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laura Sep 2018
kooky, kooky llamas and duckies
frank ocean and kanye westy
in your car, rain pouring on our gucci
escape into your house, but feeling weird

like we're gonna do something
wrings the self and our hair of water
like our mangled garments
you play destiny 2 and i read poetry

not one hundred emoji on that chief
what we're supposed to be or do today
on our day off, write about nothing
and realize that's how it's supposed to be
Bob B Oct 2018
Kanye West visited Trump
At the White House, and man, what a scene!
His words were bouncing off all the walls,
Just like a ball in a pinball machine.

His disjointed rantings and ravings
Made little if any sense.
He ****** up to the president
More than even Michael Pence.

Rambling about the 13th Amendment,
The Unabomber, and then trap doors,
He ended the strange concoction of thoughts
With a weird reference to thirteen floors.

To him, Trump is a father figure.
To prove how much he is fan,
Whenever he wears his MAGA cap,
It makes him feel like Superman.

Illegal guns, tasting fine wines,
And liberals controlling blacks
Through racism? You wanted to say,
Calm down, Kanye. Try to relax.

One thing is certain: We can see
From trying to follow his monologue threads,
That Kanye needs some serious help.
Kanye, please get back on your meds!

-by Bob B (10-14-18)
Robby May 2014
Lost in this plastic life
Let's break out of this fake *** party
Turn this into a classic night - Kanye West
Poor Man
you sit and watch as children dance
but the tragedy surrounding you
have nothing but your dwindling sanity
no money in your pockets, no assets to build
but rich
in anxiety and pain
you hate
the way that feels
and this is a discussion again that you're to learn from
What can you learn from this pain?
Do you want to just sit here and cry
Or do you want to overcome this
I'm working on it
Anna is the one
How come
Am I really upset about the money, or more about her
maybe a conglomerate of both
I told myself I'd make more money to cover my debt
in private jets as Jay-Z and Kanye do
And now I'm upset
because I didn't make the commitment
to generate an income worthy of a flight to Stockholm
I now think I need to blaze a trail
Find the holy grail
do this thing I've been afraid of
building, selling
It's what I'm made of
But I'm afraid that my emotions will
get the best of me, till the death of me
unless I change my methods
can one actually change himself
I'm sure it's like moving a mountain
which is why we fight so hard to stay the same
Cedric McClester Oct 2018
By: Cedric McClester

He says, he represents me,
But how in the world could that be?
When he’s too blind to see
That his mind needs to be free
He’s volunteering to be used
Which, is something I have refused
See, I don’t like being abused

He says, that his following
Will allow him to win
The African-Americans
But don’t believe him friends
Cuz I don’t care what he says
Ye is off of his meds
So, so much for his street creds
He might be a snitch for the Feds

He says, the man is a genius
But could he really mean this?
Ya heard? Ignorance is bliss,
Something like his wife’s first kiss
Clearly the man’s lost his mind
While seriously tryin’ to find
His stars which are unaligned
Now he’s in a hell of a bind

He says, he’ll take him on the campaign stump
Why not Kanye is a chump
To be out there Red Crossing for Trump
Who belongs in the garbage dump
That’s just my take on it, see
You can chalk that up to just me
But understanding is the key
So I wonder, if you agree?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2018.  All rights reserved.
Chris Reed Aug 2018
Everybody knows today's figures.
Lincoln Park. Kanye West. Beyonce.
Musicians. Artists. They are all praised in today’s society.
But nobody knows the names of people who actually matter.

Willis Carrier. Invented the air conditioner.
Nobody knows his name.

Robert E. Kahn. Made the internet.
Nobody knows his name.

The problem with today’s society
Is that the minds of young people are being poisoned.
By the schools who leave things out of textbooks.
By the people on the street, screaming their views.
The riots, the protests, the hell of today.
Poisoning the minds of young people.

Reed Hastings. Marc Randolph. Nobody knows them
Yet millions of people use Netflix.

SalvinoD'Armate. Nobody knows his name.
Yet over 4 BILLION people wear eyeglasses.

Young people today hate history.
They think, “Why do we need to learn about dead people?”
George Santayana once said:
“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”
We learn these things, not to be bored in history class.
Not to just **** time in the day.
But to inspire. To help young people to become creative, more innovative.

Imagine a world, where Alexander Bell never made the telephone.
Imagine a world, where the internet, just wasn’t a thing.
Imagine a world, where nobody invented new things.

William Higginbotham. I Guarantee that nobody in this room knows his name.
He created the very first video game, Tennis for Two, in 1958.
Without him, we would not have the games we have today.
Assassin’s Creed. Grand Theft Auto. Call of Duty.
People play these games, and use the other things I’ve listed every single day,
And they use them without any thought, or appreciation for where they came from.
Or how far we have progressed as humans.

So I ask you this. Who invented the desk you are sitting on?
Who invented the jacket you’re wearing?
Who invented that pen in your pocket?
You don’t know, do you?

— The End —