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Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
I miss the taste of moonlight on your skin.
thomezzz Jul 2018
I watched you quietly again
But all these future memories
Kept projecting in my brain

We'd go to baseball games
And play footsie on top of the littered popcorn
Comfort would take over
Mending a wound we used to mourn

We'd eat breakfast in bed
And tumble on top of each other
Laughter would pierce through
Filling a void left by another

We'd see concerts at dusk
And dance under the twilight sky
Lightness would bloom
Where sorrow used to be disguised

We'd make love in the afternoon
And feel the weight of us two
Desire would burst through
Finally finding something that's true

We'd stay out late in the city
And kiss in the light pollution haze
Love would wash over us
Sticking where it never used to stay

But tonight,
You didn't even know my name
So I settled for a shy smile
From across the room as you looked my way.
Shayla Ahrns Jan 6
I keep grabbing at everything like they’re the stars
But it’s nothing magical, it’s all but a dark night
A lonely sky, a ******* hole
I don’t want to look at the light of everyone’s life and wonder
Why is my everything so dark

I want to soak up light,
Light from all the cracks I’ve tried to mend
With men who didn’t love me
And wine, so much wine
Salty tears that almost sting the wounds I’ve let stay open
The wounds that are long gone lives that stay alive inside me
I should have let them die, I could have
Instead of killing them, I let them live off my heart
Feeding off my broken love

I am not going to grab at a starless sky anymore
I am going to put every light I’ve ever needed up there
Like none of the men who didn’t love me or the wine that left stains ever could

But what is love if not loved
And how could I love
If I had never known what it felt like to be so much alone
Under the all back everything
I am the one who wants to be the light of my whole life
And I am the one who will love me through all the dark
Tommy Randell Dec 2014
Be from the barren sea a cormorant rising
To the blind cliffs an echo of rich tidings

Let loose your ******* world-whirling storm
Brave these conditions risking all harm

Under disconnected stars an encircling dance
Not a poem merely telling such truths as enchant

Flow in the flesh you have made your preserve
From strange and deep intensify thirsts

Best ridden hard these potential abrupt seconds
Drag forth your wings while being lightness beckons

Draw on your bones in marvellous appetite
Be the dream of the harlot  whetting her life

Only then kindle freedom only then fly
Cutting the crap that makes cliffs out of whys

Exist that fall dancing being the Mother means
Survive prosperity       Quiver brilliantly      Sing  !
Floating, my lens is set to soft-focus. Just a sense, an outline.
Held so close. But from the grounders, safely, I am out of reach.
To finally be able to feel secure is sublime.

My freedom, they shall no longer impeach .
Intentions pure .
Settled, I am finally at peace. Lightness I now know.
I have risen and found my cure
(C) 2015
The lights and camera
The divine energy holds
A multitude of drama
The light up the moment
She's the Wonderwomen
He's the thunderbolt
her divine cup sips to
trips no one's fault

Her cupped hands
Egyptian grain of sand
Light up Divine cup
To the Godly lands
Under her sheer light
But he's the waves

to her heart seascape
Saying light up my
I Apple ring her pictures
On Instagram
Hush sweet
Scarlet lights no
Into the red light district

Don't give a dam  
Orient express
lights up perfect
light up fun dress
Amazing Galaxies
I tune wedding-lights
The million- fantasies
The Shinning cups

Fertilized of Forever
Burning light of Italian
vines the vinelands
My Venus love
of hands
Light of the Titans

The man of
good deeds
In my special cup
To the end of the earth
Light up my divine cup
To eternity higher force
Told the story

Heavenly with fierce
Heart filled with
Glory it is never the same story
The light up the moment we do not usually get somehow the darkness comes but our heart brings on the light cup
shamamama Jun 11
if i could pay you in poetry
would you prefer
fiery and feisty
loving and longing
crazy and crafty
scentual and sightful
playful and pranking
guru and gonzo
singing and songing
listening and lightness
softing and sensual
tender and tinder
laughter and limitless
insight and winsight

tell me,
what poetry would you
put in your bank?
On the notion of money in the bank, I wondered if he world would be different if we paid each other in poetry.  What do you think?
DivineDao Jun 2016
Wanted you daring
To ******* love
Flow'ring upon
The stellar

To catch us falling
From the violet dragon fly

Allusive and unpredictable
Translucency of Thy thoughts

The substance of each word
We've been muttering
For not so long

In diversity landscapes of love
First born

In festivities of life's lightness
Wild thorns

Krishna is the ruler of all worlds
Vishnu breaths the beatings
Celestial blue's blushing
Bass and harmony

Glittering green

Thou are a chestnut boy from my dream
Thou are a man deep in my soul streams

Tasting the forever of vanilla stick
Thou galaxies delightful black seeds

We've been every seven eclipses
Renewed proximities self promises

Making strawberry jam inbetween

**Until the entangled knot darkens
Matter enlightens the sky arch
In one single bold explosion
arubybluebird Apr 2018
I wonder if the flowers can sense how sad I am? I prefer they didn't know. I hadn't realized how common your name is until I heard it called twice today. I was caught off guard and both times stung my heart. He was a little boy, with a head full of brown hair similar to yours. I wondered if he'll go on to taint women's hearts when he's older as you have. I hoped a small prayer he won't. That he'll be better, that there will be a lightness to his name that brings comfort to the heart of the woman who loves him.
Tea Oct 2013
I remember crying during lunch my senior year of high school
My math teacher’s eyebrows colliding turning one plane into a fractal image
He had sat there every day for nearly four years
Helping me struggle through an unreal number of numbers
Literaly and figuratively
And again and again the numbers on my math test said
You are less than average

But behind the eyes of a determined math teacher
Never read, what my insecurities where screaming
Refusing to believe the numbers, I sought one thing
Some unspoken meaning
I almost found it the day of my graduation
I almost found it between my teacher’s eyebrows
Wearing it like a point of pride
I was the first of my family to hold
Such a light thing as a diploma
Instead of a heavy head
Weighed down by ******
It nodding under all the pressure
The first to feel the lightness of feather
Instead of a sixpack
A lame back, from manual labor
I was flying
College was my next undefeated feat
Again I let an institution tell me what I was
Test scores tell me what I should meet
Intelligent measured by something
That couldn’t understand its diversity
Trying to tell me I was less than average
When I was just an individual
Above a point of comparison
Excelling in conceptual understanding
Debating and good energy

I could construct social interaction
Like gold, I learn to read people
The power in my phone
I learned that it wasn’t the diploma that I should be proud of
Not the thing I sought after
Not what I would show my little sisters and brothers
To show them how to live better, how to be stronger
Burn brighter. Burn longer.
So here I am
Red faced and scared
spoken word
was hiding, but always there
in between my math teachers scrunched brow
Was the answer
I could have cheated if I had known how
If I knew what question that needed answered
Had realized it was never in his book
I should have listened to what I saw
Not to the math test I took
I haven’t failed by choosing something outside of school
That I am not defined by the score
By numbers or lines
By this institutional rules
Test scores or even rhymes
I am not less than average
I just don’t average out
That power isn’t really in a piece of paper
Power is found in your words
And chosen behavior
That silence and insecurity
Means nothing really
The answer wasn’t in his book
It was in his look
And his persistence to prove
He just wasn’t good enough with words to prove it.
Mayah Nance Jan 2015
When I am with you
My soul is alight
My body electrified
Tu es mon autre moitié

When I am alone
I crave the feel of your skin
I hunger for the lightness of your fingers through my hair
Je ne peux pas être sans votre lumière

So, as I lie next to you
Tucked in close to your side
There is only one thing in this world I am certain of
*Mon cœur aime ton cœur
Chase Graham Sep 2018
Like a routine
came her
lightness of verse
and it's repeating
and repeating,
still and always
holding wave-like
beating closely
to sand bank
inner memories
of every new girl,
old street blocks
and scented wisps
of brown hair
me of her.
andY Oct 5
let’s sit beneath wild flowers
on wooden stools
with a set of plates and cake
and you relate
to me and i to you

let’s breathe this life
and close our eyes
see more clearly
than we ever might

let’s chat this day away
and reveal the things
we’re scared to say

and when the sky will fade
we can claim:

we lived today.
bron Nov 2018

The clock ticks, steady.


another day has ended


The batteries drain, tick slowing


Gone now,

Glory Feb 21
I am familiar with the feeling of holding a child in my arms.

A baby tucked away in the crook of my neck feels like home in the summer.

A child’s laughter makes the usually unused corners of my mouth, stretch and warm because it sounds like music.

The first time my baby sister said no to a hug, I cried.

Not because I was not loved anymore but like summer rolling into winter, before my eyes, for the first time... I did not understand the rain.

This new unchartered thing had me twisting puzzle pieces right and left, this way and that.

To figure out a new way to map out the words ‘I love you’.

When more babies came and grew, in and out of my arms like the fizz in their birthday cups, jumping and popping out onto the table.

Only then did I understand the lightness on my hip was weighing down my soul with an anchor hanging off my ribcage.

Only then did I understand that the world needed rain to survive.

Only then did I slowly retract my long, outstretched plea for a love that no-longer-needed me.

And when the angels finally cried for her and when winter crept up again, I was ready.

Standing tall under my umbrella, cold hands and colder soul, protecting myself from the inevitable, distancing myself from the only home I ever remember having.

It’s okay to cry they said, it’s okay to feel this way. But surely nothing about this emptiness is okay.

Isn’t it ironic, that behind every story before bed and every kiss after the fall, when I loved her with every beat that my heart promised me, I would rest her in my arms and stroke her soft face and hope she would never feel the way I do.
I will never be ready
ManoelO Mar 30
Savour the taste
Restore a
That has
Been lost

Abandon your
Inner inhibitions
Gracefully float
In the
Swimming pool
Of liquor.
Dennis Willis Jun 26
Accept this sunny morning
This soft sweet air
This quiet rustling
of leaves

This unkempt stallion
of dawn rising
my hands rubbing
my beard awake

I've held still so long
I am unseen
as the Robins land
to commence hunting

I am one of a trillion lives
in my back yard
for the grand opening
of this singular day

I think we are all cheering
for the lightness
come to touch our skin
as one
Kimberly Aug 2018
To write a true love song, is to play the strings of your heart with the lightness of a melody, the smoothness of a bass harmony of your soul that sings beautiful lyrics, to be heard by another, that plays the smoothness of a bass harmony in their heart, that plays the strings with the lightness of a melody in their soul that sings smooth lyrics
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