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Skye Rhiannon Apr 2013
Cant seem to get through,
These walls that are put up,
The whole world against us,
No body can see it,
No one will believe it,
They don't understand,
We take life by the hand,
Come to my side,
See life through my eyes,
Tear down the wall,
Lets watch it fall,
Crumble to pieces,
Turn into gold,
We will keep on living,
Even when the hearts go cold,
Take away the pain,
Let go of the shame,
Find all the reasons,
Why we keep believing,
Someday we will find out,
What we really are about,
Why we take things for granted,
I will never really understand it,
Don't lose the light that you have,
Don't fade out the colors of the world,
These things we will never see again,
Soon everything will be pitch black,
Search out the things that make you strong,
Because soon those will be long gone,
Let life take your hand,
Let it guide you across this small amount of land,
Be sure to thank it,
For every second it gives to you,
Do it now while you still can,
Someday it will be too late,
You will regret it if you don't,
Don't die regretting fate,
Take the risks,
See where it gets you,
Don't look for shortcuts,
You will find them where you don't want them,
Someday you will look back,
Asking if you could go to the good old days,
Life is short,
Eternity is forever,
No one lives an eternity,
So live like you are living life,
Wasting time is just taking time,
From someone else who wanted it,
To say goodbye to the ones they love,
To look at the trees and skies above,
Time keeps going by,
We know nothing about it,
No true measurement,
What is time?
We do not know those answers,
All we know is we don't have much of it,
To find out what it actually is,
No body can see it,
No one will believe it,
We can't get through the walls that surround us,
If only we will see it clearly,
The life we live is here and now,
So live it until the time runs out.
anemo ne Aug 2018
Life is always too long,
but it’s moments are constantly shortened,
to a few scenes,
memorable without
most of its landscape attached
blurred around the edges,
clocks without their usual cover—
refinement at least to a bare minimum,
left you of whatever pieces
that decided to remain
for forward
something to remember: no matter how difficult a sudden shift can be, look beyond that to where you could find amity somewhere in the ambiance. whereas for some the opportunity to is forever lost, loathing behind a foreignness.

‘never take the moment to seize an opportunity for granted. you will live out your life with utter regret.’

we’re (merely) prisoners to our own demise

*title given from an ambient piece.
ruqi Jan 27
on days that seem so fast
it's the slow things that keep you going
stop, smell the flowers, they say
even if the road is so far away

i'm happy right now,
for better, for worse
and i find it quite liberating
i'm not doing anything
i don't do much anymore
and yet i still do

i still do a lot of things
but not because i must do a lot of things
but because i like doing them
i like doing them and it's fun to do them
when no one is telling you you have to

happiness is a word that's very difficult to describe
or so so many people say
but walking a slow pace
and living life as if it's long
looks to me like a happy face

my friend told me,
"life is short, but we've got time"
and so i'll make my life mine.
Zowie Georgia May 2014
Love I've not yet met you to the fullest,
to the capacity I know we are
and the understanding that's to come.
But it’s okay,
The timing was wrong,
we had plenty of lives to live,
to experience other loves and the alien times,
to know what we truly want
and recognize ourselves in each other.

Love if we hadn't known such loneliness
how would we truly appreciate what home feels like together,
being in eachother's arms will make all the waiting so much more bearable.
Through the past, lessons learned and the rewards yet to arrive
I will bump into you my Love,
where my dreams and reality collide,
and you will have been looking for me too
for eons,
and I will laugh at my cynicism,
how silly I was,
to believe you didn't exist.

How will I know it is you I hear you say,
My heart will know I’m telling you.
I’m stronger now my heart's softer,
I couldn't possibly not know now.
And how will you know I telepathically ask,
because I already feel you I hear,
How could we not know each other already...

I’ll lose myself in your eyes
distracted by nothing but your next micro-expression,
I will be so full by the ultimate knowing that It’s you,
I've been waiting lifetimes
for your deep brown eyes.

And you’ll know me
how I've always wanted to be known,
wordless or full of them depending on my mood,
you’ll know.
I allow your hands to touch me
without trying to control,
softening more because I'll want you to devour me
and I’ll truly know surrender.

My love,
I know you're there
As I’m here.
Our lives will continue to move in directions
and yes this world is massive
but I'm travelling towards you
just be there waiting to see me.

<3 <3 <3
Lovers meeting through the Ether, already familiar within - bringing the inside into a physical embodiment
Eva Aloezos Aug 2018
We’d most likely be judged for our infidelity,
but we are lost souls
involved with people who don’t fully complete us

you and I are too fearful to admit the truth
because reality would cause our worlds to implode

the day we met
you were drunk,
mourning the loss of your friend to suicide
I drove you home
“For No One” by the beatles playing quietly in the background

We were soul mates in another life
yet, we will never be in this one
because I am afflicted with greed, and you are sabotaged by dysfunction

I was destined to succeed, and you to stumble gracelessly through life
but we met somewhere in the middle

you and I don’t fit in amongst the over achievers
we are rebels at heart
however, we often fall apart

we were robbed of childhood emotional stability,
the people we are with, just haven’t walked that path
They cannot comprehend the ramifications of autism
neurological troubles,
they simply pretend to for our benefit

we are eachother’s twin
who love engaging in sin,
than wallowing in pain after

we are deeply connected
there lies love between us, just buried underground

we’ve walked countless churches,
only to realize there is no God

we are eachother’s intellectual equals
brilliant and troubled
with an undefinable beauty

I am too young for you,
a child
never lived away from home

you have seen more of this world than anyone person should
tainted and far more scarred
than I am

It’s for our own sake and good, we won’t come together in this lifetime
we would fall into many rabbit holes
spend our time having life altering ***,
and create nothing more substantial than art
if we faced this world together.
Ayesha Sep 2018
"Some people come into your life for a season, a reason and a lifetime.

Some people come into your life for a season. It's exciting, it's enthralling, it's incredible but that season has to move on, that season has a next phase, that season has an end point. Some people don't care for you when you're alone, they just care when they alone.

Some people come into your life for a reason. To help you learn, to help you grow, to help support you through your most difficult times.

Never forget the person who was there for you when no one else was. When they had every reason to not be there. When they could have used any excuse to not be in your life, they chose to be there right next to you - they may be there to help you physically, emotionally or spiritually, they almost feel like they've been sent.

And then you have people that are there for a lifetime. They were sometimes hidden in the cracks. They were sometimes not even recognised but they stood there by your side. These were the people that you often forgot, these are the people you often missed, these were the people who were busy loving you even when you were giving nothing to them.

Ask yourself, who in your life has played this role? Who in your life has been there for a lifetime? How can you show them that they matter to you? How can you reach out to them to make sure you know that they care. Ask yourself, who has been there in your worst times? Who has been there when no one else has?

Often we feel we care more about people than they care for us.. Truth is we're just looking at the wrong people. "
Written by - Jay Shetty
#season #reason #lifetime
We are made up of a lifetime of experiences, and while there may be those moments and events that change our lives forever, they are still tempered and molded by all the rest.
Pyrrha Sep 2018
I look at you and I know that nothing will ever happen
Yet my eyes still linger on you as you pass
They are still waiting for your eyes to answer
They search, they stay, they follow
Never getting their reply

Sometimes I remember that your heart does not beat for me
That I am not what makes your smile form
I'm not the one your eyes search for
And for just a moment it bothers me
I don't understand why I feel this jealousy

I've never known the way your arms feel wrapped around me
I've never known how your laugh feels when it's caused by me
And I've certainly never known the feeling of your lips on mine
Yet I find myself missing these things I've never known
july hearne Nov 2018
i waited at the ***** bus stop
for too long
and decided to hate the world
as the bus slowly, very slowly
inched along. too many people
in wheel chairs kept getting on

i took a seat next to the talkative fellow
who knew a lot about the DHS office

a few stops later an older man got on
and a woman, not a man, offered him her seat
because he was old (er) than her

he grossly accepted as she stood
tightly holding onto the hand-grip

then, an even older lady got on
and stood in front of the not old enough
to sit on a crowded bus man
while he grossly sat, glad or thoughtless
that he didn't have to stand like the older lady,

right there in front of him
probably old enough to be his mom.
It Be's That Way Sometimes
Serena Aug 2018
I don't want any of these people
And I don't want their cheap thrills
Their need for a love that only lasts til dawn
Lies shield their hearts
And inhibition disallows anyone to see their true selves
The selves they hate and abuse

I have waited for you since our last lifetime
And I'm so tired of waiting
Every night I go out to meet people
My heart sinks with the absence of you
And I sink with depression into emotions I need to forget

I have bought their cheap thrills
And I remain unsatisfied with the results
I lost strength as the liquor stupefied me
And pulled me to a person to whom only saw a short term pleasure

I don't want to settle or second guess
I want you
I want to meet you
I want to know you
And to love you
I want to experience with you
And reminisce with you
And I want to die with you and wait all over again
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
And I sit there
All ear, head to feet
Listening to his footsteps
As if a Santa Clause waiting for his deer
Painting his majesty
Through defenceless eyes' pastels
Asking for aid,
O' holy hands
There, hassles
I see a purple heart
Hiding blue dropes of hopes
as if a mask was to keep my face look like mokes
Over the balcony
Amongst the trees
Saw a friendly shadow
Of my ever lasting companion, on knees
O' Thy honor sir black hat gray shadow!
Real illusion, of whom art thee?
Chasing me through the looking glass balcony
Never mind, promise, not to miss a symphony...
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Memories crying, screaming to be heard.
Try as I might to bury these amidst busy days,
still they rise from the backyard of my mind haunting my dreams,
making youth a nightmarish memory.

Empty rooms cry out in agonizing silence.
White ghosts float on lifeless bodies with the same question; why?
Anxious moments still taunt just beyond of safety.
The sickness that gave birth to this still clouds the mind.  

So long ago, a lifetime to make peace, still lucid moments of torment
making March an anniversary dirge.
It makes no sense to cry for those gone, for mortals spent in tragedy,
yet every year I try to understand once again, why?
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
This message is a worn out cliche,
but nevertheless the meaning is still as real as it ever has been, and although you may have heard this so many times that it might've just turned into slurred words in your mind that go in one ear, out the other, the words still remain true.

Whoever you are, whatever you bring to the table, whatever of you meets the eye, whoever you are inside. You have worth. All the worth in the world and you don't have to believe me but I believe in you.
You are on this planet, doing your daily things for a reason, you have YOUR personality for a reason.
I beleive that you have been blessed with this original, beautiful person inside of you. So forfil it. Take advantage, show off who you are. Do what you want. Get in trouble, do something risky, step out of your comfort zone, have fun, do something you would never dream of doing; you could die at any moment, so cherish the time you have on this planet, you only get it once.

Be a good person. Make someone's day, if you like something say it, if you think there is a particular aspect of someone that shines, say it, who cares what people may think, wether they act like it's nothing to them, if you say your words correctly, and say them like you believe them (which you do anyway), then they will beleive it too. And you've boosted their confidence.

Move away from those toxic people, you will leave them one day anyway, the sooner the better. Do things for your benefit not theirs, you will always have to live with the decisions you make/ have made, you don't, and WON'T have to live with the people that sway you to do things you don't want to do.

Stop focusing on everything negative, okay yes sometimes it's healthy to have a bit of self critique, we need that to see what to improve on, and to think about what has been done.
But whatever happened to positive self reflection?
Praise yourself, this is a hard life, for anybody; you've made it this far! You have conquered stuff in your lifetime, it's okay to tell yourself you deserve good, or that you worked ******* something, or that you did well, you don't always have to be so modest just to not seem big headed.
Pay attention
What I said, I said from my heart not my mind.
CA Guilfoyle May 2015
It must be a tricky business
it lingers, hovers stealthily
an invisible silence
a swift habitation
the soul awaits
to startle the body

In a wordless voice
it moves from room to room
turning lights on
spends a lifetime
ever longing
to be known
and heard.
Another great scenario of the Universe
that comes over a hundred years;
  once in a lifetime.
So wonderful and beautiful
delusions gone,reality reveals.
a bright glimpse of moonlight
a hidden beauty.
Its such a good thing,the Universe
can wait for a thousand years.
Today, the color yellow reminded me of you.
It reminded me of your fondness with mangoes
It reminded me that those memories were real
I could feel the humid sea breeze brushing through our sandy skin
I felt the coldness of the stark night when I was gazing through your shadow
The beautiful architecture of your face, and your lanky frame.
We owe it to ourselves, not the stars that blanket us
The beautiful disaster, that we have become...
P Oct 2018
Been away from the darkness for a long time
Light and shine embraced me for the meantime
I never thought that darkness will come back
And never thought that it will miss me so much

Monsters inside me are rambling
They are being wild and wanting to come out
These monsters say things to my mind
Which i know will do no good to my life

I want to **** these demons and monsters inside my head
I want the light to shine bright and embrace me once again
I want to escape this darkness that eats me once again
Not just for now but forever of my life time
ryn Oct 2014
Since you've been away
I've trailed the wake of the clouds
Just crumbling clay...
That lay in the shade that enshrouds
Depending on the ifs and mays.

   Wake up, my love...
Since you haven't been here
The sky did nothing but only sang
Ambient translations of mocks and jeers
As the green blades of earth bared their fangs
Mischievous songs that I've held dear.

     Wake up, my love...
Since you've been gone
I've realised that I'm not moving
And you too, haven't moved since last dawn
A reality all too disheartening
Bits of me all cut up and sawn.

         Wake up my love...
Since you've been missing
I am never whole, and never will
A lifetime of endless chasing
Bottomless jar without a seal
Void clustered emptiness in need of filling.

            Wake up, my love...
Since you've been absent
I could only hope for this lungful
To lead me to subsequent
Ones that taste like bitter pills encapsuled.
Mind full of drugs running rampant.

               Wake up, my love...
Since you wouldn't have known
What these days are like...
Time induced tumours have grown
The hours impale with temporal spikes...
Inseminating malignant thoughts soon to be sown.

                  Wake up, my love...
Since you've been away
I'm a player hoping for a fair game
Nonetheless still crumbling clay...
That lay in the dark just the same
Choking on the what ifs and what mays.
Wake up....Me...
Nosipho Khanyile Jul 2018
I have a body
that tells a lifetime of stories.
It emotions as accessories.

I rise above my circumstances
and grows through adversities;
understanding my diversities.

I don't have soul..

I am a soul.
Cné Aug 2017
Casting spells in a song of ****
with such beauty undenied.
He's chased her half a lifetime
and have lost but all his pride.

Sailing all the oceans blue
He's left his ship dashed on the rocks.
Begging for that enchanted kiss
from his mermaid as she mocks.

Her voice to call within a gale
scent heady upon the waves.
Nets shredded trying to capture her
yet every night he craves.

To nary catch a fleeting glimpse
of her golden hair or tail.
He's chased her 'cross the storming seas
as winds and rain did wail.

Forever calling out her name
He's come to rest in every port.
On moonlit nights he hears her song
attempts to see her, she does thwart.

The scent of salt does show his years
but still he sails to her song.
Forever on the shifting waves
is where his heart belongs.
Eno Oct 2018
We ebb and flow
On the same
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..
Our waves lap upon one another
Sometimes more like a lover
Sometimes more like a brother
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..

The difference is
That I have journeyed
So far
To get here;
You have only just

And this is why
You’re not ready.

I must find the strength
To leave you
Dancing upon the oceans surface
On your own


For only then
In years to come
May we find each other
At the right time
And love what remains
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