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Terry Collett Apr 2012
Jimmy opened his suitcase in the room
at Lourdes and said Oh no there’s molasses
all over the clothes and shoes and I’ve got

a whole week here and he sat down in a chair
his head in his hands saying What have I done?
What am I going to do for clothes now? you

went over and looked in and sure enough
the molasses were over his clothes and shoes.
What am I going to do? he said and you said

Leave it to me Jim I'll sort it and you went through
the clothes taking out the items untouched
by the molasses and set them aside on the bed

and then carried the suitcase of black sticky items
Into the washroom and there one by one you carefully
washed them through with soap and water until

they were clean and smelt of soap and fresh air
and all the while 94 year old Jim sat in a chair
watching with his eyes watery and jaw hung loose

seeing the black water run down the wide plughole
and once it was done you wrung the clothes out
like your mother used to do when you were a kid

and hung them out on the balcony on the small
clothesline and placed the washed out black shoes
by the outside wall to dry out in the hot afternoon

sun and Jimmy came over and stood on the balcony
with one hand on the rail and the other on his stick
looking over at the Pyrenees in the distance and he

said That was real good of you. I owe you big time
and you stood next to him feeling the hot afternoon
sun on your face and arms and felt good and you

said You owe me nothing Jim I just did what some
good guy would and his watery eyes swept over you
matching the French sky’s watery afternoon blue.

My geographic movements during the past year could be called “A Tale of Two Couches.” So as June draws to a close, I assume the position here again on Couch California. I am back in Hemet, the place the smug among us call Hemetucky--as if there was nothing a couple of Mint Juleps and a **** of Blue Grass wouldn’t cure. It is the year of our Lord, 2014: so far an interesting year for women. There was a woman who wore socks to bed. There was always my long-time, here today-gone tomorrow, long time companion, currently teaching somewhere remote on the Big Rez, a southwestern Navajo concentration camp near the 4 Corners.  Next, there’s my current object of affection, that fine and frisky lady from The Bronx by way of Bernalillo--currently at home in Laguna Beach, Orange County. Trixie: my main squeeze at the moment.

And now, completely out of the ******* blue this afternoon, my cell phone rings and it’s ******* Juanita--my all-time favorite woman, Juanita Mi Favorita de La Quinta--a Coachella Valley town and desert wadi, extending its lucrative winter tourist season to become a significant, year-round retirement venue and a robust service economy feeding off it.  Juanita arrived there in the late 80s, in middle of her early forties.  She was unemployed, homeless, just a suitcase to her name and a two-year old toddler in tow. Her parents were there, as was her Aunt Peggy.  Juanita was always Peggy’s favorite niece, her favorite child, actually, Peggy herself being childless, never married.  Aunt Peggy put her maternal instincts to work on Juanita Rodriguez, her Sister Rosalia’s second favorite twin daughter.

Maria, Rosalia’s first favorite daughter, Juanita’s twin sister—MARIA: lives in Newport Beach and acts as an extra in many commercial ads shot in southern California and elsewhere, an irony never without sting for Juanita. “Que lastima!” Poor Juanita: as her would-be Hollywood Movie star aspirations disintegrated over the years, along with her unrealized lower expectations to be TV star, and even those semi-glamorous modeling gigs at trade shows and fairs—the elephant’s graveyard of the acting profession—failed to materialize, and now her celebrity habitat shrunken even further, to that sporadic but consistent mockery of stardom, I refer to any would-be thespian’s ignominious one-celled visual protozoan: The Extra Call List.  And—*******-- what happens next? Juanita’s sister Maria starts getting these parts, starts getting hired by filling out a ******* postcard, starts getting paid to look good in the background. *******: no professional education or instruction, no agent, and no need to **** off both the producer, the producer’s cousin Morey, the director and the director’s wife’s huge Golden retriever, Genghis--actually a mighty handsome animal--or needing to spill $4K on that Derma-brasion, Juanita inflicted on herself last year.

Juanita, as you already know, was the second favorite daughter and the second favorite twin of the family. She became the third favorite child in her three-child family upon the arrival of her slick baby brother Nico-- the Golden Child, who grew up to be a glib Merrill-Lynch stockbroker, office and residence, Beverly Hills 90112.  (Enter forcefully into the narrative, His Nibs himself, Sir Nicodemus of Hollywood, Juanita and Maria’s baby brother Nico. He speaks: “Excuse me, stockbroker my ***, as it says in a 11 point Rockwell Boldfont, right here on my gold-leaf embossed business card: Senior Large Capital Investment Counselor.”)

No, Juanita had a hard time just treading water in that Cleveland shark tank. And though she lacked nothing in the cuteness department, she had this one fatal flaw, namely, the gift of ***** and sass and a reflex to speak truth to power. Juanita: rejected by Rosalia as a threat to her hegemony as Boss of the Girl’s Club, was cast adrift on a tempestuous childhood cruel Montserrat sea, out there on the briny deep . . .  


High Seas: where many a tuna has a Sorry Charlie moment: “Star-Kist don’t want no tuna with good taste; Star-Kist wants a tuna that tastes good.”

Finally, Juanita is rescued, taken aboard the Good/Soul Aunt Peggy—that wayward bark Elisabeta Rodriguez, home-ported in Southside, Chicago, Illinois—the rescue at sea performed in classy, rather low-key manner; no Andrea Doria drama, but understated:

{Camera One, Helicopter above, zooms over turbulent ocean surface. Peggy, an oasis of calm, aboard the raft Kon Tiki with Thor Heyerdahl and his crew, floats by, whispering, “Going my way, Honey? Climb aboard. Have a homemade oatmeal cookie and a small glass tumbler of Jack Daniels.” Okay, no, that’s not fair. Sure Aunt Peggy drank, but never got round to offering you a drink until you were well into your 30s. Let’s just say she offered you a warm glass of milk, the mother’s milk deprived you by your mother, her sister Rosalia. Dear Aunt Peggy: a seasoned survivor herself, flawed by early childhood deafness and grotesque speech.  Yet, she had refused to settle for life in an asylum. She made a go at life.  She learned; she prospered; she flourished. And when the time came, she was there for you in the Coachella Desert, there for her feisty niece Juanita Ann.  Aunt Peggy: a loving spirit personified, became Juanita’s special confidant and counselor, her personal cheer squad of one. Juanita, of course, a former cheerleader herself--an early hint of greatness to be sure, a highlight, perhaps the highlight of her life, shown off every Halloween, still celebrated at American high schools each Fall. She is the Principal’s secretary at a huge suburban high school in Indio. Each Halloween, if the date falls on a school day, Juanita arrives for work wearing that scrupulously preserved, vintage 1966 cheerleader uniform, looking real foxy still, snug now in all the right places. Eternal Truth: Juanita has always and will always be good looking. Life with Juanita is perpetual “ooh la-la.”

So, I am on the couch that afternoon, reading more of Gramsci’s prison notebooks, specifically the philosophy he calls “Praxis.”  Completely out of the ******* blue, Juanita calls me on a RESTRICTED phone, as I said, Juanita, a torch I’ve kept burning for years, flaring up like a refinery flame--oil still very much in the present energy mix--hope springing eternal as they say, and instantly my mission in life is rekindling our lost love. Juanita’s conceived her mission prior to her phone call:  using me to keep her son from being whacked by the local Eme--the Mexican Mafia—that ethnic-pride social club that the RICO-squad-- using family tree socio-grams and other expensively-printed graphics, the one RICO keeps trying to convince us is some sort of organized crime conspiracy. The Mexican Mafia: like everything else practical and utilitarian in this world: THAT’S ITALIAN! And, if you are starting to sense a bit of ethnic chauvinism on, between & below the lines, you are barking up the right tree.
(AUTHOR’S POST-SCRIPT EDIT: And, an ad for dog food right here? Not the best choice of sponsors, perhaps, at the moment. Juanita was far off from the ****** ***** that start looking not half-bad at 2:30 in the glazy morning, not anywhere near those beasts you find lingering in the airport bars you usually frequent near closing time on Saturday nights. No, I remind you that Juanita was all “ooh la-la.” In my next printing—and my Lord, there have been so many, haven’t there, Paulie “Eat-a-Bag-of-****” Muldoon? I will change out the Alpo ad, plugging in a spot for Aunt Jemima pancake syrup or Betty Crocker whipped cream, you know, something more apropos.)

Juanita, I really must hand it to you. You showed the greatest staying power, year after year as I moved further and further away from La Quinta, California. Juanita: you embraced what was good in me, ignored my flaws and strengthened me with your love for so many years. As far as you and Peggy, I guess it was a case of the “apple not falling far from the tree” one of many endearing Midwestern metaphors you taught me.  Peggy taught you, taught you to be kind and then you taught me. No matter what bizarre venue I pulled out of my ***, you showed above-average staying power, continued to visit me wherever I went, Casa Grande & Buckeye, Arizona, Appalachia, West Virginia, and even Italy, when I thought I’d try Europe again after so many years.  With each move, each time, Juanita renewed her commitment to the relationship. Meanwhile, I continued to test her, quantifying her dedication, undermining her sense of mission to disprove my worldview on the expendability of women. Surely, you know that one: the unreliability of women, women who disappear without saying goodbye. That old deeply etched conviction to never get attached to a woman, any woman, based on the empirical fact that women have been known to suddenly die, a fact seared into my still tender metal by the surprise death of my mother on 11 January 1962.

1962. It was already an insecure world, to wit:  The Cuban Missile Crisis. Nikita Khrushchev, in his time both Dr. No and Dr. Evil, namely the Premier whom we Baby Boomers saw as Boogey Man of All Time (Although Putin is showing potential, lately)—the Kennedy ****** (what else could you call it?). All these events scary, whether or not I got the chronology right . . . I remained on high alert for any threat to my delicate adolescent psyche.  My mother-Rosa Teresa Sekaquaptewa-died at 2 o’clock in the morning, screaming in agony while apologizing to my father for not having his dinner on the table when he walked in from work that prior afternoon. She’d already been in bed since noon, attended by two of my aunts--both my father’s sisters--who loved their Hopi sister-in-law, Rosa.  Also present was Lafcadio Smirnoff, M.D.--last of the house call medicine men--a dapper, mustachioed, swarthy gentleman, misdiagnosing her abdominal pain as a 24-hour virus, while she bled out internally for at least eight more hours, her whimpers alternated with screams, well into the wee hours of the morning.

I was upstairs in that dormer bedroom listening to her die. An hour later, Father Numb-nuts of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish teleported in, beaming directly into my bedroom from the parish rectory.  Father Seamus Numb-nuts, an illuminated Burning Bush . . . not quite the bush I ‘d conjured at other times, so many times alone with Gwen Wong, ******* Playmate of the Year, 1961, one of Hefner’s hot centerfolds. No, give me a ******* break, you momo! Whacking off is the last thing on a libidinous, adolescent guinea’s brain when his mama is being tortured and killed by God. Even Alexander Portnoy, Philip Roth’s early avatar would have drawn the wanking line at that unforgettable moment.

No, perhaps what I’d had in mind was The Burning Bush Golf Course where so much of Fletcher Kneble’s political mischief and government shenanigans got cooked up. You remember his books, some of the Cold War’s finest: Seven Days in May, Vanished, etc.

Or better yet, perhaps the greatest political slogan of the 20th century: “STAY OUT THE BUSHES!” Thank you, Jesse. “Thank you, Reverend Jackson,” I slip into my Excellence in Broadcasting mode, my very own private Limbaugh. Announcing my on- air arrival is El Rushbo’s unmistakable, totally recognizable bass line bumper, courtesy of Chrissie Hynde’s Pretenders band mate, guitarist Tony Butler: Dum, dum, dum-dum, Da-dum, dum-dum-dum-dum-da-dum-dum. Single, “My City Was Gone” by The Pretenders
Rush Limbaugh Song– YouTube

I become Reverend Jackson. I emerge from the vapors, an obscure abyss of deep family pangs and disappointments, ever-diminishing public relevance and fade to black (no pun intended) and media oblivion. The only thing left is that line:  “STAY OUT THE BUSHES!” You will always own that line, Jesse--true political genius (to wit: Rainbow Coalition) Jackson that you are, despite El Rush-Bo’s virulent anti-Black animus, his predilection to mock you, Al Sharpton, Corey Booker, Barack “Hussein” Obama, and any other professional ***** in America. Isn’t it time someone came right out and tagged Mr. Limbaugh as the Father Coughlin of our time.

Meanwhile back in The Bronx, enter another man of the cloth:  It’s Seamus Numb-nuts, making one of his many well-documented spectral visitations, his splendiferous miracles and wonders. How much longer will the Vatican ignore this humble Bronx priest, this epitome of Sainthood; this reverent man, lacking only the stigmata for a unanimous consent vote? Quote the Numb-nuts: “God Works in Mysterious Ways.” An old standard to be sure, but a lovely, all-purpose bromide for explaining why evil exists in our world. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed; I lost God at that moment, consequently shooting myself in the foot--metaphorically-speaking-condemning myself to an unshielded life, life OUT THE BUSHES!  I went forth into the world without God, without that handy divine crutch, that Andy Devine metaphor for when one’s legs grow weary: a puff of smoke, a reverb twang and a nasty frog croaking “Hi-ya, Kids. Hi-ya, Hi-ya. Hi-ya.”

   Andy's Gang - Pasta Fazooli vs. Froggy the Gremlin - YouTube
► 3:55► 3:55 Aug 8, 2012 - Uploaded by jmgilsinger
Froggy the Gremlin -Tuba ... Andy Devine (Aug 24, 1952)

Life for me became lonely and purposeless. And probably explains my susceptibility to military discipline and a subsequent career in clandestine government service. In 1968--the very day I turned nineteen, September 25th of that year—that fateful day when I should have shot myself in the foot—literally not metaphorically--earning that coveted 4-F physical rejection, a draft deferment to be desired, that 4-F classification of unfitness for duty, a necessary loophole in U.S. conscript service law.  The Draft: last used during that great commonwealth Cold War purge, that culling out of the unwashed, uneducated children of immigrants, that cut-rate, discount, lower socio-economic ***** bank—the only bank where after you make a deposit, you lose interest, to wit: most Black, Hispanic and Poor White Trash parents.  We were cannon fodder, many of us got to be planted at Arlington and other holy American shrines, still wrapped in black or olive drab leak-proof body bags, doing our generational bit to strengthen the gene pool left behind. A debt, some would say, we owed the country and, given the sorry state of the global wicket, increasingly an obligation to the species. And if I had to predict an outcome, Fascism in America will arrive riding the white horse of the environmental, anti-nuclear Bolsheviks. One could argue that Communism has moved so far left on the political spectrum that it’s now the far right.  Concoct a legislative policy goal, accomplish it legally as the bill becomes Law, signed by the President, endorsed and blessed by The U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.

To wit: “Three generations of imbeciles is enough?” declared Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., an Associate Supreme Court Justice at the time, buttressing a majority argument harnessing the power of U.S. law as a legal means of purifying the race.  When euthanasia failed to win over American hearts and mind, the Federal Government played the war card again and again. Vietnam: undeclared and therefore unconstitutional--except for that Gulf of Tonkin ******* resolution. Vietnam: a cost-plus eugenics project, if ever there was one, although responsive, of course, to the needs of the Military-Industrial Complex.  ******* Ike: he warned us against Fascism in America. As usual, we ignored the man in charge.

Eugenics? Why didn’t the government just put all the retards on the stand, as John Frankenheimer did in Judgment at Nuremberg, a crafty Maximilian Schell humiliating a feeble-minded Montgomery Clift?  Why not, make everyone face a public tribunal, forcing all of us to testify in court, exposing our many substandard and borderline substandard cerebral deficits?  Why not force everyone to demonstrate just how ******* dumb we are, using some clever intelligence test, something l
sandra bourbeau Dec 2012
We set out to honor Mary
traveling the pilgrim's path from west to east
We walked, we rode the bus
entertained and enchanted by   Cristina
applauding Ramon along the way.
Each day was one of prayer and song, sunshine and fellowship
rosaries and novena
we submitted petitions to Santiago
we laughed with San Serapio
From the grand and magnificent cathedrals
to the humblest village chapel
we grew in faith, hearing God's word in many languages.
We marveled at the dedication and stamina of the pilgrims
making their way on foot and bicycle
at the warmth, generosity, and hospitality
they receive along the way
We picknicked alongside mountain streams
enjoying good food, good wine,and good friendship
we walked down the hillsides in the hot sunshine
passing the pilgrims going the opposite way
we quenched our thirst in a quaint and rustic village tavern.
Ramon drove with skill up the mountains to Garabandal
a remote village suspended in time and beauty
there on the mountain top we sat among the pines
where Mary had appeared.
We sat in silence, in awe and reverence
the only sounds, the whisper of the breeze and the cowbells on the hillside
We  prayed the rosary
It was, for most of us, a most special memory
From our bus we looked out at the mountains
the green and rolling farmland
at the rocky Atlantic coast
at the rios and the rias.
We walked in procession at Fatima and Lourdes
by candlelight and moonlight
and again in the brilliant sunshine
The voices and the church bells
carried across the plazas
enveloping us in joy and prayer and mysticism
It was at the grotto at Lourdes
with my hands pressed on the rocky cave wall
with the holy water on my hands
that I felt Mary's presence
Mary, my mother, my sister, my friend

September, 2008

the adoration of the daddy,
as his red haired babes
leaned into
either side of him,
courtiers to a king
on the way to school this AM,
transfusing his magical super~fatherly,
by inhaling his special powers through
their nostrils, direct from his
broad and powerful brave-heart chest,
for use later in the wild jungle
of second grade
an elderly gent whose walker rattled
with every lift and kerplunk on
the street~steppes of a dangerous city
for the brittle of bone and the easily dentable,
and the crowd that gathered round walking
at precisely the same pace he required
to make it across the widest boulevard
which was thirty seconds more than the
Dept. of Transportation's asinine calculations
and a miracle from Lourdes occurred -
not one horn honked in ire as the court
escorted their Long Live the King
safely across the street, as if
idiocy was like rain, against the law,
until after sunset as in Camelot

an elegant germanic man,
in homburg and velvet collared overcoat,
taking care of sales and distribution of
newspapers and candy at the corner paper "stand"
while the elderly owner, whose partner~wife of
fifty years had recently passed, now had no one
but someone's pop whose was out
walking our cocker spaniel,
to tend the place while said candyman
obeyed nature's callings

and all his fans and friends who passed
on their way to the adjacent subway station,
exclaimed Erwin, Erwin what are you doing?
his twinkled crinkled eyes replied,
enjoying their puzzlement, laughingly saying
"making spare change"
where I lived these little miracles occurred so frequently,
was told a story that the ministering angels
could not keep up with their duties,
complaining to the On High, who resoundingly loudly
commanded their silence! by reminding them that
all these, his creatures, were his own precious,
the reason for creation and why they were needed,
and the sum of all these small acts gave them their own
existential purpose, now angry at himself for loss of temper,
soft spoke as a parent and told them better,
hush my children, we have much to do!
so now you impatiently need to know
why this scripture
came to be known as
for I was witness to all of this,
all on that day,
that was twenty fours hours long
across many hard hearted Hiroshima decades,
that made me

*the richest man in the world
a proud member of the collective of the false.
******* !
cannibals and skiers,
labeled solo fashion-istas,
God ****** bull fighters.

Why don't you try
lacrosse or gardening too?

you've inspired my passion,
"turned my art into a science"

i don't understand
punctuation or horoscopes
i know a little bit about a lot of things

and Jesus aint my friend
because i know too much about
him and his stellar clique

and i don't need to know about
crop rotations or biodiversity
to plant an apple tree

maybe i'm "just" inferior

forgive my shortcomings
i'm still exploring
i'm still developing

i may not be in the next
tour de France
but i can ride nine miles in thirty five minutes
i'm pretty **** impressed

so be proud of me mystical guru
cause even though i don't trust in you're miracles
i still think the water in Lourdes is the best I've ever had

forgive my rude outburst
i just cant live on a diet of humans alone

let me tell you a thing or two about my travels
and teach me about beauty
i think i know
but i could be wrong

show me your soul o' barrista
i'm sure you do more than make coffee
Vanessa Nichols Nov 2012
There are things,
Dark and secret things,
That hide in people.

Carving up the bone
And nestling in the marrow.
Sinking sharp claws in kidneys.

But you-
You darling of beauty, you diaphanous prism of light,
You cracked star shining-

You exist and therefore there is brilliance in the world.

You are a city of light
Set up on a hill for all to see.
All who come to you, are touched by your brightness.

You are a candescent and fiery thing.
Like the sun and lightning
There can be no shadows or true darkness near you.

And so,
Those who are empty-
Filled only with insubstantial night and shades,
With chiseled bones and a gloom that carries claws-
Recoil and lash out against you.

But you are bright, shining and marvelous.
Like the sun and lightning
You will again rise, and you will strike once more.

You are fire and a prism and a fortress of light.
You are glowing and brilliant and effulgent.
You are so very, very beautiful.
You are all things good.

‘Fierce’ does not begin to plumb the depths of who your are.
Shine on.
I sprinkle holy water
over the crown of my head
as I enter the sacred heart
of Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Breathing in peace and tranquility
of this blessed church, lighting a few candles,
I kneel at rose petaled feet of
the Divine Mother

My Soul enters a heavenly portal
I think of all Her suffering children
and pray She alleviate their pain
with voice cracking:
"So many afflicted, in anguish, please
help, have mercy"

Healing, gurgling fountains of Lourdes
flows unceasing
Misty visions drift through
the quiet atmosphere

Rose of Sharon, His gentle hands outstretched
appears and the soft face of His Mother swims towards me
my tears mingle with the miraculous waters
a garland of lotus blossoms floating
on the Cosmic Sea

Hymns gush forth from my grateful heart
echoing through the empty church:

"Joyful, joyful we adore Thee
God of Glory, Lord of Love
Hearts unfold like flowers
before Thee, opening to the
Sun above"
nivek Dec 2015
go ahead and on your knees kiss the Earth
-make sure others see you and find you the object of their mirth

and you will rise to your feet having humbled yourself
- a whole lot lighter, and with a dance in your pilgrim step's
was overtaken to do this on pilgrimage in Lourdes 1997 and it worked just fine!! and put in its rightful place my overweening pride
Mazen Edlibi Oct 2016
She is the Guardian of Joy!
           Look at her face, and you will melt in a smile of truth...
She is the Guardian of Joy!
           You will hear the voice of love in her cords...
She is the Guardian of Joy!
           You will be hugged with her warmth...
She is the Guardian of Joy!
           She will take care of your ease...
She is the Guardian of Joy!
           Because she is Lourdes the "Power" of a "Laugh"!
We can all spit on those tablets of stone,
the trinity's on hiatus,
the devil's alone,
School's out for training
it's raining hell fire and the bishops
are recording the antediluvian choir.

Noah's going to Goa,
A lot safer than here,
they say Indian beer's the best.
With his wood and an axe and
several packs of cool Cobra, he sails
into the wind and ends up in the Gobi.

On the edge of a rainbow
'jump Noah',
'don't go',
two people are shouting,
somebody's outing the sailor.

The choir got wrecked on microdot specks and
suspecting the worst, the bishops in Rome
all spit on the tablets hacked out from rough stone,
it was a quiet day in the Vatican, no miracles pronounced
in Perpignan, no Lady of Lourdes, no shroud of Turin,
only the blessing of Geneva dry gin.
Angels with harps all ****** as farts and
the devil sits alone.
Chris Saitta Apr 2019
You who have lifted up your sunburned face,
Long-told of peasant warmth and the forest tableaux.
Barefoot, you brought the book of hours upon dusty roads,
Ungoverned, little flower from Jeanne to Lourdes to Lisieux.
Our Lady, osculum pacis, the kiss of peace in wood and stone.

Burned out to those dusty eyes,
Now-empty look of rosework from the forest-fall of sunlight.
Medieval prayer, earthly-dim to its rafters of oak,
Come un-cinctured in ashen cloud of amice and alb,
And the murine blackness of plague-like smoke.

Birds that sit blinking at the winged fossil of intrados,
Pipe air through your own ribbed vaults, organum pulse.
Let the city rise in your vining voices—and hold the note.
The great ***** intones from the runs and pedal stops,
Along the turbid streets of the rue de la Cité to the empire of catacombs.

Beside his candle, the monk in sadness knows
All loveliness of heaven except his own.
Our Lady, every sunset is your faded candle hour of peace, for us to know.
Holy Father, so passes worldly glory,
Over the roofs of Paris like fire-scorned and leaden wings.
Liis Belle Jun 2015
Forget about London, forget about LA
Or some sunny exotic island you visited last May
And flashback to that winter of young hopeful romance
Of our days strolling around the cobbled streets of France
Key into the Seine, our love sealed by the locks
Feeding bread crumbs to pigeons as they come by the flock
Lourdes's faith and divinity approves of our entwined hearts
Cannes opens its arms for our new united start

But London sticks to your mind
And now you live in LA
Surfing and lying in the open sun
The sunlight is your summer sleigh
Concrete streets and tall palm trees
There's no more chilly winter breeze

And back in France dies our last chance
Didn't you hear? They're removing the locks
They weigh down the bridge, puts people in danger
I guess love can't always last forever
Sometimes the burden becomes too much
And you burn everything that you touch
The time has come to extinguish the flames
And that's the end of our little French game
Terry Collett Mar 2017
Alcohol that time
in Lourdes, sneaking
into a bar, while
others walked around
chanting their Aves.

Sitting with a beer
listening to the locals
chat in French. Nurses
from the local nursing
homes, laughing. Es-tu
seul Monsieur? One said.

I made gestures with open
hands, as if to say I don't
know what you are saying.

She smiled, and a Frenchman
near by said Es-tu Anglais?

Yes I am I'm with the Lourdes
group I said. Ah these women,
he said, they are thinking
you are one of their escapees.

I smiled. He laughed gently.
The women looked and laughed.

I supped my beer, looking
over as members of my group
went by. Another beer would
be nice, a glass of scotch, then
back to the coach, back to the
hostel. But time was running
out for alcohol. So I finished
my beer said goodbye to those
nurses and the old guy who spoke.

The nurses smiled. I think they
had a small titter at a lewd joke.
Alexis Mayer Dec 2013
God I don’t talk
about you anymore.
But God I think about
you when it’s necessary.
I think about you
every time I drive
by Lourdes.
I do that every day.
They taught you to me there.
I heard your name
more times a day than
I heard my own.
I think about those
poor little Catholic
kids, who didn’t have a
choice in the way they
believed in you.
Nothing was on our
There were no exceptions
to our thoughts.
Nothing was right
until we found a Psalm
about it.

I think about you
in between asleep
and awake.
When part of me
remembers the Sunday
I went to church
only to be force fed
the Pro-Life agenda.
God I respect
God they didn’t respect
God I was too afraid
to ask questions.
God their eyes
looked like hate.
God I don’t want
to go to hell.

My Bible
has been sitting
on my closet floor
for a year and a half.
I’m too afraid
to open it
for fear I’ll find
fire and brimstone
in between the Beatitudes
and the Passion.

God I believe in you
I believe in love
I believe in kindness
I believe in life
I believe in good vibes
I believe in fate.
God I believe in everything.
I knelt by my bed
and prayed
for everything little
Catholic girl
who’s thinking everything
I did.
I understand none of it
and I pray that she will.
nivek Jan 2019
Deep thunder sweeping the French Pyrenees,
Glacial slow, riding mountain ponies.
Some travel overhead, paid fare,
Some travel up and up beyond ice history.

The towns here are ancient
the folk here blessed,

'Saint Bernadette, shepherd girl,

(I have knelt in your parish church)

I have bathed in the waters
Lourdes, where Our Lady Appeared.
Final Minute Dogmate
Hail Regina

On the air where I have to move my arms I have to learn to walk on the Water ...
On the air of so much breathing I will drown from so much breathing on the water ...

On the water and the air I have to walk swallowing water and air, on the Final Water Minute Dogmate.
To have Faith in I, I believe in Eternal Life, I digest the water from the remnants of distilled water from Lourdes, nauseated, resurfaced in the gaze in full water of my soul devoured, full 3 moles of water in my claws on the water.

My bones and brain are water, just like my whole body,
He limps on the water ...
It will appear in the brotherhood Dogmate 11 February in Lourdes,
50 minutes from fifty meters above the surface that joins your existence of Bernardette to Bernardino about a hundred Cm above the water.

Pale blue whitenned trail to sing the Psalm where Alta lies
Hail Regina sine labe originali conceptam.
Stunning smell of my ear, loud nasal sound from the beards of the bubble to the final Minute Dogmate Island.

Remain lying there, be her and not You ...
Move your arms so that they can see you on these three sides of the air wind over the profile of your gaze.

Recirculate from the beginning and cover first and second position, then in the Reef where you lift your ankles to rub the Air and Water in meek quarry that becomes Fungi Dogmate water, Scream to the Northeast three times Save Regina Dogmate,

Three times you breathe ..
Three times you row with the awareness of your redemption.
On the water a ship has to rescue you from the Water, even if you have never been there. Who will do it at the third call will go to look for a tired but anointed legionary in Salvation.

Final Minute Dogmate, you are Risen!
For me your eyes are the brightest
You're perfection at its best,
With your rosy cheek
like, them goddesses you mimic.

You're mysterious I could say
But you can make me smile  by your own way,
You're sweet yet bashful
Also an Artist so beautiful.

Like sweet cottons in the sky
With the winds' sweet lullaby
I want you here in my arms
I'll kiss your forehead as you yawns'

Gods' beautiful gift was you
Serving Him and commiting to you is my queue  
Till death do as apart
You will still be in my heart.
Don't be blind
Life was never more important or
Never so precious until I met you
You are the only thing
That keeps my world from turning blue
When I see that sparkle in your eyes
I can now see all the reasons why
At this time you may take your falls
However that is the reason that
You will remain my greatest love of all
Everything that I have said is true
I just can't imagine life without you
This is my daughter, whom I love very much.
Laura Jan 2015
I turn the silvery nozzle,
Let the water fill the tub,
Slowly slipping in,
Letting the steam rise above

They say a hot bath cures all,
It relieves stress and pain,
As it washes over those who are tired, drained,

My physique is feeling fine,
But lately it's my mind that's been aching,
Doubts and frustrations,
Sweet apparitions that bear no fruits,
Fill my brain like a silencing mute

Sinking in, I let the bubbles sway and pop,
The refreshing dampness takes its course,
I try to relax and close my eyes,
While both the heat and darkness arise

But I struggle and cannot remain still,
As the gallons pour,
I reopen my eyes and realize,
That no amount of physical remedies,
Will ever take these thoughts of you away

No matter to which waters I may seek,
The sultry seas of the Mediterranean,
Or the holy healing powers of the Lourdes,
It presents no issue,
For there is no cure to wash astray,
Images of my dear in these upcoming days
Evelyn Culwch May 2016
Lady, they tell me not to see your face. Tell me
if I was not meant to see you, why does your smile
ride on the wind? Why would your laughter shine
in the pink flowers that creep along the front walk?

They find you in the grottoes of Lourdes, on the hills
of Fatima, and burned into the hallowed grilled cheese of Hollywood, Florida
but balk when I find you in the whisper of rain. They blanche
when I find you in the first heady sip of coffee at midnight.

Most holy event, where you show your visage in faded lights
to little Lucia or Bernadette – tell me, when did you lose
your ghostly form? Were you tired of the heavy robes
they dressed you in? Were you tired of the name Maria?
Were you happier as Arianrhod or Demeter, Sigyn or Xiwang Mu?

Do you wish we had never named you?
Kaitelka; Whale Mongolic down, first whale which said syndrome, evidenced by their presence, as didjeridu, as spitting but more hypersonic, hyper cetacean moving his tail, Burguete funds, learned to swim faster than anything, but the Nautilus, not He paid attention to his mother in his care skills, but bad luck that can befall if not moderate their exalting and allergic omitted cases to obey.

So all blue, but little Kaitelka, seeking friendship among their peers, but he put  a tambourine limit gave him leftovers and liked more than a day a thousand years of perfect instincts. So step aside by the fire, and dodged the deafening roar of nymph Satinga; the most ancient senator of the headpiece, always full on its plateau of ******* hydrochloride that resistance, if they pass a thousand years and I do not understand these pairs, I adjusted my engine, but to no avail me, my instincts are diluted and slim as downpour edges left by the wayside in infants and solfa. That Jesus Light was said behind the screen rainbow arch, he takes her hand to Kaitelka, and back by the outer estuary, they attack by instinct ministry of evil.

Mildew petrified oaks, disorients the abject warty troughs the disordering of the genetic instinct, if I have to pause my essence, I leave in the hands of Joshua stone from beyond. Where the ticket is worth more to me, but I get the same. Where evil knows well, but tasteless  well. Underground, underwater., Kaitelka take any more, wheels come and go, instinct taking shredding herbs near the sea, no longer separates me more. Bright the famous day that rebukes my dreams rather than a whole, plastering, or monument flash highborn of Mongolic loves whales, classless or inheritances acquired record. Kaitelka and in gratitude to accompany me walk, to the junction of Lisbon, walking from room to room, to begin the pilgrimage, his steps were Glup, Glup like a pretty varmint, over the hills she is beginning to the descritery of Satinga, or rather the descritery of Sapiens Hommo, rummaging instinct of love today, then unloved. Native forests make pairings, but separate links non-energy cataclysms, similar to the new alliance valley radial wave, tuned cetacean sonar power can be glimpsed.

The Ministry of Evil is no end to the retrospective marvel at Noe, Isaac or Abraham, or Luther King, is the delayed form of unsettled muscle primo Evo madding to neo Evo updated, and neither bells sound the same, as reborbot gray phthisis diseases degenerate and synthetic. The instinct to put your hands into the fire, will be lost ..., so more pace to the back of them cutting the seas in arithmetical divisions, if commend my antidepressants depressive relatives, caress the sea in each constipated solstice, I go every night with daisies in my hands defying every cliff, every cave turned into a tavern, killing instinct, when the brain is nothing, sprayed kerosene on stage, to see my beloved before he dies of a blowgun.  

Joshua Stone and Bernardolipus in crossroad, spin the grazing, the black sheep, is barren, its classic label of Segregated debased soul, but defecated humanoid comment sing out of tune the territory themselves.  Three-step, three-way, Joshua embraces Bernardolipo. Welcome starts. Satinga you slice ferns and wild beast, vomits both diazepam swallowed, do not sleep, dreams transposes half orb. Halos, half halos, iridescent arcades, and warm breezes, must preamble Donated high liking. Soft and warm look, I do not lose my plate potato near my belly, warm adobe cellar. Nymph Satinga of deaction in deaction out of tune and the highlights midwife psoriasis for its reddish dermis by a fungus worming. The re instinct starts to chew his skull, dread end of the border. The cookies Lord is sending us on napkins.

Pre urbane figure born, they appear a hundred suns, so the crowd out who has the audacity to reveal the discrete enigma, the puzzle while the floor moves the seizure ... all stunned waiting for the flash Ritual to start the preliminary stage, paradigm of unshelled trees, tough tables roll by church at the foot of flowers crocuses  scrolls flat estate. For the baptistery inscrutability warmth your network back double halo on the moon, scrub that level. Abyss where I fall near aspire to coachman, I go away over time from heaven not minute no second in hours where the avalanche of time lose my look to hold any deity that does not prevent the tendency to lose those not facing front, a day like this you do not walk no shadow, nor the Horcondising I would like to Santorini. The Borker wrongheaded, burning a cigar in rib Kaitelka, it provides a stunning scream as end of the world, giving birth to the sky his beautiful breeding, as a good omen to present to the crowd in the Octagon and pleased transit day often fruity crestfallen fig.  
Adelimpia,  Strongly taken the and Thunder Aunt, washed in the backroom their aprons with Christmas, whose magical and enlightening sense, they were the Three Wise Princes, sons of the same kings of Israel. Sitting on some cobs, heritages from last wheel spikes. On warm evenings mantra Baba Nam Kevalam, I do not stay alone without others to see this magical high flood flow mention aversion in pontificates, necessary, pal meal with wine apocalyptic  pale rider, Napoleonic soldier dethroned.

Thousands hectares grassland in loving with heavenly muddies, as adhering to the force of Sorcery Camphor to move everything to the midnight launch eclipse. Thousands of hectares squirts not possess any extension ratio, giddiness master eye, losing possession. What is Slice is Caren Lagoon, which is Alhué Village is Polulo mountain near place, what Pichi of Barrancas... Out of my roles temple or regulators, as night plans still dating Jack, with overall equidistant to all orphan girl lost in the jungle inbenign . Cutting room of breath, begins threshing., afar put the trays, and poor saint not to attend, this clever move, all atheists bruised, stiff and deprived of the worst failure smoothness, it´s earth not plowed,                    
Dreams whistles hills ... Ghosts and spurs  ... Elegy opaque optical floors, all at Aunty Thunder dream the same... .

If you can call night, inland sea waves have to educate infant’s tsunamis, they live among geological forces off the coast of scudding clouds of ... where she cuts through. Where our conscience, should play down a Machiavellian zero to roll it to the belly of the whale down. Their heavy udders milk, as long as a wild bird dueled, mounted in their beards, but the bird slips for his little body often and disadvantaged, to fall into the enzyme flash neuron meditatively; aspiring meditatively. While tsunamis grow, the mountains grow, decreases Hommo sapiens, conscience, he has left, minus zero exiled to the **** pony pens, to create them neighborhood over the eyes of a pupil of warty lameness. Reborn storm, stately power, Nymph Hetaira, who seduces the ringer smith, golden horseshoe, pal new millennium. His no longer harp, sewing lips ant, threading needles Grandma milking herbs get a grotto , families abandoned, shrill understatement by the echoes of the West, for you my Transients soliloquy turbid straightening of holistic aqueous molecules who want to sleep in my hands.
Good beverage, good consciousness nursery. Sleepily he walks by the barbed wire of stupid sort of busybody in thickness bolognese, or bandoneon, pilaster grandson male, to Vizcaya sailing or North Toscana, where after a barricade, Piedmont jump to the south under Pichi..

They are falling water molecules on Maitén tree, or Tomato Adelimpia bow, and on the fibrous and head hair grass grandmamma Anna. Junks greet Bernardolipo, which was fishing with his wounded eyes, but the rub his mouth on the back of Kaitelka, calcium verve in carrousel turned. Line up the right hand, bottled lady Juana, he stretched to crush cilantro, but no ... or both...

Reigns for ?, to allocate a stop along the way, West Side Story Pichi. We are a few steps from misting dawn of propionate Stoics lash the oppressed people, clear water, singing  ... neuron in neuron, the cell last neuron, with the bow remained foul-mouthed, to shuffle, or Kawashkar Chilean Indian the slice of leg, looking shoes children who roam the street without blanket .. They close their eyes, tears of shame. Here you are ecstatic stiffs arrows bows, feathers swaying in edgings shields tangled, hordes of haggard eyes flamed flames that no impudence and , which limp to a scoundrel that stuns resistant to fall on the sand. Show your dream, that dream bathe.

Continues the fierce Primor, falls brochures from red heaven fall prayers stammering to advance on this land saga, fall rustic donatives of grandmamma Mayor of coelum, Joshua insomniac in his tabernacle, defoliating his tome skip and jump down the estuary, before every misstep, holy water to step, a smile the Loica rural place Or a caress to the cheek moon in the arms of a blackbird, manacled to a rasp, stove teapot levitating top where grandmamma Adelimpia wheezes. Hail Mary ever ******, the other day, I heard that in September, flapping fall on Fiddler praise, perhaps mediate , for bad talking , founder of my undying love of life joined empty verbs on clovers where I to live forever, pre, pre paella prize moaning on my shoulder osteoarthritis crucifying collapsed tree. Nightmare builds a ship for reach Legion Mary. Centerfold, guns, howitzers, dissident’s ovaries ... final pages, declamatory winds ... perhaps agonizing leg expectantly.... Or delusional feet of premature mortality, which brought pray to heaven, earth ... at soon I have to forget. The earth it gives me the cheese, and bread sandwiching it goes...

Between him and earth coelum I doze my motive piece body, my shepherd Beetle Maximilian of Auschwitz sprayed me holy water the Vistula, I kneel down my hinges, and my hands for pray by pure attained effort, ***** great feat, pal who believes fall the abyss, and just below the earth tremulous, bell, first-throat yawning, loose cassock sounds a rainy morning, falling in the forest priority to see all morning, brimming with couplets of snow.

Continue to fall aqueous molecules, Kaitelka divides the estuary waters. Sheets of – Talami  rural high lawns and wise water, South of  Pichi. Follow the dream, and just needed to up righted the cabin, roaring gallop, wake up tomorrow morning sweaty dancing aqua, font of Lourdes, the four simultaneously open their headlights eyes, unblinking as echoes swimming duck feeding their young in obsidian lagoon. Rock palafitte a piece coal painted black each carriage serene, going from the Cantillana Mountain. Blasphemes morning fall roe bellowing wind annoyed tongue, windless striding through the window, thunder birds mistress thousand flanks, now mount the besieged strands of colloidal solid. Elegy, opaque optical dreams, and drovers days nearsighted, soon saved our lives...

The never End.
hiperverb and imaginery poetry, based upon the eternal endless realistic living and non  logic  retoric literature.
copyrigth JOSE LUIS CT  2018
Nina S Sep 2013
The reservoir of all possibilities of Existence,
We ***** altars and springs, and consecrate certain pools.
Water, equated to the unconscious by those who have waded into the
depths of the psyche.
It scribes a line between sacred and profane, life and death.
Deep and wide as the River Jordan of scripture,
Wondrous as the Spring at Lourdes,
Cathartic as tears,
Water flows as blessings.
As if anyone could distinguish
Between the Great &
The near Great.
Which is why I always plant
Rosmarinus officinalis,
In and of the genus Rosmarinus,
If you want to taxonomy out to the runway,
Whenever I get to this point—
This sacred time to cultivate my garden—
Whenever my soul just can’t,
Couldn't take one more botanical tragedy,
Another senseless loss of green soul matter,
Entrusted to me in a serendipitous plan,
Romero will never disappoint you,
If playing God is your aspiration,
Children to care for, to love,
Nurture and cultivate.
Especially in this high desert,
Where any scarce
Pasture is a Holy Shrine,
Some Fatima,
Or Lourdes.
A Chimayo.
judy smith Feb 2017
A decade on from creating the hit Galaxy dress that became a defining look of the noughties, Roland Mouret has celebrated the 20th anniversary of his label by bringing his catwalk show home from Paris to London for fashion week.

And that dress was back, too – in spirit, at least. “When I think about the Galaxy dress now, I see that it was all about the women who wanted to wear it,” Mouret said backstage after the show at the National Theatre on Sunday, referring to the curvy, back-zipped dresses that made him a star.

“It wasn’t the dress that said anything, it was the women who wore that dress who had something to say. It was a dress for a woman who knows her body. A woman who is in a relationship with a man but who also goes out into the world and has a life outside of that relationship, too. That inner woman is the icon, not the dress.”

The anniversary show – his first in London after 10 years of showing his collections in Paris – was a celebratory affair, with the foyer of the National Theatre turned into a catwalk. It provided a suitably theatrical atmosphere for the wearing of high-voltage dresses on a grey Sunday morning, and an appropriate setting for a designer who rivals Stella McCartney as one of Britain’s foremost names in red-carpet fashion. At last week’s Bafta awards, the author JK Rowling and the Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley both wore Roland Mouret.

The Galaxy elements on this catwalk were updated for 2017. The cleavage that was an essential part of the dress when it was worn a decade ago by everyone from Cameron Diaz to Carol Vorderman is now out of fashion, so the distinctive origami folds of the neckline were raised several inches higher and instead of framing a balcony-hoisted decollete, they accentuated bare shoulders.

The full-length back zip was present and correct, made even more steamy by being emphasised with a small keyhole of cut-out fabric in the small of the back. The fabric has also moved with the times, from stretch crepe to wool knit and velvet, which give the shape of the body a less stark frame.

Mouret was born in Lourdes, south-west France, where his father was a butcher, but now lives between London and Suffolk. His UK-based company employs 75 people, and has been a champion of British manufacturing.

Sunday’s show, which was attended by about 100 of Mouret’s best customers, as well as editors and retailers, was set to a ***** soundtrack that began with Burt Bacharach’s The Look of Love and ended with Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man. It was followed by a champagne trunk show at which orders were being taken for delivery in a few months’ time.

The only archive design Mouret resurrected faithfully was a dress from his pre-Galaxy days, of which no pattern existed because “in those days, I just draped and sewed the dresses on to the girls”.Read more at: |
La lune est rouge au brumeux horizon ;

Dans un brouillard qui danse, la prairie

S'endort fumeuse, et la grenouille crie

Par les joncs verts où circule un frisson ;

Les fleurs des eaux referment leurs corolles ;

Des peupliers profilent aux lointains,

Droits et serrés, leur spectres incertains ;

Vers les buissons errent les lucioles ;

Les chats-huants s'éveillent, et sans bruit

Rament l'air noir avec leurs ailes lourdes,

Et le zénith s'emplit de lueurs sourdes.

Blanche, Vénus émerge, et c'est la Nuit.
Jerezanas, paisanas,
institutrices de mi corazón,
buenas mujeres y buenas cristianas...
Os retrató la señora que dijo:
«Cuando busque mi hijo
a su media naranja,
lo mandaré vendado hasta Jerez».
Porque jugando a la gallina ciega
con vosotras, el jugador
atrapa una alma linda y una púdica tez.
os debo mis virtudes católicas y humanas,
porque en el otro siglo, en vuestro hogar,
en los ceremoniosos estrados me eduqué,
velándome de amor, como las frentes
se velaban debajo del tupé.
Acababan de irse
la polisión y la crinolina,
pero alcancé las caudalosas colas
que alargan el imán del ave femenina
de las cinturas hasta las consolas.
Así se reveló, por las colas profusas,
mi cordial abundancia,
y también por los moños enormes que en mi infancia
trocaban a las plantas bizantinas
en rodel de palomas capuchinas.
  genio y figura
  del tiempo en que los ávidos pimpollos
  teníamos, de pie,
  la misma clementísima estatura
  que tenía, sentada, nuestra Fe.
traslúcidas y beatas dentaduras
en que se filtra el sol, creando en cada boca
las atmósferas claroscuras
en que el Cielo y la Tierra se dan cita
y en que es visitada Bernardita.
de quien aprendí a ser generoso,
mirando que la mano anacoreta
era la propia que en la feria anual
aplaudía en el coso
y apostaba columnas de metal
en el escándalo de la ruleta.
grito y mueca de azoro
a las tres de la tarde, por el humor del toro
que en la sala se cuela babeando, y está
como un inofensivo calavera
ante la señorita tumbada en el sofá.
panes benditos,
por vosotras, el Miércoles de Ceniza, simula
el pueblo una gran frente llena de Jesusitos.
abísmase mi ser
en las aguas de la misericordia
al evocar la máquina de coser
que al impulso de vuestra zapatilla,
sobre mi vocación y vuestros linos
enhebraba una bastilla.
Dios quiera que esté salvada
la máquina de acústicos galopes,
por la cual fue mi ayer melódica jornada
y un sobresalto mi vida
ante los pulcros dedos hacendosos
resbalando a la aguja empedernida.
he visto el menoscabo
de los bucles que alabo,
de los undosos bucles
que enjugaron sin mofa mis pucheros,
de los bucles rielantes,
cabrilleo lunar, blanco de la llovizna
y trono de los lápices caseros;
he visto revolar la última brizna
de vuestras gracias proverbiales;
he visto deformada vuestra hermosura
por todas las dolencias y por todos los males;
he visto el manicomio en que murmura
vuestra cabeza rota sus delirios;
he visto que os ganáis
el pan con las agujas a la luz del quinqué;
he sido el centinela de vuestros cuatro cirios;
pero ninguna chanza del presente
logra desprestigiaros, porque sois el tupé,
los moños capuchinos y la gruta de Lourdes
de la boca indulgente.Jerezanas,
colibríes de tápalo y quitasol,
que vagabundas en la gloria matutina
paraban junto a mis rejas,
por espiar la joyante canción de mi madrina
rememorando a Serafín Bemol:
«Si soy la causa de lo que escucho,
amigo mío, lo siento mucho...»
a cuyos rostros que nimbaba el denso
vapor estimulante de la sopa,
el comensal airado y desairado
disparaba el suspiro a quemarropa.
que al cumplir con la ley
de la anual comunión, miráis a la primera
golondrina de marzo en la Casa del Rey
de los Reyes; la párvula golondrina que entró
a enseñarnos su pecho de mamey.
cuyo heroico destino
desemboca en la iglesia y lucha con el vino,
vistiendo santos
o desvistiendo ebrios, con la misma
caridad de los cantos
que os hinchan las arterias en el cuello.
briosas cual el galope que me llenó de espantos
al veros devorar la llanura y el río
sobre el raudo señorío
del albardón de las abuelas;
erguidas como la araucaria,
y débiles como el futuro
de un huevecillo de canaria.
cuando el sol vespertino amorate
vuestros vidrios, y os heléis
en el diario silencio del inútil combate,
tomad las flechas de mi vida
como hilas del pañuelo de un hermano
para curar vuestra herida
según la vieja usanza,
y para abrigar el nido
del pájaro consentido.
yo aspiro a ser el casto reyezuelo
de los días en que os sentí
probadas por el Cielo
Marchitas, locas o muertas,
sois las ondas del manantial
que ondula arriba de lo temporal,
y en el eterno friso de mi alma
cada paisana mía se eslabona
como la letra de la Virgen:
encima de una nube y con una corona.
Vauvenargues dit que dans les jardins publics il est des allées hantées principalement par l'ambition déçue, par les inventeurs malheureux, par les gloires avortées, par les cœurs brisés, par toutes ces âmes tumultueuses et fermées, en qui grondent encore les derniers soupirs d'un orage, et qui reculent **** du regard insolent des joyeux et des oisifs. Ces retraites ombreuses sont les rendez-vous des éclopés de la vie.

C'est surtout vers ces lieux que le poète et le philosophe aiment diriger leurs avides conjectures. Il y a là une pâture certaine. Car s'il est une place qu'ils dédaignent de visiter, comme je l'insinuais tout à l'heure, c'est surtout la joie des riches. Cette turbulence dans le vide n'a rien qui les attire. Au contraire, ils se sentent irrésistiblement entraînés vers tout ce qui est faible, ruiné, contristé, orphelin.

Un œil expérimenté ne s'y trompe jamais. Dans ces traits rigides ou abattus, dans ces yeux caves et ternes, ou brillants des derniers éclairs de la lutte, dans ces rides profondes et nombreuses, dans ces démarches si lentes ou si saccadées, il déchiffre tout de suite les innombrables légendes de l'amour trompé, du dévouement méconnu, des efforts non récompensés, de la faim et du froid humblement, silencieusement supportés.

Avez-vous quelquefois aperçu des veuves sur ces bancs solitaires, des veuves pauvres ? Qu'elles soient en deuil ou non, il est facile de les reconnaître. D'ailleurs il y a toujours dans le deuil du pauvre quelque chose qui manque, une absence d'harmonie qui le rend plus navrant. Il est contraint de lésiner sur sa douleur. Le riche porte la sienne au grand complet.

Quelle est la veuve la plus triste et la plus attristante, celle qui traîne à sa main un bambin avec qui elle ne peut pas partager sa rêverie, ou celle qui est tout à fait seule ? Je ne sais... Il m'est arrivé une fois de suivre pendant de longues heures une vieille affligée de cette espèce ; celle-là roide, droite, sous un petit châle usé, portait dans tout son être une fierté de stoïcienne.

Elle était évidemment condamnée, par une absolue solitude, à des habitudes de vieux célibataire, et le caractère masculin de ses mœurs ajoutait un piquant mystérieux à leur austérité. Je ne sais dans quel misérable café et de quelle façon elle déjeuna. Je la suivis au cabinet de lecture ; et je l'épiai longtemps pendant qu'elle cherchait dans les gazettes, avec des yeux actifs, jadis brûlés par les larmes, des nouvelles d'un intérêt puissant et personnel.

Enfin, dans l'après-midi, sous un ciel d'automne charmant, un de ces ciels d'où descendent en foule les regrets et les souvenirs, elle s'assit à l'écart dans un jardin, pour entendre, **** de la foule, un de ces concerts dont la musique des régiments gratifie le peuple parisien.

C'était sans doute là la petite débauche de cette vieille innocente (ou de cette vieille purifiée), la consolation bien gagnée d'une de ces lourdes journées sans ami, sans causerie, sans joie, sans confident, que Dieu laissait tomber sur elle, depuis bien des ans peut-être ! trois cent soixante-cinq fois par an.

Une autre encore :

Je ne puis jamais m'empêcher de jeter un regard, sinon universellement sympathique, au moins curieux, sur la foule de parias qui se pressent autour de l'enceinte d'un concert public. L'orchestre jette à travers la nuit des chants de fête, de triomphe ou de volupté. Les robes traînent en miroitant ; les regards se croisent ; les oisifs, fatigués de n'avoir rien fait, se dandinent, feignant de déguster indolemment la musique. Ici rien que de riche, d'heureux ; rien qui ne respire et n'inspire l'insouciance et le plaisir de se laisser vivre ; rien, excepté l'aspect de cette tourbe qui s'appuie là-bas sur la barrière extérieure, attrapant gratis, au gré du vent, un lambeau de musique, et regardant l'étincelante fournaise intérieure.

C'est toujours chose intéressante que ce reflet de la joie du riche au fond de l'œil du pauvre. Mais ce jour-là, à travers ce peuple vêtu de blouses et d'indienne, j'aperçus un être dont la noblesse faisait un éclatant contraste avec toute la trivialité environnante.

C'était une femme grande, majestueuse, et si noble dans tout son air, que je n'ai pas souvenir d'avoir vu sa pareille dans les collections des aristocratiques beautés du passé. Un parfum de hautaine vertu émanait de toute sa personne. Son visage, triste et amaigri, était en parfaite accordance avec le grand deuil dont elle était revêtue. Elle aussi, comme la plèbe à laquelle elle s'était mêlée et qu'elle ne voyait pas, elle regardait le monde lumineux avec un œil profond, et elle écoutait en hochant doucement la tête.

Singulière vision ! « À coup sûr, me dis-je, cette pauvreté-là, si pauvreté il y a, ne doit pas admettre l'économie sordide ; un si noble visage m'en répond. Pourquoi donc reste-t-elle volontairement dans un milieu où elle fait une tache si éclatante ? »

Mais en passant curieusement auprès d'elle, je crus en deviner la raison. La grande veuve tenait par la main un enfant comme elle vêtu de noir ; si modique que fût le prix d'entrée, ce prix suffisait peut-être pour payer un des besoins du petit être, mieux encore, une superfluité, un jouet.

Et elle sera rentrée à pied, méditant et rêvant, seule, toujours seule ; car l'enfant est turbulent, égoïste, sans douceur et sans patience ; et il ne peut même pas, comme le pur animal, comme le chien et le chat, servir de confident aux douleurs solitaires.
(À une jeune étrangère.)

Quand tes beaux pieds distraits errent, ô jeune fille,
Sur ce sable mouillé, frange d'or de la mer,
Baisse-toi, mon amour, vers la blonde coquille
Que Vénus fait, dit-on, polir au flot amer.

L'écrin de l'Océan n'en a point de pareille ;
Les roses de ta joue ont peine à l'égaler ;
Et quand de sa voluté on approche l'oreille,
On entend mille voix qu'on ne peut démêler.

Tantôt c'est la tempête avec ses lourdes vagues,
Qui viennent en tonnant se briser sur tes pas ;
Tantôt c'est la forêt avec ses frissons vagues ;
Tantôt ce sont des voix qui chuchotent tout bas.

Oh ! ne dirais-tu pas, à ce confus murmure
Que rend le coquillage aux lèvres de carmin,
Un écho merveilleux où l'immense nature
Résume tous ses bruits dans le creux de ta main ?

Emporte-la, mon ange ! Et quand ton esprit joue
Avec lui-même, oisif, pour charmer tes ennuis,
Sur ce bijou des mers penche en riant ta joue,
Et, fermant tes beaux yeux, recueilles-en les bruits.

Si, dans ces mille accents dont sa conque fourmille,
Il en est un plus doux qui vienne te frapper,
Et qui s'élève à peine aux bords de la coquille,
Comme un aveu d'amour qui n'ose s'échapper ;

S'il a pour ta candeur des terreurs et des charmes ;
S'il renaît en mourant presque éternellement ;
S'il semble au fond d'un cœur rouler avec des larmes ;
S'il tient de l'espérance et du gémissement...

Ne te consume pas à chercher ce mystère !
Ce mélodieux souffle, ô mon ange, c'est moi !
Quel bruit plus éternel et plus doux sur la terre,
Qu'un écho de mon cœur qui m'entretient de toi ?
Biorn, étrange cénobite,
Sur le plateau d'un roc pelé,
Hors du temps et du monde, habite
La tour d'un burg démantelé.

De sa porte l'esprit moderne
En vain soulève le marteau.
Biorn verrouille sa poterne
Et barricade son château.

Quand tous ont les yeux vers l'aurore
Biorn, sur son donjon perché,
A l'horizon contemple encore
La place du soleil couché.

Ame rétrospective, il loge
Dans son burg et dans le passé ;
Le pendule de son horloge
Depuis des siècles est cassé.

Sous ses ogives féodales
Il erre, éveillant les échos,
Et ses pas, sonnant sur les dalles,
Semblent suivis de pas égaux.

Il ne voit ni laïcs, ni prêtres,
Ni gentilshommes, ni bourgeois,
Mais les portraits de ses ancêtres
Causent avec lui quelquefois.

Et certains soirs, pour se distraire,
Trouvant manger seul ennuyeux,
Biorn, caprice funéraire,
Invite à souper ses aïeux.

Les fantômes, quand minuit sonne,
Viennent armés de pied en cap ;
Biorn, qui malgré lui frissonne,
Salue en haussant son hanap.

Pour s'asseoir, chaque panoplie
Fait un angle avec son genou,
Dont l'articulation plie
En grinçant comme un vieux verrou ;

Et tout d'une pièce, l'armure,
D'un corps absent gauche cercueil,
Rendant un creux et sourd murmure,
Tombe entre les bras du fauteuil.

Landgraves, rhingraves, burgraves,
Venus du ciel ou de l'enfer,
Ils sont tous là, muets et graves,
Les roides convives de fer !

Dans l'ombre, un rayon fauve indique
Un monstre, guivre, aigle à deux cous,
Pris au bestiaire héraldique
Sur les cimiers faussés de coups.

Du mufle des bêtes difformes
Dressant leurs ongles arrogants,
Partent des panaches énormes,
Des lambrequins extravagants ;

Mais les casques ouverts sont vides
Comme les timbres du blason ;
Seulement deux flammes livides
Y luisent d'étrange façon.

Toute la ferraille est assise
Dans la salle du vieux manoir,
Et, sur le mur, l'ombre indécise
Donne à chaque hôte un page noir.

Les liqueurs aux feux des bougies
Ont des pourpres d'un ton suspect ;
Les mets dans leurs sauces rougies
Prennent un singulier aspect.

Parfois un corselet miroite,
Un morion brille un moment ;
Une pièce qui se déboîte
Choit sur la nappe lourdement.

L'on entend les battements d'ailes
D'invisibles chauves-souris,
Et les drapeaux des infidèles
Palpitent le long du lambris.

Avec des mouvements fantasques
Courbant leurs phalanges d'airain,
Les gantelets versent aux casques
Des rasades de vin du Rhin,

Ou découpent au fil des dagues
Des sangliers sur des plats d'or...
Cependant passent des bruits vagues
Par les orgues du corridor.

D'une voix encore enrouée
Par l'humidité du caveau,
Max fredonne, ivresse enjouée,
Un lied, en treize cents, nouveau.

Albrecht, ayant le vin féroce,
Se querelle avec ses voisins,
Qu'il martèle, bossue et rosse,
Comme il faisait des Sarrasins.

Échauffé, Fritz ôte son casque,
Jadis par un crâne habité,
Ne pensant pas que sans son masque
Il semble un tronc décapité.

Bientôt ils roulent pêle-mêle
Sous la table, parmi les brocs,
Tête en bas, montrant la semelle
De leurs souliers courbés en crocs.

C'est un hideux champ de bataille
Où les pots heurtent les armets,
Où chaque mort par quelque entaille,
Au lieu de sang ***** des mets.

Et Biorn, le poing sur la cuisse,
Les contemple, morne et hagard,
Tandis que, par le vitrail suisse
L'aube jette son bleu regard.

La troupe, qu'un rayon traverse,
Pâlit comme au jour un flambeau,
Et le plus ivrogne se verse
Le coup d'étrier du tombeau.

Le coq chante, les spectres fuient
Et, reprenant un air hautain,
Sur l'oreiller de marbre appuient
Leurs têtes lourdes du festin !
Terry Collett May 2017
I remember the last evening
I saw you and talked, later
after we all left, you died
in the night. That time as

a boy you were cruelly
punished at the school by
the Christian Brothers
and your big brother

complained. In the War
you fought as a sergeant,
and had to train amongst
others the Glasgow gang

boys, who needed a different
strength for this combat
on blood soaked foreign soil.
You spoke and read Latin,

and could have been in
a different age and time
an officer, but you were
from the wrong class.

That evening you said:
I must catch up on my
Shakespeare again, maybe
together you and I. But

we never did. But I have
fond memories of us in
Lourdes, how I helped
save your life, if only for

another year, in God's good
grace, in which we all walk
and have our being at His pace.
A la pâle clarté des lampes languissantes,
Sur de profonds coussins tout imprégnés d'odeur
Hippolyte rêvait aux caresses puissantes
Qui levaient le rideau de sa jeune candeur.

Elle cherchait, d'un oeil troublé par la tempête,
De sa naïveté le ciel déjà lointain,
Ainsi qu'un voyageur qui retourne la tête
Vers les horizons bleus dépassés le matin.

De ses yeux amortis les paresseuses larmes,
L'air brisé, la stupeur, la morne volupté,
Ses bras vaincus, jetés comme de vaines armes,
Tout servait, tout parait sa fragile beauté.

Etendue à ses pieds, calme et pleine de joie,
Delphine la couvait avec des yeux ardents,
Comme un animal fort qui surveille une proie,
Après l'avoir d'abord marquée avec les dents.

Beauté forte à genoux devant la beauté frêle,
Superbe, elle humait voluptueusement
Le vin de son triomphe, et s'allongeait vers elle,
Comme pour recueillir un doux remerciement.

Elle cherchait dans l'oeil de sa pâle victime
Le cantique muet que chante le plaisir,
Et cette gratitude infinie et sublime
Qui sort de la paupière ainsi qu'un long soupir.

- " Hippolyte, cher coeur, que dis-tu de ces choses ?
Comprends-tu maintenant qu'il ne faut pas offrir
L'holocauste sacré de tes premières roses
Aux souffles violents qui pourraient les flétrir ?

Mes baisers sont légers comme ces éphémères
Qui caressent le soir les grands lacs transparents,
Et ceux de ton amant creuseront leurs ornières
Comme des chariots ou des socs déchirants ;

Ils passeront sur toi comme un lourd attelage
De chevaux et de boeufs aux sabots sans pitié...
Hippolyte, ô ma soeur ! tourne donc ton visage,
Toi, mon âme et mon coeur, mon tout et ma moitié,

Tourne vers moi tes yeux pleins d'azur et d'étoiles !
Pour un de ces regards charmants, baume divin,
Des plaisirs plus obscurs je lèverai les voiles,
Et je t'endormirai dans un rêve sans fin ! "

Mais Hippolyte alors, levant sa jeune tête :
- " Je ne suis point ingrate et ne me repens pas,
Ma Delphine, je souffre et je suis inquiète,
Comme après un nocturne et terrible repas.

Je sens fondre sur moi de lourdes épouvantes
Et de noirs bataillons de fantômes épars,
Qui veulent me conduire en des routes mouvantes
Qu'un horizon sanglant ferme de toutes parts.

Avons-nous donc commis une action étrange ?
Explique, si tu peux, mon trouble et mon effroi :
Je frissonne de peur quand tu me dis : " Mon ange ! "
Et cependant je sens ma bouche aller vers toi.

Ne me regarde pas ainsi, toi, ma pensée !
Toi que j'aime à jamais, ma soeur d'élection,
Quand même tu serais une embûche dressée
Et le commencement de ma perdition ! "

Delphine secouant sa crinière tragique,
Et comme trépignant sur le trépied de fer,
L'oeil fatal, répondit d'une voix despotique :
- " Qui donc devant l'amour ose parler d'enfer ?

Maudit soit à jamais le rêveur inutile
Qui voulut le premier, dans sa stupidité,
S'éprenant d'un problème insoluble et stérile,
Aux choses de l'amour mêler l'honnêteté !

Celui qui veut unir dans un accord mystique
L'ombre avec la chaleur, la nuit avec le jour,
Ne chauffera jamais son corps paralytique
A ce rouge soleil que l'on nomme l'amour !

Va, si tu veux, chercher un fiancé stupide ;
Cours offrir un coeur vierge à ses cruels baisers ;
Et, pleine de remords et d'horreur, et livide,
Tu me rapporteras tes seins stigmatisés...

On ne peut ici-bas contenter qu'un seul maître ! "
Mais l'enfant, épanchant une immense douleur,
Cria soudain : - " Je sens s'élargir dans mon être
Un abîme béant ; cet abîme est mon cœur !

Brûlant comme un volcan, profond comme le vide !
Rien ne rassasiera ce monstre gémissant
Et ne rafraîchira la soif de l'Euménide
Qui, la torche à la main, le brûle jusqu'au sang.

Que nos rideaux fermés nous séparent du monde,
Et que la lassitude amène le repos !
Je veux m'anéantir dans ta gorge profonde,
Et trouver sur ton sein la fraîcheur des tombeaux ! "

- Descendez, descendez, lamentables victimes,
Descendez le chemin de l'enfer éternel !
Plongez au plus profond du gouffre, où tous les crimes,
Flagellés par un vent qui ne vient pas du ciel,

Bouillonnent pêle-mêle avec un bruit d'orage.
Ombres folles, courez au but de vos désirs ;
Jamais vous ne pourrez assouvir votre rage,
Et votre châtiment naîtra de vos plaisirs.

Jamais un rayon frais n'éclaira vos cavernes ;
Par les fentes des murs des miasmes fiévreux
Filtrent en s'enflammant ainsi que des lanternes
Et pénètrent vos corps de leurs parfums affreux.

L'âpre stérilité de votre jouissance
Altère votre soif et roidit votre peau,
Et le vent furibond de la concupiscence
Fait claquer votre chair ainsi qu'un vieux drapeau.

**** des peuples vivants, errantes, condamnées,
A travers les déserts courez comme les loups ;
Faites votre destin, âmes désordonnées,
Et fuyez l'infini que vous portez en vous !
Ô Seigneur, exaucez et dictez ma prière,

Vous la pleine Sagesse et la toute Bonté,

Vous sans cesse anxieux de mon heure dernière,

Et qui m'avez aimé de toute éternité.

Car - ce bonheur terrible est tel, tel ce mystère

Miséricordieux, que, cent fois médité,

Toujours il confondit ma raison qu'il atterre, -

Oui, vous m'avez aimé de toute éternité,

Oui, votre grand souci, c'est mon heure dernière,

Vous la voulez heureuse et pour la faire ainsi,

Dès avant l'univers, dès avant la lumière,

Vous préparâtes tout, ayant ce grand souci.

Exaucez ma prière après l'avoir formée

De gratitude immense et des plus humbles vœux,

Comme un poète scande une ode bien-aimée,

Comme une mère baise un fils sur les cheveux.

Donnez-moi de vous plaire, et puisque pour vous plaire

Il me faut être heureux, d'abord dans la douleur

Parmi les hommes durs sous une loi sévère,

Puis dans le ciel tout près de vous sans plus de pleur,

Tout près de vous, le Père éternel, dans la joie

Éternelle, ravi dans les splendeurs des saints,

Ô donnez-moi la foi très forte, que je croie.

Devoir souffrir cent morts s'il plaît à vos desseins ;

Et donnez-moi la foi très douce, que j'estime

N'avoir de haine juste et sainte que pour moi,

Que j'aime le pécheur en détestant mon crime,

Que surtout j'aime ceux de nous encor sans foi ;

Et donnez-moi la foi très humble, que je pleure

Sur l'impropriété de tant de maux soufferts,

Sur l'inutilité des grâces et sur l'heure

Lâchement gaspillée aux efforts que je perds ;

Et que votre Esprit-Saint qui sait toute nuance

Rende prudent mon zèle et sage mon ardeur ;

Donnez, juste Seigneur, avec la confiance,

Donnez la méfiance à votre serviteur.

Que je ne sois jamais un objet de censure

Dans l'action pieuse et le juste discours ;

Enseignez-moi l'accent, montrez-moi la mesure ;

D'un scandale, d'un seul, préservez mes entours ;

Faites que mon exemple amène à vous connaître

Tous ceux que vous voudrez de tant de pauvres fous,

Vos enfants sans leur Père, un état sans le Maître,

Et que, si je suis bon, toute gloire aille à vous ;

Et puis, et puis, quand tout des choses nécessaires,

L'homme, la patience et ce devoir dicté,

Aura fructifié de mon mieux dans vos serres,

Laissez-moi vous aimer en toute charité,

Laissez-moi, faites-moi de toutes mes faiblesses

Aimer jusqu'à la mort votre perfection,

Jusqu'à la mort des sens et de leurs mille ivresses,

Jusqu'à la mort du cœur, orgueil et passion,

Jusqu'à la mort du pauvre esprit lâche et rebelle

Que votre volonté dès longtemps appelait

Vers l'humilité sainte éternellement belle,

Mais lui, gardait son rêve infernalement laid,

Son gros rêve éveillé de lourdes rhétoriques,

Spéculation creuse et calculs impuissants

Ronflant et s'étirant en phrases pléthoriques.

Ah ! tuez mon esprit et mon cœur et mes sens !

Place à l'âme qui croie, et qui sente et qui voie

Que tout est vanité fors elle-même en Dieu ;

Place à l'âme, Seigneur ; marchant dans votre voie

Et ne tendant qu'au ciel, seul espoir et seul lieu !

Et que cette âme soit la servante très douce

Avant d'être l'épouse au trône non-pareil.

Donnez-lui l'Oraison comme le lit de mousse

Où ce petit oiseau se baigne de soleil,

La paisible oraison comme la fraîche étable

Où cet agneau s'ébatte et broute dans les coins

D'ombre et d'or quand sévit le midi redoutable.

Et que juin fait crier l'insecte dans les foins,

L'oraison bien en vous, fût-ce parmi la foule.

Fût-ce dans le tumulte et l'erreur des cités.

Donnez-lui l'oraison qui sourde et d'où découle

Un ruisseau toujours clair d'austères vérités :

La mort, le noir péché, la pénitence blanche,

L'occasion à fuir et la grâce à guetter ;

Donnez-lui l'oraison d'en haut et d'où s'épanche

Le fleuve amer et fort qu'il lui faut remonter :

Mortification spirituelle, épreuve

Du feu par le désir et de l'eau par le pleur

Sans fin d'être imparfaite et de se sentir veuve

D'un amour que doit seule aviver la douleur,

Sécheresses ainsi que des trombes de sable

En travers du torrent où luttent ses bras lourds,

Un ciel de plomb fondu, la soif inapaisable

Au milieu de cette eau qui l'assoiffe toujours,

Mais cette eau-là jaillit à la vie éternelle,

Et la vague bientôt porterait doucement

L'âme persévérante et son amour fidèle

Aux pieds de votre Amour fidèle, ô Dieu clément !

La bonne mort pour quoi Vous-Même vous mourûtes

Me ressusciterait à votre éternité.

Pitié pour ma faiblesse, assistez à mes luttes

Et bénissez l'effort de ma débilité !

Pitié, Dieu pitoyable ! et m'aidez à parfaire

L'œuvre de votre Cœur adorable en sauvant

L'âme que rachetaient les affres du Calvaire ;

Père, considérez le prix de votre enfant.
Hélas! je ne suis plus un poète, un artiste:
 je ne suis plus qu' un coeur profondémente meurtri;
 je ne suis qu' un espirit las et farouche et triste,
qui veut saisir un rêve d'amour évanoui...

La Mort a mis devant mes yeux ses lourdes voiles
pour m'empêcher de suivre Celle qui s'envola;
mais mon âme opiniâtre, cherche dans les étoiles,
fouilles les noirs abîmes, et la retrouvera!
Il est de forts parfums pour qui toute matière
Est poreuse. On dirait qu'ils pénètrent le verre.
En ouvrant un coffret venu de l'Orient
Dont la serrure grince et rechigne en criant,

Ou dans une maison déserte quelque armoire
Pleine de l'âcre odeur des temps, poudreuse et noire,
Parfois on trouve un vieux flacon qui se souvient,
D'où jaillit toute vive une âme qui revient.

Mille pensers dormaient, chrysalides funèbres,
Frémissant doucement dans les lourdes ténèbres,
Qui dégagent leur aile et prennent leur essor,
Teintés d'azur, glacés de rose, lamés d'or.

Voilà le souvenir enivrant qui voltige
Dans l'air troublé ; les yeux se ferment ; le Vertige
Saisit l'âme vaincue et la pousse à deux mains
Vers un gouffre obscurci de miasmes humains ;

Il la terrasse au bord d'un gouffre séculaire,
Où, Lazare odorant déchirant son suaire,
Se meut dans son réveil le cadavre spectral
D'un vieil amour ranci, charmant et sépulcral.

Ainsi, quand je serai perdu dans la mémoire
Des hommes, dans le coin d'une sinistre armoire
Quand on m'aura jeté, vieux flacon désolé,
Décrépit, poudreux, sale, abject, visqueux, fêlé,

Je serai ton cercueil, aimable pestilence !
Le témoin de ta force et de ta virulence,
Cher poison préparé par les anges ! Liqueur
Qui me ronge, ô la vie et la mort de mon cœur !
Laisse-moi respirer longtemps, longtemps, l'odeur de tes cheveux, y plonger tout mon visage, comme un homme altéré dans l'eau d'une source, et les agiter avec ma main comme un mouchoir odorant, pour secouer des souvenirs dans l'air.

Si tu pouvais savoir tout ce que je vois ! tout ce que je sens ! tout ce que j'entends dans tes cheveux ! Mon âme voyage sur le parfum comme l'âme des autres hommes sur la musique.

Tes cheveux contiennent tout un rêve, plein de voilures et de mâtures ; ils contiennent de grandes mers dont les moussons me portent vers de charmants climats, où l'espace est plus bleu et plus profond, où l'atmosphère est parfumée par les fruits, par les feuilles et par la peau humaine.

Dans l'océan de ta chevelure, j'entrevois un port fourmillant de chants mélancoliques, d'hommes vigoureux de toutes nations et de navires de toutes formes découpant leurs architectures fines et compliquées sur un ciel immense où se prélasse l'éternelle chaleur.

Dans les caresses de ta chevelure, je retrouve les langueurs des longues heures passées sur un divan, dans la chambre d'un beau navire, bercées par le roulis imperceptible du port, entre les pots de fleurs et les gargoulettes rafraîchissantes.

Dans l'ardent foyer de ta chevelure, je respire l'odeur du tabac mêlé à l'***** et au sucre ; dans la nuit de ta chevelure, je vois resplendir l'infini de l'azur tropical ; sur les rivages duvetés de ta chevelure je m'enivre des odeurs combinées du goudron, du musc et de l'huile de coco.

Laisse-moi mordre longtemps tes tresses lourdes et noires. Quand je mordille tes cheveux élastiques et rebelles, il me semble que je mange des souvenirs.
though a might bit out of vogue
   years after chart topping renown came
since attainment sans high water mark of fame
one combination amongst, who made a name
for himself countless other scenarios
   could be drafted incorporating addressing same
song titles arranged in an alternate combination
   from the GREEN DAY audiofile playlist,
   hoop fully you get my aim.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As an atypical GREEN DAY fan, when exorcising
mailor daemons along the boulevard of broken dreams
easily misconstruing myself as just another American Idiot,
who mentally, frantically, emotionally veers away from
painful memories linkedin with when September ends.

This mid dull aged mwm accidentally poured 409 in his
coffee maker as proof positive that he iz a basket case.
All the time now (and for about the previous 1000 hours)

carousing Fitbit gremlins housed inside luckless oaf release
trigger, where 21 guns fire banking, bidding, bumping
uglies good riddance to this atheist. Jesus of suburbia waits
with waxed wings, when I come around to recant my ******
babble (attempting to appear as resident of Bend, Oregon.

This faux gad shill Norwegian bachelor redoubt patriot)
indicative of mine sigh lent kickstarter impression that
casts me as off kilter (psychologically), when I strive
to affect the to become welcome to my paradise. This
vantage point (especially atop Mount Everest) offers

the longview sans the big bang theory, where a deafening
cosmic blitzkrieg taught scattered mortals the best way
to know your enemy amidst camouflage, espionage,
hostage taken, yet key modes to keep still breathing
(soundlessly) without being detected.

Minority held opinion if flapjacked, highjacked, kidnapped,
await an opportune circumstance before thrusting out
your thumb vis a vis *** pen to reach sought after
destination (i.e. Lillies of the fields) hitchin' a ride
ideally before experiencing a 21st century breakdown.

While stranded amidst Foreigners, (who exhale Earth,
Wind and Fire) donned as Goo Goo Dolls), perchance
some buzz feeding, gabbing human Beatle browed
Beastie Boy, who doth sport Hair re: Kinks, a patented
trademark of The Village People) will trumpet.

Heed call to arms, via revolution aery radio broadcast
thru the Smash faced mouthpiece of a Ludicris Prince
too dumb to die. Meanwhile Straycats (on the outlook
page number two:

for a stray heart, and potential mate fo Cinderella)
slink into a Soundgarden sanitarium remaining stock
still as Indigo Girls doppelganger. Pseudo surveillance
(controlled by an AC/DC Lumineers progressive Tumblr
Youtube filmed vanity fair, yet essentially shape
shifting ing flickr ring into a tiffany shaped lamp

adorned capriciously, elegantly, garishly invoking
kooky, loopy, lubriciously monied popinjay. Soliloquy
spiel squawking prurient mumbling Jeeves only adds
further confusion to an otherwise totally tubularly
uneventful Rainbow coalition gathering.

This impromptu razzmatazz inadvertently manifests
into a state of the art IdentityGuard espying anyone
with an aim to **** the Dee Jay. He rose from the ranks
as a working class hero, and under the private tutelage
of Saint Jimmy elbowed sought out top honors to be
the ring leader for the upcoming Macy's Day Parade.

This honorific guest feted endowed duty stipulated
that Geek Stink Breath be remedied with any reason
able over the counter breath freshener. Once outfitted
for this fountainhead title (where Atlas Shrugs before

moseying off to Buffalo) hopefully locates whatser
name (an awesome bejeweled charming dame with
a Heart of Queen Latifah). Many admirers and suitors
of said Mademoiselle reckon she ranks as Last of
The Mohicans, as well The Last of The American Girls.

She (this Lady GaGa holds out against pledging her troth
at the countless hot-mails knowing full well, that
nice guys finish last. Oft times behavior of this
Super ***** ping Cheap Trick playing Jewel

appears as a walking contradiction, though nobody
ever faulted said Uber Lourdes for remembering
the forgotten twittering Mama's and Papa's,
whose influence 2,000 light years away prompts
even the staunchest cynic to claim west assured,
cuz East Jesus Nowhere to be found.
Ma femme est morte, je suis libre !
Je puis donc boire tout mon soûl.
Lorsque je rentrais sans un sou,
Ses cris me déchiraient la fibre.

Autant qu'un roi je suis heureux ;
L'air est pur, le ciel admirable...
Nous avions un été semblable
Lorsque j'en devins amoureux !

L'horrible soif qui me déchire
Aurait besoin pour s'assouvir
D'autant de vin qu'en peut tenir
Son tombeau ; - ce n'est pas peu dire :

Je l'ai jetée au fond d'un puits,
Et j'ai même poussé sur elle
Tous les pavés de la margelle.
- Je l'oublierai si je le puis !

Au nom des serments de tendresse,
Dont rien ne peut nous délier,
Et pour nous réconcilier
Comme au beau temps de notre ivresse,

J'implorai d'elle un rendez-vous,
Le soir, sur une route obscure.
Elle y vint ! - folle créature !
Nous sommes tous plus ou moins fous !

Elle était encore jolie,
Quoique bien fatiguée ! et moi,
Je l'aimais trop ! voilà pourquoi
Je lui dis : Sors de cette vie !

Nul ne peut me comprendre. Un seul
Parmi ces ivrognes stupides
Songea-t-il dans ses nuits morbides
A faire du vin un linceul ?

Cette crapule invulnérable
Comme les machines de fer
Jamais, ni l'été ni l'hiver,
N'a connu l'amour véritable,

Avec ses noirs enchantements
Son cortège infernal d'alarmes,
Ses fioles de poison, ses larmes,
Ses bruits de chaîne et d'ossements !

- Me voilà libre et solitaire !
Je serai ce soir ivre mort ;
Alors, sans peur et sans remord,
Je me coucherai sur la terre,

Et je dormirai comme un chien !
Le chariot aux lourdes roues
Chargé de pierres et de boues,
Le wagon enragé peut bien

Ecraser ma tête coupable
Ou me couper par le milieu,
Je m'en moque comme de Dieu,
Du Diable ou de la Sainte Table !
Terry Collett Sep 2018
I knew there
was something wrong
the night that Jim near died,
something in his breathing
and soft groaning in the dark.

I leapt from my bed
and talked to him,
leaning over his head,
but he was fast asleep
and I couldn't wake him
from his heavy dream.

I went downstairs
for the doctor and nurse,
fearing something worse.

They hurried up,
and woke him
from a sleep
in drowsy talk,
his breathing poor,
his eyes not focussed,
his speech slurred.

The doctor unsure,
but the nurse said:
he's had a heart attack,
doctor, I'm sure.

I stood and waited
and talked to him,
my friend Jim.

The ambulance
came quickly
and they carried him away,
and the room seemed empty
now he had gone
to a hospital nearby.

I felt it he had had it
and would die
and began to cry.

But we saw him
the following day
in hospital
sitting up in bed,
speaking to the nurse
in his war-time French,
smiling and jolly
in that Hospital in Lourdes.

They flew him home
a few weeks later
and I saw him
and was glad to talk
with him again
about his war
and all war's drear,
and he at 94,
lived another year.
An old friend's last year

— The End —