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laura Apr 2018
i want to eat you
let no one else have you
tie you to my bedpost
and leave the house for the whole day

uneventful day graces
what might one say when all
the cookies are gone
make merry with marrow narrowness

the slave’s in my bedroom with
window blinds open for all to see
in shocking stark gestures
and through showering trees

my dear, where has all the poetry gone
i might answer, where the cookies
and love went, the stubbornness
of push and shove, you speak when i say you can

beg when i want you to
this is creepy you say? what gave that away
Äŧül Apr 2015
A three-year-old boy in Cleveland,
Himself a very young little kid,
Shot a baby dead on Sunday night.

The bullet hit in the face of the baby,
Then it was rushed to a hospital,
But was pronounced brought dead.

Who is to be blamed now?
The kid toying with the gun??
Or the irresponsible parents???

I think it is the society's fault,
Needless are the guns in homes,
Shouldn't the society repair itself?

But are the blames enough now?
Can blaming bring the baby back to life?
No. A big NO!
Very saddened by reading this appalling piece of news in today's newspaper.

Profit is to be made, agreed.
But at this cost??

Gun laws need to be made extremely stringent & strict everywhere to avoid any such incidents again in future.

Guns are needless tools of hatred.

My HP Poem #836
©Atul Kaushal
Alexander T Sep 2018
I hope nobody trusts you again
like I did you

I pray you never hurt another person
like you did me

You carved into my soul
And have taken peices
They will never grow back

Dont ever say that you want to help
because you will just hurt again
you will destroy
and you will ******

This is the perfect story
for a broken heart

you made me feel good
and I just dont understand
how you killed me

I told you everything
and you continued to destroy what was left
and turned me into this

a grumpy
suicidal being
Who you illusioned
believing all was good
while you tore me apart
and extracted my heart

I hope you never have somebody
like I thought I had in you

I hope you get what I got in you
because your time is due
you earned that

I hope nobody trusts you
because you will hurt them too

You will tell them what they need
and when its time for you to work
you will never be there

Give us that fake smile
the one that used to push the clouds away
but I know now
that the tornado is coming our way

you make things seem okay
seem liveable
just to gain your unholy power

Hurt is a childs dream
compared to this terror

I have lost all hope

you told me you will help
the only thing you helped
is to ****

Never talk to me again
I cannot bare your lies
For anyone who has ever felt this way
Sam Jul 2018
I am not what they say I am,
I am not what they think I am,
I am not what they see as I am.
I am just who I am
and being
who I want.

Don't listen to them,
'Cause I'm not a killer.

I may have killed many people on my mind
But I couldn't do it.
In a matter of fact,
I did **** someone
and that person was me.

I died,
I died falling on the pavements
from a high expectation
they made.

I died,
I died 'cause I killed myself trying to lose track of regrets that still haunts me.

My flaws that I didn't even see and all the bad things that they point out on my life, it is the reason why they left me
and the reason why I killed myself.


I wanna die again, 'cause I'm afraid I could never escape my fears of falling into pieces when I see everyone left me.


Before I trigger the gun

I hope there's no bullet.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
It might be hard for you to be pressured with what people think of you but, there's still chances it could change so don't lose hope and don't **** your soul. Just live!
Marla May 16
I killed a man in his sleep...
all it took was taking everything he ever had
and letting his heart take care of the rest.
Khoi-San Mar 20
Guns and money
bullets and power
running and hitting
chidren in the shower
Two four year olds died in the Crossfire
I used to read
I used to write

I used to knit
I used to sew

What happened to the days
Where I found enjoyment from the little things?
Why is it now
That what I once loved
Feels like a chore
That tires me,
Bores me,
Makes me contemplate everything.

What happened to my carefree childhood
Where nothing mattered
Other than when I could write
When I uses to knit and sew

What happened?
And why?
Poking fun at my
Insecurities will pop
My helium heart

Like a balloon; I
Can only take so much, I
Have bursted open

The pressure killed
Em MacKenzie Aug 18
An anchor weighs upon my chest
applying pressure above my left breast,
crushing it down to create a concave,
I wave off EMT, there’s nothing left to save.
It was only hope that I’d keep going,
but I truly see no reason why,
I was cursed with the gift of knowing
I could only expect to just get by.
I think I’d rather die.

With a voice just like a symphony
and your hands were my favourite vice,
the gentle way that they held onto me,
thank god your body made them twice.
It was only hope to keep the memory,
as that’s the reason why,
I can look back at the past tenderly,
but sometimes I wish it was a lie.
Maybe it’s just the view of my eye.

Arms like home and lips like heaven
I found a shooting star at eleven-eleven.
But I stopped wishing.
Distanced by the strong will of the walls,
I see you in the streets, pubs and shopping malls.
But I stopped wishing, keep on fishing till life calls.

In a way you did assist
though you do not know it,
as happiness; it killed the poet.
It was only hope that I’d keep growing,
but I can see no reason why,
as soon the clouds will be snowing
when I crave the rain from the sky.
I will settle for the wind that’s blowing
to cover up my disappointed sigh,
if I must be cold I guess it’s best I’m dry.

Now I don’t know what you want from me
or even what you are expecting,
as I don’t know if I’m good enough to deliver
‘cause where I feel a stab I only portray a sliver.
It was only hope that I’d keep flowing
and I’d find a reason why,
the ancient embers continue glowing,
the flames will return and be twice as high.
Making me a firefly.
and video killed the radio star.
Dark n Beautiful Aug 2018
You must never **** the spiders,
While, they are woven their poems into the likeness of thunder?
Kidnapped the poets, instead of the poems
Therefore, I asked of you to stop all useless riots
On poetry, read them, embrace them, and
Learn from them: poetry is disciplined
And disciplined is the most misunderstanding word
In the dictionary: but somehow it is said that

riots is the language of the unheard:
we must never embrace racial riots,
or racial profiling: reach out to racial equity
stop allowing the messages of hate to go viral
plants row of trees, in the name of love,
I recently came across, ants yes, I said ants

When army ants need to cross a large gap, they simply build a bridge - with their own bodies. Linking together, the ants can move their living bridge from its original point, allowing them to cross gaps and create shortcuts across rainforests in Central and South America.

I recently saw human fighting each other, I recently read somewhere
Where children were locked away in cages
McALLEN, Texas (AP) — inside an old warehouse in South Texas, hundreds of immigrant children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets.

We must never **** the spiders,
While, there are woven their poems into the likeness of thunder..
Every drop parts and rains
Along with the broken promise of the sun.
The thunder threatens the world of sleep
Where children dream with their mother's fancy.
The lamp's dead cotton sits lost in thoughts
Only to peep again with blazing eyes.
You, my love, also forgot me .
Who rules the kingdom of destruction ?
When the light withdrew from the lamp's lips,
I sat and counted promises of the day.
Who keeps his words precious for ever..?
Where is the promise not brutally killed...?

             MUHAMMED RAFEEK E

Originally published by Better than Starbucks
Sylph Jan 28
No one judges me
I can live without fear
Without worry
without pain
Im free
A­t least thats what they told me
They told me im free
They said we're equal

Do i just eat up what they are telling me?
Like the mush they put on my plate  

                                                        ­        Or
                   Try to think for myself and possibly get me and all my friends
                              And Family
This is kinda random..
Inspired by "The Giver" And "Hunger Games"
Maggi Jan 9
You killed me.
You killed me the night I went off to your house, not knowing what was awaiting me.
You killed me the moment you asked how my day was and told me that you missed me.
You killed me to moment we started smoking on your roof and you leaned towards me.
You killed me the moment you started kissing me, even though I told you not to.
You killed me the moment your ***** hands started grabbing my body and you tried to take my clothes off.
I was begging you to stop ...
The only thing I can remember is your heavy breathing and your weight burying me in the ground.
The rest of me is dead.
You killed me.
Erenn Aug 2015
I used to soar high above the skies
Taking flight to anywhere in sight
Grazed upon lighting that almost killed me
My wings deigned in defeat as I bleed
But this heart are my wings of steel
Mettle armored with my will
To never giving up
**And to fly again
It's never too late.
Carter Ginter Dec 2017
Blood means nothing
Unless it's staining the streets
Family has no merit
When they don't even See me

You want me to be passive?
And let them spew racist hate?
And all that "gendered" *******?
You can't stop me, too late

**** the systems that oppress us
These prisons are stealing lives
Locking up innocent people
It's a form of modern genocide

We are all human
But our brothers are killed by police
And our sisters killed for their gender identity
But you'd rather look the other way
And defend hateful "free speech"

I am aware of my privilege
And I will not stay silent
You turn your eyes away from police brutality
But try to preach anti-violence

Our country is run by the white and the blue
While the red is the blood of its people
We need to look up at reality
And stop focusing on the steeples

Your hopes and your prayers
Do not end the violence
Instead they teach hate
And oppressive silence
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