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Joisha Wuat Co Sep 2018
All stately, all prime
She, who's steady, she who's fine
Heedfully, she's plodding
Yet impassioned, she's overwhelmed
Whilst covertly she's asking
Wherefore am i can't profess?
Abruptly, what's endless, she ended
Clueless, my own demise
To whomever i should be incensed?
Who would've thought she can?
I make music for my poems
Anne Mar 2018
Exotic petals of yellow,
Hot pink and leaves of green
A sunrise of baby blues
And clouds made of cream.

A lei of Hibiscus
Whiskey and Tequila too
A paradise of softheartedness
Where the sun will never set on you.

Lilac skies in the west
Clouds made with a dash of tangerine  
A Pink Flamingo guarding her nest
A sight straight out of daydreams.

The spirits sway  
In the shadows of the palm trees
So come on down and meet us by the Cay
And let all your fears fall away.

Donall Dempsey Oct 2018

her hair a golden banner
flung out behind her
proclaiming the country of herself


I suoi capelli - una bandiera d'oro
gettata alle sue spalle dietro lei
proclamano la sua patria
Simone13 Aug 2018
down the Valley
where the river flows
flocks of graves
swarmed with crows

ashes to ashes
turn dust to dust
where their metals lei
and turned to rust

stenches of blood
screams and decay
where wasted sheds
are left astray

down the Valley
where the river flows
are plumps of graves
where flowers grow

— The End —