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William Eberlein Aug 2014
My words are gone.
You've torn them from my lips.

Every one.

Save for a single, suffocating "Goodbye."

And after the last syllable has been spoken,
infinite silence is what you left.

When you did just that.
Another Jun 2018
To what her words were softly spoken,
Weren’t they heard from the pushful ceiling?
Was there no other way to carry her softly upon shaken ground?
he held onto what she last felt then,
past his hearing the searing heart momentarily settled
Until it could no more
In the last whimper of sadness
Gone was her feeling, her letter of breathe and pith given to him
From him did he wail with expression
Welling was his lower sockets, with overbearing pressure did they overfill with premature remorse
down did they fall
tears had dripped over her face..
..Fallen from his grasp, a once braced, blackened tapestry, surges upward
he witnessed the blinds closing, her eyes watching
Overheard with great loudness she was deaf
Shallowed was that of their former laughter
Silence hurried the rush toward the floor’s
a sunlit evening wilted dry in prosperity..
Dissipated was all perspiration
In a timely fashion she was not heard anymore nor seen for heaviness was all that some bore
The extraordinary pain I couldn’t understand then
For the reasons that caused its formation
If only..
there were enough hands to lead her to another way, another place
warmed but not displaced
She no longer knows where to go..
She’s gone unnoticed..
I can’t feel her presence anymore
yes, we’ll see another once again
From a pain stricken moment
Left in vespertine
Along those painless places
Where all that lingers high above the ambience
Will be your very childlike presence
Shown upon in your own exuberant smile
Thenceforth into tomorrow
Farewell till then
I have but one thing to say, please be kind to others as you would like others to be toward you.
And another thing, leap forward out of your comfort zone to help someone from leaping off the marked ledge of ‘enough’. It happens too often and I could say I know the reasons why, for others for their sake if only I could take on their pain. complicated is life huh.

—seeing her fall through hopelessly murmuring what would be her final words to the man striving to hold onto her pleading for her to stay within his grasp, she simply didn’t want to hold on anymore, tired by life’s hard trials. So am I. isn’t everyone
Johnny Agape Aug 2013
Can you hear my loudness,
In all this silence?
When you are near me,
Do you whisper to me quiet?
I cannot hear past the sound,
Echoes and echoes,
Chasing each other like waves,
Crashing like thunder,
Shaking the walls,
I tremble and shake.
All the outside disappears,
Into the blindness,
Into the colors,
Into the mindstorm.
Into the scream.
I fall into it all,
I float,
Wait to drown,
Lost in sound.
Till I was up on your shore.
In the quiet,
In the stillness,
I am whole.
My friend wrote this. It's odd how in synch we are, but won't admit it to each other. Or anyone else for that matter.
sara Jul 2014
there's something in the way the waves ripple upon the shore
there's something in the loudness of whispers you can't ignore

there's something in the way my eyes don't sparkle anymore
and I think there's something about it, but i guess i can't be sure

there's something in the way that we leave this world, alone
and there was danger in the way that, in you, I felt at home

there was something in the way that words just glided from your lips
and there were undertones of poison the last time that we kissed

there's something in the way that tears leave tracks all down your face
and there's something in the way you were gone without a trace

there's something in the way a candle flickers in the dark
and there's a universal understanding that most goodbyes are hard

there's something in the way that words can break a heart
yet there's a gentle kind of beauty in the way we fell apart
coming out of block now, first poem in about a month

bitter isn't better, make peace with your past x
Henry Lampad Jun 2018
I don't know how it was
Or how it came to be.
All I know is now I'm drunk with life
And very full of rhymes.
Poetry is my Lunch and dinner.
The sunrise is light breakfast.
I remember being muted
By the loudness of thy charm.
maybe that was when I tripped
Due to the solid strength of feminine firmness.
Evident in the way you weighed your step.
I wish I could tell the exact time and place
Or maybe narrate a story on a slate...
A proper narrative with perfect imagery
To paint the spark you've brought herein.
But in all honesty, I cant.
I Just don't know how.
Laura Labno Aug 25
In the loudness of
My silence

Stands out


Last steps resound

Last smiles
Last gazes
Last tastes

A room freshly

The very same
Walls stand now

And will

For a while.

The very same
Behind the counter


And the sugary

Are still to see
Many smiles

Are To hear
Many laughs.

Move on
Yes I will
Move on

To new place


palettes of minds
I will touch

With the brush
Of my brain.

       New sensations
Will caress
The shell
Of my soul

   And my sad little thoughts
Will calmly

Drift away
Lisa May 14
In still silence
I used to hear our laughter
Our broken voices over tender moments
In the still of the night
You were compelling my mind

I vowed I would forget your face
First your eyes
Then your smile
Then the kind sweet sentiments to the harsh tones
Of each word you would speak

I told myself in my loneliness
You could make my mind unwind
Where the silence outside was killing me
Inside your loudness taunting me

We were intertwined for so long
I forgot how to be one

That was yesterday
Where I was once broken beyond repair

Or so it seems

Now all I know is
You are behind me
I never look back

I will never again be
Mishka Wayz Nov 25
(Part 1)

Standing on the mountain,
Slaying hordes, creating a blood-splashing fountain,
My sword slicing and slashing,
The bones broken, the bodies slayed, the blood gushing and splashing!!

When the foghorn blows, I know they want war,
My power will unleash itself, my sword will slay, no matter who they are,
Be it my mother or my brother,
For me, there is no such thing as fighting for each other…

I believe that in very corner there is anger and hate,
Talking about my sword, it you shall rate,
It is of fine diamond, sharp as the sharpest stone,
Swift enough to slice an apple in the air, and sharp enough to slice off any bone!

I watch with glee as the silver knights roar out the battlecry,
I watch as they grip their mighty swords, and start dashing, running to me, wanting to die,
They gallop on their horses, the ground shaking and trembling beneath their mighty army,
Maybe there is too much of a score, but surely to one knight I will make a death all charmy…

I grip my fine sword, as my eyes pierce the view, my head covered by my hood,
My face darkened by the hide covering my head, I'm death itself, standing on these lands for up to no good,
My green luminescent pupil-less eyes judge that of the knights there is a one-hundred four score,  
As I stand there, dressed in my black hide, my fur boots, I remembered how I used to say, "The more tough it is, the more gore…"

Suddenly, with a blink of an eye, we are face to face,
The horses shriek at me, as I leap at the knights,
A sword pointed at my heart, an arrow at my head, and swinging for my head, there is a rusty iron mace,
I grin, knowing that ****** will I make the nights!!

The eyes lock for a moment, the moment tenses,
There is anger in every heart as we stare, not just give nervous glances,
The time freezes, it's like in a slow-motion,
And suddenly, I basically activated an anger-rage potion!!

My jaws snap open, and air ripples around as my roar that is heard thousands of miles away explodes out of my jaws,
The knights' ears ring from the loudness of my roar,
The diamond sword tighter I grip with my finger-like claws,
And swing to my right at lightning speed, slicing the heads of the knghts' being four!

Blood gushes in a circle, while I give them no sign of good-luck,
My sword slashing, the clash of metal, my sword stabbing each knight like a duck,
Piercing the skin with my sword, I rip out their intestines with a flick of my hand,
The arrows zip at me, the arrowheads piercing my skin like it is sand…

I feel my bones snapping from the arrows, but pain doesn't brings me down,
Pain only makes me more angry and stronger, me it doesn't drown,
I'm a ghoul whose strength is not explained,
As I slice the knights and dodge the arrows, I remembered how when I fought, the blood rained!!

I stab a silver knight, driving my sword right through his ribs, ending his pain and troubles, then flick my hand and cut off one's head,
An arrow pierces my temples, but yet I'm still not dead,
Dodging swords and arrows, I slam my fist on the ground,
The air ripples around me, and the air pushes off the knights and arrows around!

My cloak swooshes from the force of the air,
I'm made of tough muscles and skin, fair?
You, an army of two-thousand-four knights, versing one thing that looks like a ghoul,
I'm too powerful, and already a thousand knights are slayed, ye fool!!

I came here for diamond, treasures and gold,
I'm a thing, I have no age, so I'm neither young nor old,
I'm empty inside due to my powerful god-like strength, making me heartless and cold,
As I stand there with muscles tense, blood pooled on the grass, I watch the knights standing, mighty and bold…

I call them warriors, I call myself a ghoul,
As I get back in battle, I slice off one's arms, making him from pain just drool,
He falls on the ground as my sword finds his head, the fall breaking his rib bone,
As I slice off heads and arms, legs and waists, dodging arrows and receiving blows of swords, I speak in a demonic voice, "You ain't alone!!!!"

Slicing bodies, smashing bones with my fists and legs,
My sword creating a gushing fountain of blood,
Smashing ribs like they are shells from eggs,
You are fighting someone, who in war is a god!!!

As the arrows slice right through my skin from the force of the archers' metal bows,
I squat, my legs bented as I dodge all the blows,
Suddenly I push off with my legs, zooming into the sky,
The air ripples around, pushing back the knights paces away, as I zoom to the stars, up so high…

I gradually slowen down cause of the gravity, as I start falling down through the mist,
I face the Earth as I start zooming and searing through air  back down, my diamond sword ahead of my head, clinched by my ****** fist,
I see the army of a thounsand, gawking and looking up at the speeding comet in the sky,
"Here I come to gain my gold and make you know only one word, 'die'!!!"

My sword finds the ****** ground, as the ground explodes in a tremendous explosion and boom,
The flame unleashes and covers the sky, covers the lands, bringing upon the army a burning doom,
From space one could see how a big chunk and piece of Earth has exploded with fire,
Few minutes pass, and the as the smoke and fire clears, the victory is given to the hooded figure, giving others what they deserve and need to desire…

Slayed is the army of two-thousand and four,
It was rather too quick, I wish for more,
At least mine is all the treasures and the ore,
There was no other way to gain my treasures, so I gained them with gore…

I stand in the crater, formed by my victorious fatality,
If they want to steal my gold, they deserve such a brutality,
I'm death itself, and a ghoul,
If you spot me, remember to give what I want and don't be a fool………

-Mishka Wayz
This is created by me,  yes. It was hard to do this but at least I did it. This is a fantasy which I created.

The ghoul, is a guy, but he is so sinful and evil, and full of darkness and gore, that he calls himself a ghoul. He thinks he is a thing. But anyway, his name is Scardebego Whipsidol. Yes, I created the name and poem myself and everything is created by me. Sorry if there are any typos or it doesn't makes sense.
Also, Scardebego's strength is unexplained, and he is selfish for treasures. He slays anyone who dares touch his gold. He had a mother btw, and a family, but he was cursed by his greed for gold and treasures, that's why he killed his family and that's why he is so powerful and god-like, but sadly, dark and monstrous.

He can breath underwater for 78 hours until death  (3 days) (He has fish gills also)
He can burn alive for 78 hours until death  
He is dead only after more than a billion arrows (The poem takes place in the times of LOTR, but if it was bullets, he would die after a million of them)
He dies in acid and lava and mercury after 78 hours
He can live without his body parts for 78 hours (Head, legs, arms) (Also if his chest is torned open)
His full speed is the speed of lightning
His voice can be demonic and deep at times, and sometimes he can roar so loud your ears will shriek from the loudness that you won't be able to hear after a time (You might go deaf)
He sometimes doesn't speaks at all
His bones only break if he falls from the height of the moon
If his bones is broken, he can easily snap it back into place and his bone heals over time
His eyes shine at random moments, but mostly his face is darkened by the hood, making a hollow black-like void

No copywriting please

There. Cheers Lol
The wind rushes though my hair, 
Whistling it's shrillness in my ear.

The thunder gives a deafening boom,
Echoing inside my skull.

It never ends,
The crashing of water on rocks.

Like war soldiers in battle,
The waves cry out.

Desperately wanting to
Be rid of such pandemonium.

I'm unsure of the havoc it's caused,
With all the loudness it brings.

Everything is on hyperdrive,
My ears even more so.

Now the wind is coming much faster,
Causing me to loose all sense of direction.

The high pitch of an alarm is off in the distance,
Still trying to resonate above all the turmoil.

Suddenly, everything stops
And I'm left to wonder where it all went.

No nosie, no thrashing of the trees,
Complete silence - trance like even.

It's over. I'm free.
Katie Dec 2018
The sound of snow is quite loud,
if you take the time to listen to it.

Much louder than you would expect
from the sparkling peaceful facade
that masks its utter loudness.

A single step upon it send the sound,
in all of its snapping and crackling,
traveling through your foot
and upwards to your ears.

In a peculiar sort of way,
the snow seems to revolt
against the pressure of your weight.

If you listen close enough
you can hear it's cries and protests
fill the air around you
in a frenzy of crackling and snapping.

Snaps and crackles rattle your eardrums;
they are the snow's fruitless objections
to the weight of your step.

Then, with a sigh of defeat,
the snow gives way
to a bed of ice beneath
in a final, satisfactory crunch.

And all the while,
the snowfall continues to pour down
from the sky above you.
As you walk step by step,
Genevieve Dec 2018
I walk around
I walk in stride
I walk along with the image of false pride.

I walk around
I walk, I try
I ***** out
a gaggle of

I walk around
a happy life
they see.
my door
loudness a knockin"
hello insecurities
at the front
trying to surface
so .......
I walk around
I walk alone
I walk beneath
my sinful bone.

I walk in joy
I walk distressed
I walk as I keep on keepin on
come on lets just all
play Pretend or just take a rest
Ain't life the Best? :)!
Tyler Harper Feb 19
"The rests of the music of my life
Ring louder than the notes"

So what if the rests resonate loudly than the notes?!
I say let them ring!

Let them halt the loudness of the chorus,
or the orchestra,
or the band.
Show everyone silence is a sound too!

Music isn't all about triumphant horns or beating drums,
And neither is life!

The beauty of silence in music goes largely unrecognized.

And the same thing goes for the music of life.

And you might be waiting for your next note,
Sitting, waiting; as you read the music.
And when the rest ends,
You will know it was needed to magnify the note.
So let the rests ring.

— The End —