pissed her
rants and
caves into
must not
twine around her
check how quite
tight it gets
that she's screaming,
for him to let her go.

Clindballe May 2014

In a trance, slashing throats. I'm in a killer mood someone's going to pay for this. All this betray and backstabbing. Pleasure by seeing other people suffering. Stressed out, messed up, fucked up. Killing every living thing as I walk by. Tonight you're all going to pay. Tonight is the end. Suffer!

Written: May 22. -2014
BrookGina Dec 2014

my lovers sign was Cancer,

and all of a sudden I became ill.

I began to die slowly,

it was proof that this love was real.

Prathipa Nair Aug 2016

Staring at a graffito on the wall
Sitting in her wheel chair
Unforgettable visions crossing
With a bleeding in her heart
Cursing those days of childhood
Making her motionless
King of poverty disguised
As malnutrition
Grabbing the bliss of her life

Yumiko Sakata Dec 2014

You ripped apart my soul, I no longer wish for someone's arms to be wrapped around my body. And just as you always do, you came back, just like that. Not because you miss me, not cause you love me. But because you are a killer, and killers always come back to their crime scene

some old stuff i found
Luna Elora Dec 2014

Please don't misinterpret what I have to say
But you're a killer.
What I mean is- You've killed me.
Though I may walk, talk,and breathe
I do not smile. I do not laugh. I cry.
Baby, let's not lie. I'm not alive.
You've murdered my soul
Slaughtered my emotions
And left only grief.
Which hangs above my head like a storm cloud
Waiting to rain on my parade every day.
And you're the cause.
I hate you

You've made me smile. You've made me laugh. Then you took it all away.
I hate your guts

He no longer dances with pride. She wallows and sobs all night and day.

Her heart no longer beats.

He no longer cares.

No drips can sustain
An aching wake, unbearable pain
Under, above and inside
This won't stop, I can't hide
Human nature is never fucking natural
So I grab what I can fit in to my satchel
Run from what I thought was new
An idea in the end misconstrewed
But what becomes of this so called revolution
Just another fascist
With the same solution

Its a killer.
Like anger to a bee.
Like Hope in the eyes of a decided fate.
Like Music to my ears, we fade slowly together. Our feet move in step time sync.
Its a beauty; like the swan.
A flap of the wings in the water light.
A twist of the neck; a break of your arm.
It's a killer, with the name of Love.

I laid a paragraph put like a it poetry now? there are no enjambments or rhyming patterns, but does that matter
Chuck Mar 2013

I am a cereal killer
Devouring Life is a thriller

Snap, crackle, and pop
I make the flakes drop

Stalking salubrious crunch
Murdered for breakfast and lunch

My appetite for Trix is voracious
For my Lucky Charms, I am gracious

Mud & Bugs haunt my soul
Desecrating Grape-Nuts whole

Yea, I'm Nut n' Honey and Cocoa Hoots
Krispy Kritter Krave Fruit Loops

I'm a cereal killer
Yet a community pillar

Can't comprehend why it's a crime
Unrepentant, I'll massacre cereal every time

I asked my son what I should write about. He said cereal killer, so this is what he got. I never understood why it's a crime. Haha The words in capitals are names of cereal, as if you didn't know. Thanks for reading my silly poem!
vanessa Sep 2013

There will come a day
When no one will notice the flowers
Or the blue sky.
There will come a day
When no one remembers a day without this so called amazing technology.
There will come a day
When the next generation laughs with their friends about how we had it so hard
There will come a day
When someone will look around and think, what a sad world we live in.
There will come a day
When no one goes outside
And instead they all sit around on their devices all day.
But will anyone really think that is sad? Because this is happening to us in this very moment.
And that day is right now.

Haunter May 2012

So the Kindest Killer
his perfect lil'
purple pistol.

They needed to be put in place.

For the Bandit.
was starting to go cray-cray,
from all the raunchy-rowdy-ruckus.


As the loud mouth's
looked at what sat right
their eyes.

The killer

"Bang. Bang"

From then on it has been nothing but darkness.

Haunter Jul 2012

Striking matches.
I'm going to
watch you burn.

Which way
to the
half-way house?

I'm not feeling so hot
Today, Doc.

My mood rings'
burning red
with rage.

& My chests
bleeding black
in honor
of my
broken heart.

Lindy Oct 2012

Ankles bobbed. Cannibal Dan executed female (gorgeous). Hartford Inquirer:  
“Justice killing? Love? Money?”
“ No.”
“People question rationale. Society thinks, ‘Undeserving Victims!’
Well, 'xcept you, Zackary.”

This form is called abecedarian: every word follows alphabetic order.
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