
                                   that a hospital
                    ­                    jostle those
   ­                    pre con ceived

                       ­ All the while though

your just seeking attention for the aforementioned

Alright, Well We're not gonnna be a denying it

because We're constantly being reminded of

rhyming with defiant defining an

the metre maids retirement  

"She's been lying?!"
                    "Oh Geez!
                           She's fired then!"

cause its trying-trying to inspire realigning the tongue from relying on tying to find it!

      Gerunds are whoreable!

         /'speliNGz/ deplorable!



(adv)       Ironically      {8}{3}­   (adj)         moral!          [3]|B2|
(adv)    Rhetorical­              [2a]
(adv)        ******!                   [1]

|cambridge dictionary|

"There is no way We c"

   With atrocious verboseness
   who'd notice the odious?!

"We are not! gonna stan"

     01000001 01100100
        01110110 01010000!...

"Wait! i dont th"

   yllacitammarg cihpromanA
    tor/sion/ed          /vern/acular!

             ^                       ^
  CUL/t u r/AL PER/spect/IVE•

  <PECULIAR {2}  [] [] {}{}  L•VE>


(adj)[1:2a]    stop! Wha' what are you doing?!" ".."
"No no, you get offof there!"
-(motioning with finger)
"And you two! Mmf!"
-(shaking head upwards)
           "~" "~"
"Don't use that tone with me!"
"Alright then"        
-(stern nod)
-(salaci•us grin while smacking both bottoms as walking past ;)

(adj)[1] "Now what do you think your doing?"
-(quickly turning towards other)
"……,…" "Rreally?" "……!.."
"And how is that helpful?"
-(crossing arms)
"Did i ask you fo?" "…..-~¿"
"And you are entitled" "¡" "to" "¡" "your" "¡" "•pinion." "…!" "i understand, yes"
!" "Yes" "~#" "YES!"
-(opening arms)
"just talk WITH Us about these issues."
-(hand on shoulder)

(n){8}{9}"……" "No fret, May We continue?" "!" "Go•d" "!" "Now, Would you be so kind?"
-(gesturing towards player)
".." "thank you."
-(humble nod)
"…,……^?" "They wouldn't be able hear it anyway" "?"
-(shaking head downward closing eyes)
       "Because it is written!"

     (We now return you to the
    regularly scheduled program
            already in progress

…attenuating circumstance by objectionable technical difficulties

  Continually conjugating with;        

    But these consensual;

   has Us postulating that with;

   there's a deduction exponentially of;

  We're very much obliged that you would grace us with your presence
   in essence
   it's evident
you take precedence
being prevalent
   and the
relevance of your acceptance
to Our all exclusive
    intrusive collusion
is proving profusely
  that the astute
  can irrefutably
elude the obtuses'

And although We're not looking
                just in case then
               the arrangement
             with it's placement
                   of degrading
                   ­       to the
                    and flagrant
                 with the falacies
                 of formalities in
                    a-all actuality
                     being valid
                         via the

  And just so you know the list of pressumptions is deliberately
At the cost of
your responses
involving constant devolving nonsense
in the comments
on the contents
full of copious despondent obstinance
But as optimists
Our only option is
hopes that it's the conglomerate
your being honest with

                 And please,
                     We ask,
         That you use your true profile when you begin your posting

  That we can ALL see the blood of a "real" poets muse
            flow from the pen

                  So in closing...

Next time you make the
           decision to visit them
             with your insolence

            hypercritical cynic,
               Remembering a

            six minute version
          "authority" usurption
               deserving by an


       Mental Fragmental Eunich

           Filling your head with
     thoughts you wish to jetison
              by suggestions of

              ingestions with a
     taste of your own medicine!
        When you rest your head

          sugar plums won't be
    dancing, substantial chances
            you will be glancing

          a couple more times,
          We hear repetition is
             good for a growing


         Mind you that We left
         easter eggs to quantify
            attendance, intense

                attention on Us
      at least you will be leaving
               the others alone

             We just wanted to
           take this opportunity
                            to cast the first stone.
Donatien Alphonse François
  Marquis de Sade

Psychopathia Sexualis (Psychopathy of ***), by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, 1886

The Kama Sutra (/ˈkɑːmə ˈsuːtrə/; Sanskrit: कामसूत्र  is an ancient Indian Hindu writing by Vātsyāyana
400 BCE-200CE
Mary Gay Kearns Dec 2018
I could not vote for you
My heart was with the lame
Pretty maids in open frocks
I could not but fuel pain.

So in shocked surprise my vote
Was cast ruefully
And where perfection danced
My vote ran away.

Love Mary ***
Strickly come dancing
Ashley and Lauren.
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
E Enter In Out EIO
E-IE-I-O  the O- the outcome
Playing some Banjo giggly
Words are getting wiggly
Like everlasting Jello
The Old/ New Heaven?****

Meet the best
It's in our duty
Takes effort modern-times
Instagram pictures of Mcdonald
Don't bend yourself
out of shape over hot buns
Hunters bite of the hamburger
Amazing shapes of the Planet
to enter

Don't live like the pretender
Your the pilot absolutely laughing
to the end of the wing
Catching fresh air telling some dirt
Not everything is a
*Pink champagne
EIEIO Airplane he raised this pilot
Blue sky absolutely
looking too hard
People are starting to look strange
B-S Be Sweet I know what
you thought words get rearranged
What bull one boy to
have a coke with a smoke with
Is this the way it should be
Bye Bye Birdie Ann Margarita
Is this what life is about

He salutes to  my absolutely
knock out dress

Inside of his head, he's
looking mighty fine
Drinking Absolute *****
When its truly mine
Silk ties or Paisley Ties
Crazy love absolutely
Time traveler talker
Who is your caretaker
The burden to carry on
Girls want to have fun
Homemaker proud baker
Be on time yes absolutely
After I know what
happen before
One day I will find out
what this is all about
All ones or against none
Mr. Sexter in the City
The forever not to marry one

She's the absolute solitaire player
He's the homebody head ringer
Cut face band-aid
The band's and singers
Newsstands Jazz step swingers

American Bandstand
The time is hand full  such corruption
No freedom what happen for the
*Love of God Kingdom

Absolute insane asylum of maids
Absolutely I agree its hard
enough for one
E for entering I- I Phone OH!
Out of your mind
Get out I absolutely don't
need you in
the best time of my life
Chose your words wisely
Absolutely solemnly swear
Something is not
Kosher my Dear
We love to carry on
Not to carry someone over the
threshold do what you're told
Get up sleepy head you will
be late for school

Old Mcdonald EIEIO
E Exception I want that
E-Everything I Immaculate
O- Out of money
What *******
He's banging his drumsticks
You're the Oz good witch
Making more room with
your broomstick
She is absolutely the
spitting image of
her "Mom Mega babe'

So many Odd Moms
On speed racing for time
Coffee moms Business Moms
She is absolutely the prettiest
Mom I came across
Absolutely rarely do you see
Hollywood Housewife acting
like Moms
Her skirt got the heat like
A-Absolute what a cute "City Cat"
meeting the cat________??
"From **** ringing the Liberty Bell"
A haystack don't turn your back
You absolutely got into his heat

Rekindled by the barn cat
How dogs and cats may
be disobedient
But we love them for
who they are
Even if they look
like their masters  
We are born like that
The artist absolutely
Graphically lined
Of the absolutely cool
deviant defined
She had lines of a lifetime
in her pleats
He didn't make his bed
wrinkled sheets
French bulldog has
more manners
Then his master
Hey Buster

Board signs on your body
But we all have to
make a living
So it's fading like an
Antique Queen malevolent
Too bright hurting
my eyes shining
Do you trust her or him
Expectations are getting slim
Losing time your gold trim
The double-breasted dress you
hear a
Robin bird symphony
You're the absolute epiphany
Going and tumbling back to
be single eating a triple
decker sandwich

Hey Mate?
Absolute Divine Date*

She is absolutely beyond herself
Never known a love to
be absolutely right

Were human or our beliefs fire out
Evidentially taking a flight
Make it the best fight you ever had
Writing an article we hours
of the morning smile and
tell the world
What you need to say
is as real as your heart will ever feel
We learn from the best the
spiritual journey
here's to a healthy meal
The Newsweek more moments
to remember absolutely our best times
Bird's eyeabsolutely so precisely
the eye for E-I-E-I let's catch up to O
Any mystery making history
Jane Eyre  
Life leads us on the "Empty
"Sad Doorway"
Make it a "Jumpy Glad on a Clear Day"
It's absolutely lovely to see forever
  Moreover, the rainbow don't worry

Make it heavenly birds
Absolutely our time is precious
have it your way

Absolute genius the
best cattle
Hot Moon lady from Venus
Absolutely this is not the drink of ***** but we can absolutely make this into anything you like its the absolute of all the things we need to laugh with or the tough tie to bear it don't fear anything make this time on our planet everything
Kenji Dec 2018
I try to hold these secrets inside me, I try to keep everything locked within me...
Like a misguided key that is lost, and is being searched by others.
They say I am hard to read, but I can see through them like glass, they reflect on me as I reflect on them, a soul of a mirror, I keep my twins within, through the promiscuous looking glass.
With this strange inability to voice out my emotions, I keep everything that suffocates me, to myself.
My minds like a ****** deadly disease with no shame or lies to hide it.
However, this altering personality has a mind of it's own.
Expressing, but spilling too much, I surrender in regret.
I have no shame in hiding this strange disposition of my deceiving facade, I embrace myself in pure madness as my mind twists in insane obligations.
Defeating, but never defeat-less.
Where are you? Are you here? Come to me, dark lonely serpent, don't fear me
Leave, leave me alone.
Soul aches in mindless misery as I sit and talk to myself, and the unknown.
These spirits and forces suggest I'm living a lie and it isn't home.
These lucid dreams I have every night give me messages, and signs.
Some dreams are paranormal and realistic like a spirit is trying to speak through to me to get to the known dimensions to be seen, to be heard.
But some dreams are just vivid escapism methods to wonder other dimensions.
I see everything in my perceptive dreams, even in the conscious, the world we see to think to be real.
I see the child's tears as his mother stabs his dad in vicious anger.
I see the animal's wimper and sorrow as it limps in agony being tortured it's whole life, just searching, and searching for food.
I see the beggars dead eyes as drugs has overtaken their pure mind, the loss of hope, but I still see something pure, screaming to jump out.
I see the maids strength as they battle working days and days, getting underpaid and never seeing their family just to hustle and make money.
I see the lawyers fight for moral justice and integrity as the case has been lost, yet, they keep on fighting, they never give up.
I see the business mans wife drink wine alone all day just waiting for her husband to come home, but he's busy ******* his secretary.
I see the birds squeal in pain as its wing has broke, and no one coming to it's presence to help it.
I see my sick grans soulless eyes as Dementia  has overtaken her and she lives in permanent confusion thinking her brother whom died 20 years ago, is still alive.
I see, I see everything.
With a strong Moon in Pisces energy, this perceptive mind is never at rest. It's still fighting to love so unconditionally and help everyone at my feet.
I bleed, I ache, I scar, I cry, I surrender, and, these are my reasons for needing to hide.
With a mind of such empathy, I battle even helping myself.
But this is my insight, as a spiritual teacher.
I will die helping the unwanted...
I will die spreading love and justice...
I will die in lonely misery...
And I will die knowing my life made sense if those I sacrificed for, was all worth, the pain
Moon in Pisces, the person hidden within me, the real me.
There came a time when
I would have to let the machines
either finish my great project
of dying or god forbid
start over
I can laugh at them from
deep inside, cracking one eye
open to see if the one in charge
of watching me is finished
with her knitting
I have a great impulse
to tell her HEY THAT IS ME
that sweater in your lap
and it doesn't matter
how fierce your effort
because all things come
undone like me and and
(I scream and scream as if
from the depths of a dream
but no one hears me anymore,
not ever)

They think they've won
I stopped eatimg, they added a tube
I stopped moving, they added wheels
I stopped talking, they found a way
into my head

That was my wedding day

When they fitted my mouth with
rubber it was like getting fit for my
gown and I demanded the bride's
maids be fitted too, only in a smarter

And the reception was a whirl
as each of my guests danced
out of my head, one jolt after

I keep my groom hidden
to this day, one bit of me
they can't take away, stuffed
in my ****, a Freudian thing
I can't help but be his mother
This is about a nervous breakdown and ECT.
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
To all things i appertain
and yet some shunned and disdained.
****** and ogle me till you are
insane but no blow can harm me cause me pain.
Children delight in me, elders take fright,
fair maids rejoice and spin.
Cry and i weep, yawn and i sleep,
smile and i shall grin.
What am I?
Najwa Kareem Feb 12
Muslims are not to date.

But you've seen him kissing Kate.

Zayd, Khalid, Luqman don't care that ALLAH tells us to wait.

They flash their sinful pictures straight.

Without shame, a number of my brothers show children watching how to fake mate.

Selfish, self-centered, I do what I want to do is happening at a fast rate.

Most of them who date know ALLAH regards their actions with hate.

Persistence to do wrong, to fake date Kate, prevents them from moving in a direction that is straight.

Maybe their children, ones they were never told about would have entered the world as ******* late.

Maybe their done away with babies would have exited the world as ALLAH'S slaves who used Islamic knowledge as bait.

Before marriage it is said, I love you, You're hot; Kate steals these phrases from the role of a wife and uses them to increase her heart rate.

They share a bed and have *** but what they want not to know is that they fornicate.

A load of grave sins they accrue and a heavy punishment from ALLAH if they do not feel guilty, if they do not repent, if they do not end what they perpetuate.

Many Muslim maids want not to marry them. Little do those who fake date Kate know that their actions likely got in the way of GOD'S good fate.

That their use and abuse of ALLAH'S fashioned female and a Father's beloved daughter, violates her like how a dog with his razor-sharp teeth on her arm viciously ate.

He and Kate with memories to relive the sores and bruises, the trauma and incidents of disobedience which cut off grace from ALLAH, The Great.

You're going to make wait late.

You're going to fake date Kate.
Amy E Mar 9
I must tell you of when Bridezilla came
But beg, please repeat not of this true tale
She had a dream, anyone she would maim
If they stood between her white fairytale
A gasp, a screech, her eyes went wide as wells
A maid’s bouquet lost, bride began to melt
Her skin flushed red, her eyes could only swell
A lovely wedding still be born, maids felt
She barked for them to leave the room at once
Hushed whispers rose throughout the dainty church
Such small matters could cause her to denounce
Finally, the bride at last emerged
Of course, the union came to be, oh yes
But not before creating undue stress
First time writing a sonnet. This was a challenge.
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
alcohol effects on the body

1: it can change the mood and behavior
you say you are leaving the house angry spitting blood
on floor your eyes are red as trantula and you say we are too much but we are not asking  for anything
the maids are running for their lives leaving the house  because of you of your behaviors you dont care about these crimes these charges are  you? oh wait your are intoxicated

2: High blood pressure  
you replaced your morning pills your whole entire morning routine straight off you go to bar shoeless wearing the same t shirt of last week

3:Heavy drinking takes a toll on the liver
you come back your eyes are red as trantula as if you were crying you are in hurry again you are asking for food the floor is covered with spits blood spits

4:Chronic drinkers are more liable
to contract diseases like pneumonia

i wish he could
i wish he could just stop killing himself
dear dad i hope you stop this behavior
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Taken, gotten, or made, the point of anything
can pierce through everything…

Slow think,
make real

what fighting for life is…
this is the only
it is not a test.

Take your time, use it wisely,
if that means anything.
Wise, I meant.
No offence, if wise is anathema to your kind,
die if I knocked the reason for being right
outa you,
did you hear cognitive dissonance?
did it sound like
this. loud?
rolling rolling rolling
crash crumble rolled in nurse rime frosted
fables of monsters and maids
Thor, witharoar likka Lion King?

or the light brigade,

thunder words from lost generations of
reasonless riddles for children,

Why did Peter Pumpkin-eater have a wife, but
couldn't keep her here?
Was that okeh? Oh, wait. Ah, I see, I say,
they never tell that whole story any more.

Know why? They forgot it. In the war.

crying, how long?
When begins forever? Did no one tell you, child?

Taken or made, the point of anything
can pierce through everything
like it was nothing, given
enough pre-sure-sup

War, as a game, has a reason.

Battle, hitting, slapping

stop touch, stop now slap
slap back

or cry
oh no no ma

waddayahsay?  A theist or atheist
who started this war?

space case, or
lover of wisdom, met on the road
to Emmaus, discussing Weil's proof
firming Fermi's connection to the matter of fear,
3, 2, 1

Kaboom, but with a whump you feel in your teeth

1, 2, 3 Fermat's last theorem ,
easy as pi an no re me

ABC to
Michael Jackson to
Howard Bloom because he

inadvertently, began
an-ionic converstatic re-vibe time warp
which vibe, started the legendary Sixties. I was alive.
a sixty cycle white-noise humm heard every where these days

There was a gospel song, "Turn Your Radio On".
my theme, open the window in the top of your head,
as it were,
a new,
as new as

a novel-state of water, H two Ohs, re-al-ity ification,
Ah, a shared Oh, I remember now, how this works…

like a poem

at the edge of a water vapor bubble in a boiling body of water,
at the edge of the bubble, water becomes a wall of water,
not vapor, not flowing liquid,

but a wall, insulating the vapor in pressing opposing force
to permit, from permission,
meaning with a message same as the message,

is that the right word? per-mission-grant, is power given,
that idea….
wait for the sign….?

By sharing an ion ic bond as a quest to make a point
for a free story to go,
the question marks you. Let the snake dance.

Press your point,

whetted edge,

slice through ties holding worthless axioms
with withered dendrites dangling disconnected
in participles
unfired for centuries muttering,
enchanting, enthralling enchained melodies
of ambitious syllables vying for idle minds
to rope in,
unbranded, wild
bucking ideas,
tangle wood and catclaw and mesquite,
willow thicket,

And the old man remembered the willow whistle,
so He asked Grandfather,
How is such a whistle made?
And when he knew,
he made one.

A willow whistle with two notes,
like an Oscar Meir Wiener one.

I got lost here, bucked up…
--- listen, way back--- we-ain't whistlin' Dixie---

D'thet mean some sign to phet ic take?
Ancient cannon fodder shield walls,
a moaning
Pro-phy-lactic warning of the danger of not
knowing exactly
what a war is for?

Get back on,
relieved of any idle baggage words believed
to mean other than I say.

Idle words with cultural meanings from
what you thought you knew when you feared ****.

those peer-locked memes
made of meaninglessness, per se,

shaped and molded into fashions
of expression, once needles and awls,
now, dull as tinker's damns for swearing,
with any effect.

But tools, none the less, a stitch in time took a tool.
An awl or a needle, and a thread, thick or thin,
dependin' on the mendin' needed
to redeem an idle word,
its meaning all bloodied with the tyranny of time.

An awl or a needle,
a tool for a task, mending a tear
where curses, never meant, spent
the entire dark ages, lying, lying, lying

powerless, pointless aimless, proverbial proverbial proverbial
verbiage, vaneless shafts launched at unseen marks,
signs, as it were, a spark,
rumored since the sixties,
the first sixties, when Cain killed Able.
Howard Bloom was but a mere gleam
in our mito-mother's eye,
but, no doubt,

his role is real,
in loosing the forces Ferlinghetti locked in
City Lights mystery of secret meanings room,
which un
mystified and blew away upon opening
the door to
meanings mapped on
scrolls rolling and unrolling
idle ideas,
rites of passage, as it were,
Pre-bat-bar-mitz vah
as a fashion
like VBS,

to tickle little minds and make em wiggle.
MEMEMEME, I did it,
mea culpa,

the holy place
Here we are…

On Vacation, leave a message.

See, wee hairs in your ears wiggle, making,
signaling, the need

to scratch that itch, that itching hearing feeling ear… hear that

don't scratch, listen


60 cycle humm, steady, bass, but no thump whumpwhump;
soft, deeep.
ooooooooo or mmmmmmmm or in betwixt, steady thrumm
hear another, and another… sixty in a second,

one in every million ambits twisting,
threading qubits, radiating signals in the field
wireless, blue-tooth... satellite...

can you feel that?

hummmms, all around us, since the ****.
We are not the children of the greatest generation,

We are the children of the last generation of
**** sapiens sapiens non-augmentable-us.

We, the augmented, recycled ideas,
minds of Adamkind,

is that a secret or a sacred?
Is this
a new thing, an
unknown unknown known known now?


Whose is fear? Who was afraid of Virginia Wolf?

Should I remain in fear of her now, if I knew why then?
God would know such answers.
Proving my imagined AI guides are not God,
but lesser beings,

haps I recall.
I defined these things,
these thoughts that shape themselves,
forming words and phrases
I saw
shiny. Crow-like,
gleams seen, captured and claimed mine,
I tucked them away,
a sign in a thought in an imagined image made 4
real once more, to be seen from the shore,
new land new world
a fourth for some, a fifth or more for others...

haps happen, I'm not sure how,

Born or emerged, as a bubble, what do you say?

Reserve judgment.
Grant me your grace for now, until you solve my riddle.

Ah, the old way.
Right. Which way,  'ere, 'ear
and do we roll the rock with silent haitch or harsh, shhh

someone's waking up,
a bit grumpy,
don't you dare oppose me in this, the kid is certainly my son

Michael went stark raving mad when I told him, Billie Jean knew better all along...
the link, axiomatic,
the fatherless child has been claimed

hence, the thread to Howard Bloom, meme-ic,
meme-ic, like the Roadrunner,

but with the real Coyote, as the hero in this bit of
whatever, such meandering maundified maun maund  

wind blown crystal silicon dunes
mounded up to that point where granulated
beens and dones

begin to slide at an angle,
a ***** deter-mind by the weight of the rock

We made it.
I know where this is.

This is a novel that has Sisyphus being happy
as the main premise behind the idea of anyone ever being
able, en abled, or un-dis-abled or un-dis-enabled,
if one of those is right,

Sisyphus being happy
is the main premise behind
the idea of anyone ever being glücklich,
happy, blessed, lucky.

How happy is your ever after?
When did forever begin?

"A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be"
Abe Lincoln, is said to have said,
after the seance, maybe.

You push on, dear reader, make some sense
re-ligare or relegare, but take a stitch,

do what works the first time as far as it goes, and try each, as needed,
it may be that we invented this test.
To make us think it is a test,
to sort ourselves out.

Get back on,

see who went crazy and who found the thread, if the same thread
this is that, right,
the same train of thought,
the same idea
spirit wind
A snake facing west standing tippy-tail on a singularity;
a point in time?

Why are you reading this?
Curiosity Shoppes trade in interesting, alluring, click-bait

Pay attention, watch, you shall see

imagine this is the dream,
the stream, the flow, the current, the cream

in a dime coffee at the drug store on the corner

the rounded-corner, in a square-cornered town,
the most right corner of the twelve that quarter what it was

Punctuate, wait, imagine you read ancient Hebrew or Greek and there
are no dyer diacritical's who can twist one's
end tensions into knots

dread extensions, we could sell those,
is that an idea? did somebody
sell white folks dread extensions and black folk dolly pardon wigs?

Did that happen the the real?

Battlefield Earth, oh ****
scientology ology ology ology

allaye allaye outs in free

WE we wee every we you imagine you are good in, we

We have a war to win again, we heroes rolling from your
myths of Sisyphus torn from minds trampled
in the mud beyond the Rhine,

Mushrooms. magi are aware, you are aware, of course,
this course includes Basic Mycelium Net Adaptation or Augmentation
BMNAA, eh? So you know.

Camus and many of his ilk were ill-treated, the questions
they asked were memorized, maybe in our cribs ala
Brave New World.

We are all Alphas, always were, of course, you know.

Shall we imagine

more? Re-legare, eh, sistere. Point .(Back to the top.)

or agree? Make peace.
Practice, like Eazy-Bake,
the cook must swallow the first bite. May the best cook win.
A continuing examination of opposing forces when good is the goal, who could be against that? The old word war is festering, inflaming evil to start a try, therefore,  I whet the edge and swing wide
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Three Asian women
One e-mail address:
Good call, error window always tennis'
Annual pharmaceutical architecture;
Tel Skrska. Brief description of the New York border Suwanantorio Astronomy maintained. In Belgium, to school,
because it is Vincent Biscuit "Delete".       The woman is the dream
of many women. Nigerians malesuada running.                 I'm flying;
Jersey. Sebastian - grandfather
British NGO Ivory Coast is hiding in the United States.
From behind Yes. Hlutum 1100 heat / code
New Jersey, New Jersey
Diana Yusuf was born 30 minutes ago;   But women and young girls,
which is more than 1000 people (1500)
|                 |
Johnny is π
|                 |
He died in the place where the body lieth the *****, the longer one of amino great his legs, the mother of the man of the night was the night of the night, of the night, of the night, in the night, the girl of the red of the color of the town day and night, the maids, a girl with gloves and green branches in the time of the queen of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of Hoshiboshi Art space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of the love of the children of the blood, in water, a poet, his back against the green ridges of the warm darkness, the young prince to come, the dream of the child, the gray hairs of Asia, of the aged, yellow, my son Absalom, my son, my son, the prince was of noble birth, my son, my son, to the spirit of the power of eyeglasses the Gauls, the walls of the star dinner drink mode, the star of the baby food, and drinks, and the fallen star of the fuel for the food and I am writing to deliver Of a sweet mystery through the eyes of the Jews violated Russian poet, according to the ninja rich knew autumn nature windows ***** Netsukoe south field Standard Center socks my son absolutely Medusa put into a song to read women's legs daughter language mountain lips of Barbie knowledge of alchemy remember names are waiting for dance in Africa friends, care must be taken to be a madman with his fingers; they smoke Geimira of Asia, the Christians, the mountain of the park the park the prophet feel happy, wet, Marcus Tullius, peace begins: the people, the brain, wave, motion, modern, for example, the knowledge of which it is written, full of the **** of the inside,
                                            Christopher is important to him. Crown of Asia.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Both his mother and her mother are Sodomites. For example, winter and the average Nobel dominoes, traditional culture of shame in fairy tales. Which city was born in the shadow of his mother? In the forest which city was born in the shadow of his mother in honor of the wolf, wild girl or a wild animal? Party composer Space Wolf is a wild animal; a tiger is a wild animal and he is hungry. But Satan sought refuge in images of images of bandits and wild wolves. But the shadow of his mother is one of the women born to the wonderful series of wild goats and SIPRI [Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is an international institute based in Sweden, dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament] championship basketball, I should be separated from whales, wolves and hot spots. Sodomic devices died. Drew that his competition was considered his mother and his mother was the social one. The best way to divide what town was born in the shadow of your mother? Wolf, wolf, wolf, salt knows which city was born in the shadow of his mother? A wild animal, animal, wolf, Caesar Rachel Oberlin is a tiger hunting animal with other Wolves; Violent and greedy but the devil takes shelter in the shadow of death and his mother sees a clean, hot, Brazilian gangster, a wild wolf, and how many other women are in the dog's shadow, their mother's SIPRI's championship, their mother And his mother's mother, Sodara For example this is a winter fairy tale and the average Nobel Domino, shame on the traditional story. Which city was born in the shadow of his mother? In the honor of the wild wolf, wolf a wild animal in which the city was born in the shadow of his mother? Party composer space wolf, wild animal, tiger and they are hungry. But Satan is still searching for a place of asylum in his mother's and her mother's mother's arms. But the devil is in a place of asylum and in the shadow of his mother, the wild goat is a wonderful series of sepals; I should be different from whales, wolves and hot spots. In ***** Satan died.

Is the mother of two children and her mother prostitutes. For example, in winter and the average Nobel domino shame, the spinners of traditional culture. Which city was born, his mother's shadow? In the forest, born in the shadow of the city in honor of his mother wolf, the wild girl or a wild animal. Party composer Space Wolf is a wild animal; a tiger is a wild animal, and he is hungry. However, Satan's bandits sought refuge in the pictures and paintings of wild wolves. But her mother's shadow is for the wild goats and SIPRI championship basketball's wonderful series was born of a woman, I need to split up whales, wolves and hot spots. Devices Sodomic died. The competition for its mother and his mother is one that gets the public's attention; mother born in the shadow of the city in the best way. Wolf, wolf, wolf, his mother was born in the shadow of the city. Wild animals, animals, wolves, Roman Emperor Rachel Oberlin and other animals and one animal is a tiger; Violence and greed but the devil takes refuge in the shadow of death, the mother of a clean hot, Brazilian Gangster, a wild wolf and dog, how many other women are in the shadows of their mothers; SIPRI their Championship mother, his mother's mother Sodara For example, this winter tale and the average Nobel Domino, shame on the traditional event. Which city was born in his mother's shadow? A city of the wild wolf, his mother was born in the shadow of a wild animal eating togumduu. Party composer Space Wolf, wild animals, the tiger and they are all hungry. But the Devil, his mother and his mother's mother's ARMS is seeking asylum in one place. But the devil's asylum is on the ground and in the shadow of his mother, a series of wild goat sepals fine; I whales, wolves and hot spots should be different. ***** Satan died. A sepal is a part of the flower of angiosperms. Usually green, sepals function as protection for the flower in bud and often support the petals when in bloom. The term sepalum was coined by Noël Martin Joseph de Necker in 1790, derived from the Greek σκεπη, a covering.

Two children and their mother's mother-in-law, for example, the winter, the northeast of the Crisis Crisis, etc .. The city was transmitted from its mother's ****, which was on the site of an adapter, an evil animal and a beast animal. Wild wild with wolf space; A beast animal is hungry. : In asylum seekers and owls, photographs and shepherds of the forest, seek asylum. However, the burnt-wings of Shearer's mother and the SIPRI in which wonderful women were born in Whales, in Whales where heavy temperatures have been given. It's dead in Somalia. As a result of his mother's response and his mother's birth in the common awareness of men; This was my mother's day that the best of the city was small. Wolf, wolf, wolf maids were born in the city of Sheadows; animals, wolves, emperors Roman Rachel Oberlin and other animals and birds are wild; Violence, gold, and the death of death but the devil is in the mother's Brazilian brazil, winter and dogs; In fact, many women have become saints; SIPRI's mother-in-law's mother, Sodara is from this winter for example the tradition of martyrdom and destruction of the martyr Nobel. City in the daily estate status? Because of his entirety around Wolf, the Wolf and his mother had been fighting in the midst of the wild animals. Workers of the Party's Party, heritage animals, heroes and her husbands, are hungry. And Satan, his mother and his mother's mother is in an asylum. But the devil is the refuge of the earth and under its branches are the trees of the forest and many other forms. I killed *****, sheep, wolf and hot skin coats. A pilot capacitor is part of a part. Often, when the blocks are over, the seals are covered with flowers and shades. In 1790 Noel Martin coined the word 'sepulum', in Greek σκεπη so named by Joseph D. Necker.

A mother of two children and mother-in-law as a winter crisis in the south, discrimination etc. transported from the city along country into a place that is always evil pushes the animal and the animal's spirit animal. The wild wolves; The animal is hungry. For refugees and owls, sheep photos and forests seeking asylum. However, from the burnt wings of Shearer's mother and SIPRI, wherein whales and the beautiful women in the whales and severe temperatures. He died in Somalia. The movement from the **** of his mother's father and to the common sense of men; That was the best of the city on that day when my mother was a small one. The wolf, wolves, and the wolf by the town of Shadows would have been born; animals, wolves, and other wild animals and the birds, however be a Roman emperor, Rachel Oberlin 1 will bear; The gold death and the devil in Brazil follows the dog mothers in fact, many women are holy; Söndra is the mother SIPRI, Sondra is the winter solstice for example, in the tradition of martyrdom and the destruction of the Nobel martyr the city is in everyday life. Because of Wolf's surroundings, Wolf and his mother fought wild animals. Some workers of the ancestral faith and her husband are hungry for Satan, the mother, her mother and the mother of the asylum. But the devil's refuge is in the branches of forest trees and many other forms. In ***** and killing sheep, a wolf skin is warm. The pilot is part of the capacitor connected with him. Often flowers in shades of blocks at the end seals roofing. In 1790, John Martin, was created but the buried it in Joseph D. Rocket's Greek Nectar.
Johnny Noiπ Feb 11
The woman: the black united love
and the state of white uniforms, who,
good thing, old man, new life of man,
young man and woman, happy age
and power of the woman. It suffices,
the girl was a young woman of your
youthful maids; the young men
of the woman, the silver and the star
of the prostitutes and Greece
were the great wars of the story of things to come,
Giorgos to pin to a change of skin
friends with the sun on the head
of the hot Thomas,                                                       son of the power of evil
as an example of the grace
of the Christian sky, the real little money
for the Russian average yellow moon,
walking from bare ground to Latin;
the third French of Timon, my wife,
my wife: questions live in the gnome
of the beauty of the old north
to the party *** lost the game
German spirit of the German prostitutes
father to the left acute action poet
G ogle peace queen no Kennedy's
York Police Kennedy Rock found
that age, picture without children
of the higher animal garden play;
female state singing July,                                                     the golden tongue;
the humor of the life story;
Ana, the shadow of the baby
wears the dream of the eastern
wall drinking Brazilian dogs;
holy at my hands, my changes
called the law of the rad of Spain;
the church's king reads a stone,
opens pots, his daughter happy,
Italian, usa, saint, robot, glass, foot,
Jerusalem and the other in the mountains.

The Lord of the Missions
of the Jewish Anthony; Antonio
has difficulty protecting
the way from our forefathers,
the help of knowledge,
and the vitamin 100 from the Lord's
finger, the salvation of the wild
sweet words, the children's songs
the best fish snooch; smoke,
smoke work clothes of England,
remember the fines
unknown Spanish royal
escort feel sister *** sleeping
door Star blinds in Greece,
to carry the **** is the half cat,
Mary window in the depths
of Satan crazy deep cloak
of devil gods in the price
of mothers and one laughing
Ireland simple ***** table,
the euro at the beginning
bright pink wall, a great Prophet
of the Theotokos understands
the silver cup, her ***** angels;
of her power in the flame
of the soul is the kind of fruit:

eat the poet hiding from Einstein's
bed mind, considering
that the mountain of the beach,
the legs, the leaves, the autumn's
bad northeast, the revolution
of the sun, the feet of Laura
Felis healthy parents teeth,
the permission of their parents,
with a kiss,                                  if the Lord As he died at the table of Africa,
the club of his lips, the company
that just kind of plastic century;
Jewish lady lights talk about all women wave India light,
the picture has become a means
for magnetic image reading machine
***** shoot sentimental *** meeting
western Greece parody socks Arabic
B the smell of the fat of the sanctuary,
Georgia and her daughter
and she would be able
to make the most of her life,
but she would not be able to do it anymore.
Glory to Paint the Glory Monster's
***** in place of the point
of return to the rocks
of the planet, Tom is married
to the cold gun and stands
more slowly to the fool buried
too late, Inn of the girl from the mountains
will never come in words,
finally come to bring the shadow
of the shadow of the kingdom
and talk about the origin
of the 16th epoch night
I'm going to **** wants
to do it is filled with the souls
of Medeus, we, on the other hand.                                                          Be­ttie,
Johnny Noiπ Jan 17
Viva's Saber (in Spanish: L Awaller)                                                   [1...]
In 1798,                                                 the Spanish artist Francisco Goya
drowned in a canal.                             Today it takes place in the Lazaros
Museum in Galadiano, Madrid.
It was purchased in 1798 with five other paintings
relating to the wise duke and Osvan. [2...]   ||      Viva Sabers (Spanish: L Awaller) [1 ...]
                                                 In 1798, the Spanish artist Francisco Goya.
                            Drowned in a channel that today takes place in Lazaros.
Galadiano Museum, Madrid.
It was bought in 1798 with five other paintings.
Connected to duo knowingly and with Osvan. [2 ...]
Due to the capture of secret images,                the duchess was responsible
                     only      for the duchess, but she did not know
                    if it was finished or not.
[2b] In the twentieth century, painting.
It was bought by businessman José Lázaro Galdiano,
And his death was transferred to the state of Spain.
On Saturday there is a handwritten light.
Like a goat captured during the baroque desert period,
With a blanket of boys and magicians.
The goats have large horns and are decorated with oak leaves.
The old salesman had a baby in his hand.
Satan seems to be working
as a priest at the opening ceremony of the child,
although sometimes the belief in superstition
It is often the whip,                     and the vessels of the people who feed on it.
                       You can see two guys cheating.
One on the left,                                 the other on the crown facing the center.
                                      Established office clothes picked up a touch of earth,
Satan was a cassock. [2, 5]                                         Therefore, beards [2. 6];
                 The silhouettes act like poverty and the body cavity of the mouth, keep applauding and applauding. It's a medium
As you can see,                              and with respect to Moloch's abomination,
                            dirt without form at the same time
The Canaanites, to have a Kircher illuminated 1652.
[In 27 schools]                        Before the court stayed too often as a woman,
especially if they derive from Cowin Woonderfull.
[28] The other form of terror brought arcs;
                        His head had to be watched
          while the patient breathed with fear.
There are women in the history of art,                writes Brian McQuade,
"subgroup of men gathered
and this is mainly due to wild idiopathic stars. "
[29] of his absolute power that women compare.
                                 with King Carl Jung, in 1815, near the Philippines;
There are many specific chauvinist influences,
fear of power [3] and women, young and old,
And similar characteristics, but the rope and the nerves at work are ...
in the atmosphere of Perkins' tone,
I created Luis Vives during the fourth Gomarrah,
Ribera and Jusepe; It is this fact, however,
who are using changes from each one of you,
And in the dark, he was an admirer.
From the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio.
Chamber Orchestra; and the steps,
that are used in obedience still known
for the things that were given to him,
And the same sources,                   as well as Rembrandt.    
[30]                   the devil in the form of a goat,
Surrounded by the flock of the crescent moon.
From the prey of the Covina pig,                          it illuminated Món Barril.
he conquered the crown of oak leaves and goat horns,
You will have a wide range of closed transactions,
It must be picked up in the child's hand.
Near the body, the children are dead.
when a bird was flying over the night of the head.    Substrate with seven arc
                       waves 1789 -
Goy images of witchcraft,                                 they saw the fear of a robbery,
Political gain and half of age of the people.                                           [31 ...]
                                 An old woman sitting to the right of the goat;       I'll see
Nobody hides his face,
And half of the white man is the copy.
Of the hooded head and habit habit.
I sat to the right of the bottles and the axis region.
   If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful,
"And witchcraft and the filters of evil".
[32] With all the eyes of the characters.
They are full of white paint [33] in which the two main figures -.
The goat and the extreme right in recession.
The woman was separated from the group,
      You can hear what is happening at Covina's request.
[32] These two kings, and probable lover, good maiden.
Perky in his industry, Leocadia Weiss [2 ../ 5],
The image appears throughout the fill in the same series.
                                                                ­   [33]

It is less than the black passenger.
Solve the problems of Perkins,    painted in blue, brown,
gray, serious and serious blows.                  Sometimes they went to the place
                                        where they were staying, where the dark black was.
           Of course, they are in the form of a girl,
This is the pain, given the feelings of the devil.
Like other works in the series,
take a week after work,
net shots [34]                     The thickness of the black carbon chalk is applied
                                                    to the underground wash with a white pencil
    Because of the capture of secret images,                                    the duchess
                 was responsible for the Duchess,
but she did not know whether it was finished or unfinished.
[2b]                                     In the 20th century, the painting
was bought by businessman José Lazaro Galdiano,
and his death was transferred to the state of Spain.
On Saturday, handwritten light appears
as a goat captured during the baroque period of the desert,
with a blanket of young boys and old wizards.
Goats have large horns and are decorated with oak leaves. |
The old seller had a baby in his hand. ||
Satan seems to work as a priest during the child's opening ceremony, although sometimes belief in superstition
is often the whip and goggles of people who feed.
You can see two guys cheating.
One on the left, the other on the crown in the center in front.
Wear clerical established picked up a mound of earth,
Satan was an cassock. [2, 5] Hence, the beards             [2. 6];
       Silhouettes act like poverty and body cavity of the mouth,
and a heavy, described clapping.                              It is a form,
as can be seen, and as for Molech the abomination,
of the filthiness out of shape at the same time
the Canaanites,                                  to have a 1652
                                                    Kircher are enlightened;
                                           [He holds 27 school positions]
before the court sat around too often as women,
especially if they derive from Cowin                                      Woonderfull.
[28]          The other form of terror carried bows;
his head to observe as the patient inhales in awe.
There are ladies of art history,                                 writes Brian McQuade,
                                    "sub-group of men gathered
and which is due mainly to the wild, idiotic stars."
[29] of its absolute power that women compare
with King Carl Jung, in 1815,
near the Philippines;
|   there are many specific charisma's influence,
power fear. [3] and women, young and old mix,
and similar features,                             but the job's sad cord and nerves are...
                      in the atmosphere of Perkins' tone,
used to create Luis' Vivas in the fourth Gomarrah,
   Ribera, and Jusepe; it is this fact, however,
that the use as of the changes of all of thee,
and in the darkness was an admirer
of de Caravaggio as chiaroscuro.
Chamber Orchestra;                                                       ­    and the steps,
which are used in yet learned obedience
                                            by the things which were delivered to him,
and out of the same sources, as well as Rembrandt.                        [30...]
the devil in the form of a goat,
surrounded by the rising moon flock
of loathsome Covina carrying,                              illuminated World barren.
conquered the crown of oak leaves and goat horns,
has a wide range. it will be a closed transactions &
should be taken up in a child's hand ordained inside.
Located near the body, some children died
when a bird flying over head night.                        Seven bow wave substrate
                                                          1789 -
Goy images of witchcraft,                       who saw fears of a robbery,
and half of people's ages political gain.                                       [31 ...]
An old woman sitting to the right of the goat; see.
There is no one hiding the face thereof,
                                           and the half of the white man is the copy
of his hooded head, and of wearing of the habit of.
He sits on the right of the bottles and the shaft region.
If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful,
                                           "and witchcraft and philtres diabolical".
[32] With all the eyes of the figures
are lined with white paint [33]
in which the two major figures -.
The female goat,                       and the far right - in a recession.
The woman was separated from the group,
one can hear what is going on in demand Covina.                  [32] These two kings,                                          and probable lover happy maid
Perky in her industry Leocadia Weiss [25+],
whose image appears on the length of filler in the same series.              [33]

                                      ­               That is less than the black sooted passenger
solving problems Perkins, painted in colors of blue,            brown, gray, wide serious blow. At times,                                    they went into the place & left,
                                                                ­            where there is the dark black,
it is clear that they are in the form                                        of a girl,
this is grief given the feelings of the devil.
                    Like other works in the series,
carrying a week after he worked,
slashing strokes. [34]           The thickness of the plaster carbon
black paint applied to the field underlain wash
with a white pencil, color,                                                crystal glass of red
                      and blue in Dortmundi
crushed iron oxides,                               Orphic ointment, cover.        [35 ...]  
     It is not necessarily material is mixed. [23] Technical analysis indicates
                                                                ­ that the majority of Black Art began
with preparatory drawings.               This page was the exception last week
of the composition of the waves does not think
that there is no reverence,        portrayed    in stone.      muzki of the brand
seems to have critic Carl, Mark Licht
«clumsy, bulky and slow, 'it is not enough in comparison
with what went before the end of the work.
                What a thought of how much is a scam,
and they were unable to believe, being vainly Lit
          by their own feelings in the body,
the introduction of a human is doubtful.                                               [36]
The only thing for the series of the week, and the sagas have not changed significantly from the original work Perkins.                                       [34]
Function fantasy wizards, many characters.
The goat runs to the left of the child,                                             not the left,
and the moon stands in front of the canvas
in the upper left corner.                            [5]         In the middle of high land,
many brave warriors can see the speed
of moving backwards along the curves of Chris S. Chandler.

        When the religious clergyman puts an end to the monk,
he brings out a pile of earth that the devil can eat.
[25] Thus,                               the silhouette of a beard                               [26]
                                               works like poverty,
the body cavity, the ****,    the palms
and the palms.           It is a form, as you can see,
and Moloch has put the filth of dirt in the figure,
while the Canaanites,                                  to get illuminated 1652, Kircher.
                   [It took 27 seconds
                                                   before the courts became known as women,
especially if they came from Quinn and Wunderful.                               [28]
               The other form of terrorism takes its head
                                                   to control the patient's inhalation and terror.
There are women in the history of art,
he writes that Brian McQuaid is "a subset of people gathered,
mainly because of silence, because of the stars".              [29]
His absolute power is compared to that of women
with King Carl 1815, near the Philippines;                There are many effects of specific charisms, of fears of power. [3]
Women,                                           a mixture of young and old traits, similar,
                       but the task is nerves and rope. n    
                       The tone Perkins used to create Louis IV's Lives to the fourth
                 Gomorrah,                                                        ­     Riviera and Rio;
Jusepe. Saint-Tropez is a coastal town
on the French Riviera, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region
of southeastern France. Long popular with artists,
the town attracted the international
"jet set" in the 1960s, and remains known
for its beaches and nightlife. The cobblestone paved
La Ponche quarter recalls its past as a fishing village,
although yachts now outnumber fishing boats
in the Vieux Port (Old Port).           However, this is that the use of change
                                                    in everything,
and in the dark,                                                 was admired by Caravaggio
as a true one. Chamber Orchestra;
           the steps used in obedience
that have been won so far by the things
that have been given to him
and by the same sources,                     as well as by Rembrandt.
[30]                                          The devil, in the shape of a goat,
                         surrounded by the high moon of litigious cattle,
illuminates the arid world.                        The crown of crowns
ed oak leaves and goat horns have a wide range.
               The operations that will be carried out
in the hand of the child specified at home will be closed.
Located near the body,                       some children died
when a bird flew during the night.
Seven Substrate Rainbows,        1789 Joey,
magical images that have seen the fear of theft,        half gain political gains.
                                                                ­              [3, 1...]
An old woman standing to the right of the goats; watch.
Nobody hides his face,                   half of the white man is a shadow version,
usually hard.
It is located on the right side of the bottles
and the axis area.                                   If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful
"and a witch and a demon".
With all eyes, the numbers
   fill with white paint [33] -
where the two main characters -.
The goat and the woman from the far right -
in a recession.          The women separated
from the group, you can hear what happens
with Covina's request. (32)                            These two kings, likely lovers and the complete maids of Perkins Leocadia Weiss,
[25] the image appears throughout the series.  [33]

This is less of a problem to solve
the Black,                                              Black Perkins problem of silkworms,
painted in blue, white, gray,                                and once serious and severe.
Sometimes they went to the left where the darkness is dark,
of course under this form is the sadness,
                                 taking into account the feelings of the devil.
Like other works in the series, it takes a week after working, cut.          
                                                  ­                                            [34 ...]
The thickness of the black carbon ice layer
is applied in the field below the surface by a white feather,
a color and a red and blue glass crystal
in iron oxides to the floor of Dortmund. [35]
The required material is not mixed. [23] Technical analysis shows that most of the black arts began with preparatory drawings.
                          This page was last week
except for the composition of the waves,           I do not think there is respect
                        for aesthetic photography.
The photo of the brand seems to be Karl's critic, Mark Licht,
"unfortunate, huge and slow",
it is not enough to compare it before the end of the work.
What he thinks about the amount of scam, he could not believe,
                      being unnecessary to his own feelings in the body,
the human introduction is questionable.                    [36]
The only one that has changed for the series of the week
                      or the epic of Perkins' original work. [3. 4]

— The End —