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Chiibe-The-Rebel Oct 2015
They tell me love is blind,
but before  I met you I was resigned.
If love is not able to see,
Then why can I see the happiness you brought to me?

In the darkest depths of my mind,
The sparks of love defeats the dark trimes.
When the lonley bird chirps at me,
All the broken pieces I breed.

Break away, In a breezy haze,
As the bird acknologes my prays.
The bird sees my lonley thoughts,
Swoops to me, lonley memories naught.

One day, When the birds are gone,
And my sanity has all but torn.
You'll be here by my side,
Holding my hand and letting me hide.

Love is delicate,
Like a flower.
My love for you grows and grows,
Like a translucent tower.
I made this, I own it, I love it, Its a reflection of me and my love life.
May The Force Be With You.. Cause I felt like adding a Star Wars line.
loneliness for people can be very bad
leaves them oh so lonley and also very sad
there mind is in distress there feelings they have gone
trapped with in despair and how do they go on
everything inside is in disarray
hoping one day soon it will go away
mark john junor Oct 2013
i look up at the sky
and think that your looking at the same stars
gazing up at the same glowing moonlight
and thinking of me
i see you in a photograph but it dosen't do that smile justice
i look up at the sky and dream of you in my arms
and its like a vision of heaven
and time passes slow while my mind is there
i know your lonley since he left
you know iv been lonley since she came
aint fair that we are so far apart
but so close to one another
your my sweetheart
and im singing your name in my heart
and im giving you a chorus
of "la la la a la la la...come on to me baby"
i know your lonley since he left
you know im lonley since she came
but i guess you cant fix
what everybody says aint broken
so while everybody says this is a mistake
feel my hand in yours tonight
know that im looking up at the same stars
and thinking bout you in my arms
saw a picture of you on the road today
saw a picture you smiling today
and know it dont do your smile justice
know that your smile could light up my whole world
know that it could be everything to me
hold my hand baby
wish you could hold me
hold my hand baby
there was once a goat he had a coat of white
he had a funny beard such a funny sight
he liked to roam around all along the coast
travelling all around was what he liked the most
one day on his travels while walking down the road
sat there in the hedge he saw a little toad
the little toad was sad and had teardrop in his eye
the goat he said whats wrong. what has made you cry.
the toad said he was lonley thats why he was sad
i have lost my friend he said the only one i had
goat he  said dont cry i know just what to do
we will look together and find your friend for you
then suddenly they heard  another little toad
croaking in the hedge further down the road
it was his little friend that he was searching for
now they were toether and they were friends once more
goat he said goodbye im glad you found your friend
the story was complete and has a happy end
Arcassin B May 2014
By Arcassin B

I cant believe,
the last time there was ever love for me,
put me in the position of a lonley person,
Dont be late,

i cant believe,
she would believe them over me,
eventhough i didnt see it as something being worth it,
its too late.
Deedee Sep 2017
As I Sit beside this lonely tree
I count my blessings one, two, three
Looking up to into the branches
I Close my eyes and think about my chances
For a moment a glimmer of light
Perhaps I can have what I want in sight
Dark clouds loom in the background beginning to spiral around
Rain begins to fall
But the tree still stands tall
What it would be like to be this tree
To stand there so strong and free
jeffrey robin Aug 2010
are we so this the very day
that holds together all of creation?

wonderous sight!...eachother!
freely coming unto what we know to call
"the sacred door"

weeping and moaning in sheer lonliness
hating our abusing friends
who we then so gladly abuse
thankful for "justification"

we stomp our own poor face by face
we'd re-lynch negros if we could
get the rag heads YES WE CAN...HURRAY!
while the deadly oil spill


we hate our lovers from the day we meet
and when he's gone
we want him back again!

so very unloved
but wait!
when a true friend appears
we just call him "nerd" or "geek"

lonley loveless
yet so safe

from the overwhelming reality

loving to be unloved
the power trip that never fades away
Lady Bird May 2015
in each second that pass
loneliness chills my every bone
the bright silver moon did smile once
but only one sleek pale ray
it stole through my window
and almost filled my room...
what else should I say?
...I'm still lonely...
Heavy Hearted Mar 2018
Down swoops lonley owl
Graceful talons search for prey
As field mice scatter

May you land, dear owl,
Where love is a place, learning
the languange of the night.

May you understand
"...the unfinished creation
Of a changing soul."
tripple haiku
In a desperate attempt to  save hello  from near destruction the evil man ****** but yet charming in all togather strange way.
Elliot had a moment of true brillance   To get the anchors of hello togather  in a nice beach house.
Okay it  was a soon to be condemed rat trap hotel  on the Jersy shore and film it.

My worries were alerted already  for I was  really  wasnt up for making a **** .
Who am i kidding  sure i am.
But like when momma  gonzo told me that fat *****  in the red suit
wasnt really santa  just a child  molester.
I was wondering why santa  was  giving out candy in july
And why that candy cane was never in his pocket .
So the **** thing was off  it was to be a reallity show.

Freee ***** a chance to act up like a three year old hyped up on cookies    and crystal **** or whatever the kids were into these days.
They had me  sold so like a flock of segulls we ran   we ran so far away  eventhough  probation  said no my    gonzo sense said yes hey  lindsy lohan told me it sounded like  great idea  and who can argue with a crazy coke head.  

So we gathred in the bleek hope of saving hello from total boredom  and thoose hiku  writting nazis   from poetry soup.
Jack, Baths, Chris,Eileen,Gary,Paula,And that ***** Gonzo  
really  im so insecure  must just be that time of the month.

The rooms reminded me as a cross between the bates motel
and something outta the shining yes charming indeed.
We had the top floor  I always liked being on top but enough with the
forplay children.

The rooms  were picked  okay guys over there   girls come with me it was worth a try.  
The rooms were picked the honey moon suite  
going to me and Jack   ahh ****    there were strobe lights  stripper pole heart shapped  hot tub   jesus it was like  elton john had thrown  up in here  at least it smelled like it.

elliot had made it clear the bar tab was on us but knowing what a true sweetheart  he was he had somehow  left me his credit card
in my wallet maybe without knowing it.

One thing bout  are weird kinda umm  well  funny smelling digs  
there was a true blessing there  a bar   for what is a gonzo without his bar   much like a samuri  without his sword or a mean twig model without her cellphone  to throw  and finger to put down her throat to puke   memories   all alone in the moonlight dam you cats.

With some simple calls  the party was in full swing  and are shuttle bus slash   pinto had us at the hotest club slash retirement  home.
The music blasting so low as to not cause   bowel problems.
Me and Chris showing the old farts  how to play beer pong.
Missed shot  drink up grandma and please put your clothes on
****** you gravity.

Jack  kept the dance floor jumping  with his  fake mustache  little captians hat   and some other leather gear  once told me one thing that ****** was fahasion forward  you go girl.

Paula, Baths and Eileen   worked the newly  started  card game. You dont know how to gamble?  
Well are girls are happy to show ya gramps
Gary had disapeared  to the rest room  for some odd reason.
How he did put a smile on thoose  old ladies faces  seinor care
aint it grand they were were just glowing  what a odd place to be giving reading.

After we had hustled i mean  helped thoose old folks outta there life savings  it was time to party  really  they were almost dead  anyways
and a  funeral plot is overrated   just do what my  uncle did with his ex wife  tell everyone  one she went on vacation and bury her in backyard.

I'll never go tressure hunting again.
We hit the club like  like a hurricane that was laced with wild turkey   and   and a few rational thoughts.

The night was magic   for the money dissappeared   in seconds so like  any broke ***  writers  would do when facing  a fifteen thousand dollar bar tab.
We got the **** outta there.
Thank  god for a restroom window never mind me miss
im with security  and may i say you have a great rack.

The hotel reaked of mayhem and  a old winos ****  and maybe a dead
corpse or two.
HaAHahaha they'll never find you Drew.

It was like the cover of Sgt  Pepers lonley hearts club band  you know by   that classic group the backstreet boys.  
Yes drinking it doesnt effect the mind at all   now who the **** are you?

Dwarfs  junkies   men wearing sailors hats and **** straps did Jack have a dance  troupe?
Hookers drag queens  holy bat crap wonder woman   Lady Ga Ga.
Seems she had crashed into are pinto parked in the the street ******   Chris  i told you park it on the side walk  like me.

Jack  as  if  in a trance  was on stage with the  space alien ******
known as Ga Ga   it was a match made in a state   thats probaly filled with crazy people  like  Utah  or Canada.
Okay im kidding i love Canada  and i just learned it's a country
oh no wonder they hay have fences  I just thought they was a gated  community.  

Paula hit the floor after her third drink   and would probaly question   why somone  had written this space for rent  on her forehead
But like a true man that i was i would  blame that on Gary.

Chris and Eileen  danced laughed I had this odd feeling they were close   as Baths replied no **** sherlock  now pour me another  wine
befor i kick you in the *****   she is a charmer.

The crew fliming are madness  as togather we all danced apon the bar  but for some odd reason the ground had tilted and only effected me  dam UKs and there ninja abiltys and Garys knack for floating  on air.
I went down like a cheerleader on prom night hitting my head apon the floor.

Out like a stripper at a frat boys party after she had   beer and roofie
I was taken to a magical place  were  whiskey  flowed  like water
and you didnt have to pay for ***.

I awoke  in a hospital bed   head taped up  surrounded  by friends
the doctor asking many questions puzzled I made no sense.
Dear Lord this man has   brain dammage the doctor said.

The nurse leaned over  her  low cut top hey it's my write okay.
Brought a gleam to my devilish eyes   hey i mouthed   to Chris
I can see her *******.

Well  Gonzos fine  Chris replied.
As From the restroom there was a clatter
so i did turn my hungover head to see what  the **** was a matter.            

Jack appeared from the rest room Ga Ga in arm.
naked as bald eagle   void of feathers.

Gary.  Hey  i always herd  she was a .

Chris  Thats just ******* weird.

Paula. Who's the ***** who wrote on my forhead?  

Eileen.  it wasnt Chrisey poo.

Baths. Jesus  Gonzo your   long winded  crazy   and good looking
yeah i added that       hey don hit me i just had a near sober experience.
dam gaga is really a.

Jack  yeah and im in love my my my  poker face

The first season of the gonzo shore is now out on dvd   vhs   and eight track although that kinda *****.
Look for next season when we actully have film in the camera.

And if you were offended by my crazy semi sober crap then
balme it all on Gary cheers my friends

Earthchild Feb 2014
Think about it this way
You're complaining of not having a valentines today

Some children dont have a mother on Mothers day
No one to teach their child to bake
No one to braid the 6 year old girls hair
No one to give dandilion bouquets to.

A child who doesnt have a father to love on Fathers day
No one to teach them how to play baseball
To ride a bike,
No one to teach him or her to pitch a tent

A child sits in a foster home on Christmas or even on Thanksgiving
His or her only wish is to have a loving family
Have a chance to believe in magic
Have a home
A big feast displayed out infront of them.

Or maybe someone sits crying on Remeberance day,
because they lost their husband, dad, mom or big brother
You cant get back someone who is gone
A child may not have even met a past family member.

Look at it realistically.
Sorry it ***** but I had to rant.
Naidu Chandra Oct 2016
Her body was a holy divine
It's grace could embrace
The Prince charming
I can't ratify
But those bangles
Could surely prettify

Her heart was maiden and pure
I can tell you for sure
Curly messy hair
Embellished her fair

Her body
What she once adored
Now what she abhor
Her modesty was
Outraged by his all labour.

It was her fault
That she charmed
Him thought he wouldn't harm.

Her naked legs
Evoked his passionate lust
Soon she found him in bust
With his virilescent  crust
Her body was left to rust.

She could have been wooed
He taught she's a moo
He may have seen
Her bare feet in yahoo.

Her temper,her ego
Were  surrendered to him long ago.
His demoniacal laughter
Which she couldn't bluster.

She Dreamed and prayed for
First kiss
First love
A moonlight dinner
In decent manner.

Preserved her womanhood
For love of her life
But demons crave
The lonely  brave.
Poem by Naidu Chandra Pegu
copyright reserved
Waitherero Dec 2012
I am not abandoned
just left behind
For I know they love me
As I love them

It is still a little
to no peace of mind

I'm not blind

It is Christmas!!
Time to unwind
To share and to be kind

Or should I shy away and hide
Abide to the loneliness in me I find?

What foolish thoughts
I have
Or not

Are beyond my grasping mind
I'd like!
I want!
I should!
I must!
In the end... I just can't

That is what I chant

For my desire is, that chant
Shall grow from a seed into a plant

In my mind
My soul
My whole being
Until I own it
Until it is all me  

Left behind
It leaves you with a lot of things

The worst of all
The feel of loss

The loss of origin
Nothing to it akin

It devours you

From Head to toe
It all consumes you  
Like an Angel cry
while falling through the sky

From the light
To the darkness

but there is something that springs to mind
Like wings spreading to cutch your fall
A shining silver lining comes to sight

You make the call  
And hear the voice

Another feeling starts to bloom
The shadows start to swoon

Light surrounds you once again
The voice you hear is one of love

A love you missed
A love you craved
A love you know, you allways had

But still without it, came the doubt
For you know they love you
As you love them

It is still a little
to no peace of mind

Marry Christmas at last is said.
Samantha Russo May 2013
The lonely shark has got not heart, when it's swimming in the ocean's dark. Lookin for someone, with no sight. Feeling somethin, without the light.
the lonley ocean's got no soul, when it steals a sailor's gold.
Looking for closure, without a trace. Feelin discouraged, with
out any space.
I've learned to live. I've learned to die.
I've learned to live without goodbye.
Without you here, I'm not the same. Without you here, there's none to blame.
The lonley girl that's got no voice, when her father makes his choice.
Looking for acceptance, without praise. Looking for love, without any phase.
I Can Smile, But Not be happy
I Can Cry but because i am angry
being lonley,like im drowning slowly
hard to breathe as my heart rushes to catch up to my thoughts
i feel the cold rush down my neck
 i can feel you creeping
all your eyes watching as i drag my feet and trip along the road i used to skip down.
the only place ive been hurt like this in this town.
the sneakers that squeak as mine are silent.
the clothes that still smell like the stores, mine the same as they were.
the same everything. i wake, i struggle, i push, i shed but one tear
and tear apart everyone else to protect myself from everyone.
i wish of the things i wish i had. of what i wish i was. of what i wish i wasnt
and whisper into the trees and grass how much i miss you and everyone else i have lost.
screaming at people who i never should have, loving people i know will hurt me.... unless i hurt them first,
so many first kisses and first girlfriends i have ruined...
so many inults that i said out of a place in my heart that is cold as ice and hard as stone. afraid everyone knows the lies ive told. to create this persona that makes me less of a lame, shame, untame dissapointment of everyone who is related to me....
Let me start over.
let me be the one who never lies.
let me be the one who didnt have to say that they hate someone.
let me love everyone including myself.
Look at me without shame Mom.
look apon me without disgust father.
for i am your baby girl. i am the baby you nurtured into the monster you call a daughter......
no mas no mas mother.....
i am not what you have raised
i am a near blemish in your imperfect yet perfect life.
as we stare each other down from across the table i see the dissapointment in your eyes...
the instructers see the lie they call potential...
i am  just a shadow in  the glory of the boy.... just a twinkle in the firework of YOUR life.
and as i begin to fall to my knees with pain and anger
i think of the people i hurt and wish they could watch me slowly fall into a deep pit of darkness and hate,...
i will sleep to the sounds of their giggles 
since i danced to the sound of their crys.
Ill continue to disappoint those around me.
im sorry for the pain and stress mom. 
Im sorry for the tears and fear mom.
this is me.
oh so terrible
tomkrutilla Dec 2012
empty hallways, forgotten voices
pictures hang, dusty and off balanced
cobwebs spread from door to mirror
a young rat scurries past the broken floor

his picture still hangs over the fireplace
a spider runs down his well-shaped nose
each brush stroke is thick and sculptured
the dust collects as sand dunes

the whole room seems mysterious
books of occult line the paint-chipped walls
the windows cracked the night air blows
dead trees peer down on slamming shutters

the old house creeks and cracks
howling doge are echos of past crickets sing songs of last dreams
this house, this ledgend infinte
captures one's mind as lonley and hideous
remembers it's myths fools false illusions
under the now dim light of the moon
spooks creep silent footsteps
his spirit surrounds the acre
truth and lies untested question
of how he lived alone from living
Anna Wood Mar 2012
Another school, another day
The Indian woman makes her way
Passing students in the hall
To spread her story to them all

Another class, another crowd
The students here are way too loud
The teacher yells, they take their seat
But one quiet girl I'd like to meet

She sits alone, eyes on her book
When I start talking, then she looks
A baby deer, she hid her face
But the smile I saw was filled with grace

My story ends, the kids applaud
The deep attention, their facade
The bell rings, they clear out fast
The lonley girl stands up at last

She then came up to shake my hand
And show the customs of her land
Her shy confidence shining through
From the little girl dressed in blue

The book she holds is one I wrote
My life story, every quote
That one connection; very strong
I should have known it all along

For true happiness is these simple moments-
When people truely connect through their
Heart, spirit, and mind
Cowritten by the fabulous Elaine Bradley
K603 Feb 2016
"“I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.”
— Warsan Shire"
Love this it is so accurate it's not even funny
ZinaLisha May 2014
insomnia has become a gateway
to my new drug
sheets are my lover
lonley body it hugs.
brown burden
and laid
routine nights
spontaneous days.
if I never awake
sleeps cousin
has become my fate.
with confidence
blame my death
on sleep aid.
Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain
living a life with nothing to gain. Surrounded by darkness
Overwhelmed with shame. A life without peace with no one to blame.

Do you know of a place unseen, a place that holds only shattered dreams, A place filled with sorrow with no end in sight, I am given this gift each and every night.

Do you know of a place so cold, this is the place I call my soul. A place without hope or comforting dreams, a life not worth living wouldn't it seem

Do you know of a life, that should have never been, and the feeling that today, this life has to end. One more day of sadness is much too hard to bare, I am tired of living a life of heart ache and despair.

Do you know a person with so much pain inside, or the feeling of loneliness when no one hears your cries, maybe when the tears are gone, and I can clearly see, the only question left will be..
McKenna Carrig Nov 2013
it's 11 pm on a Saturday
and I want your body next to mine
it's 11:01pm on a Saturday
and I can't stop thinking about your perfect green eyes.
it's 11:02pm on a Saturday
and you're asleep in your bed
it's 11:03 on a Saturday
and I can't stop wishing you were here instead.
it's 11:04 on a Saturday
and the snow has fallen for the first time
it's 11:05 on a Saturday
and I wish you were here to keep my body alive.
it's 11:06 on a Saturday
and I know that you're my whole world
it's 11:07 on a Sarurday
and I'm just fine with it because I'm you're baby girl
it's 11:08 on a Saturday
and I feel so in love
it's 11:09 on a Saturday
and you're my only one.
Were all crazy the dreamers the broken like children left
behind sad eyes are but windows  cast in pain.
that hurt we share as some will hide it away.

Ive taken the matter in deep thoughts and  echos of brillance.
Only to see it die as a spark  from cold winters fire.
Alone you here the sadness in the most gentle key.

As it wispers for the broken.
Down alleys side streets to lonley old souls
who yern just for someone to speak with to share but
are met with only rejection left to count the hours.

The clocks rythm taps slowey asking the emptyness to
waste in thought only to bask in dellusion.
Like a snow globe were caught in a vortex of a isolated storm.

Yerning for a release the bed is a coffin frozen are the covers
as the thought lingers if only it had gone another way.

But dreamers are gamblers and in the warmth of good hand theres always a lonley heart that had to fold.

The man in the street looks to other as others  look through him.
Afraid the curse may catch but in his eye's i see myself.
And  in myself  I see a victem of another bad hand.

Alone I know you in that place few will dare to search.  
The cavern of thought is but my asylum of  emptyness
And the clock's rythm keeps time in the key of night.
This is but something i wrote of the top of my head.
Itwas for a part of a book  that like much of my efforts  falls flat i write late at night and in these late night scribblings i put togather a book that was anything but gonzo.
These works were called The Still Night Sessions    hopefully  this didnt bore ya to death anyways stay crazy

ZinaLisha Dec 2015
I was born wild
looked after by one burdened cloud.

I grew alone,
strangers always came to vandalize my home.

The others died,
in a ****** open field they left me.

I am a bound tree.
Dying to be uprooted,

Waiting to be free
expectation has become my misery.

Day by day I decay,
I can't continue life this way.
Becca DeMateo Oct 2013
She wakes up.
It's early in the morning.
The baby is crying,
yet he lays there asleep.
This happens all the time.
Her son is a sweet baby,
but she dosen't understand why he never helps.
She wants to sleep in.
She wants to rest.
It's out of the question.
They say home is where the heart is.
She says her heart is inside those hazel eyes.
almost everyday she questions,
would she even be here if those words
"i'm pregnant"
ever came out of her mouth.
think about the homeless who have no place to go
no bed for them to sleep in or a fire with a glow
sleeping in the rough in some cardboard box
taking life the hard way taking all its knocks
living life so lonley as they begin to roam
hoping maybe someday they will find a home
some where they can stay with there own front door
then the lonely people wont be homeless anymore.
Desiree Jackson Mar 2015
Why am I so lonely its because my heart is not there it is broken it is gone and empty I have no love no family no life no one is there for me at all that's why I'm so lonely so don't ask me no more because I am ashamed and I wanna die and cry so that's y I'm so lonely
i walked through the wilderness in my dream one night
there i saw a star shining oh so bright
while following the star through a path of sand
i saw a lonley figure who took me bye the hand
he said would take me to a land so free
and that maybe oneday thats where i would be
it was very peaceful with angels all around
so very very quiet you couldnt hear a sound
everything was white whiter than the snow
but i know that oneday this is where ill go
Liliana Jaworska Sep 2014
Mist does not enslave my eyes anymore.
During the lonely walk down the desert beach
I found silence and peace of heart
among the midst of  lonley waters.
God never let us travel with empty hands.
If you have clear eyes,
you sea through the fog of a mundane despair.
Nature opens the gate of the soul
to the wide world.
I get wind of heaven
on the desert beach.
Melanie Cordova Mar 2016
As I stare out my window
I look over the edge
I whisper to myself
I'm already dead
I have wanted to die for to long
cody dale Jan 2015
in a room full of people that claim to know me
i feel so left out
there is a spot in the room for me
but it is uncomfortable
with out any one here to talk to
that understands and will listen
I become lonely
when no one is here
From this barstool i have sat waitting for some moment
of inspiration to come to me.
But the only thing that that comes to me is
a bartender with another drink.

And in empty reflection lost in a jukebox's song
played by a lonley heart shooting pool.
I cant recall where the spark went.
maybe it fell to floor like the ash from a cigarette.

the page waits at home like a wife waitting in worry as her husban is off doing God knows what.
So worried only wishing he'd return.
And when he does the fear fades and the anger kicks in.

The bottle doesnt hold a key but it does know me well.
I kiss it's fiery lips and cant resist it's charm.
so I sit with it passing hours in a dance that will end in
nothing but another wasted night  and a bitter morning taken
out apon my  mind.

In a swirl of hungover thoughts id leave half written pages.
To soon find themselves collecting with my ever growing arsenal  of
drunken rants.
All ending bitter and cold.

But when the whiskey hits I'll make such great plans
that will never be.  
I'll write that epic that will keep in the minds
other writers.
And in the warm arms of women who wanna love a
trainwreck just to say they've known what it's like.

Whiskey wishes are like sparks from a much larger fire.
the sparks fly off into the midnight sky.
only to fade befor are very eye.
saint8 Aug 2018
All I want
Is a white night
With you.

No people around
To judge or think
What could this mean
Us two.

I could imagine all that
But I stop only for one.
For the image of you hovering
Above me, looking down.

It makes me shiver
How I want this so.
The lonley I get
The harder I go.

But i wont do a thing,
You know...
I need you too much
In this life that is oh
Mygreatestescape Feb 2017
The holy light comes
in these empty times;
your pale
blonde hair,
you're heavy
and safe guarded,
I love it,
I love it,
the dimples
in your smile,
and the emptiness
in your eyes,
these lies are too
heavy to carry across
the night,
I'm 16
and I have no idea
about what
is right,
leave your baggage at
my door and let
me explore
the blue in your
Mr Mojo Risin Oct 2013
I saw an old man walking by the side of the lake , he  turned and whispered somethings not right ? I walk among the creatures of night , with the moon as my shelter the stars as my light I do not walk this earth anymore somethings not right , I am a ghost of many a year gone bye , stalked by women and children that cry , stuck in a cell were no light is seen , and the god I worship cast me down like a feind , I lived a life full of Ill repute , shellfish untold before now , there was no applause to my life no fairwell crowd , a lonley man stood at my grave , Lamentations and verse about this fallen brave , but I am not , nor never I find a bit of bravery a bit peice of mind , life is cruel rotten unjust to carry on is the question of must ? For who I am you lips should say this old man who's lost his day ? am no stranger for I am you , telling the tale of what life has for you . Change you'r ways or never youl find that bit of bravery that bit peice of mind .
Sven Stears Sep 2013
There's a broken banjo in my birthright,
It was tied to were I wonder
Hidden between John Henry's Hammer,
and the hobbling post on Humble Hill.

I've walked this far on the blame in my grit,
pushed to by tailwind sunsets,
So kick me a mea culpa kneejerk
hardball, and sandstone my stonewall.

Forget storms in the cradle,
I found dustbowls in my waiting room,
Chasing rabbits in a wordwind,
plinking at the vermin as
they rolled into town with the rest of us,

*****, but soaring, Carrion pigeon in the clouds
not getting caught up in admiring the reflections
in all the silver linings,
Just... Flying.

narcissus couldn't manage
the glory of wax work wings.
But Icarus knew real beauty.
He felt it.
When he hit the ground

The heat of floating zeroes
blasting his broken bones
into the obsidian of desert floors...
See, angels can be as jealous as God.

Anywhere can be as lonley as the long plains
of Kansas,
Empty canvas trampled by dog and pony shows
as cowboys rode mules muddy miles
through ****** brambles
to drive herds of bulldogs and lions
from the hunting grounds of dragons
to the safety of home
from High, High, Horses.
Under the shadows of eagles.

But the devil never waits at the crossroads, people.
He lays in lies.
And six shooters,
Under Dog Collars,
with the blood and scars
of everyday life,
and the beaten bodies of
seraphim, fallen to **** the well,
with their phoenix ash.

Sheep and shepherds are never friends,
Ones happiness is the other's hunger.
Dont get me wrong, wolves get hungry too,
But at least their honest about the arrangement.
Once upon a time,

A very long time ago,

There was a girl that everyone in the kingdom used to know,

She was pretty but sad and rather low,

always having to sow the seeds and even the clothes,

She seemed rather alone,

Simply no where to go,

Her father had an ego as strong and bitter as the snow,

Her mother was bossy but rightly so.

She knew she was always protected,

Her pride was strong, But somewhere in there she felt ugly, sad, lonley, Mad!, But one day she let it all out,

And everyone saw that they feel the same,

Everybody had their own pain,

She could see everyone desereved to be a princess, A knight and even a Queen,

They all colided together for a wonderful,

Self confidentual ceremony,

And with all the muscles in their faces they struck the last smile,

Of the kingdom with great sanity,

And that were the last of the century.

By Larna Kira Kourtis.

© 2013 Larna Kira Kourtis (All rights reserved)
Arcassin B May 2014
By Arcassin Burnham

you have,
no idea of what the feeling of lonley is,
i would justify if i could,
thoughts of your spouse leaving,
made you jittery like this,
you wouldnt look back on it if you could,

they both were in love,
they both shared kisses,
they both shared secrets,
they both combined their lives,
like cream and peaches,
or was that peaches and cream,
dont live your life on a dream,
the best you could do,
is live perfectly,
without hurting you or me,
and we call this peace,
this is the land of being lonley.;=7
The cameras were set  the madman of Hello after snorting so sinus powder
was hopped up like a fat kid in a cake factory.

So Gonzo any thoughts on the new HP?

Gonzo. Well always new they'd find a way to steal my thoughts and secertly mentally **** me and kidnap Mr pickles!


Gonzo Yeah I know thats why im only taking pills from trusted drug dealers like
Mother Terresa, And Capt Grabby Hands

Are you okay?

Gonzo. hmmm  what's it all mean dear lady?
sure you  capture me drag me to your dungeon have your way with me
take some pics update your facebook status like anyone gives A ****  what you eat for dinner or your a lonley cat lady.
but honestly who doest like *****?'

*** your insane and put that away!

Gonzo. What i was just getting my trusty  pocket fisherman
and my invisble anti earth crab spray.

I dont even wanna know.

Gonzo. hey ive learned always bring protection no matter how they look the flying monkeys are everywhere!    

Ummm do you need help?

Gonzo. Ever **** next a man who has no sense of smell  yeah kinda takes all the fun out of it kinda like  some new changes.
do like magic miss?

Ummm well .

Gonzo. check your cooler.

Theres nothing in it.

Now call your sister i bet she's gonna have a baby.

Wow how did you know that? Magic?

Gonzo. no we've been  having fun after that annoying husban of her's
finally goes to work.

Hey he's coming over and he ses he's gonna.
Hey where'd you go?

The interviewers  cell rings.


Gonzo. Magic!
Entangled in this lost love this
New trust all wrapped in
New lust this gray scale
Between being alone and in love
The enigma I am,
Existing between the borders
Of feeling enough leaning up against that hard line
Marking off space for the insufficients,
Deaf,loners and mutes and
All those awkward adolescents,
Loitering on the far side of sanity.
Any body ostracized for being different than
what ever normal means.
Or those lonley people like me.
your meek and vulnerable,
For something on the other side
I fiddle around somewhere in the middle
Sometimes I’m so sad
And I just don’t cry.
It just wont work
And then when you have me laughing
Side aching gasping
I think of all the little things
And now that I feel safe
I can take a breath,
I want to cry about everything.
What the hell does that mean?
There finely something to feed
the ache in my chest.
I feel livelier I feel brighter
And sadder in the same ways
But I’m like a beacon shining through the broken
Hanging to the notion that broken dreams
Can heal too and when they get together
They can transform like a caterpillar
Into the butterflies in you.
When you smile it’s like a glimpse at a truth
I keep chasing after but have never really seen
Heading contrary to this person I became.
You excite me into being something I am but have never lived
And I’m fighting to see who she is
I’m pinning myself against the answers to the questions
About who this new person really is.
And wondering the part in it you will play,
Kicking my self for my uncertainty in the claim
Of being broken or brave
At this silent admission of my wanting you to stay.

— The End —