lX0st Aug 2014
Please Midas,
Take the golden gun
And shove the golden bullet
Right through my golden skin
And tell me a story about
"All that glitters.."
Blake Jul 27
Righteous men cannot rest
Cannot laugh in light no more
Burdened by that shameful crest
Who yielded from the corps

The spy for two sides
With two separate cause
And even now he is uncertain
Who’s spy he really was

He wished they’d heed
To what he feared
But none so deaf
As men who won’t hear

Shut upon himself
Sowing not upon harm
Though for simple whiles
For lost kisses and smiles
He layed his weapon to arms

Though never to learn
Their power burned
Forgetting the peace he brung
Be thy sleep
Calm and deep
Such weight on a mind so young

Innocent hands
Spread like disease
Though the resting land
Was put at ease

Tragedy not heard
With each bellow and wail
Though through this sight
Peace did prevail

And with this night
His strife began
No longer a child
Though no longer a man
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
Someone is dying, I can hear them breathe
The dark isn't final as it sets on me
Nowhere is everywhere, say what you see
Don't kill me, brother, I've got family

There's nothing here, look all around
The sun is dying, it makes no sound
Someone is crying, lost and unfound
Don't kill me, brother, and bury me down

Fighting is over, now we survive
Only the weak are left alive
Smoke rolls away yet the fire has died
Don't kill me, brother, don't even try

Light's on its way but don't hold your breath
You've only got so much left
I'd like to shake the hands of death
And say don't kill me, brother, lay me to rest
How more lavish can our lives be??
Smoking dope, lying in sand enjoying the cool ocean breeze;
Not a care in the world; no deadlines to meet;
Who can stop me?  I’m the king of my own imaginary fleet.

As the time passed by and my cravings started to grow;
I was an addict in a tiny spark of time
And that is the only thing I know;
They showed me how to blow rings;
They showed me how to get high;
But they never told me that this habit will hit me like a rip tide.

I was just a young soul, with dreams in my mind;
Look what you’ve done to me, now I don’t even have time.
This journey has been short and easy,
Just like the first Kush you take;
Smoking was all that I did.
Now let me take a break!.
That first Kush you take, it's a beginning to your short end. As addictive as smoking can be, we all just start it under depression or with the influence of some friends, but soon it becomes a life style and in the end it kills us.
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