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gracie Feb 2018
lightning flash across the sky
silver clouds begin to cry
our clothes are cold and soaking wet
but we don't run inside just yet

if I said I'm ready now
darling, would you show me how
to blindly run through fields, unplowed
until the thunder roars?

fire races through my spine
warm hands meet my cold waistline
let's dance together, intertwined
like flowers in a storm
only an innuendo if u want it to be
Tanay Sengupta Sep 2018
As the moon shines
And the stars decorate the sky,
A lonely owl hymns
While the bats fly.
Lightning bugs scatter around
Like will-o'-the-wisps at night,
Without any sound
Oh, what a delight!
The neighbour's hound is on guard
She will not allow anyone to pass,
No one is allowed in her yard
At this hour, only a fool will walk on her grass.
Her howl pierces the air
Bringing an end to the silence,
She announces she won't share
She will not tolerate any form of violence.
Across the street, few floors above
Two players are taking their turns,
In the famous game of push and shove
While a tiny candle burns.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
As usual, I will not explain this poem. I think it is evident by now that I won't explain any of my poems to you. I want you to perceive it the way you want to. Happy reading!
Finally clear,
The mist is moving
and my thoughts brewin'.
There's a storm in my head.

I'll plan ahead,
on account of that
which hath been said.

The fog congregates, energy generates
as storm-clouds roar the war-cry of profligates.

Thunderous applause
and I'm live now,
as frost-fire falls

I'm electrified with power
when I've got the will to be

and lines to be dropping.
It's live now,
and there's no stopping.
A B Faniki Jun 2
Dark cloud in the night
flash of lightning behind it
show heaven's staircase
At night when it was about to rain and lightning light up the sky one can see pictures in the storm .
Tommy Randell Mar 2017
Wear green, anything green, green will save you
For certain - except on non-holy days maybe,
For those, a ****** is the best standby
Preferably one from an old religion
Thus establishing your undoubted innocence
And no matter it hampers the shenanigans
We are after all preventing lightning.

In the absence of a ******, some silk –
Yellow as the Sun and carried in the pocket
Out of sight as if it is a secret -
Damp it through with a drop of neat Poteen,
Drink some yourself to keep the airways clean
And never, but never, carry a stick
Unless it has a rubber ferrule on the end.

Ireland has a big sky so do look up.
Leather shoes are important - don’t wear synthetic -
And patterned socks are best turned inside out,
Though it must be said of this advisory
The ways of lightning are its own to know
And no amount of shoe and sock revising
Can guarantee your safety on an Irish road.

For the rest advices, I do not hold them to be true -
Tried and tested down the generations
My ancestors, and my family too,
Have always known that lightning prevention
Is its own reward, and habit forming.
Finally, there are leaflets available for free and
As you exit the aircraft please do feel
Ireland always takes your safety seriously.
Happy Paddy's Day
Egeria Litha Jan 29
Sun rays poking from the windows
I can't get my head off this pillow
stale air in this room and I'm holding my breath
anxiety attempts to control what occurs next
then a seizure erupts in my head

Hits the glitch
in my automatic mask
I show for the world
and all those thoughts
I can't hold in my brain space
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Allah lights up the skies
So the rain can see where it's falling
Do you think
Allah will not light up your life
So that you can see where you're heading?
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Blinding flashes of lightning
Deafening claps of thunder
Unflinching, mushrooms sprout in my backyard
Keiji Apr 2014
Foggy, lighting and bellowing screams

my fist shoot through glass shoving through flesh scraping against tendon tainting the walls a new ruby coating, when it drys like granet
red on white statin
precious porcelain on ebony asphalt
the sound
crystal symbols being slapped together
or maybe cherubs screaming
the air coats my tongue my mouth my lo=unngs like cooper, perturbation and rapture
this storm

I get lost in it , until the rain comes and
washes the blood and dirt from my face it stings

There is fear and helplessness
something old I wrote
The sky crackles and I feel the most alone.

Just like that day in the woods.

My special place was off the trail, but he couldn't have known me,

I was so young and such an idiot,

Not everyone is genuine but I was so trusting,

I can still smell the sickening mixture of fresh-fallen rain,his sweat, the mud around the creek and salt from my tears.

With every atmospheric collision from the sky
my stomach churns tasting the blood in my mouth from his fist thundering against my tear stained cheeks.

When the wind blows  
I can still feel his callous hands bruising and exploring my unwilling body, and scraping against
the most intimate parts of me.

The lightning is when I remember the rock that found my desperate palms and crashing against his temple

The wind howls and the rain finally starts to fall then, near my belly button burns just like it did when the blade he swung wildly cut me before I could run and the water is my heartbeat pounding  in my ears,
but I can hear him behind me
The rush If my blood reminding me I’m still alive mind begging me to stay that way, his threats pushing me further

Head pounding ,body burning,
I burst through my front door

And then I start to cry
Rain storms are actually very hard for me to get through due to some other traumas but the storm that passed when I wrote this smelled like that day. Thunder really triggers me especially when I'm alone I used to cry in school when it thundered in the weeks after this incident but then I started to internalize it and I'd just be really quiet on those days. Trigger Warning, ****, molestation, violent attaked on a minor.
Jeremy Rascon Mar 2018
You are a storm.
Off in the distance..
I can see the dark brooding clouds
The energetic flashes of lightning
I can see the veil of rain..
But you are off in the distance..
I can't hear the crack of thunder or feel it's mighty rumble beneath my bare feet..
I can't smell the rain as it hits the hot earth..
I long for the monsoon in my dry land..
But the winds take you elsewhere
You are a storm.
A brutish force of nature
Beautiful in your chaos..
Your lightning may strike,
You can create fire.
Your rains may flood,
You can carve rivers.
But always..
Life thrives in the aftermath of your destruction.
You are an artist.
And I admire from the distance.
sunflower Mar 2018
You grow flowers in my heart,
You draw lights in my dark.

You stopped the rain that is falling,
You brought sun in my sky.

You calmed the storm in me,
The lightning they screamed.

And whisper out the rainbow,
I didn't know I could be.
For how you bring out the best of me, in the worst time of my life.

Tiger Striped Jan 20
he was the art

of deception

of deftly crafted artifice

of reading between the lines

he was the art

of speeding cars

of lightning

of roaring flames

but you

honey, you are art

of a different kind

you are the art

of the first light of dawn

of the stars winking in the inky night

of the sun showers on saturday afternoon

you are the art

of drizzling rain

of cold coffee and creamer

of simplistic precision

i could marvel at you for days
we crashed into each other
like a perfect storm
but they say lightning
never strikes twice,
maybe that's why
i find it impossible to let you go.
- you lit up my sky and now all i see is you.
Woody Jun 2018
I still dream of my father
crossing the pastures
on his one-eyed tractor
mowing acres of sorrow
heading east of a moon
that'll be gone tomorrow
turning one last time as
if to say: so long my son
there’s going to be days
of sunshine and plenty
more of rain as he went
along his way, and my
sadness waved back like
grain in fields of long past
summers and summers
before that, so long a time
ago I can remember only
on lonely nights of heat
lightning and the low
rumble of distant thunder.
A nice surprise on this Monday evening.  Thank you all very much for your reading and very nice comments. Please know that I appreciate all of you and your kind words. Thank you.

* To Ravinder Kumar Soni: Opinion entitled to and noted. Thanks for taking the time to read.
Emma Mar 26
Feel the energy
crackle through your veins

A quiet power,
sound in structure
but never to be tamed.

It ignites your bones
and opens your mind.

You are alive.
You are awake.

Lightning only strikes once
and you are one of
the lucky ones
to be touched.
Ιδού, φωτός
Γαια εναντίον του ἐγώ
Αλλά δεν είδα τίποτα
Ήμουν μαζί σου στα όνειρά μου
Μπορώ να αφήσω τη γη
Για να μην υποφέρουμε πλέον
Ή θα με βρει ο Άδης
Και τιμωρήστε με
Για αυτή τη λίστα
Αυτή η εξαπάτηση
Άφησα να τρέξουν περισσότερα δάκρυα
Τότε ο ωκεανός του Ποσειδώνα
Άφησα περισσότερο ροή αίματος
Τότε η αστραπή του Δία
Γαία, σταματήστε να με αγαπάτε
Και ο Άδης, με πάρτε μακριά
Σώστε μου από αυτή την κόλαση
Ο τάρταρος είναι λιγότερο κακός
Και τιμωρήστε με
Σκότωσέ με
Poetry in greek, because I can.
Devon Brock Sep 3
A smattering chatter
revealed the prophet
to be a fool - a beggar -
a panderer to fear -
for bread, mercy or
perhaps, if luck
ensued - loose coin,
too much a pittance
for counting.

And upon the city,
the Lord of Wraths,
expunged of fatherly
duties, crushed
upon his children,
the light that was

Acrid wheezings then
and fuming,
ascended the ramps
to heaven
and cast the demon out.
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