You looked at me in that way
That a dog stares helpless
At the unrelenting traffic passing by.

You looked at me, and the gusts
Of winds blowing this/that way,
Seemed a bit more certain and sure.

You stared at me, trying not to
Linger on my eyes, and opened
and closed your mouth, almost saying.

You, again, and forever,
Walk away, and before you leave
You turn and make time shatter between us.

And you mumble something,
Under your breath, I can only understand
"What do I know
Oh god
What do I know"
Olivia Ophelia Apr 2016
i hear you say
"i don't want to hurt you"
as i feel your words, like a knife
pierce through my chest
and go through my heart
and suddenly my passion
is deflated like a balloon
being pricked by a pin
"i don't want to hurt you"
but this feels like an elephant
is stepping on my chest
and i hurt.
despite your narrowing efforts
to keep me feeling safe
please stop making me feel like
i should just jump into the lake

(i'm not really a fan of this piece but i'll put it out there)
Last night I dreamt I jumped from a plane,
Only I didn't have a parachute.
I can't recall if I elected to leave it behind or just forgot,
But I don't think that's what's important.
I dove headfirst into the concrete.

I don't know how to describe this aura on me.
Nothingness? That's the best I can do, I guess.
How did I become who I am?
Who was I, and what changed?
I didn't always feel this way.
I am in love with your beguiling smile.
The thought of you being alone makes
my thoughts jump thousands of miles to you.
i regret that i am not my thoughts.
Mary-Eliz Apr 29
such a heavy load you have there
that chip sitting on your shoulder
why not just let it go
let it go before it's a boulder

thicken up your skin a bit
don't jump so quick to defense
nobody's out to get you
you don't have to be so intense

I hate walking on eggshells
I really don't want them to crack
so remove all those shells, brush off the chip
and cut everybody some slack!
This one is for me, too, at times! :-)
When you feel sad please
think of blue skies , give it a
smile let your heart fly

Think of fluffy clouds
on a summers day , watch the
sun shine its bright ray

Think of the moon when
it shines so bright , where the stars
glow with all there might

And you know when a
street light glows , watch the moths dance
and put on a show

Eat nice food like greens
and fruit , colour your rainbow
and turn off your mute

Listen to the birds when
they sing a song , there lighten
your heart ever long

Look at the trees no
matter the seasons , pretty
leaves with such reasons

When you feel sad it's
simple things in life , a cup
of tea taste so nice

Paint your home walls with
colours of your choice , maybe
yellow to rejoice ?

Hang pictures full of
art , change your curtains so your
sadness may depart

Eat a scone filled with
jam and cream , laid upon a
table of home sweet home

Jump up and down on
your bed , be a kid again
just don't bang your head

Put your coat on back
to front , wear a where's wally
top there be no hunt


Turn your negative
into a positive heart
Make a fresh new start
Inspired x for a friend x
In the place where memories live, fresh treasure interlopes - bright and excited like luminous watch-hands struck hard by the sun.  But the brilliance is short-lived, and as dimness sets in, the once glorious tumbles down to find rest on others that have come before.  Their collective energy now a steady, sometimes perceptible, beacon in a corner of our brain – the days of our lives.

A float-about, shimmering hand searches.  Finally, what is sought is found; either through conscious effort or because some part of the wonderful machine had a need to recall the memory, and acted upon that need; often without permission from the body whole.

The memory rests in a place where our material hands are of no assistance.  We cannot  guide and we have no choice but to trust the retrievers.  But a clutch of specters they must be.  Mischievous at times in their selection and timing.  They can masochistically hurl a hurt, or benevolently please.  But for everything there is a purpose.  We must trust.

Accept what is offered.  The gift is sublime, and save for our lives, memory is the most valuable possession we have, though the shimmering hand sometimes abuses it.  Savor the joy and the hurt, and the rainbow range in between.  But beware, the rainbow has  spear-pointed ends.

A  shock-wave that starts in your spine near your neck, speeds downward between your shoulders then makes your stomach jump with an electrical command.  That's suddenly remembering a loved one has recently been lost.  Have you felt that upon waking the following day?  I have.

A traveling bolt that strikes where the anvil and hammer must connect.  No real sound, yet perfectly audible.  Mother's lullaby.  

They often come unexpectedly, striking  the rods and cones,   intercepting normal vision and replacing it with the facsimile of a hard secret you wish you didn't hold, or the sight of something sad - both in my case.
Let me play with you
We can jump through words likes hoops and run down the street together as if ink blots smearing on sheets of paper
You'll never see my face or even touch your fingers to mine but we can pretend like the world exists in only our minds
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