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Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
If we taught tolerance instead of fear,
how many lives would we have spared this year?

If we taught acceptance instead of hate,
if we taught kids to commiserate,
to see what others have on their plate,
that would make America great.
ConnectHook Feb 18
Donald Trump has made many quite fussy;
as he did for one actor, named Jussie.
In the end, the abuse
was revealed as fake noose,
two Nigerians, red hats, and one *****.

It's so rotten, one almost can smell it
and it's painfully shameful to tell it;
but this fellow named Smollett
reached deep in his wallet.
Some bought it, when he tried to sell it.
Just corner Kevin and ask him about it:
“...Poisoned Chalice”

              -Macbeth I.vii.10-12

We commend each other with curses exchanged
Between a cop and a hard place in space
Red MAGA caps against ****** berets
All of these accessories China-made

Our battleground an asphalt parking lot
Our forward first-aid post a coffee shop
Where Communists glare over their nitros cold
And Fascists froth their frappuccinos hot

We commend each other with a chalice defiled
Over the broken body of a Child
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Zane Safrit Mar 27
The CAFO trucks roll past
Smelling of hog **** and ***
Their passengers squeal maga,
We are not afraid, they cry
Our **** is in your water
You breathe our **** all day long
Who’s crying now?
Maga, they cry. Hahaha

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
I am beginning to realize the depths of corruption ,and absolute hatred necessary  to fracture the very  foundation that is needed for any  civilization to exist within the framework of world history,!  Time alone dictates when tribalism becomes the natural antidote for the ills of entrenched  governments- not borne of true rule  of law or any visionary enmeshed enlightenment,- but one simply conjured up by the latest charlatans of any era. The ability of persuasion is probably more powerful when introduced to the upward mobile societies because the very same momentum that is required to navigate the rise is also the fuel that will widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots.
   No goverment ( as we understand such elements today)  could step into power here and make a balancing  attempt short of totalitarian austarity , simply because those who have become the rich and powerful riders are not concerned by who , what why or how they are allowed to ride so comfortably up the rise . No ,sadly they only care about their seat and making it secure for themselves and theirs, not the multitudes of laboring hungry ,abused and neglected who have found their life is simply 1 of 2 choices . 1 is to just push and survive for themselves and therefore their families or quit pushing and try to get out of the suddenly backsliding monster , hoping to salvage something - anything - from the eventual catastrophic collision as the future propels itself into the reality of an ever looming past ; that is time itself and cannot be stopped. Certainly not  by our insignificance, no matter how vainglorious we believe we are !  In the end ,; as in any beginning,  time has shown that we are nomads to entrenched stone fortresses back to nomad to bigger,  stronger fottresses that never hold forever- time sees to that as it passes by ,carryjng the latest brand of tribal nomads with it and crushing all in its wake. The world ,- I fear - has never seen the likes of the  American  nomads, who are now being.manufactured as we stand here today ,arguing about what MAGA means and what bathroom should be used . In literal terms again indicates a return to something we were , which is something time simply will not allow , as those riding high and unconcerned are determined to see for themselves  as it flashes before their eyes . I am no longer pushing or encouraging others ,who may believe a rest will exist when we reach the crest. No crest exists because time is constant ,its march always steady and its path is a flat endless plane while we create the rise and angle of ascent  in mathmatical precision ...calculated by the number of and energy needed by the ones   pushing  multiplied  by the unknown factor of X (what it takes to stay alive )
.   Hungry hopeless ,frightened sick and neglected people ( no matter the good will and pride ) cannot keep going if more energy output  only steepens the angle. Time runs this show and you know what that saying is ...only time will tell.
Absolutly correct ...only this go round we may still have an internet connection linking us back to who you were and what you did to your family name . That will be your legacy ,but it may well be the heavy chain of shame that your children and  grandchilren will bear the weight of for generations to come- and only you know why they are sentenced to do your time as  the Amercan version of untouchables
Woody Nov 2018
I know paradise was never lost
and so, it doesn’t need to be replaced
by the maga king confused for a magi
while I look up at midnight, the moon
is an unblinking eye of a girl in sandals
caught in concertina wire like a vandal
such a bad hombre, probably MS-13
staring all wide-eyed like Why?
dressed like a peasant, only sixteen
and the stars are all her little sisters
hiding in the reeds on the other side
of the river from the Posse comitatus
still, there, the moon caught in the wire
staring, daring us to not feel torn apart
rifles in our hands, bullets in our hearts.
Really, don’t we have more at stake than to fear desperate peasants only wanting a better life. How many MAGA followers are willing to pick your tomatoes from the vine, clean your nice Disney Hotel rooms, fix your Taco Grande at Taco Bell?  Get in line brothers and sisters. Fear of immigrants isn’t what tomorrow’s voting is about. We should fear more the hateful rhetoric, the lies, the loss of healthcare for a pre-existing condition, better education for our children, our good Mother Earth. These and so much more are the things we need to care about as we cast our ballots. Get out and vote for our children’s future, today’s many inequities, your parents and grandparents Medicare and Medicaid. Vote for your own future. Vote against the lies and hate.

We’re better than that now, aren’t we?
Woody Sep 2018
Today began with the best
of intentions, I made a list
of all that needs doing:

Sort out receipts for
those things FEMA
will assist with, but hope
is a check in the mail, Yo.

Faith I gave up
a long time ago,
and evaporated milk
in coffee still *****.

(Any if y’all have a cow for sell?
There’s no dairy products or produce
to be found in The Ferry, but plenty
of smokes, alcohol and dope. Go figure)

I YouTube’d how to
replace roof shingles
and now I’ve changed
my resume to Hammer
and Tacs, but No Sycles:
Will Work for Freedom
and Women for Free
Room and Back Rubs
Hot Tubs, Soft Beds,
No Board required.

(Those of a certain sort
of persuasion, of course.) ;)

I even posted online
for work in Amsterdam
or any **** place but here.

(And here is a big **** place.)

Hell, I’ll even go back to Afghanistan
and repair those errant holes on stone
statues  and clay homes; I’m also quite handy with a trowel and shovel, you know, though I don’t dig hats like Indiana Jones;  no,
no hat man here, me, you see.

(Particularly those tacky red MAGA hats
that remind me how great America once was, and the check’s in the mail, Dreamas)
Yo. A bit of a lightheated post. My best of choring intentions drained out somewhere between Harris Teeter and the pub where I stopped for a cold beer. Tomorrow is Mundy, after all.

It’s Thursdy now and I’m thirsty.  My local pub Blackbeard’s is mostly gone. The Riverview lost her fish house and all shuttered up. McDs doesn’t serve the kind of beverage I need. Still no milk to be found in the Ferry. FEMA came for an inspection of my place. Ha!  10 minutes and on his way. You good, bro, he say. Yo.
ConnectHook Mar 26
Jussie walks ! Money talked—and talked loud
To the Trump-hating race-hustle crowd;
And they break forth in cheers
As star Smollett appears
For their drama-queen makes them so proud.

For a moment Fake News became tense:
Jussie's narrative made little sense.
There were lies told in spades,
But the incident fades;
Now it's on to more current events.
Lawrence Hall Aug 2018
The President is writing in ALL CAPS today
And that’s all right because caps are okay:
They keep his head warm in the winter’s cold
He has ‘em in colors: red, white, and gold

And an old one in green from Viet-Nam
Where he was a-serving 1 of his Uncle Sam
Only he didn’t, but that doesn’t matter
He’ll dodge the issue with bluster and natter

Be grateful he sports his red MAGA cap
To cover his head, ‘cause it’s full of

        ­                                                                h­air

1 allusion to Kipling's "Gunga Din"
Woody Jul 2018
I’m old enough to remember when
coyotes all lived west of Memphis,
Tennessee, and the sheep ranchers in
Skull Valley, Utah, still paid a twenty
dollar bounty for a perfectly matched
pair of ears, not that I ever shot at any
of the gods’ four-legged creatures, but
by god, those two-legged primates with opposable thumbs that shot at me, I sure as hell shot back, (although counting
coup by taking two ears that walked on two legs was frowned upon, even then,
as far back as I went, by Generals and
the public in general, I think), anyway,
the point I was trying to make is just this: just when and why and how(l) did the coyotes decide to cross the mighty Mississipp into Memphis as I mentioned sometime back before I digressed about the opposable thumbs and guns and counting coup and such ridiculousness, but still, the question remains and I’m quite perplexed about the spread of four-legged varmints more-so than the two-
legged illegal aliens in search of safer harbors and their children, caged up like so much vermin and varmints that Trump
and his angry too much Mussolini in his heart and hair, his hateful MAGA red-hatted, conceal-carry permitted redneck backers, Putin and his Russian hackers, and here I go again, oh boy, I swear I only wanted to know if coyotes spread so far east to howl at a new moon rising out of the Atlantic, and if they sought asylum, would Trump separate the pups from their Moms and Pops or build a wall along the Arkansas side of the mighty Mississippi, while I listen to those dreaming coyotes howl and call out to a new moon rising
up and out of my Atlantic like a welcoming sign for all coyotes to come and sit high on the dunes waiting and watching for a compassionate new moon shining free?
Oh, ccome on. Even if you’re totally ambivalent, or gods forbid, for Trump, can’t y’all at lest find some humor in these not so harmonious times?
Lawrence Hall Oct 2018
The president wants us to come together –
One imagines a sea-to-shining sea
Patriotic ****** (with a touch of leather?)
And everyone moaning “MAGA!!!!” simultaneously
Laura’s Glossary over 1000 new “Words that can be used as names”

Aa Aab Aaba Aalaa Aalacea Aalad Aalas Abella Acean Aceana Aceanne Acelet Acelta Acema Acera Acerelle Acesa Acestala Acian Ada Adita Aega Aegan Aegeana Aela Aeos Aerga Aergea Aesa Aesal Afra Aga Agaba Agace Agad Agada Agamara Agata Agis Agmara Agmer Agnas Agnes Agnis Agnus Agra Agriel Ahew Aiama Aina Ala Alada Alasa Alacea Alacia Alae Alaena Alain Alala Alanna Alarc Alarch Alare Alarelle Alaria Alaris Alarn Alarna Alarnie Alasea Alasia Alasma Alata Alathia Alatia Alatra Alatta Alb Alben Alber Albera Alberdean Alberem Alberia Alberian Alberk Alberm Alda Aldan Aldara Aldeb Aldira Alera Aleeta Alerce Alerd Alerda Alesia Aleste Alila Aliss Alius Alk Alkare Alkarn Allma Allra Alluma Allura Alma Almara Almeama Almin Aln Alna Alnika Alnya Alpard Alra Alsha Alta Altace Altalan Altam Altem Alumea Alumna Alura Alus Alwin Ama Amae Amaedus Amaeus Amageus Amalisa Aman Amarise Amasa Amatha Amathan Ambace Ambem Amedea Amelisa Amelita Amepa Amera Amerada Ameralla Amerema Amerena Amerie Amerina Amerisa Amerla Amerle Amerlin Amerlyn Amerna Amerrella Amery Ameryn Amisea Amla Amlet Amma Amman Amme Ammie Amona Amra Amrena Amrise Amsal Amtel Amya Anacan Anadey Anama Anamia Ananda Anania Ananise Anarey Anarra Anaura Ancana Andrella Andrem Anelis Anelize Anelyse Anena Anenda Anerelle Anerema Anerie Anerlin Anerlyn Anesa Anesma Anesmo Angena Ania Anian Anilese Anima Anina Anisa Anisra Anista Anla Anlara Anler Anlet Anlire Anlise Annan Annera Annesa Annice Annon Anra Ansal Ansala Ansara Ansel Ansta Anu Anuan Anuara Anuark Anumie Anwan Aplam Arada Arald Aralda Aralten Arca Arcada Arcana Arcten Ardal Ardale Ardall Ardan Arece Aredall Aregen Arela Arelda Arella Arelle Arence Aresa Arete Arett Argia Aria Arialla Arigin Arila Arilla Arinelle Aris Arisa Arisha Arisia Arius Ark Arka Arkada Arkeda Arkell Arkella Arkem Arkema Arkla Arkma Arla Arlad Arlem Arlen Arlet Arleta Arlin Arnace Arnal Arnald Arnall Arnga Arnisa Arpem Arphal Arpla Arra Arsaia Arsten Artell Arvada Arwal Asain Asma Atala Atalan Atalma Atawna Atila Atis Atmie Atra Atris Atva Auda Audral Awin Bapa Beama Belara Belarie Belaris Belisa Bem Bena Benert Bennis Benu Bepa Ber Bespoke Bessie Blace Blada Blara Blent Brilly Bubbla Cace Cadan Caddan Cade Cadera Cadia Cadira Cadita Camala Camla Canam Canara Canera Canesa Canis Canise Canisma Canla Cannera Cannire Canor Canura Casima Casma Castala Celena Celesta Celestia Cerasa Cerena Ceres Ceresa Ceris Cesse Chrachi Chras Chresa Ciena Circen Cirsten Clancey Cleme Craseda Cresa Creseda Criselle Cylan Dacia Dacian Dalanie Dalanne Dalar Dalara Dalat Dalata Dalise Dallar Dallara Dallen Dallma Dallra Dalma Dalpha Dalphia Dalphine Dalra Dalta Danis Danise Danra Dapa Daphine Daphnis Dara Darala Darall Darasea Darca Darcean Darceana Darcia Darcian Darck Darckia Dariana Daris Darisa Darisia Darkan Darken Darlan Dase Daseina Daseinn Dasen Dasien Dasri Datra Dawa Dawes Dawey Dayma Dayra Dayrel Deama Deara Debes Della Dema Demert Demerta Demery Demeta Demetra Demirta Demita Demma Demme Demmie Demory Deren Derena Desa Desma Desme Desna Desse Desta Dirlem Drelle Drem Drema Dremelle Dremme Dreya Eace Eagan Eartha Earthal Earthall Easa Easta Ebace Eben Eda Edala Edall Edalus Edee Edela Edem Ederina Ederine Edma Elda Eledea Elemus Elesia Elestis Elga Ellesea Ellila Ellise Elmara Elp Elpa Elsea Elsh Elsha Emalra Emera Emerala Emerall Emeralla Emereen Emerelle Emeren Emerena Emerene Emerin Emerina Emerne Emersa Emersan Emersen Emeta Emilra Emla Emlara Emlet Emletra Emlyn Emmera Emmetta Emora Emra Emren Emrich Emrin Enna Enra Enrin Epsila Erece Eres Eria Erian Erina Ersalla Ersella Esa Esan Esda Esena Eshia Esia Esie Esma Esra Esria Esta Estia Etela Etta Eura Famla Feben Fen Fenlan Frenna Fresa Fresan Fresean Gad Gada Gadag Gadall Gadar Gadara Gaday Gaden Gadera Gadira Gadita Gadla Gadon Gadra Gaeon Galacia Galad Galada Galaneia Galata Galax Galaxa Galm Gald Galda Galex Galta Galeamna Galela Galena Galil Galila Galilea Galy Gama Gaman Gan Gana Ganama Gandan Ganny Genma Genny Genra Giam Giama Gim Gima Gimrian Gisma Grada Gradis Greda Griffa Hadia Hanra Harlet Hedala Hedem Heden Hedena Hedla Hedsten Hedstin Hela Helian Hesse Hesta Hia Hiaman Hiana Himera Hod Honita Hy Hyala Hyan Ial Iama Iaman Iata Idella Igan Igma Imra Ina Inal Inania Inara Inarc Inarck Inawey Inda Indall Inga Ingan Ingara Ingra Inlela Inlita Inra Inwan Ipsen Ira Iren Isdes Iselad Iseld Isheb Islar Islarn Isma Ismawa Isola Ista Jace Jada Jadan Jadella Jaida Jaide Janra Jenia Jenla Jenra Jula Julan Juleb Julicia Kacema Kadera Kadira Kadita Kaga Kagam Kagara Kagen Kagin Kagla Kagma Kagra Kalena Kalila Kamlet Kanla Kannor Kelga Kella Kellan Kellen Kena Kenam Kennice Kennis Kenra Keresma Kersea Kesa Kesan Kesandra Kesda Kesla Keslera Kesse Kesta Kestia Ket Kett Ketta Kiren Kras Kresan Krisa Lacelle Lacia Lacrisa Lacrisia Ladira Ladita Lahuer Lakrisa Lalan Lalda Lalra Lancan Lanra Larada Larelle Laresda Larp Larpa Leal Lerce Leresa Lerma Lersa Lersea Leura Libma Lilina Lillisa Lilma Lilteb Lira Liren Lirma Lisea Maga Magan Magian Mahew Makem Mamilla Mamisa Manhew Manla Manra Mapa Mariella Marlan Marna Marnall Marnelle Masea Mathan Mathal Matheln Mathal Mathala Mathes Matra Matren Matrin Mawpaw Mayra Meama Mederina Medine Medra Meema Meldra Mellen Melra Mem Mema Mera Merada Merama Merana Merdan Merdana Mered Mereda Meredan Merelle Meren Meresa Merian Meriana Merida Merien Merin Merina Merkell Merla Merlan Merlem Merlen Merlena Merlma Merma Mermay Mern Merna Merne Merriane Merrin Merrina Mersana Mersea Merta Meryn Mertis Mert Merta Mertam Metis Metrin Metrina Miama Midra Mima Mimo Minla Minra Mirena Mirlem Mosa Mya Myan Myara Mydace Mydrem Mye Myma Myme Mymee Myra Nadan Nadela Nadira Nalan Namila Nark Narkus Nava Nellen Nelpa Nem Nemen Nera Nerb Nerma Nerna Nerta Nesme Nesria Nesse Nighla Oce Ocema Palae Palis Pasea Pelm Pemala Pemara Pemera Pemla Pesma Plada Plara Plares Pleacea Plera Ponis Pontia Prala Prallus Prax Praxia Praxiam Prema Premus Primus Prisa Prophesize Prophess Quama Radall Radan Radeb Radesa Radeta Radita Radlem Radley Radlin Radmer Rala Ralla Ralra Raria Rasa Rasea Rasma Reaga Rean Rela Relan Rell Relm Rena Renan Resa Rett Reyan Reyna Risa Risea Riseld Risem Ruska Saba San Sanra Sarella Saria Sarian Sariana Sarie Sarina Seaga Seamie Seda Senera Senna Senra Seresa Sesen Setia Simian Sirlem Starla sten Sylan Tabace Tace Tadarl Talan Talana Tam Tama Tamia Tasma Temil Temis Temra Thala Thela Thera Trala Tunia Tunisa Tylan Tylar Unisa Unlevi Vam Wilian Zan Zana Zerd
Zing- to be stunning
Mycracasm- to be beneath another’s bad intention, to slip into someone’s trap; to fall or go into a crack
Mycra- to correct the behavior of the causer of a mycracasm
Gagle- someone that tries to inappropriately silence their victim without trying to correct an issue and makes other people complain too much
Qurelle- The causer of a mycracasm
New Native American Words and Names by Laura Trueman
Bob B Mar 1
Sing, Michael! Sing your song.
Let your voice be loud and clear.
Yes, you might have done some wrong,
But now what have you got to fear?

Suborning perjury, tax evasion,
Bank fraud, insurance fraud…
And yet your previous boss continues
To hide behind his MAGA façade.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg,
For we can guess what else he's done.
We wait for more revealing details
On Individual Number One.

What ever possessed you to be
The fixer for a conman who
Lies to us--the American people?
Did you not know what would ensue?

Illegal campaign contributions
Don't upset his supporters at all.
Their main concern is that their man's
In office and that he'll build his wall.

You have seen how his Republican
Goon squad in Congress has his back,
And how the members will lie and cheat
To help the megalomaniac?

You must face the consequences
For what you've done, but pray tell,
Will he have to pay for all
The illegal things he's done as well?

So you've lied for the president.
Maybe the truth will set you free.
We are patiently waiting for
The results of Mueller's inquiry.

So sing, Michael! Sing your song.
Let your voice be loud and clear.
Yes, you might have done some wrong,
But now what have you got to fear?

-by Bob B (3-1-19)
Bob B Oct 2018
Kanye West visited Trump
At the White House, and man, what a scene!
His words were bouncing off all the walls,
Just like a ball in a pinball machine.

His disjointed rantings and ravings
Made little if any sense.
He ****** up to the president
More than even Michael Pence.

Rambling about the 13th Amendment,
The Unabomber, and then trap doors,
He ended the strange concoction of thoughts
With a weird reference to thirteen floors.

To him, Trump is a father figure.
To prove how much he is fan,
Whenever he wears his MAGA cap,
It makes him feel like Superman.

Illegal guns, tasting fine wines,
And liberals controlling blacks
Through racism? You wanted to say,
Calm down, Kanye. Try to relax.

One thing is certain: We can see
From trying to follow his monologue threads,
That Kanye needs some serious help.
Kanye, please get back on your meds!

-by Bob B (10-14-18)
A Yorks Jan 20
Sams pashtar hasa.
Hay pashtar tati swaswarga, aysh mari.
Na gwada na gwarshya pashtar yakaya.
Tu yakan pashtari shwada, yakabush hasa, ya sa yakay maga.
Ma yakan pa shwada, na yakabush nayminabi shawga.
War majish farhakrabi, parkun upar, jantu yakabush wayda.
Na dishman na shwadar na tam shawi faras ubi shwald dawsarsh.
War pashtars sushnu darsa, faras ubi shwald para.
Palhu sashwal sushnu gwasha ha yakabush sansh.
Nu sushnu faras-u agwama, nu tu parkun ubi shwalda.
Ubiubi shwalda, tu farhakrasu agwama.
Sushnu yakabush jasar-ha grabash para.
Ba ma gwashla!
Tu sipadi parkuns shanti aw pit nayka.
Mash chastas sushnus pashtari gwama.
Tu sushnu pashtarha tar sapala.
Tashla sushnus sapaltal tar daysha.
Nu-arsh palhu Winja Sushnus Tashla wayda.
"The Song of the Standing Stone

Once there was a father.
This father was so very ill, that he might have died.
Not prayer nor ritual could heal the father.
Then the healer told the father, that there was a healing herb, that could heal him.
But the healer said also, that the healing herb could not grow in the valley.
Only on a great mountain peak, above a cliff, could one find the healing herb.
Not man, not animal, not even birds would dare to go up the mountain.
Only the son of the father dared to climb up the mountain.
Many days and nights the son walked in search of the healing herb.
Now the son arrived at the mountain, and began to climb.
Up and up he climbed, then came to the mountain top.
The son tried to reach the healing herb with his hand.
But he made a mistake!
Right then his foot began to slip from the cliff's face.
Much sadness came to the father of the son.
Then the son was buried there by his father.
A standing stone marks the grave of the son.
Now many Wenja know of the Stone of the Son."
By: Cedric McClester

When first he practiced to deceive
He thought for surel he’d be believed
Which only shows you how naïve
He had to be just to conceive
Being mugged at 2am
In cold Chicago by two men
Who put a rope around his neck
Which made his tale a tad suspect

After launching homophobic slurs
And for good measure it then occurs
To say they wore a MAGA hat
After throwing bleach on him like that
Turns out they were Nigerian
Both of whom had worked with him
Hired just to play that role
But they would not be his *******

Controversy often pays
Turns out he wanted a salary raise
When disparaging remarks about ****
Didn’t grab their attention, no one was phased
He thought it’s time to launch Plan B
Which he hoped would get their sympathy
But at the time, little did he know
To what length the Chicago Police would go

So now the mystery has unraveled
It was a bumpy road the actor travelled
Which often happens to those who dabble
In deceit and psychobabble
Now look at him see what he got
His eight-by-ten is a mugshot
And now I think he can plainly see
How hard it is to fool TMZ

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Lawrence Hall Oct 2018
De-Colonize This Space

Drum circle protests genderplop demands
Indigenous discount store camouflage
We demand persistent stereotypes
Solidarity initiative project

Take back the people’s cultural statues
Ethnographic curatorial practices
Red spray paint fire imperialism
Repatriate the Iphone Starbuck’s cups

And don’t forget the “Hey! Hey! **! **!’
Because we’re, like, artists and stuff, you know?

2. De-Colonize This Space Too

Guns and cholesterol made America great
Fat white boys in discount store camouflage
Duct-tape the Bible and the border wall
We won our freedom with our Kalashnikovs

Fake news back-stabber not a war hero
Lock her up get ‘em outta here yuge deal
You RINO losers can grab my MAGA

You snowflakes are sissies, you millennials too
But ouch! my heel spurs hurt, oh boo-hoo-hoo!
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

— The End —