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Michael John Jul 2018

give me my lifes´
the day crowded bright
and the night sumptuous..

give me my pretty wife
where love at first sight
bind us..

give us two souls blithe
fused as light within light
sweet bounteous..

let us soar and dive
like content swallows might
time in lost happiness..

( and let trouble and strife
bind-us the more tight
like our first kiss..)

give then to two one life
white to white
whole as stars

as love unto death
might break apart
and ride the cosmos..


the jonah by james herbert
a heist goes wrong and a colleage
is shot..

just another debacle for our hero
in a long list
that has him transferred to the

drug squad and east anglia..
to live in a caravan..
keep his eye on the locals

and drink strong beer..
ellie his partner
makes him eat

and they fall in love
though various tentions rise
due to his troubles..

some flash backs
a left baby in a toilet
sadistic stuff at the orphanage..

bullies and dodgy collars
his step father is strict
he is an ornothologist..

there are drug related incident
a dead vole
a us pilot bites the farm..

some little boy thinks he
can fly..
the water supply
some pilfering

some heavy knocks
some bad lies
some kitchen

small potatoes
but all part
of mr herbert´ s charm..

a huge storm
the spooky old mill
a wild trip..

and regression
bad men
bad men..

lot´ s of struggle
the raw products
towed in by trawler

assembled by the knights
and a lost twin..

a monster in the flood
where others die
a maitre d..

a ***** salesman and
his girl in a caravan
the fishermen..

helicopters and
victory for
the forces of good..

and the jonah
gone and all
is light..

the end..
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Lifes tragically hard
more things going wrong

Sometimes I do wonder
how sorrowful
the lyrics would be
if written as a song

A song of great love
and trust

Of passion

Of illness  
and fear

Of anger
and heartbreak
over the one I hold dear

What sad lyrics they'd be
If my life with you
were a song
Chantell Wild Feb 10
rain kissed wing tips dip and dive
claws curled up on the wires
that bind us
ill conceived desires reign a planet
with the tears of another child born
in a cage bound for the stage
Freedom lies in the wings
in that song that the rainbird sings
jaelyn lance Feb 24
I've read the stories of people who have given up
Dont be discouraged things can always look up
But once you dip and you dip really low
Someone will notice but no one will know
You can go day by day and no one will see
That there is a battle you are tired of fighting
You've already lost is how it may seem
But trust me dear you are winning
By fighting your exhaustion with you tears
No one will see your sadness or fear
Just keep it up and you will see
That if no one notices then you are free
You cry for attention so someone will take your place
But you mustn't give up you've earned your space
You're doing it right
by living your life
We all make mistakes
This can be seen a space for you always will be
There is no fight worth giving up, the small battles lead to the overall victory
Pradeep Jul 26
I slur early morning
a headful of dreams,
lost snippets sneaking
back into REM sleep.

I wake up and look
for missing pieces
in abstract dreams
but see a canvas
of broken dreams
splattered on the ceiling
like blood, 'cos, dreams
are made of flesh and blood.

I slur late noon weary
thoughts that crouch
on my desk, tired from
moving around
as work sits cross-legged
on my shoulders, saying,
"get it done by dusk,"  
lest I slur in the night
a headful of dreams,
not of natural chandeliers
hung from the sky,
but of work snippets
gone awry.

I slur late night, too tired
to recall that I slurred

I have slurred all my life
thoughts, feelings and actions
forming a cocktail
of confusion,
served with cubes
of misarticulation.

Far away I hear,
faint but clear:
"Everybody hurts.
If you feel like you're alone,
no, no, no, you're not alone",
and I slip into REM-induced sleep.
Credit - REM composed and sang the song Everybody hurts, whose lyrics I have used:
"Everybody hurts.
If you feel like you're alone,
no, no, no, you're not alone"
T Oct 2018
This one is just to let you know .......that the love in my heart is pure and it continues to grow
It does not matter what people say........I will love you more tomorrow than I do today
It is so hard being imprisoned on the outside with no voice.......not being heard away from the love of your life and left without a choice
The songs, poems and stories that were read.......but the thing is our love will never be dead
Although I am too weak right now to life's grip has a hold of me....I am still reaching for your hand
#for your love will not slip from my grip
As I still walk the sand ...I will always be reaching for your hand
L Sep 2018
I cant stop crying.

Theres lemon in my eyes.

Something flew into them.


Lemon juice.

And im cutting onions.

I just bit my tongue.

It hurts a lot.

Everything hurts a lot.

Why does it even hurt so bad.

Lifes not that bad.
Hard rain falls
Whilst fighting fists ****
Power rules them by scarily deep drawl
"War cries"
For them all
Off with them all
By the time of the fall
We'll **** them all
Dying in the midst
Whistle blowing
In the warring wind
Making our stand
Fighting for our rights

Get up stand up for your
Don't crawl
You may fall

In the sailing squall
Our worst hurricanes hold
Your home in its waves
It cascades the grace
Towards the direction of dreary
Eyes that can't dream

Looking at your resting reflection
In the greener waters?

Sea of the hooded sharks
Fins keeps us in the view of danger
In the transparent waters
Maybe the ranger will
Save you from the storm

Hoping storm troopers
Make you a service ranger

Kids stuck in the Syrian war
Are they just children
Dying for peace
With their dreams
Resting with ashes
That should have belonged
To the seas

And lot of watching
In the end just believing
That war is a belief
War is Peace
Orwell oft' is right
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom Is Slavery
God watches
Fighting with his ignorance
With enslaved strength
Freedom Is Strength
And it is powerful
Since, it prays
For praise

Like Madonna
Painted on the oil
Thou art Hope
"Your art ropes me in"

In The Cathedral
Your Hope brings art
To the ghouls
They are,
The ghosts of the many souls

And the Jews
Chambered in the gas
Breathing through a mouth-piece
"I'm dying, the fumes"
They're tearing my lungs to pieces!
Where is the crimson tide
Is it peace
Whilst drowning in
The horizon?

In red hues
In the death
Of the dead sea
The laurel wreath
Lies floating with the breath
Oh capt'n capt'n  
Of the sailing wind

Nails to the coffin
The wind whistles
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus is the dead?

Resurrected in the end
"If I know what love, it is because of you"
Donna Dec 4
I suppose even
when the sun fades away you
still got the bright stars
The sun never shines
in downtown
Theres no merry go round
Nor the sweetest sound
in downtown .
There's no pleasant air
And nobody cares
lifes so unfair
  in downtown.
Such an unwelcoming sight
When your out  at night
Walking the streets brings no delight
Your caught in a trap and can't take to flight
in downtown.
There are no bars or  sound of cars
All you have are many scars
  in downtown .
Now this is the news
That can help you through
There is a way out of downtown
For there's not such a place  
you need not fear nor dread
Its just those thoughts inside your head.
If we are honist with ourselves I feel we all have
been in that town sometime or another if not often.
life is full of wonder so many things to see
this is what it gives you all of this for free
all the different birds all the different trees
and the gentle blowing of the summer breeze.

all the many flowers putting on a show
all the many colors that give your heart a glow
creatures by the score that are big and small
the wonder that life brings and you can see them all
T Oct 7
She was my best friend....she will be that until the end least in my eyes
Each night I do pray and hope that she is ok......I think of her each and every day
This woman she put a spell on's one that works on only me
Never in my life have I met such a woman that posses this kind of power....I will always be here for her until the final hour
It has been the longest minute since I have even seen her face.....but even when I think of her my mind and heart races to outer space
I have been with woman but none like her....when I was by her side there was nothing else that was better that life could offer
So I write this poem to tell her my words of love .....because I know that God sent her to me from the skies above
So as I walk my life path alone I still feel the warmth of her touch....I so miss that heat from her body oh so much
I look to the sky and that falling star......and make a wish and send my love to her from afar
I put my hands together and kneel down on the ground.....she is the fairest maiden I have ever found
I will search the world forever to find her once more .......I know she is the Angel that flies where eagles soar
I know my life will Never be the same that I have learned to play life's little game.
# still believe
Ems Mar 11
i dont know what i miss more
the comfort i felt when i heard your voice
or the way your sweet whispers
drowned out all of lifes noise.
i dont know what i miss more
the way you held me in your arms
or the way i melted at the knees
when you flirted, with all your charm.
i dont know what i miss more
the moment you looked in my eyes
or the time you picked me up
as if i was your lifes biggest prize
DivineDao Feb 2016
I am a nadir of mediocrity
A failure of forlorn dreams
My seams are gone and  I
Repent to superimplored
Defends. Wish you would
See me with pristine eyes
How utterly unimportant
I am and much poorer to
Be compared to your one
And 27 years of glorified
Brilliance. But much much
Safer than refugees fightin
The struggle for bare lifes.
No wonder there"s Russian
Roulet playing. All over the
Azimuth. To null the unbearable.
Naomi Jul 2018
Somehow, life drifted me away from the ones who knew.
Somehow, bliss  remained when all I knew echoed away.
life seems to always miss my direction.
While time ticks  clockwise towards the end... I counterclockwise - towards the beginning.
I never really followed lifes rules.
Or maybe those rules never really followed me.
I leave when I love the most.
I miss when they hate the most.
I give when I  lack.
And I lack when I  flourish.
I miss who I am when lost.
I forget who I am when  found.
multi sumus Aug 2018
Dear Death,
                      Let me begin by saying Thank You, Thank You for your labours. i myself would be unable to carry such a burden as to ferry those found at their end to their final destination. And i could not imagine such a task and the amount of dedication required to do so. Although im sure by your employ a many a place you have travelled and such sights you've seen. Albeit thanks be given it is not the reason for this writing.

   As your residence be not given i sought it best to carry this letter upon my person, So when we should meet it may be presented.  And not knowing the circumstances by which our encounter should occur it may find futile.  But if possible that you should be seen by my own eye and strength i have, unto your hand it shall be given.  In hopes upon reading you would fulfill that which is requested.

   Now being that at the time of this writing i am found to be of a young age, There are many accomplishments not yet succeeded. There are loves yet felt and joys yet found,  but through hope they shall be met. Not to say that all will be simple mind you, but with perseverance my goal is to complete my tasks with much ferver. While also taking into consideration that much time will be required to do so.  Which brings me to the reasoning behind this letter.

   My Dearest Death, i ask of you, not that you would overlook me so as to prolong the inevitable but only my demise be slow and drawn out.  To what extreme the pain be i leave to you, only that it be to a level suitable for reflection. For you see as of now i look towards that which i wish to accomplish, but at that time my wish is to look back.  To relive the joy and happiness of those moments and to smile knowing that i truly lived. So i may say that all i have set my mind to i have done.

   Even though nothing is owed i beseech thee, And to say i would be eternally grateful would sound a lie.  But be it known that by your agreement to my plea you are appreciated.

   i shall close now given that by your reading of this the time requested by you for my remembrance has been satisfied.  To ask for anything more would seem greedy.  Not that my intent was to fool you, but being it is my lifes end which is the reason for our meeting i wished to be in control of it.
   Please forgive me this offense and my hopes are you remain content in your duties.
DivineDao Jun 2016
A Cat              Avoids his hated food, whimiscal purrs around your legs are tranquilizers for a weary soul, the golden dreams of wise whiskers  ~ alert and conscious ~ so they seem ~ soft paws from tree top landing among green blades of grass ~ as telepathic tigres they look directly in your eyes and heal you when your life energy is in demise.

A Dog             Believes you're his best friend, come on, let's run with rustling winds along this summer fields! Bark loud my lovely friend when devious burglars start to creepin' in and lick with loving love my every wound away. You are the greatest love of all ... Come on  ~ let's howl this soulful song together with u-tube tunes and fetch the stick and search for stones and pebbles thrown in running waters deep. Sniff out the mice and moles in hiding holes. And try to climb a tree when bushy tailed squirrel is laughing at thee. Wiggle your tale and give me your paw. Do joyful air jumps after the frisbee is aloof and when yours favourite bouncy ball desires the firm grips of your white fangs. You are my best friend for ever and ever at my knee, walking besides me, protecting me and my dear family.

A Giraffe        Constant yearnings for the highest leaves
gives her a slender slide ride wonder tall neck. A delicate head is reaching out to grasp the clouds ~ or see the secrets well hidden within you ~ with those wide dark n' dreamy eyes. Reflective mind and funny tongue, and soft two horns ~ ossicones called and lovely thick eylashes ~ they all bathe in sun's blazing heat. Standing in shades, sunrays and playful flickerings have drawn unique pattern patches upon her skin ~ Nah ~ patterns are there for fun ~ cause a giraffe knows pretty  **** well how to fast run! Her peacful charm is gained through a level of a vision's hights ~ above us all who stomp on earth; by being humble at below when reaching for most needed waters of our lifes. Giraffe's gentleness is no surprise!

A Hermelin

A Koala bear
A Lady bug

Okapi Otter Owl Opposum Ostrich Orangutan Orca

Panther Panda Python Protheus Puma Parrot Penguin Polar bear Porqupine Papillon Possum Prairie dog Pelican

A Snail Snake
A Turtle

A Water heron Walrus Weasel Wolverine Wolf Wombat Wild boar Water buffalo Wallaby
X~ray tetra luminous aquarium fish
A work in progress.
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Silence surrounds me
As I lay here beneath the earth
Surrounded by soil
Black fertile soil
Feels as if I've been here
forever trapped
Buried in the darkness
Buried by lifes burdens
If only I could reach the surface
Break through
Though to the sunshine
the fresh air
Fresh air that shall fill my lungs
Fill my lungs
and bring me back to life
To a life I once had
Life filled with color
And sounds of happiness
Instead I lay here stagnant
trapped beneath the earth
In silence
Having a hard day feeling sorry for myself :'(
KnudsonK Aug 2013
My big brother, big sister and I .
Fourteen ,ten and I was nine,
Cried more  tears then we ever cried.
Our mother had committed suicide.We'd already been through  qiute a bit. We were babtized that lifes one thing you  just cant quit.Our Mom committed the biggest sin.I refused to imagine which place she  was in.It was the one thing I couldnt bare.   I d  seen alot more evil then Id ever  seen of good\ We found our selves there questioning  God.My brother  bent his brow and gave a  nod. He thought a careful moment  and scratched his  head.He  then leaned in close and this is what he said, "For right now how about looking at ot like this Instead..?
You  don't have to wait till your
darkest hour. To admit to yourself
you believe in a higher power.
It's like telling white lies ,everyone
knows  we all  do it. And you know
they do it too.Don't believe me?
I can proove it to you. Proove me wrong,
I dare you to. Take this dare.  
Bowed in prayer,Be thankful for  care.
Greatful hearts for all our mercies and despair.
Be Blessed, us all,your  with the gifts we recieve.
Wealth of knowledge from lessons
in the burdens that we bare.
Our faith mirrors our existance.
A life worth living.Sharing and giving,
helping hand one good deed,
without expectation.With out even a whisper
of taking credit.An angel to guard
inpure thoughts,another for my words.
Together  both in charge of my deeds.
Provide for my essential needs.
So that I don't mistake them for my wants.
The regret that haunts.Gifts of good fortune
one never flaunts.When
we fail to fullfill.No weapon or pill
upon my own self be done.
Judging no one.
gossiping upon no one. Do not listen
nor tell Any one.No false pride
Or mask to hide.Beauty comes from
whats inside. Swallow your pride
I am forgivin. I will forgive,
because we are human. Because
we live. Give what you can give.
.No less,When the cuphas been filled
it can hold no more.We've done our best.
When in error just confess.
No man alive.Him nor I ,
has the right to choose
how either of us die. Do not lie.
When I look at him and he looks at me,
We are not consumed with greed or envy.
I refuse to be his enemy,the way  that satan
would like it to be, I have no hate in me.
Music and love, respect and honesty,
Wheather or not anyone else can see.Patience
understanding and an opened mind.And being
somebody  to believe. Being someone
whose kind.Being somebody
that somebody can trust. Be fair and be just.
Be very wary of whomever you lust.
Look down on no one unless your
helping them stand, if put in power
don't be grand.Don't let that power go to your head
Keep it in your heart instead.And every night
when you go to bed.Bow your head  and pray.
I promise if you live this way. And say this poem
every day. Unhappiness will stay away.You
will not be afraid.You  will not want for anything.
You'll be pleasantly  surprised at what each day will bring.
And everyone around you will see it too.
You will be sufficiantly sufficed. It's not  a  religion
It's called living life. It's that feeling you feel
right now inside. It  won't be denied.
It's believing in my believing in you,
It's me believing you two feel that too.
You can call it God...
You can call it whatever you to.
Call it love.It's in each of us.
This power thats greater and higher above.
But its not about religion  or going along
You know the difference betwren right and wrong .Your hard enough on yourself when the heat is on.And most imortant of anything at all if you absolutely HAVE to lie....
......look them in the brows....not in the eyes.
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