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In the morn, when the sun hits our faces
I beg my blinds to block all of its traces.
I wish for the sunlight to grace someone else
instead of illuminating all there is stacked on my shelf.
At least its glare shines upon the curves of your cheeks,
just a brief glance leaves me meek.
To close my eyes from its glare
would mean I must miss an opportunity to see your flare.
Even though I want the rays to go away,
time and time again I find myself begging them to stay.
This way they may illuminate all that you are
before you leave to go afar.

The sun gets to gaze upon it all,
from the tallest mountains to the deepest waterfalls,
from valleys that stretch farther than the human eye can reach
to homes capped with snow so white one may think it was bleached,
from oceans of the deepest hue of blue
to skyscrapers that stand as confidently as you do.
But darling with all it may be able to see,
and I know it is not just me,
you are the most glorious thing
that any day may bring.

I struggle to take it all in before you go,
to enjoy my own private show.
These wavering, unsteady rays
are the best way to start my day.
I swear forever I could stare
at your dancing stray hairs
or your fluttering eyelids.
I fight myself to remain still and not walk to the fridge.
You deserve the best, you honestly do,
this is why I want to make you something new.
So I force my head to stay
resting on the plush bed in which we lay.
To miss but a second of this view
is a decision I do not need to think through.

I take the time to cherish our love story,
while I silently bask in all your glory.
The second you open your eyes
the tears resting in mine immediately dry.
As much as I didn’t want it to,
my happiness has manifested itself in you.
The root of all my joy
is buried in the way you are oh so coy.

As you curl your lips to form your godly smile,
the world outside of the room lights up for miles,
faster than any ray of light ever could.
If there was a way to show you the extent of your power I would.
Your existence lights up far more than just the world, it illuminates my soul,
whenever we are together I finally feel whole.

I try to explain how beautiful you are
while you prepare yourself to get into your car.
You don’t need to fret over a single hair,
you would look stunning even if you didn’t care.
Hard as I may try, there will never be enough time in the day
for me to formulate what I want to say.
Back and forth in my head my thoughts fly,
until I can settle on saying “I love you,” and holding back the urge to cry.
My brain fights my heart,
the logical piece of me fears these words have the power to tear us apart.
Little does it know now
that those eight simple letters did more than crinkle your brow.

I surrendered myself
for the sake of my mental health.
This fight within took its toll,
it slowly ate away my soul.
I needed to take my heart off my sleeve,
what better time than when you leave?
To give you an opportunity to think,
maybe ponder how you feel over a drink.
I hope you return before the last drop of sunlight has drained,
and speak to me without refrain.
Anxiously I wait,
dreading the minute you walk through our gate.
“I love you dearly,”
you say as you burst through the door, speaking frantically.
“To the moon and back,
nothing can compare and that’s a fact.
My love for you is greater than the tallest mountains,
I just fear that to you I am a burden.
Every morning I want you to be all I see,
next to you is where I wish to be.
Never has a person been the source of my jubilance,
I hope I am not a nuisance.”

I watch you exhale,
never have you ever appeared to be this frail.
Vulnerability will have this effect on you,
trust me, from experience I know, I truly do.
I felt the same less than just a day ago,
while you were absent I paced to and fro.
To be loved in return
was a feeling after which I yearned.
Having your unconditional love without hesitation
is now my most prized possession.
Napolis Apr 18
the black
and white
hill billy
cow jumped
over the

and not
for a
did it
cause us

to raise
our heads
from our

or misplace
one deep
or sigh
of deep

we have
with grace
and devotion
to one

committed to
the other
like sand
to shore,

stars to
the blackest
spaces of

life to
in your


go I.

in jubilance

and celebration.

of you...

— The End —