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Ray Parker Aug 2
become yourself
i think i need to jump. no look before the leap. no feelings left to keep me here—grounded. the edge looks scary, but it’s scarier in here. jump.
sans screens Mar 16
In school I was told that I was small,
I was portrayed as a gold fish who lived in a small tank,
Like a small fish who was scared to jump to a larger one,
They failed to notice, fish can’t breath while they jump.

In school I was told that I was lazy,
I was displayed as if I were taking the easier path,
They failed to notice I was an A straight student,
Only I couldn’t be happy in such a squared larger tank.

Two years have passed and I am not lazy, nor small,
The fish has grown, and it is indeed gold,
But it doesn’t jump, it swims and flies,
They failed to notice, we are not made out of a mould.
mj Jun 26
give me a reason
give me a ******* reason
give me a reason why i should stay
give me a reason why i shouldn't walk away
why shouldn't i just leave
why i shouldn't fade into the distance
why shouldn't i just disappear
why shouldn't i just jump into the abyss below me

aren't you going to answer me?
why shouldn't i?
you bothered to stop me and ask
why shouldn't i?

you say there's hope
no there isn't
you say there's someone who loves me
no one i can think of
you say there is help out there
but you have to understand
i've tried everything

you don't know how it feels
to feel worthless
and ignored

why shouldn't i jump?
matt d mattson Dec 2017
I have not felt this intense in an eternity of moments
It is exhilarating
Like standing above the world itself, and jumping
Like falling through a storm of myself
Like falling through the storm of being

I do not want to scare you though

I want you to know,
You are safe with my emotions
Never feel guilty for anything you feel
Especially towards me
Never feel guilty if you don't want to come
Never feel like you have to participate in this crazy thing
I want you always to feel safe in yourself
Especially around me

I know that things change
People change
Storms are not eternal
If or when that day comes
Do not feel guilty for feeling what you feel
And never feel guilty making a decision about it
Even if it hurts

And if you do not wish to continue
Do not feel guilty telling me
I know of the limitations of living
And the limitations of myself
And the limitations of one thing to another
I will understand.
As long as you tell me

Tell me early,
Tell me soon
Do not falter
Do not delay
Please do not waiver
Tell me, and I will understand

It will hurt,
A little bit each way
It will be like hitting the ground
But we always make ourselves a parachute after the first time
Love fails to keep us flying,
This time,
It will not **** us.

So saying that, I say
Please jump with me
And let us see where we land.
A horror movie scene as the heroine escapes.
Everything is still besides her convalescing breath and the distant, chasing wind.
Not a noise is heard except the fall leave's rattle and the birch wood's moaning bark in the moonlight.
Her body slouches into the protection of a shed, shrouding itself in the aroma of cut grass.
A tense brow relieves and tired eyes close, able to accept the modicum of peace.

A possible misstep turns the wary peace on end with the sharpness of broken leaves. The once relieved brow beckons their wild eyes towards an opaque barricade.
Sly pieces of garden equipment leash her weathered jacket in place as she attempts to stand.
A cackle is heard, a shriek undone.
To spite the brittle wood, that formulaic jump-scare-skeleton-hand bursts through the shed's solicitous walls, set to declare the last of a weary soul as his own.
The wind catches up and spearheads any hole it can find.
It begins whistling around the dim room like a tornado elated to havoc behind a castle's walls.
The tree bark howls, the leaves, now delight.
We learn there is no reprieve for a begging champion.
The camera backs out of the splintered hole and pans over a darkened forest to face the waning moon.
The hero succumbs with muted screams to a gore far below and out of frame.
The only closure, a black screen, with bright white letters, slowly scrolling up.

The end.
Just something I had fun writing, figured not posting it would be a waste despite it not being "poetry", just an experiment I guess. I feel like it would be good, in like, a high-school, short story competition. *****.
Karijinbba Nov 3
(My true love rddJpc.)

(your poem to me on HP)
"I fall in love"
"Death would be liberating.
but I wouldn't suggest jumping off a cliff
And for the life of me I hold on
to shaddy realities,
and an odd feeling of never being enough.

I don't know what will happen


(spontaniety of first thought)
my response 2018
Dearest true love,
from your holy hands
all your love for me
right into mine has fallen
precious twin flame
and here with me it won't die
nor can unconditional love
in my hands ever perish

true love needs not be liberated
as no TREASON ever existed
you just got me ALL WRONG!
you simply didn't know me
for the task you and your brother assigned to me
some lovers being in love
feeling betrayed and hurting
do jump off a cliff
like you did
still others jump into amnesic shocks becoming like I did
I don't recomment either one!
both are equally distructive
ways to end a heartbreaking pain

We were so identical twin flames in our inside thinking modes
feeling small and never enough
for each other!
and both so brightly colored in the outside with Gs light
very rare occurance
a triumph for the finding
worth the fame intended

the pain of defeat endured
for the best can only be bought at the cost of great pain and sacrifice!!
my pain went to sleep in an amnesic transformative shock
I have always loved you
and as you see I did jump!
Right into 'death' and 'knife'

in my birth chart both Death and Knife remain a blessing a curse,
and a mystery
but both protecting me though!

two protective mechanisms
per the Mayan calendar

Death saving me from 'death'
and knife'cutting' through my pain there becoming
Death Calm!
I am bot insensitive I feel love
death needs not be liberating
my soul knowing true love
will rest in peace with regrets

I promised our unborn childten that no love fame nor great fortune would be greater then the love I feel for them all
and I kept my painful promise
but it was the end of me

In your eyes
I must have shrank smallest yet
misunderstood I go unless you read me here on HP the final fronteer unless you read
my memoir but we are both running out of time
lovers die in more ways than jumping off cliffs

precious love thank you for loving me
it hurt me very deeply to let you go
I am the woman who loved you the most in this whole wide world
I could have given my life for just one day though to have understood you
to have known what to do
what not to do,
where to go, where not to go,
what to say, what not to say.

i didn't understand you
so I feared you
I couldn't fight every greedy jealous woman for your love as the left behind
forgive me please beloved
I felt too small and worthless

I had no idea anyone on earth would love me
much less enough as to jump of a cliff to hurt that much for my life to benefit as new Eve
even changing earth with you
a worlds new adam

Back then I sincerely did not understand what you had planed to do after our loss
Life had only taught me
to feel insignificantly tini especially when being taunted
mistreated and challenged
abandonement syndrome
was my demise
your mind games and head riddles smothered my dreams
of you me for us

loving you more than
I loved myself that I understood
very well that's what life
had taught me to do
to let go of everything I ever loved the most
when all life did was take chunks of my family and my life
you were life's reward to me
without you by my side
I became speechless Dead Calm
stump like on Mothers day.

'sorry' can't depict the black hole that has swallowed you
and me apart
nor pain depict the bottomless pit that living without you is

I too fell into my death
heartbroken as you announced
a JaneHilton freeway driving
in oposite directions  
my agony when in your letter
you wrote you had a wife

I fell into the abyss and I died
I was only nineteen then

Then came **** getting me stranded at the fork road
all the way to **** Greece

smily kind penpal demons helped me up a plane ticket

two in all even married me not to avert authorities of my impending death with their treacherous agendas
as was much of my life on earth.

I am glad we met
glad we loved each other
near or far
in G
s hands we both are.
True love and unconditional love never dies.
I promissed our two children who died that no love fame nor great fortune would ever be greater then the love I feel for them
there I went into an amnesic shock and transformed into a human butterfly
I divided into two of me
one hidden loving you more than I loved myself
and an outer one a DEATH CALM
that only you could rescue
noone else could and noone did..
When you jump into the sea,
through the gates of infragile infinity,
do not forget to get your hair wet.
Don't forget to forget the city,
and do not forget where the post is set.

When you're falling from a plane,
do not forget to go insane,
for here is where your mirror is met.
Such is the nature of this pain:
You will give more than what you get.

When you huddle in the cold,
watching your empty time unfold,
and all of your joy is rooted in regret-
Don't forget to whom your soul was sold,
and do not let them win the final bet.

When you're buried into soil,
and let to rest from all your toil;
when your corpse is roasted on a spit-
Darkness will still have the light to foil,
so long as you do not forget.
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