Her mind
was a universe
of  juxtaposition...
love  hate               heaven  hell
peace    war
  passion  apathy       beauty  ugliness          
fantasty reality
happiness        melancholy
freedom captivity     strength weakness
innocence and guilt

It travelled back and forth
her albatross was a
perpetual quest for balance
other times she was certain
she wouldn't want it
any other way.

Peninsula Feb 2015

Is the purgatory
In the juxtaposition
Of doing
And not

Adam Moursy Mar 2013

the distance makes the difference.
staring out the window of a beat-up shack―
moon hear me now
trees look away
cat in the yard please come
bearing gifts.

nothing but a hollow life breaking
and a trail of cigarette smoke rising high
over Broadway.

the cat lies down like
all things do,
pawing at the emptiness
like all things do.

our futility is forever

from the mountains of Tibet,

to the cool confines of
the swivel

from Dizzied by Chance: Poems of a Fringe Existence (2013)

Wolf Feb 2014

You may
Whisper lies
The truth
Shines along
Colour changing
Of your
For me
To see.
Observing you
Observing me.

Gioia Rizzo Jul 2011

Baby soft scruff

Eyes, pacific and sultry

Sly yet honest

Childlike and sensual

Witty and innocent

Bring forth the animal

The infectious mischief

The lusty rhythms in darkened rooms

The stolen moments in Lower West Side alleyways

Long, piercing looks over a bottle of Dal Forno Amarone

Savage concupiscence

Your eyes suggesting the next move

Bodies entwined in the back of a cab

At the bridge and we walk across

And I indulge in your juxtapositions

All the way to Brooklyn

Perig3e Jan 2011

Next to the iPad,
horn rim readers,
a book of postage stamps,
and a rubber eraser.

All rights reserved by the author
Alex Brown Oct 2010

So siplme and sewet
yet so nescesray  
our letters juxtaposed
to make words non-imaginary

we read and define
strive to find the line
Where words stop being words
a literary crime

Our slang, out of control
tongues tangled, terrible truth
Txt spk bcmes natrl
It feels so uncouth

but what’s important is the form
of communication we seek
face to face, heart to heart,
a poem so meek
as to lighten the soul
and give hope to the lost
a poem is best

Been a year.. still cant finish this peom.. what do poems do? anyone?
nivek Sep 2014

never cling to anything like your life depended on it;
the complete opposite is true.

Liam May 2013

personal journal musings from last week...

Stopped in at my neighborhood pub last night
  a couple of pints, some word exchange
Colorful place on a perfect Spring evening
  people on tap, constantly spilling in and out

The place is bustling and packed
  loud and dynamic
Sound flowing on open air
  drifting in from sidewalk patio and out to beer garden

Luckily nab a lonely stool near the entrance
  girl sitting kitty-corner around curving end of bar
Casually we cover topics from her mac 'n cheese
  to wind chill generated by ceiling fans

Conversation is suddenly confiding
  prior night's end-all fight with her live-in boyfriend
Obvious need to talk to someone neutral
  bartenders are busy, so it's me and we do

She's come seeking emotional sanctuary
  awaiting his departure to some event
Unhappy with her role in the argument
  unhappy with the person she has become with him

They'd intended to go ring shopping
  as recently as last week
She now looks forward only to the comfort of
  quiet, pajamas, ice cream, dreamless sleep

Upon leaving, she twice asks that I promise
  to be here if she finds no solitude and must return
This is no request...more of an appeal
  alone in privacy is one thing...alone in festivity another

I promise twice - I'll be here
  she doesn't return
I sincerely hope that she's well on her way to
  an ice cream induced pj slumber

              Less than an hour later...same bar stool

Pleasingly boisterous bachelorette party arrives
  staking claim to a nearby parcel of floor
Numerous "excuse me" squeeze-throughs  for drink orders
  rendering me a semi-familiar bar obstacle

One reveless wedges in, questions me
  what color underpants do I have on...don't recall
Insists that we check...dark bluish-grey
  too bad...she was hoping for purple to match her own

Impishly waiting long enough for my mind to stew
  she finally reveals the query as part of a formal interactive checklist
I apologize for not being more daring in spectrum
  we laugh, nevertheless...strike one

Eventually exchanging pleasantries with another
  a more subtle approach, but the inquisition repeats
Here we go again...Batter up!...Red?...very sorry...strike two
  I'm feeling of no value to this effort

Red offers me a redeeming pitch from the list
  someone must serenade the bride-to-be
I accept and get to meet the veiled celebrity
  she wears an engaging and jubilant aura

Gauging the atmosphere, I decide against romantic
  opting for a song that playfully questions the sanity of her choice
From my heart, I sing the chorus to Matchbox Twenty's "Unwell"
  It goes over very well and I avoid strike three

She and I hit it off, we discuss her wedding plans
  discover our roots are in the same part of the city
I'm rewarded for my musical contribution
  allowed to buy her a shot of Patrón...the checklist dwindles

Now partaking in the excitement of their celebration  
  an honorary addition to the large but exclusive group
My joyous new acquaintance has us take a picture together
  a snapshot of this special occasion to which I've somehow been privileged

A train of waves, goodbyes, thanks, and good lucks
  trails the party as I watch it crawl to the next establishment
In the hushed cacophony, I return to my thoughts
  a fantastic diversity of emotional experience within two short hours

My elbows on the bar in sober contemplation
  counting crows ...one...two...juxtaposed
A contrast of simultaneous realities
  somberly lamenting vs vibrantly anticipating

Reflecting on the beauty in such contrasts
  that serve to define the images of our lives
I finally come to the inevitable conclusion
  it's time for another pint...of ice cream

privilege vs. struggle

open vs. close

culture vs. degradation

comfort vs. hyper-awareness

dark vs. light

simple vs. complex

knowledge vs. awkwardness

money vs. wonder

society vs. truth

is more cruel
in juxtaposition to
than Sorrow

Copyright Krystelle Bissonnette
nivek Jun 2015

trip me up
get my attention
and I will take you
where you would rather not go
the juxtaposition of communication
a looters charter of the innocent mind

Liis Belle Jun 2015

Where evil lives, goodness thrives
If there’s no dead, there’s none alive
Angels come because demons kill
Peace exists because blood was spilled
If there’s no hate, then there’s no love
If there’s no hell, there’s no heaven above
The same pattern seen repeated here
Do you get it yet? It’s all so clear
That if there’s no you, then there’s no me
So stay, don’t go, for this I plea
Take one step, and I’ll be no more –
Don’t come back, you were so sure
And don’t regret, cause you chose this
You’re not someone I’m going to miss
Oh, that’s a lie, but I don’t care
It was just a silly love affair
But if there’s no pain, then there’s no gain
I’ve walked all year through the pouring rain
Finally now, I see the sun
Back then I lost, but now I’ve won

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