A W 2d
At only 18 years old;
He was a Jack of all trades

Had the passion of blazing flames.
The free-spirited heart of a dove.
Debating skills that reached high above.
Athletic gifts that even the most talented could adore.
A witty personality that was hard to ignore.
Smatter than most I've ever known.
Reckless with a charm that was hard to condone.
Courage that surpassed the bravest.
Achieved the highest, and came back the greatest.
Friendly as if he had all the love to give.
Always smiling,
leaving everyone breathless.

Conner binded a small community together before and after his departure.  

He may not be here with us to pray, but he can be here to guide us along the way.
No doubt in my mind is Conner going to give up so easilly.  
If his legacy stays, so will he.
He was a blessing to everyone who had the pleasure of having them in his life. Mary and Wendy, the most caring guardians of my friend who passed away two weeks after graduation in a terrible car accident that was devestating. He told someone he wanted to be remembred for something, I hope this surfices ❤ July 9th, 2018
I once saw a ruffian young
A would be brute
At home, no doubt,
In the grubby grecian clubs
So unworthy of their legacy.

The tilt of chin, and cocksure slant of eye
Told of a life most lived
In unimpressed contempt.
But then he met his girl, and,

The crafted affect cracked like plaster;
No more the aping swagger
Nor the bumptious over pluck

Instead an unhid grin.
And an unhid soul.
And the rapid intuition
Peculiar to lovers.
You left a trail of treasures
for me to find or lose
you are all about free will
you left it all to fate
everywhere I look
you are standing near
in every mother to be
I see you cupid in utter joy
your the lover of life
best lover husband and father.
In every lullaby playing
Its you who sings to babes
in their cribs you are
the best father on earth
a beacon of light
in every child life
In every poem that paints and sings the songs of trees of life
a new paradise is born
poetry caresing lovers.
weddings diamonds and gold
I feel you every where
beloved of my soul
every rose and wild flower
bows in reverance to you
Richie Rhett lover of life
legacy of true love
In every grief Eve gave Adam
I see my world
forever transformed;
In every poet's ink
I bleed I live or die
but in your ink
I find the ink of God's
willful stride
you are my favorite poet
on the whole wide world
your INK has power
pulling the enemy daggers
left in my heart
let this powerful queen's
INK in hand
pull your sword
out of your stone
with my mouth my sinner lips
and my hand's tongue
my poet's ink.
the power of a poet is to teach the heart  thought then to speak
The sheer beauty of you will
had made the Earth tremble
And managed to bring unity
to a divided race of

Behind you, the sheep would never stray
we would follow, conscious that we may
never return

The battles were long,
the battles were hard
And to you, a debt we can never to pay

For what you stood for was true unity
For every race that thrives in this world
and beyond

Within your sight, you would make it all right
You came, you strived, you conquered and you

Which I still can't believe...
Which I still can't accept...


With everything that the perils dealt,
I never truly sat down and told you
how I felt

You brought me the light
You brought me the rain
You brought me the hummingbirds
And now you brought me pain as
a causality

But I know that your sacrifice will never
be in vain, as now we are strengthen by
that chain of unity, of the power in being
different and proud

We're equals who stand strong on the
same ground


I can't tell you how much I miss you
How much I want to see your face,
and your heart and your smile
And I dream of us together
when we shared that last night
Even though I knew it was a final,
final goodbye


Thinking of all the times we had, I didn't know
what to do, and then I realised how I was lost
without you

By your side, I could take on every world
and beyond. It's still so hard to accept that
you're truly gone
a light that we need
a beacon of hope

I know you want me to live,
and it's hard to cope


I regret not saying this to you more
As I think of the times we had before
I will always remember you
I will always love you
No one can ever deny you your dues,
your service, your strength has made
you a monolith
I will carry on your legacy forthwith

Having a little nerd moment here lool.
Mass Effect is one of my favourite games - a true guilty pleasure.
One OST that stuck with me was the piano piece known as 'I Was Lost Without You.' It's so beautiful to listen too. So sweet yet haunting and intimate and tragic. A true masterpiece.
Have a listen here:
So here's my tribute poem to it, and this poem is a spoiler so warning to anyone who hasn't played the earlier Mass Effect games!
Please let me know what you think, it's a poem where I'm pouring my heart out to a lost love... Please let me know if it's cliche anywhere.
And let me know if I should do more tribute poems to games!
Love you guys so much!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx

— The End —