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Hello Daisies Jan 15
I like it
The feeling
Of you inside

I want it
The heart beat

I feel filthy
naked with you
On top

I desire it
You moaning
Pleasures into

I used to be inoccent
How boring
I hated

I like being
Why don't you spank

I'll call you
While everyone else hates

God please
This is a little uh yeah but also yeah
Jorge Echevarria Jan 2015
I'm a sucker for you that's what I said  
Looking at my pillow right next to your head
Unintended words slipped now I'm in the red
Waking up to pitch black wondering if I am dead
In a blink it all turned to a mess
While I'm trying to iron out life's kinks first with a permanent press
I'll put in the work till I sweat
It's all worth it if I lay with you when I rest
Living in this yellow box filled with aging trinkets
A lonely guy trying to get by just hasn't sealed the link yet
Bout a cup of milk left in the fridge and God forbid I drink it
A shaggy dog; that ***** hog, why can't they smell the stink yet?
The junk comes barreling through the door so fast that you can blink it
There's no more room for gloom and doom, but let's fit one more inkjet
They just got rid of dinnerware,  a silver and a pink set
So now to hoard an ancient sword, a blender and a mink set
Five garbage bags of someone's clothes, the sixth one's in the sink, wet
With lots of cans and pots and pans, we'll reach the jagged brink yet
They're trying to let go, said there ain't no space to think yet
They're workin hard to raise the bar, ain't  worked out all the kinks yet

Pressed for time and low on space
****** I need to get out of this place...
Chris Slade Dec 2018
I’ve O’D’d on Glucosamine Sulphate, so much I’m mentally scarred.
It’s escalated now I’m 70… I’ve mainlined on my Senior Railcard…
I bow down to the Norse God Voltarol… He eases all my pains…
and there’s Deep Heat, Germaloids, even Anusol for the other stresses and strains.

The wondrous Winter Fuel Allowance! That’s what lights our lamp these dark days - ahh, those twilight hours!
But after the logs, it’s not Leccy or Gas we crave? No! We buy ***** with ours…
the Whisky, Gin, *****, Wine, a drop of Brandy too. It all helps us numb the cold
whilst memories of happier times gone by - brighten up this ****** growing old.

Supplements, sterols, statins, aspirin, beta blockers… All the heart meds - life’s a battle.
In the 60s it was *** and Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll… Now there’s less *** and a lot more rattle!
****** fails to make it now - “no more”, after the last time - she said!
These days the only thing it does is stop me rolling out of bed!

The bus pass lets me roam the world… from John O’Groats to Land’s End.
But these days I travel locally Southwick, Lancing, Steyning; oh yeh and a cousin in far Gravesend.
Further afield; abroad perhaps? Well no…Back then it was Newhaven for the Continent.
But now I’m over 70, well, it’ll just be Worthing for the INCONTINENT!

And… did I say? Not that I was ever in the habit of measuring it you understand - or straightening out the kinks
I’m pretty sure that these days - and ’no’ it’s NOT just the cold… but, your once adequate **** - it shrinks!

I'm sorry...Your *******! It ain't so long!
First poem I read in public as a poetry ******... It went well enough for me to decide that I would do it again.
Godawan Jan 14
Travel with Facebook
to know better  tinks
Travel with twitter
to have big links
Travel with HP
to know better inks
Travel to the world
to solve life kinks.
James LR Sep 2018
Life is not a tapestry
It is a single thread
The people are the knots and kinks
Who just get in the way of things
Of Mother Earth's sewing machine
Through paper thin walls
I can hear my neighbour

She starts with the same lie
every time
      my husband Finnegan
      will be home soon
      let’s make this quick.

I can tell what kinks
the john has paid for
by the uniqueness
of the name she gives
her fake husband.

I once asked,
why the make-believe spouse?
Marigold responded
with delicate articulation
        a girl in this line of work
        needs to pretend
        to have some normalcy
        in her life
        a reason to be kept alive.

Having nothing left to conceal
she lives her life
like no one is watching.
She leaves me astonished,
wishing to live one minute
as open as she lives every moment.
for Marigold
Amy Duckworth Dec 2018
My Lady.
You are the most wonderful person I have met.
I love you with all my heart.
I have one worry though,
will we last?
I only live for you.
If you leave me I may not recover and **** myself, or revert to hurting myself.
My Lady, you are the support holding me.
I love you.
I am happy I know you.
I don't think I could find anyone else like you.
You are perfect,
You don't judge me for---me,
You don't care about my,
And violent nature.
You still love me.
You are not forceful,
you don't make me do things I don't want.
Thank you.
Love you.
You got me over,
and holding back.
I have never been bold,
You taught me to just do something and not draw things out.
You make me happy.
I hope this lasts for forever.
This is a poem for My Lady (My girlfriend) to tell her how much I love her and what she did for me. ((My girlfriend is the girl I called My Fox in some other earlier poems by the way!))
poetryaccident Dec 2018
There is no doubt that kinks exist
from the vanilla to the extreme
sadomasochism asks for pain
while the fetish defines bliss

outside these avenues attraction lays
in the realm of pure appeal
not confused with the sport
playfulness between adults

oddities more than strange
no related to loving souls
relationships stand beyond
these attempts to spice it up

be they hetro or something more
pairings are based on romance
one to the other becomes their norm
declaring more than kink explores

put aside the prejudice
disregard when hate equates
depravities of the mind’s eye
with amour when spirits court

no matter how the bits may fit
acknowledgment may extend
to hearts entwined as one
asking all to honor love.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181216.
The poem “Honor Love” was inspired by a Tumblr meme that stated that LGBTQ relationships were not a type of kink.  Declaring these valid relationships as possible aberrations of behavior does them an incredible disfavor as people strive to find somebody to love.
“I love you” he says
But I cannot love back
How am I supposed to love when he took advantage
How can I trust when he did it
“U know I do too” I say
Because I cannot say the words
Lash Dec 2018
there is attitude as strong as my own in these kinks and these coils,
my Afro has a mind of its own.
she stands tall when she wants,
shrivel up when she’s cold.
sometimes shy,
she is not a people person.
my Afro only communicates with other Afros.
she ain’t stingy but she **** sure don’t like to be touched.
don’t you try to sweet talk her
when she’s in a rush.
only like a wash & oils.
sometimes gel and finger coils.
she’s amazing,
i love my twa.
Since you left
All I do is to please myself

With any stuff that comes my way
And I don't feel as great
as it was with you, babe
******* and girls and ***** in my bed
Wish you were here, so we had fun
But I am blocking you - saddest part
I am not fulfilled like this, but if this is
what life deals for me
I will kiss that girl Mireia and run with it.

I don't know where this leads
But show me the way quick.
Came with a **** - but ah, chicks like me!
Are they the reflection to my kinks?
All the doubts are back! Again 13!
Dear, take me away from here!
Take me away from me!

Lately there's a rock
bottled up energy in my crotch
and I come every night
but it's not as sweet as it was
Do you come thinking of me? Do you?
Sweetest thing. Wish I could.

I love you...
About the pornographic paradise-hell.
Homebody for
five days a week: staying up
til late. P a r t y !
on Friday and drinks
&chips on Saturday. Shower
and mo(a/r)ning *** with kinks
on Sunday. ****, I have
to wake up early mañana.
Morning Person

— The End —