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Lewis Hyden Nov 2018
A spark is lit in cinders
That alights into a ball of outrage
True to the cause. "They
are at fault, this much is known,"
But is quickly forgotten. Like magpies,

Utterly self-removed, we forget
And collect more shiny things.
Women of ice dance in glass trays
As society's polite reminder:
'Be distracted, please.'
A poem about society.
#6 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
Donna Sep 2018
May it rain or shine
But no matter the weather
Magpies still sing songs
Butterflies may be fading till next year but magpies stay around no matter the weather :)
Inspired over last few days hearing magpies singing in trees , love nature Tis awesomely inspiring  :)
Shin Nov 2018
A rosebud drips down upon the pavement
as father draws a final drag from this
porcelain pipe, its tobacco well-spent.

Rest in peace sweet little summertime bliss.
Lips pressed taut admiring the embers,
while they pieced together a forlorn kiss.

These penultimate moments are a blur
whispered by magpies on the window-pane
wrought by dust bunnies, and letters from her.

Oh lord may we be blessed and insane;
stifle these stains with bullets to the brain.
MJL Mar 11
Rows of starched green and yellow paisley feather stalks
Marching in ordered lines along the road to 57 Eldon Way
Hot dogs and char burgers charge the air with yesterday's homecoming
Buds of moxie memories tipping long ears to big blue
Listening to the chickadees vocal pecking at kernels from the past
Morsels fall to the dirt signal life again for those willing to root
Pulled magpies to lines spy intimate joy-scattered seed below
Promising fortunes creased by hourglasses settled sand
White washed porches with rose printed borders
Nestle a "his and her" swing vantage over familiar fields
Imagined better-time scenes from selfie soaked movies
More real than all the forgotten stones ever stepped upon
Sweet tea sugar fills tall glasses of yarn spun dreams
Glory red and navy rippling a windy beat
To the clang of their steal pole clasp
Swing with them and recall a time of slower horizons
Of richer baskets
Of brighter springs
Of longer summers
Take a dip in the swimming hole
Naked, together, and happy

© 2019 MJL
Eldon is the Iowa town brought to life in Grant Wood's American Gothic painting. 57 is my favorite ketchup and everything best about being human... The poem reflects a memory of returning to a simpler time with improved perspective, remembering what we want. Magpies symbolize good luck, optimism and also deception.
Donna Apr 5
Sweet magpie on roof
Embracing life’s lovely sky
Forever smiling
Wonderful birds one of my favourites , see magpies everyday , there nature’s loviest birds :)
Donna Jun 11
On a path of joy
Squirrel walked along a fence
Magpies perched in a tree
I love nature it as so many beautiful meanings and being appreciative of  happiness and joyfulness is two of its bests meanings xxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Lofts Jul 2018
I admire
The butterflies that follow you around
But I am more fond of my magpies
I will keep the 100 candles in my bedroom lit
Until I hear you say ‘I love you’,
Even if it burns my house down

Home always seems
To be someplace other than where I am
And I’m tired of having to rest my head
In an ocean and hoping I do not drown

Warmth comes in many names
But none of them are you so why do I
I hold you and speak to you and suddenly,
Living is fine

Hold a séance in my lungs
And set fire to my ribs
Talk to the parts of me I killed
I haven’t heard them speak to me in a while.
Yenson Jul 23
The computer built by savages
held a fake Hard Drive made by Scottish Magpies
all external with no verification
whilst a Mainframe Computer is the real deal
the savages took their dud and market it militantly

Simpletons galore brought Scottish Magpies computer
in glaring ignorance they proclaimed keyboard at the ready
load in this disc and watch the show
we are now Gamers with total control
here's the operating Manual but its written in Advanced Braille

oh what a joke to see Barbarians play with dud triggers
this doesn't appear to be working says a semi-barbarian
don't be silly says Scottish Magpies, its working but its all invisible
just make sure you do a headstand when you access the keys
and know it NLP, that's Natural Language Processing
so come to us and we tell you what to say and do

A Mainframe computer is the real deal
Sophisticated, it uses a mainframe because only big iron provides
the processing power to support the many functions  required in a trained informed intelligent mind like factual support
clear and logical processing, while able to monitor signs of fraud,
like crooks, Barbarians and Scottish Magpies in elaborate frauds
as well as perform analytics in real time, and more—and all simultaneously.

This is not a Computer with a one word reference trigger
or visual perceptions programming for the dummies
Don't bother tell that to the Simpletons, its all above their heads
Don't shatter their dreams, they have been told they have Power
just leave them in their Kindergarten playground
The Matrix has a fortuneteller
Old lady in the park
The Matrix is PC reminding
Running off of quarks
And watching some ******* flip over
And land with out a scar
Every little thing the Matrix does
Really needs an exclamation mark
Donna Sep 2018
Today I made a
Shepard pie and I topped it
with soft grated cheese

Then I boiled some
Brussels which reminded me
of green summer trees

So today I ate
summer on my dinner plate
Making my tum smile

It made Deans tum smile
too and together both our
tummies laughed out loud

But Jennifer the
fairy was not impressed , she
was a vegan and

proud to be one , I told
her I was proud of her too
but she gave me a

snide look and she flew
off into a tree to sit
next to a magpie

She whispered into
the magpies ear but I smiled!
Today I learnt a

lesson in life and
that is to accept people
for what they are and

not judge way to much!
As I continue to eat
meat Jennifer would

have to find a way
to forgive me! But she's still
not talking to me

But I'm sure she come
around eventually cause
she's my lovely friend

Sometimes it just takes
time to forgive , but in the
end , it all works out
Just reflecting on my day today and the fact I still eat meat plus my creativity amd imagination seeem to be asleep at the moment *** o yes it's also about forgiveness it was a conversation I had with my Dean today which I found inspiring xxxxx
Al Drood Aug 31
My ragged wings are black as night, my eyes are cold as sin;

the crows and rooks and magpies, and the jays, my nearest kin.

I am a rogue and vagabond, I raid the nests of Man;

I’ll steal his golden trinkets and I’ll take whate’er I can.

Some fools have tried to trap me, and yet others have their guns,

but they who think me stupid little know what’s to be done.

Some others think to bribe me for to leave their crops alone;

I swoop in with my brothers and we take their kernels home.

To superstitious folks who see me perch upon their roof,

a new born babe will follow, for that is the Devil’s truth.

Yet down your chimney should I flit, beware the Reaper’s blade!

Within the year cold death shall come to master or to maid.

So look outside your window now and see what I may do,

If on the weather vane I sit, then rain shall come to you.

But if me and my brothers all do chatter, jack and caw,

then pray we are mistaken, for we tell of coming war.
This poem was written by Shakespeare's Waste Bin on September 23 ,2012 . He no longer graces our world today but I thought I would share his poem about spring with you .

Shush, I hear a Bluebird ring
Around my head the echoing
Of a butterfly's wing

I hear the Crocus opening out
The daisies as they sprout
Nature's whispering are all about

I hear the Foxglove reaching high
Cotton clouds just passing by
And the heartbeats gentle sigh

I hear the courting of a thrush
The wagging of Reynard''s brush
An opening Rose reveals her blush

I hear wiskers scurrying
Bobtail ever burrowing
And magpies quarrelling

Shush , I hear a Bluebell ring
And with it summer bring
Life and love for everything
Donna May 22
Lovely summer trees
Filled with robins and magpies
And sweet sparrows too
So me and dean go dog waking most evenings now over our local park and wow so much beauty to see ***
ymmiJ Apr 24
spring mess, thawing trash
burgers fries, some piggys dumped
still inside their bags
******, funny thing observed,
magpies adore those piggys
now, where's a goat?
Yenson Jul 29
the sacred Isle ruled the waves
then plundered and looted from Benin to China
from Egypt to Greece they took and even Rayleigh craved

Men, women, artifacts, gold silver, diamonds
all come back to our motherland to stay
nothing wrong with that, its all our birthright

A union was agreed between nations around
in opaques agreement lets pool everything and share
we move as one and live in peace and prosperity together

years down the line with all working well
the Isle said we want out we are not getting enough
we can go our own way and get a lot more without sharing

let us not be so selfish says some thinkers
we want out says the people cause we don't like sharing
lets go our way and take and sell to the whole wide world

they say I am greedy because some old man wore a coral crown
and owned the marshes he had lived from 1845 with his brood
no one went to sea to rob another or took taxes from people

the coral crown family all worked day and night
doctors, lawyers, surveyors, civil servants even nurses serving others
never took or asked from State to survive or wore any coral crown

came the wordsmiths and experts in Acquisition international
who wrote the book on Greed and taking from every known place
either by war, treats, bribery or just plain **** chicanery

yes, yes, this renowned Magpies hollered, you are greedy
it will cost you arms and legs, it will cost you all you hold dear
we say you are greedy and that's all, we hear no protest, no mercy

in simple minds logic and reasoning is not to be found
my coral crown old man did not fight to take land or wealth
did not sit in chambers gilded demanding taxes from no one

they moved from the hinterlands in droves led by him
to the coastal areas ****** land, where the marshes were wild
they cultivated and settled after years of exodus, perils and trials

he toiled hard and managed, created communities living in peace
ruled with wisdom and grace and looked after his people
killed no one for gain nor took land or property from any one

Ignore the difference between old man Coral and your own crowns
ignore the truths that shows there's no comparisons whatsoever
listen to the Experts on Greed. they have declared I am greedy
historically and now this Experts must be right, they invented Greed and Rights.........
No one Sep 2018
Looking at my wounded heart,
Wondering why I played my part.

One for sorrow, Two for joy...

I fell in love with you,
Little did I know, you loved her too.

Three for a boy, Four for a girl...

Sweet moonlit walks, the long cold night.
I fell for you, in broad daylight.

Five for silver, Six for gold...

You went back to her, I know it to be true.
But maybe, just maybe, you miss me too.
Seven for my secrets, never to be told.
Donna Oct 2018
Fluffy clouds float by
Trees still in warm summer mode
Magpies on rooftops
Inspired whilst out today :)

— The End —