Katie Nicole Aug 2014
life without passion
-lacking ambition or drive-
isn't life at all
Nirvana Nov 2015
woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi
jisme zindagi hi naa ho
koi gam nhi
aur koi shikva bhi naa ho

Teri yaad bhi naa ho
naa tera koi zikra ho

woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi
jaha koi alfaaz hi naa ho
naa tujhe paane ki koi chaah
aur naa hi tujhe khone ka koi dard ho

woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi
jaha mai naa rahu aur tu bhi naa ho
naa koi dikhavti hasi
aur koi aasu bhi naa ho

woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi
jaha seeney ki dhadkan sirf dhadke
aur dimaag sirf apna kaam kare
koi khwaahish hi naa ho
koi aarzoo bhi naa ho
yeh saasein toh chale
bas koi zindagi hi naa ho

woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi...
woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi...
jaha main naa rahu aur tum bhi naa ho
yeh jism toh rahe
par koi aatma naa ho
yeh saasein toh chale
bas koi zindagi hi naa ho

woh zindagi bhi kya zindagi hogi...
jaha main naa rahu aur tum bhi naa ho...!
Xyns May 2014
walk a mile in these shoes
the shoes that i've worn my entire life
never gotten any new
they're what i've been stuck with since birth

take a step into my brain
feel my everyday pain
no i'm not happy i did some things
but really i had no other choice

you say that this makes me a whore
well, were you there when i said no?
but it happened anyway, i had no say
so honestly can you call me a ho?

you say that i'm a murderer
but did you know that the baby would have died anyway
that my body was beaten severely
and that it no longer can support a fetus?

you say that i'm a liar and a thief
guess what. i have children and a dying mother to feed
get a job? i have two.
still we don't have enough money for the month to get through

you say that i'm hideous and ugly
well, i used to win pageants too
until one day there was 10 car pile up
but what does it matter to you?

you say that i'm evil and cold
did you know that i have no one else at home
i've been left alone, rejected
so that's what i'm used to

before you think thoughts of me
look at the things i've been through please
and realize that i'm me and not your label
the stories you've heard are fables
mackinley sabol Jul 2013
A pretty face
By blue lips
Clear as
The water she lie in
Now darker
Than the soul
That had now escaped
From her beautiful
Lifeless body
Lauren Leal Oct 2015
But I finally convinced my demons I'm one of them.
Inner thoughts
Visionary2020 Oct 2014
I was dumb
Now I am numb
Dumb enough to let you in
Numb because I can no longer find a reason to grin
I no longer take blame
For what you did to me I hope you live a life of shame
Everything you said was a lie
I will hate myself for believing 'till the day I die
Closure is something every girl needs
Instead you left me to bleed
Bleed out until there is nothing left of me
You got a new girl soon to be
Let me go until there is no more blood
My emotions will no longer flood
Lifeless I'll be
Lifeless I am
Cathyy Jan 2014
I'm lifeless, on the floor
Bring me back to life
with those eyes I adore

I'm hopeless, like a ship losing direction
Save me for I am drowning in the sky's reflection.

I'm breathless, you're careless
to all that I care for,
a friendship, so ship wrecked ,
Oh we should've been a little careful

I'm dreaming, of breathing
in the same air that you love
But I'm lifeless, life's timeless
when you love with all you haven't got
Ash Dee Oct 2012
walking zombie
i eat i laugh i sleep
no substance to this present
these simplicities that easily covers up

finally had enough courage
tilting on the end
yet again failed
confusion always striking
harder and harder each time
piercing through every inch of mine

eating you up inside
the numbness at a certain point
a maddening zombie coming to life

layers upon layers,
pieces to pieces,
covering up
each time with a better strategy
in time wondering
will it ever wear out
just like

theres just no escape from this misery,
no escape from these thoughts
from eating you up inside
full of something
and all that there is
I watch my reflection in the mirror
with my pale blue eyes
watching my lifeless stature in the dark
bones made out of gelatin
and my heart out of fragile glass
that breaks everytime i see myself

My fingertops softly touch my face
Tears keep coming faster
till my waterlines are overflowing
My nails grow sharper
and my fingers cramp
digging holes under my eyes
I want to shatter my bones
And burn my skin to ashes
I want to rip the hair from my scalp
as well as all the pages
filled with frustration
scratching and screaming
I have to be pretty

but the need for it grows
as well as the demons inside my soul
They cannot ever be satisfied
And that makes them depressed
They try to run from it but fail to escape
Instead of running they need to defeat the monsters
with guns

Jun 29 2014
Emily Jul 2014
No more love poems to be written
In this heart of mine
Only feelings of loss and resignation
Take over my soul and cause me agony
It seems like I've been down this road one too many times before
And I sit here wondering why I did the same things
Thinking of all the signs I chose to ignore
I wonder if I'll learn my lesson
I wonder if I'll ever heal
Heartbreak takes a toll on people
And I've been suffering for so long
Thoughts and wonder fill my brain
About if I'll ever love again
If I'll ever find trust in another
© Emily 2014
This computer screen that glares so brightly
as my sleepless self stares within it endlessly,
the repetition of this that once was my everything
is now growing old and withering away
just like my life is.
hoping, just hoping
One day my lifeless and useless self will someday have an
eventful life,
*a reason to live.
Kate Elise Oct 2010
My life shattered in pieces
I scramble to put it back together
before anyone sees my weakness
the master of disguises
I put on a smile and shove my feelings to the side
I dare not be vulnerable
I mask my imperfections with impersonations
I ask you-
put me back together
make me whole again
I need your help to show me
show me it’s ok to be me
tell me that im beautiful
Its not like me to beg, but I have nothing left
I am broken
be the glue that holds me together
Jessica Aug 2013
I try to write a poem
To let go all of my emotions
But, I felt so empty
So lifeless
No inspiration in my head

I put the pen on the paper
A blank paper
That should be filled
By beautiful words that can't be forgotten

I just can't imagine
One single words
That fit in my feelings
That will bring that poem to perfection

My brains felt so empty
My ears can't hear anything from this frustation
All the voices suddenly gone
Filled my soul

I just can't let it go
I wish I can change the past
But I'm afraid to the future

Yes, a broken heart mess me up
I can't let the pandemonium in my head calmed down
Burried by the anger, the frustation
Locked deep inside my heart
All my inspiration

Thought it was dellusion
All the nightmares haunted my life
All my beautiful thought turns to dust

I wish.....
We could get back together
I promise
I will find you, I will safe you
From the eternal loss
I know ii wasn't good at all, it's true. I felt so lifeless and miserable, I guess I can't write a good poem in this moment
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