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Madeleine Mar 2018
My life is like a keyboard in
I try and Esc those who are poison to my life
where I just need to Tab and skip ahead a week
or maybe a month
that doesn't always work so I try and find an Alt way
if all fails
push through to the End
Shift to the new chapter
and delete them from your life
social media and all
I like to enter into a long dream
so I can wake up and start over
some days feel like I am on caps lock and everything is drastic
or way too exciting I just need to scroll down a bit to save some energy for the rest of the day
Some days I need not be alone
but to insert myself into healthy groups
full of positive vibes and energy
if I stay with healthy relationships
my f8 should be well off
but don't quote me on that
if I ever get to crazy
feel free to tell me to backspace
and just chill
I don't want my life to be just okay & full of JK's
but rather full of spontaneous adventures
while trying not to be a jailbird one day
I know we belong together
for that is why W and E are next to each other
like U and I
but don't #perfect us for we are like many others
so if you could let me clear my mind
and focus that would be great
for I am @ a point
where I shouldn't be worried about $$
and the % I make
to help do things for you and I
because it isn't about
money but taking
one letter one word at a time
Shadow Puppet Mar 2018
Although poor
I could offer you riches
And I would stay but
I know eventually you'd shift
So many secrets
My mouth, I'll stitch
Keep it all in
And when everything burns down
I know I am the one
Who will be holding the matches
Sometimes when I'm alone by myself in my room I think
I'm going to be the reason this friendship falls apart

Created 2.22.18
More Love Jul 2018
These words, dripping from my touch
Keyboard struck by a force beyond me
I call you in, into these words
To reach the hearts of the souls you quench for

My heart--
So tender, it's been marinating
In a deep sea of grief
So many months
Lost at sea

This tenderness, a stranger
Im learning to love him
Longing when he's gone
For that sweet, soft pain
Of my wet and tender heart
Shaina Bhatti Jan 20
Whenever I am done with
My keypad auto-correct and makes it
Never give up !
Gerry James Jul 2018
What is Poetry?
When your legs are numb,
Blood parching in your veins,
Throat choking from the pain,
And the fingers hitting the keys of the keyboard ceaselessly,
Trying ever so hard to create something impetuously,
Its poetry, you type.

When you dream of the possibilities,
And in what was once unimaginable,
You make the reader believe,
And change the way how their life, they perceive,
Its poetry, you dream.

When you play with words,
Just as an artist would play with colors,
To create a masterpiece,
That reaches the depths of the reader’s soul,
And burns them inside like coal,
Its poetry, you paint.

When you thread
Your fears, your desires,
Your insecurities, your pain,
All just to stay sane,
Its poetry you weave.

When your heart is melting
Like wax candles once lit,
And drops of tears smudge the ink,
To your knees you sink,
Its poetry, you bleed.
To all those out there who just enjoy painting their dreams with words that make it all seem so much more meaningful.
the monitor flickers
like flashes of inspiration
or defeat

the keyboard and mouse
remain unmoved
like ruins

my mountain of a PC
lies dormant
awaiting some bubbling of activity
to stir itself awake

taken to typing poetry
on the phone
to detangle myself from
that cage i once called a home
Evie Mar 29
i write lots of poems
                          most mediocre
whatever is inside my head
                                    flows through my fingers
into the keyboard
                      i spill my thoughts into the world
for others to see
                its amazing really
and beautiful
              to experience everyone
                               ­            through their poetry
yall are incredible and it hurts my heart because you all deserve the world
Dor Aug 2018
Dancing across the keyboard.
Thoughts expressed with
A few strokes
Of a few keys.

Finger pads.

A million things drift through
Her head…

The thoughts running like wildfire.
Coming undone
Through her fingertips.

A pause here
And there…
To gather her mind.

And hurt,
But also happy
And content.

She finally rests her *******.
on the third button.
From the shift.

A period.
An ending.
A goodbye.
Sebastian Macias Jul 2017
Beauty is in that cold water
That touches your hand
Like a soft kiss, comforting you
Stings like ice, but the pain is good
Bite into your apple, you'll see it
Blood from last night's dance
The coffee isn't strong enough
And you rather be in the sheets
Rolling around to that fine tune
Of birds whistling, cars going
People creating, people *******
Hiding from the daylight
Won't be friends till passed noon
It all feels so hard and you sing along
To the tune of the keyboard
As your apple looks back at you
It's rhythm, rhythm, rhythm
Mary Gay Kearns Aug 2018
‘It will get colder than this’, said He,
On a rainy late August afternoon.
Knowing that would not matter
I thought of him alone in his chair.

So sad I was but not for me, now,
I had known for such a long time
And the pain spreads itself along
But thinking him, singular, alone.

I no longer able to comfort him
Or stroke his hair’s silver thread
And watch a finger on keyboard
This is unbearable priceless love.

Love Mary x
Take care of  yourself love Mary x
fearfulpoet Mar 22
Why they call me the fearful poet! (The Razor Thin Difference)

”but who am I to complain
the  razor thin difference tween
blessings and curses so thin,
sometimes are they not, the same thing”

Aug. 2018


this familiar line, well traversed, lives on the maps
sketched indented on your palms and brow,
at the edges of the crow’s nests, the eye’s keyboard witnesses,
recording every stroke

we tap in seeings, forming letters,
letters into lines, lines into verse,
as we alliterate, we walk unawares,
of the razor thin difference tween blessings and curse,
indiscernible until concluded, perhaps, not even then,
the stanza’s probable outcome,
always unsure, unknowing destiny’s decision

so we walk, tread, plumb, shoutout
“vive la difference,”
hoping the blessing messengers hear us first,
consummating our pleas on their favorable sight & side,
ever fearful, we do not shout loud enough,
do the blind hear,
need me, possess my sacrificial offerings,
my trepidations, burnt on the Temple’s altar

who will breathe their smoke and understand
their fearful origins?

so we-write, cajole that our every moment’s fear,
find the difference, that we don’t bleed from life’s razoring,
the thinner thinnest
needle threaded,

and fear is the threat,
and fear is the thread,
that holds me together

until the unraveling
requires me to write again,
the fearful poet
3/21/19 4:15 am
Kemy Sep 2018
*** with me is so amazing      
Hey, I’m just Paraphrasing      
However, I was listening to the artist, Rihanna singing this song      
As the song kept plugging along      
Not meaning to come on too strong      
With respect do not get me wrong      
I’ve often wondered, is *** of the body more powerful than *** of the mind      
And no, I do not have a feminist ax to grind      
I will choose my words on this topic and remain kind      
Well, at best that I can      
From my perspective related to this issue between woman and man      
Making love to the female body its ******, it’s pleasurable, and certainly it’s thrilling      
But once nature’s release has been prefilled      
The mind needs a dose of endorphins to be instilled      
Are you still with me on that concept      
I’m speaking for me who needs the combined effect
With someone capable of emotional grazing      
Blind dates, we talk about our passions or dreams      
Clothes still on, however, he gets what you mean      
Do we take this night one step farther      
We slept together      
Heated and passionate under silk covers, yet, he knew nothing about the weather      
We were definitely birds of a different feather      
His arms were not even that strong      
His brain got duller as the night prolonged
Sometimes is not all about trailblazing      
Computer Dating      
Keyboard translating      
Breathless words of debate      
Soulful elate      
No physical contact to rate      
But wait      
You can type on computer keys from sunrise to sunset      
If you cannot be bipartisan with words than you can’t articulate      
A break to give since we’ve just met      
Between you and me it’s now mental Russian Roulette      
Spinning my mind landing on red      
Keep your mouth closed as you lay in my bed      
Enticing words danced across my screen      
Pulling me in was all a squandered dream      
We’ll never again experience emotions under the covers      
****** of no analytical bonding from a distance lover      
Once again, a horse of another color 
In the midst of me praising you as our eyes are glazing      
One night stands      
First of all, you’re taking your life into your own hands      
No commands        
Sedated and scented juices mingling of its passion galore      
Lust filled desires and so much more      
No demands      
Talking on the go, and making no sense, well I be ****      
What a waste of a slam bam and thank you ma’am      
Mental *** on the brain I know it may sound insane      
But my God, it makes me rain      
Intellectual simulations have always been such a turn on      
Take me to task and then I’m far gone      
Rainbow coalitions      
I do not have any petitions      
Never in favor of anyone’s competitions      
Just me, my words, and I      
Reaching for that academic all time high      
Coming at you as I’m ******* with you      
The next morning, I would have told you a thing or two      
Something old or maybe something new      
It all depends on if I’ve pitied a fool      
Not my game, not in my arms      
Not fooled by undercover charms      
Capture my mind until the ringing of my alarm      
Wow, did we really just talk all night long      
Arms were very strong, your mind kept me warm while we discussed society’s storms      
One night stands      
Never with an intelligent man      
He needs a briefcase or a blueprint plan      
He could execute with his own mind      
On his own time      
Using his own dime      
Then he’s ready for my mind      
No prophylactics needed      
Once you gyrate my mind you’ve succeeded      
Feeding me words from the depths of your cerebral cortex to the powers that be      
Lightening my mind up like a Christmas tree      
Now you got me down on my knees      
Thanking you, as I please      
Was it good for you as it was for me
Mind now resting in a dreamy phase, body has now been thoroughly praised      
Here comes the aftermath of sweet melodies to conversations      
Moaning out all kinds of pronunciations      
French words with exclamations      
Giving me perceptual palpitations      
From the knowledge of head ministrations      
Climbing the psychological throne once again      
While whispering words in my ear as my mind adheres      
Once mental energy has been locked in      
Slow dancing, and then a thrusting rush as we begin      
Words of revelations      
Taking my mind beyond the constellations      
To the height of my glorious crown      
I’ve created, rested, and now the essence of my intellect is winding down      
Mental capacity has once again been meticulously interrogated      
Hearts of the minds now segregated  
Sweet words whispered to your male ego, minds blazing        
Perceptual notations moving inside of me      
Bending me over, as you lick up and down my womanly creed      
A passionate quick kiss as your mind sinks into my intellectual abyss      
From my mind to your fathom lips      
Seductively gyrating my hips      
Raising the nature of your hard ****      
Love and Hugs        
Soft tongue bathing your body, massage oil, and caressing rubs
Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions.

Megan Smith
Vii HunniD May 2018
Have you ever been
Touched gently,
Kissed sweetly and softly,
To make you think is it reality...?
Deep down I felt
Your voice kissing my soul slowly
As you pronounced words.

Have you ever glanced
To the stars at night
And asked yourself,
How could there been i and u
But their so many alphabets inbetween
And wish u and i are always together,
As it is on your keyboard?
a smol bean Jan 2018
my hands lay on the keyboard.
so many things going through my head,
but I can't move my hands,
nor can I talk, or do anything.
I stare down.
I want,
I need that familiar clacking of the keyboard
to fill the air like oxygen in my lungs.
Where are you, my oxygen?
My thoughts?
Anything at all?
I sigh.
I look around, trying to find something to do.
To occupy myself,
to distract myself with something else than having
to live with this nagging feeling that I can't write anything.
That I can't think anything.
That I can't fill a page up with the words that are on my mind.
That I can't describe the pain I'm feeling.
That nagging feeling that closes in on me like a tight box.
I fall.
NoFucksGiven Jul 2018
Unconsciously my fingers fly across the virtual keyboard of literature. Creating sentences and paragraphs, beginnings and endings, sunrises and sunsets that never seems to reach the ******. Unconsciously my eyes reread the words I wrote, the pictures I've painted with my words, yet I never feel the emotions I've laid down in them. Unconsciously I write without telling my feelings, the words rush around my mind but never seems to reach my fingers. Unconsciously I write about others putting their stories into my words, their emotions into my sentences. Unconsciously I can't seem to stop. I can't seem to take a step back and breathe for the sake of my self. Unconsciously I discard my emotions because in my mind thry are useless yet they are not.  I can't wake up from this self-unconciousness I have put my self in. Watching the world through eyes not of my own. Detached from myself of conscious. Unconsciously.
Megan May 2017
So tired. My fingers graze the keyboard .
But I don't even feel it.
Leaning against a wall, I wonder am I supporting the wall;
or is the wall supporting me?
Wander. Wonder.Where.

I keep stepping , working my way through the day.
Walking away and away, but my problems do not fade.
I cannot escape the biggest problem I face.

Me vs. Me
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