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Aaron Jan 30
When I was a child
I was told I will be anything
But now that I’m in the wild
I realized you can’t have dreams in a blink

I’ll do this and that
I’ll know all about the hows and what
But nothing drives me to go and win
Like a race car without an engine

It’s important to say how you feel
So help can arrive from people who are real
But we all know it can’t really help him
That’s why some of us write to scream

The future is so unsure with you
It has no idea of what it will bake
It can’t find even a single clue
Maybe we wait, or maybe we just break
It’s a little distinctive, so you might not quite really get the point at some lines
Daan Vandelay Mar 18
Waar ik naartoe ga met mijn leven?
Ik weet niet eens welke dag het is.
Wat ik wil worden? Weet ik het zeker?
Natuurlijk! Alleszins niet apotheker.
Daarvoor heb ik 4 jaar over 2 gedaan.

Ik ben al blij dat ik mijn zwembrevetjes heb gehaald.
De 25 en de 50 meter. Ze hangen boven de schouw.
Ik heb zelfs nog voor de kadertjes betaald.
Wie doet beter, vraag je? Ik vergelijk het niet met jou.
'De dochter van de inspecteur, die is ingenieur.'

Heb ik dan gefaald? Had ik het anders moeten doen?
Waarschijnlijk of misschien.
Toch vergeet ik niet die tijd van toen.
'Kom, 't is tijd dat je verhuist.'
Ik weet alleen niet juist
of ik dat alles, zelf, elke tien,
liever verschillend had gezien.
Het valt allemaal wel mee maar bemoei je met je eigen zaken.
Nassif Younes Apr 2016
We were doing that thing
Where you drink the thing
And end up saying stupid things
And not walking right.

We were sharing our nostalgia
For the things back home that we left behind -
The enchanting forests,
The scenic beaches
And the glorious mountains
That we always chose the pub over;

We were quoting the great thing-sayers:
Nietzsche, Einstein, Wilde, Freud, Kant
And many others
Whose work we will never read;

We were engaging in polite competitions
About how much we adore and admire
Our parents and partners
Who we’re always telling to go and **** themselves;

We were flexing our multicultural muscles
In conversations about how much we identify
With people from other countries
That we will never go to;

And suddenly it hit us that
Things are always never happening.
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2018
The lazy days of basking weekdays
Cutting classes roaring of Kant
Whiskers on kittens,


Breathe the solace of scorching heat
Atop the ancient building
Of my grave

Didn't know
them pearly drops

Elixir was
Water now.

Life it gives.

Someday it'd shine like silver
On your bushy brows

Reflections in Martyrs

Lay in my arms.
Daan Vandelay Jun 20
Het succes ligt voor de hand,
Is bijna niet meer te ontwijken.
Iedereen lijkt van een andere kant
Steeds hetzelfde te bereiken

Zij heeft een diploma, een huisje
En een baan. Ze viert dat als een luisje,
Lijkt maar half te bestaan.
Als ik klaar ben met studeren,
Kraait dan diezelfde haan?
Zullen anderen mij eren
Of is voldoening slechts een waan.
Ik zal het maar proberen
Anders is er niet veel aan
Je moet ergens voor kunnen leven,
dus kies ik voor elke volgende kus
Die jij mij misschien zou willen geven.
Het is allemaal niet zo vanzelfsprekend als het lijkt
Laura Amstutz Apr 28
En kant er blød når den vil det
Og huden kaotisk som et verdenskort
Se de tegnende børn i toget
De ser verden så meget mere
Gennem lange spørgende og eftertænksomme blikke
Farvelægger de venskaber
Med kyshånd synger de en venlig tone
For de tanker voksne glemmer at tænke
Se dog vandet hvorfor falder det fra himlen
Hvorfor kan man ikke få luft når man holder vejret
Se min navle den er en knap
Tryk på den så danser jeg til jeg falder om til du ikke længere kan besvare
Hvorfor vi ikke falder om når jordkloden drejer sig
Og falder i søvn
Og hvordan ved man at en hund ikke siger som en ko
Når de er lige gode om at være tavse
By: Cedric McClester

Go back to where you came from
The President indelicately said
To those members of Congress
That have gotten in his head
The fact that they’re all female
Which he might like to bed
Is the additional information
That is better left unsaid

Go back to where you came from
Is an old familiar screed?
Which is the object of the subject
That the protagonist happens to need
To make someone feel less than
What they are indeed
By otherizing them
The protagonist hopes to succeed

Go back to where you came from
Some racist like to taunt
Others who are different
When they want to vaunt
Their status over them
Like the philosopher Kant
Or like a mother who has precedent
Over a favorite aunt

Go back to where you came from
As if they really knew
When nine times out to ten
They don’t even have a clue
When they issue that directive
As racist frequently do
But here's some cancer causing tobacco
That I wish that they would chew

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Yenson Mar 2
It's So Simple
It's so simple
yet it all goes over their heads
like the blue skies above
like the unseen winds that lingers

You see me
notice me and I freely occupy your mind
I roam in your thoughts
and sometimes I rush in your veins
hot or cold depending your moods

It because, like it or not
I am unique, memorable, outstanding
Quietly Charismatic, now larger than life
A David amongst men
just not like anybody else
because of this, I have made an impression
on you and become an invitee into your selves
a tenant in your minds, a sitting thought edifice
that pillars a saloon in your willing minds

With me though, it's not the same
Why would I see you in my thoughts and mind
there's nothing charismatic or remarkable
edifying, impressionable or admirable here
a bunch of fooled acolytes, some serving staffs
some unengaging neighbourhood trawls
some outsiders grateful for inclusions
some anodyne trolls, some nutcases looking to vent
a mish-mash of brain-washed strangers

All these don't impact my consciousness
I know them not, they know the clone sold to them
They utter *******, it stays *******
they act their dramas, I ain't got a clue
people I give real attention to, don't behave stupid
You sit to watch me leave to bang a door
Good for you, you got the time and a door to bang
thank God I'm not reduced to being you
the trolls write their fantasies, I think Plato, Descartes,
Kant, Nietzsche and a host of others, God stays always

Anchoring my mind to mediocrity is pointless
what gains do I get from immaturity being immaturity
what interest are fooled adult males displaying ignorance
who dances with fools and then complain they are limbless
how can the drivel from scums give me sleepless nights
or be moved by the scripted lies of a double-bluff scripted lies
or play the game of hearts when my heart is not in it
They believe they are playing Checkmate on a King
There is no King, just an ordinary man that THIEVES want
you to harass, intimidate and drive away, so their guilts
and fears stops burning them

If I am fractured mentally, spiritually or physically
I would not be here, I have another home to go to
If I was any of what they say I am or was, I would not stay to
weather a crazy, unjust and unfair storm
If I was a greedy leech, why was I working twelve hour nights
while the Thieves next door where drinking and stealing
If I was some chauvinistic pig why was this only known after
eighteen years of marriage, when my wife was threatened and bullied
How many others have claimed I was this bad tempered Ogre
until I forcefully gave racist and bullying criminals a piece of my mind
If I had done anything wrong I would have gone a long long time ago
Criminals want to drive me OUT to justify their lies and cover their disgraceful crime and shame
I am me, I am here and I stay for I am not afraid of the truth, They are...........
The Self, Free Will, and Love…
  today’s three illusions of life

Without just one our lives negate,
  a charlatan’s delight

For the Self to Love most Freely,
  this Holy Trinity must preside

What Plato ordained and Kant reframed
  —modern thought tries most to hide

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)
Ryan O'Leary Feb 24
I kant here my quay
bored write now bee
koz ov de eer fones
+ it iz darc and dare
iz no lite in de rhume
so dis haz too bee a
fonethic pome dat eye
ex specked u kan sea
whi I am dis leck sick.
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