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laura Oct 2017
Spurs in a grass hill
wind blowing up your skirt
honey and money
sweet and selfish

i like you touching my body
and i like touching yours
love oddity bright city
and glistening sun gilded skin

i need my fishing rod
when im around you
need the compliments that i might
complete your outfit by the end of night
Ilunga Mutombo May 2018
If a busy gun takes lives
Then silent leaders do worse
They burn lives, hang knuses on the innocent
Voice your pain or get blessed with a curse
Blood shed Schools
We elected fools
Wrong leaders to lead us
Pushing useless agenda’s
While feeding us propaganda
Halls covered red
thousands of innocent people killed
At the expense of gun reform laws
Watching news with dropped jaws
We sit in silence
while the voiceless die for peace
Rowan Deysel Dec 2016
Caucasian cadaver in the windless woods.
Carelessly hanging from a tree.
Colorless face looking down.
Carrion yet to be seen.
Creation of an evil man.
Displaying his departed art.
Completed, his compelling plan.
Of helping death do its part.
Few colors, fewer sounds.
White skin contrasts the black dress.
Faded yellow floating all around.
Splatters of red fill the rest.
A frightful figure that overwhelms.
Above the confused and thorny trails.
All the shallow know themselves.
At the sight of this female.
Breathless before being dangled.
Dead before being displayed.
Beautiful body, cold and mangled.
Death magnificently portrayed.
Multiple stab wounds in your back.
Added to the smell of war.
Mind immersed in barren black.
Gnawed eyes to watch and adore.
Dripping, dim and dreadful.
The portrait he wanted to smear.
Your future as empty as your words.
Your hollowness shown clear.
You don't know what you're missing. 
Elders still die, the young still grow.
The leaves below are hissing.
At the corpse of a girl I used to know.
Made when I was an angsty, silly teenager who just got dumped by his first girlfriend.
Big Virge Sep 2014
So …..
who are the good guys ?
in these modern times ?

Osama … Obama ... ? ?
or those … Civil type ... Guardia ... ?

What makes them good ?

The guns they use
as if they should ….
to restrain … and ... defuse
violent …. neighbourhoods ….

But … really …
Is this …………
what they do … ??!??

I've heard stories
that … relay … "Truth" ...
about the ... abuse
some Guardia … choose … !!!

Like … stripping men …
in … Spanish streets
to prove to them ….
the kinda problems
they're bound to see ...
if they don't … " Respect " ...
The Gendarmerie … !!!!!

Good guys ….. !!!?!!!

Really … ?

or … Employed … Bullies  !?!

The type who ... feed ...
of … "Abuse-filled" … Deeds … !!!

The type that make ...
young people … bleed … !!!
when guns they … parade …
aren't used … "Properly" …

Kind of like …. "Newtown" ….
where it's … clear … Gun sounds
will now … Resound ...
in The ... Hearts and Mouths
of parents … now …

Resound with … " Loss " … !!!!!
cos' a loved one's … gone … !!!!!
without a …. song ….
or … "Farewell" …… "Prolonged"

So …. ???
What was the Mantra ?
of … Adam Lanza ?

To shoot … "Repeatedly"
in a killing spree …
that took … So Many … !!!!!

Was his mind so heavy ?
that his thoughts … clearly …
had become …  "Unsteady" … !!!

So …
Where were Connecticut's
Good Guys … then … ?

with the NRA ... !?!
at a shooting range … ???

Shooting guns for …  "FUN" … !!!
while the blood of a mum
and youngsters run …..
down …. school hallways
in the … middle … of the day ???

Now the NRA says …

" Bad Guys with guns
need to face … Good Ones !!!"

Okay Okay
but … let's get this straight … !!!

It's okay for a man ...
whose been paid & trained ...
to shoot to **** ...
pretty much at will ...
cos' it's been … "Okayed" …
by the …. NRA …. !?!

Who said you were good … !!!???!!!

I learnt my lesson
watching … Charlton Heston !!!

It would seem to me ...
that NRA peeps …
care more for money
than when … children bleed … !!!!!

It's all about ... "GREED" … !!! ...
"Good Guys" ... DON'T NEED ...
to have … " Armouries " ... !!!
to ensure the streets ...
are filled with … "Peace"

and I …. for one …..
don't believe that guns
have … any function …
in …. education …. !!!!!!

Educate our youth ….. !!!
about the ...

" HARM " ... They Cause ... !!!!!!!

They need to be schooled
in … AVOIDING ... Wars ... !!!
and in …  "Avoiding" …  
……. " Depression " ………
that leads to … Harsh Lessons !!!!!

It time to ... STRENGTHEN ... !!!
our fight against guns
and time to … " LESSEN " …  !!!
"NRA" …… Type Funds …… !!!!!

that … support …  

" The Lie "

….. of …..

" Preservation of life " …
… through the use of …
………. Guns …………

Seeing blood … run …
" Doesn't "... signify ... FUN … !!!!!

Neither does the sight ...
of police at schools ...
with a gun by their side ….

It wasn't in view …
when … I was being schooled …

So … DON'T BE ... Fooled ... !!!
by ... "Lobbyist" ... Groups … !!!!!

when it comes to ...
"Who is Who" …

Who are they to decide … !???!
when it comes to peoples' lives ...

who the people should believe .....
to be …………………………

"The Good Guys !!!"
Str8 up ...

*** the NRA & all their Gun-Toting Pals !!!
Bless up people !

Oh and .... How it sounds out of my mouth ....
Marte Lindholm Feb 2018
Waiting for you
Starts a fire inside of me
I feel it in my heart
The pain induced by the flames
And they heat up
Making the blood in my veins
Start boiling
Slowly killing me

Still waiting
I feel the anxiety
Crawling up
My throat
Spreading its vines
Soon choking me
Slowly killing me

The only thing
Left to do
Is to pray that
The fire inside of me
Will burn the crawling vines
To stop the unbearable choking
And I'll finally be able
To breathe again
What to do when everything feels like a mess and I stand in the middle, all tangled up
MeanAileen Mar 2017
It's my best friend,
and my nightmere-
it's all that I love
and everything I fear.
It's my fulfillment,
my bottomless sorrow-
bringing dark thoughts
of no tomorrow.
It's my strength,
my greatest plight-
this evil addiction
I try to fight.
It's my oblivion,
my heartbreaking pain-
a toxic cloud
that's killing my brain.
It's my protection,
my paranoid lies-
the Devil himself
in crystal disguise.
It's my sanity,
my endless strife-
this methamphetamine
destroying my life.
It's my reality,
my make-believe bliss-
I just never imagined
I would end up like this....
Truth be told....
Watch the silent fire,
Watch me scorch my battered heart,
Ashes cannot burn.
Michael Mar 2
Dappled sunlight danced
About your greasy, sweating body,
Oh! What fun.
It saved us shooting twice, and just as well,
For when we finally came your eyes were glazed
And staring at the Sun.
OC Nov 2018
I savored my own killing

I could've done so
at the twilight of my days
while I dose off
on a creaking rocking chair
my old lean limbs entangling down
my crooked joints melded to the arm rests
my heavy head resting on my collarbone
oblivious as I
mercifully approach from the back
gently stepping on the tube
leading oxygen to my dying body
watching as my breath become heavy
as my blocked throat wheeze in exhaustion
as my stressed lungs finally collapse
as I quietly yield to sleep.

I  could've done so
sometime tomorrow or yesterday
As I lay asleep on my back
snoring as usual
in an instant I'll roll over
and be on top of myself
clasping at my mouth and nose
pressing my full body weight
as I jolt awake, panicked and confused
my arm randomly flailing around
torn prayer flags swooped by a hurricane
my fingers digging into the flesh of my arms
attempting to pull me apart
until finally
my stubborn grip overcomes
and defeated I dim onto stillness
save for a twitch here or there.

I chose to do so
in my youth
as the texture of a heavy rope
grazes and bruises the skin on my neck
while I send a chilling smile at myself
from across the room
pulling a handle
that drops the floor beneath my feet
accelerating for the first time
relishing the hissing air
the absence of gravity
catching with my eyes my penetrating gaze
older than I am
full of grief, fatigue, and divination
cut by the cracking rope
torn like my snapped neck
with a hallow sound
much less revolting than I thought
watch me dangling like
a ragged pendulum
a grotesque puppet
an unripe miscarriage
feeling but a slight pinch of regret
for never knowing
this moment
Tony Tweedy Mar 11
Trying to fill the days and forcing them to go.
Finding there are too many in a never ending flow.
What to do with time that never seems to end.
Seemingly more hours than with which I can contend.
Playing games and dithering just to pass the time away.
Sleeping endless moments and still finding its today.
Why do all the days seem so very long?
What choice did I make to make time ebb so wrong?
I know it hasn't always passed or seemed to happen in this way.
But oh so long ago since they were all a twenty four hour day.
No rhythm or regularity in times pattern anymore.
Why so many hours and what are the days all for?
I used to measure days by the passing of the sun.
But many times I sleep and of daylight I see none.
You may think I have control of all rhythms in these things.
But why control the repetition tomorrow always brings?
If I sleep eight times and I eat just only three.
Is that not a measure of how long my week should be?
Must I sleep just seven and eat per some schedule too?
Will I then contend with time as I am meant to do?
Will days take new meaning and my hours hold more reward?
Or will the extra hours awake just make me much more bored?
If I sleep twelve times and I eat when I have need to.
Aren't the days still the same length both for me and you?
Do we really share the same cycle if I view it on my own?
Or does time really move much slower for those who are alone?
I was your fuel
You were my drain
I was your blessing
You were my lesson
I was your cure
You were my disease
I was saving you
You were killing me

- I was calming your soul, you were stirring mine
Lewis Hyden May 9
A metronome scores its lavish knocking,
Beating its hand from side-to-side. I sit
And wonder at the clock, pond'ring at all
The gears inside.

A doodle mounted on my page obscures
The line of work and play. The clicking watch,
The counter-top; the world becomes a hot
And bright display.

Procrastination, they say, is like
A ****; it sprouts, and needs a snip.
If cut early on, it shaln't grow strong -
But then, we lout,

And weeds grow over time to groove
The soul, forming a broad forest of vines
Which snake beneath your feet and move
To snare your thoughts;

And even once the **** is snipped, the vines
Have done their work. Our time is swept beneath
And choked, silently snapped, confined
Beyond the wreath.

We do our best, but time-wasting's no crime.
Is it our nature? None can know. Thus
Only one thing is for certain. We **** our time
And then our time kills us.
© Lewis Hyden
Arianna 5d
"... ages since we left,
and clockwork rules the days,
chronicled by the lifetimes of flowers
in a vase..."
**** McAuley - "The House Carpenter":
Tony Tweedy Mar 11
Just a few more comments to an earlier post of rhyme.
Where I touched upon how I am seeing different rates of time.
Seems a man named Einstein discovered long ago.
That there was a different perception of seeing time in flow.
He says that if you are moving toward me I will see you shades of blue.
And while you move toward me you are that colour until you pass through.
Those who have been and gone will turn to shades of red.
No I swear that I am serious, it is what Einstein has said.
So I have my answer as to why time moves slow for me.
You are all in motion and I'm stuck where I used to be.
I think I already knew this and suspected it as truth.
But I never expected to have Einstein as my proof.
s v e n Aug 2018
You have a heart
Even if
It has scars
Feels weak.

Even though it doesn't beat
Or stops for anyone.

Doesn't mean you don't have a heart.
You are still sane

You do love.
You do care.

You just love too much
That it ends up
Killing you from
The inside
And out.

You love until
You feel like you can't anymore.

And in time
Someone will do the same thing to you.
It probably already happened.

Someone's heart has beaten
And stopped for you.
You are loved
Cared for.

Even if you don't know it.

You are loved.

Even when you can't love yourself.
Yes, Today I thought about killing you,
all the **** you say, you don't believe it do you?
Check on reality and try to stick with it,
cause the path you went down, there's no pity for you

not giving a **** came back eventually,
not knowing what you're here for hurt exponentially
can you really blame anyone but yourself?
can't even get the courage to DO something FOR yourself.

The past is gone, and you won't get it back
so why you waiting to regret that you didn't act?
You'd like to believe in God, but commitment you lack
couldn't keep a job, if the job was to slack

I know it's kind of sad, you used to write raps
about what you wish you had, what you wish you did,
how you wish you'd act.

But that's not based on facts,
and only emphasized the things that you lacked

Weakness personified is the best way to put it,
writing rhymes to hide what's REALLY in the pudding

when you can't face reality, I guess THAT'S insanity
vocab full with profanity, argued with the utmost vanity.

How can it be, that you bother me so?
I guess it's cause, you ARE me,
just thought you should know

Today I thought about killing you..
and that thought just seems to grow..
trying a more standard poetic style rather than rapping style...  Inspired by and preferred backdrop of the instrumental "I thought about killing you" by Kanye West
How often it is to fall in love
With someone who hurts you
It's easy to say, just leave them
It will hurt less I assure you
They say nice guys finish last
And girls fall for bad boys
What happens when you fall in love
With someone you couldn't avoid?
When friendship is what led you
To a love that runs too deep
Enough to confuse your heart
And give you the inability to sleep
When you fall for the nice guy
Don't misinterpret his words
He won't lie or mistreat you
And that is why it hurts
His kind actions will displease you
His kind words will give you hope
His kindness is what you love and hate
He makes it harder for you to cope
When he breaks your heart with hugs
When he stabs it with kind gestures
When you cannot leave or it will hurt him
And the last thing you want, is his discomfort
There comes a point when being with him
Is like a slow suffocating suicide
A reverse abusive relationship
One too difficult to leave behind
Cné Aug 2015
Silently I cry hoping no one hears
Secretly caring for another in love's affairs
Experiencing love's worst of weapons
Heartbreak ominously beckons

Silently tears fall as I lie alone
On the bathroom floor unbeknown
For there are no more words, no more lies
Only a silent tear that never dries

Silently I cry with images of his face
Dimpled cheeks, his kiss and warm embrace
Hopelessness ensues for the way he held me tight
Remembering he's with her tonight

I lay in bed at night beside the one I'm bound
Holding my breath as tears compound
Feeling the love I once gave and then knew
All the while he's with someone new

Silently shedding tears as my life takes its toll
Killing my very essence, my mind, body and soul
Hearing the words, feeling the crippling pain
A lover's secret inevitably ends in vain
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