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Lainey May 2017
Your ripple will pulse
Through times’ eternal waters
As if you still live.
Chris Neilson Apr 19
Whispering your name
into a soft Spring breeze
carried your memory
above cumulus clouds
into a spiritual ether
to those departed you loved
to those missed who loved you

Touching your face in a photo
brought your comforting presence
and banished the day's demons
beyond any lucid comprehension
recalling how you were loved
remembering those you loved

Reading your kind words
in your stylish handwriting
soothed mental agitation
made sense of an uncertain future
of a life you loved
of a life which loved you

Reciting your pearls of wisdom
into the night's inky foreboding
clearing a path to a new dawn
of hope and understanding
for the living you loved
for your legacies who loved you
To anyone and everyone, love and peace of mind, body and soul..
IrieSide Sep 7
Stay immortal,
leave your legacy

Conquer the greatest dragon
rescue the bravest princes
find your hero
deep within
Starts with
The art of
The art of
Broken promise

On survival

One keeps
The legacy
Theme: Observational
Theme: Life itself is a legacy, keep breathing
Emily Jul 20
With every step she took there was a little hesitation,
Since self-doubt and second guessing were at the base of her foundation.
Her eyes didn't wander in fear of who'd she meet,
So her gaze fixed upon the cracks in the concrete.
But would the world ever see her potential on display,
With her voice barely a whisper and her opinions locked away?
It took just a few Leaves for me to see
The Wondrous Promise this Scribbler can do
My Kababayan: This Deep Legacy,
Honouring our Flag with Pen and Ink-Blue
But my, dear M'am! Such very Spicy Words,
Great enough to keep my Eyes glued to Browse
And Characters - Freaks Alive! Well that curds
Such Vain Trumpets most of Us do Live out
Now the Bubble breaks; And the West will know
That even from the Pearl, English is You
My Box-of-Thanks, sealed and delivered with Bow
Springs the Jack in Celebration of Youth.
My only Concern, I should have bought One
Let me end my Shift; And my Suweldo come.
I once saw a ruffian young
A would be brute
At home, no doubt,
In the grubby grecian clubs
So unworthy of their legacy.

The tilt of chin, and cocksure slant of eye
Told of a life most lived
In unimpressed contempt.
But then he met his girl, and,

The crafted affect cracked like plaster;
No more the aping swagger
Nor the bumptious over pluck

An unhid grin.
And an unhid soul.
And the rapid intuition
Peculiar to lovers.
For Beauty's Maiden Name he can Compose
And hope that your Legacy will ever Live
This Shimmering Petal which he dares Un-Fold
Will by Clock's End endear with your Harmony.
Why in the Fifth Summer Month we Praise the Womb
Responsible for the Songs we hear Today
Whilst the Toll's Hand turns from Cradle to Tomb
Your Best Song can chant the Goblins away
And perhaps if I try to Improve my Lot
Then avoid the Bloody Record of Defeat
He is your Story; This I almost Forgot
And the Name once-spoken will again Repeat.
With this I Commit, Beauty's Maiden Name
Your Feathers un-changing; Your Spirit Remain.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
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