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Jim Timonere Jun 2016
He was born the year Babe hit 61,
Baptized by the Great Depression,
And confirmed in the South Pacific;
They jokingly called him the Million Dollar Baby.
No one knows why
Because he was one of millions who did what
Was right in a time when if they hadn't
Our world could have gone wrong.

And they expected not even a pat on the back for doing it.
They were beautiful.
He was beautiful, my dad.

He carried me even when I was old enough to walk
No complaints, no expectations beyond that I would
Do the same for mine.

I tried, but didn't do as well as he had done for me.

Now the Million Dollar Baby sits in a geri chair,
Cared for lovingly by his youngest girl.
Fading like his memory of who he was and what he did

But I will never forget.

Heaven will be lucky to get him,
I was luckier to have been his son.
Dad, Joseph Timonere, passed in his sleep on January 15, 2017.  He was a good man and a great father.
Luz Hanaii Feb 2
My daughter is an artist, she makes beautiful
things with her hands.
I pop in and out of her room, to share.

While writing my poetic drafts, I popped in her room
and jokingly said,
"I don't know what to do with all of this creative
wisdom pouring from my head."
She snapped, "keep it to your self, I'm trying to work!"

Lol, wise response,

Wisdom runs in our family.
Yes, it runs away!
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
Do you realize that your smile could stop wars?
How could someone be angry in the presence of something
So rare and astounding
Something so innocent and heart warming

Do you realize that I notice you watching me?
Though you only do so when no one is around
Not often, but it seems I catch your eye on occasion
Or I'm just overly optimistic

Do you realize that your presence forces me into an unending state of anxiety?
How could someone like you
A beautiful, free spirit
Even exist in the world of
My dark and demented soul?

Do you realize how your flirting makes me feel?
The empty space in my chest enclosed upon itself
And I can't help but smile back at you
Regardless of my mood

Do you realize that I pay attention to
Every word, every time you jokingly sing to me,
Each breathtaking smile and each unnecessary statement
I feel electricity between us at times
Although I doubt you feel the same

But Do you realize that I am not available?
While I value you greatly as a human
And can acknowledge and appreciate your beauty
You are not the one I want

Do you respect my boundaries enough to not cross them?
Or would you try, given an opportunity?
And even if a part of me wishes you would
I know now that I would reject your advance immediately
Because you're not the one I love
Just a beautiful woman occupying the same space
Each morning I listened
to him **** as he slowly awoke
I jokingly called it "surfacing"
and I, like any wary prey,
gathered my armor for the day
This man thrashed so hard
in his sleep he'd bruised me
dreaming of his mother
WHY I OUGHTA he says
I say in my head
He weighed himself each morning
and grew to twice my size
as I inevitably dwindled to half
if only he would join a pack
and hunt better meat than me
But I was separated from
mother love long ago
So now I'm more like penned veal
barely a meal and this is what
saves me from the cutting machine

He has decided on therapy
a diet of sorts, as he learns to eat
but not swallow and it's much like
training a dingo to be a deer
who is smart enough to let
his garden grow even if one night
feels like an eternity, never having
felt the sting or the birth of denial
JB Oct 2018
People poke at my sides jokingly
"She's so skinny? What are you like a size 0?"

No, size 2
I wrap my arms around my abdomen in shame

But it's not where I want to be
0, 00, 000
That's my wish

"You're such a twig! Haha"
"Let me see your arm, wow!"
"I could wrap my whole arm around your little waist, haha"

Am I a freakshow
Or the star of it
It feels the same

I hate
and hate
and hate
and hate
until there is nothing left
The thoughts of a skinny girl
My Type Sep 14
I fear that one day...

ill jokingly say no,

and you'll say...

frankie Aug 2018
you tell me pretty things
things i craved to hear long ago
you admit to still feeling something and you know that’s enough to convince me to do anything
you give me that look
the look that sends chills all over, the look that could make me **** a man without hesitation
you lean in, i do the same
our lips lock
things escalate
you hands roam
i don’t complain
soon enough you’ve got what you wanted, well for now that is
i go over again, the next day
we do the same show
except this time it’s for your pleasure and my hands roam
i leave
you tell me how good i was
and now here we are
you’re asking for the one thing i am still afraid of
jokingly saying i owe you after four months of waiting
the joke stings
because i know that i’ll give this to you
and you’ll leave
you’ll get what you want and simply just
move on
and i’ll be left, all alone
crying into my cookie dough
questioning why i let you back in
i hope i was satisfactory to your needs
My dad used to tell me that I shouldn't like boys because they were no good.
I used to believe that there was no way to avoid getting pregnant and that it just happened.
The first time I ever masturbated I was sure there was a baby inside me.
I used to blame my dad for me being gay.
I used to think that you were one of those "good guys" that everyone told me I would find.
Everyone told me it was my fault for ******* you and I believed it.
I knew you were falling in love with me but I didn't want you to leave.

Even though my whole body was shaking as you slid your hands up my clothes,
you wouldn't stop
Even though I told you about my past and you saw that I was frozen in fear,
whenever you pinned me down you didn't stop.

I now know that i'm gay because that is just how my brain is wired
when you jokingly told me the ****** broke I still didn't get pregnant
I now know that there is no such thing as a "good guy"
there are only people and their morals
I tell everyone that I hate you but the only way I could stop talking to you was by moving away.
I'm not in love with you but I miss our all nighters and the dinners we would make for each other.
you made me feel like i was the only one that mattered and that i was the most stunning and powerful woman in existence.
Although I plan on never seeing you again I am still stumped about the way you made me feel.
our relationship was just as messy and confusing as this poem
you are officially the most mysterious thing that ever happened to me.
Sarah Odeh Jul 2018
Here, now, summer is synonymous with loneliness,
Scorching heat with empty houses and empty driveways.

In a few hours, your room with a future lost
Out of my own free will,
And the beach we used to frequent will be synonymous with the ghosts of hope and a lover scorned.

I called my uncle today and I almost cried.
His voice is synonymous with love unconditional and pure,
As he half-jokingly admits that he loves me more than my siblings
When I was young and sat on his shoulders and drooled on his hair,
I was synonymous with daughter years before he had his own.

As I text my friends, snort at their jokes and cringe at their mistakes,
I wonder
What am I synonymous with?
I'm breaking up with my boyfriend tonight
I miss my friends
I love my family
CharlesRudd Apr 3
Hello old friend
Haven't heard from you in a while
Though i have tried
You always seem to find your way

I greet you with op arms
As we've always known each other
Years hasn't it been
You give me a smirk

Its been a while
You greet me
"Has it really"
I try to respond jokingly

You give me a wink
I lean back

"How long are you staying"
I ask nervously
Only as long as you'd let me
You say with confidence

My thoughts raced
And suddenly
Memories of her all around me
You get up
You Greet me

As you go
I could see the disappointment
You frown
I smile

"Until next time"
I say with confidence
She ceeps you away
moon child Dec 2018
"You're so ******* ****"
After she got done ****** me.

"Hey you up?"
4am from a man working at the liquor store I frequent.

"If you weren’t such an *** tonight I would’ve liked to cuddle with you"
A bartender at my regular bar.

"Hey I'm not complaining. You can beat my *** anytime."
An uber driver after I jokingly said I would beat him up. He was a retired police officer.

"Come on. You never even gave me a chance!"
A close friend of 3 years who was upset that I started dating someone else and not him. He didn't talk to me for over 2 years after.

"Seems like you're taking whoever's available at this point."
My manager after I disclosed to her a **** that happened to me days prior.

"Come on, can't I just get a hug?"
A stranger in a bar.

"What? What what's wrong? Come on."
A man in a bar when I wouldn't drop the fact that he had just stuck his hand on my **** and between my legs.

"Well you have to be careful that you're not flirting or being too nice to men."
My father after I told him about an uncomfortable situation with a bartender hitting on me.

Do not call me babe.
Don't call me dear
Do not touch me.

I am not
Grace Ann Sep 2018
I was three years old standing barefoot on the screened in porch in the summer heat
you had a beer in your hand with condensation wetting your skin
I asked and you answered
My first sip of alcohol fascinated my three year old self

I was six and wearing a white dress walking next to a boy in a suit down a church aisle
Eyes fixated on the moment I would grow in my faith
First communion came with excitement to me
I tasted church wine for the first time

I was twelve and at Christmas dinner with extended family
table set makeshift bar locked eyes with mine
You poured me a glass of red
a special occasion you said

I was fourteen then fifteen then sixteen
Every week a glass of wine with dinner
A beer in the summer
it complemented the steak
You taught me to drink at home to know my limits
To protect me from going crazy when I left home

I was eighteen and a two-time college dropout
The wine on the counter and a constant supply of liquor comforting
A stressful day ended with a numbing to my feelings
A glass away from silence in my head
and an easy night of sleep from being mixed with my medications

I was twenty when I realized a drink would turn into a few
and a few would turn into asleep on the floor
or vomiting and sitting in the shower for hours
I was twenty when I realized it took more to get me tipsy than it used to
that I needed to drink and when I did I wouldn't stop
because what was the point unless you were drunk
I was twenty when I started to jokingly call myself an alcholic
I was twenty when my friends dropped the joking part
I was twenty and tipsy and unable to legally drink and I had already become what everyone else in my family denied being

I blame you
the three year old with a fascination of forbidden things
the six year old who had an intrigue in the taste of communion wine
the twelve year old who accepted the drink from her grandfather's ***** breath every holiday dinner
the teenager who let herself drink at home in the presence of her parents who thought it would help prevent the inevitable
the eighteen year old who learned the hard way life was a much crueler teacher than school and accepted the easy access to numbness
I blame you for the twenty year old I have become
Hello Daisies Mar 19
Haha i lied
I tried to hide
I am just so tired
Of crying

I kept the facade up
Really believed myself
When i said
I wasnt bothered

yet i stood there
My heart breaking
At each word she said
About laying in that bed

With you
Seeing you
Ignoring me
And wanting her

Talking to her
Like you did me
It wasmt just jealousy
But pure hurt

Now I cry
And i ask why
******* why
Everyone makes me die

A little more each time
My heart really hurts
How cruel to me
You didnt have to be

I was happy with what we had
You pushed me away like trash
And she took my feelings
And ripped them apart

Ruthelssly she came at me
Eyes wide open shamelessly
Telling me her exploits
As she stomped on my heart

In front of everyone
I smiled as she pounded
Twisted and churned
With a burning sledge

Maybe a bulldozer
It hurt more then anything
Yet i smiled becuase
What can i do
Jokingly tell you off

Is about all i can manage
Becuase it doesn't matter
To anyone but me
Lets face it
I'm nothing

Replaceable to all
Everyone waits for my fall
They see me crawl
And hit so many walls

They all laugh
Hurting me is ok
Beating my face in
In the middle of the day

It's cruel and unsual
But for me it's normal
Everyone watches
Noo ne cares

I'm in pain
I expected this
I did think of course

That when you moved on
You'd be a bit kinder
Then taking full force
And ripping me in half

Its okay
I'm sure you're a great guy
It's just me
My eyes

They speak to people
They tell everyone
To hurt me
In the sickest ways

I must have a price to pay
With god
I don't get normal
I get eternal damnation
And I'm still alive

When i see her face
Smiling with yours
My heart doesn't just break
It sinks
Into a dark hole

Taking my life and soul
The rest of my body
Falls angry and stabs
Until i can't breathe
But i didn't want to cry
Therefore i drank
Because the poison
Soothed the anger

Id rather poison myself
Then let it out
Yet a song played
I wrote the words out
In my diary

And each mark
I put down
Reminded me
And brought a smile
Into a frown

Each memory escaped me
And then returned
Darker and unsettled
Now they hurt
Theyre in pen

I can shred the paper
Theyre still written
Even blowing through
The wind

So each mark i made
With each memory i tear
broke free
Now here i am

1am and I'm crying alone
The worst part is
Im so used to this
Yet it always hurts more

I was so happy
I wore yellow
The day after
You touched my heart

Now i remember
Yellow was never
My color
I only know
Deep blue

The yellow is raining
The rain won't stop
It's cold and hailing
I keep failing

The storm is breaking
Im in it and shaking
The ground is quaking
Inside it's aching

Deep inside
That yellow dress
Is torn and bruised
My fingers bled too much
To fix it

I'm so sorry.
My pain never goes away
Im so sorry
The endless crying won't stop
Im so sorry
You hurt me
And I can't

Im sorry
I'm a fool
i just give up. Everyone hurts ne and then acts like its ok. And i never do anything but cry becayse when i tey i get laughed at and hurt. I got replaced. So fast. Right in my face like im a ******* joke.
Vinny Chav Sep 13
Every single little message that I’ve sent you, every little way possible to get your attention.. might be everyday, it might be every other day.

As soon as I heard from you, my heart dropped. I couldn’t breathe. It’s like the first day I saw you again when you came home from the barracks. You walked by my job and flipped your hair and I had to double look to make sure that it was you. I just couldn’t breathe. We spent everyday FaceTiming because we couldn’t stand being away from each other. Even before you came home from North Carolina.

Things fell off on the wrong foot, I’m willing to try with everything I have in my strength to get you back into my life. It may or may not work, but I have faith. I knew what we had was something along the lines of infatuation. Yeah, it was 3 months but the best 3 months I’ve been through in a long while. You were my home, a home that I couldn’t have.

I miss seeing your face every morning, with those beautiful blue eyes staring at me. The morning cuddles until the time we fall asleep, the times you’d get mad cause I didn’t grab for your hand as we walked. I miss us jamming to tiktok songs or even our songs. You getting all frustrated because I mumbled my words and I didn’t want to repeat myself. Calling you linda when we jokingly start to argue. Or slapping your *** in public and how embarrassed you’d get.

I’m missing your face, your touch, your voice, your long sharp acrylic nails, missing every little piece of you.

Now that you’re engaged, I wish nothing but the best for you and your future.

     - I love you.
nsp Apr 16
another life lesson came to me today through the bonding of loneliness and public transportation -
a filthy bus stop if there ever was one:
trash, human hair, the smell of ****.
I was standing there in the depths of my loneliness,
despising everyone that passed by,
when I hear the clicking of boots.
they're supporting firm legs and a sharp jacket
opened just enough to see a soft white shirt
falling delicately off *******.
her head is turned away,
hair flowing and dark,
and I think to myself
'I wish I could get a woman like that,
I wish she would give me the time of day, I wish I had a chance.'
she had turned by now:
hazel eyes, cutting eyebrows,
defined lips, strong jaw.
and as she steps onto her bus she waves to me,
because we once spent a week together in a hotel in Prague.
and our bodies' desire destroyed that room.
we broke: dishes, shelves, a chair, the bed frame.
they nearly tossed us out.
and the kicker is -
our first night together,
I jokingly told her I was an escort,
and she pulled out her wallet,
and paid me.
so here I was thinking
'this woman is so stunning she's out of my league.'
when in reality,
not only did we tear each other to pieces -
she paid me for it.
Karisa Brown Nov 5
Her riot forced her into predomination
Of all the abolishment this was
The final end

She played the game
Far too long
To not give in

But to leave
All for once
And all at once

Blackhole ****** thru me
Turned toward
The torched Sun
Only to peel the bleached
infectious skin

Vibrating in the
Noise I call THE WIND
It whispers at first
Then turns up the volume
To see a traveling herse

Jokingly I submerse my body
Only to find that the
Purest necter
Negotiated on that tree
The vines wrapped around my leg
Let me Go
Thru it
Around it
It wanted to eat me whole
And so I let it
For a season maybe two
But wasn't this the me
I'd hoped for lived with
It gets confusing
And this mess
Looks like a mess
A pig stye room
And after eating dinner
She roast a toast
To her dead lovely awaiting
Patiently they walked up and over
The corpses law

Jagged and weary
Their bones fell
Into each other
Lost they put the
Wrong pieces together
And now he's she
And him is her
Everything doesn't
Make sense
Except for true earth
Which vibrates
At a frequency
That is drums like WIND
Like fire
Like all the crusted attire
These women warmed me with

Nothing beats the flesh
Of another true warrior
Nothi,e and I mean

Kisses by sins nature
He throws shame and anger
Meeting her at the door
He greets his afterstare
So we had geography homework,
And also Latin and Maths.
I didn't do any of those.
We had a study hour, so I was copying the Math answers from the answer keys.
Two of my best friends didn't have any books.
I jokingly said; you can do my homework if you want.
They're doing my homework now.
Oh my ******* god.
A "poem" every day.
KSC Sep 11
My heart broke when you rode off on your motorcycle,
I think we both knew it was over when you left,
In retrospect our relationship was rather short,
Thinking it would last forever,
Ready to take vows and sign mortgage papers,
It was like wanting fireworks to last forever,
It's impossible to keep that spark going when you settle,
Which is what you did with me,
You could never admit it but you never loved me,
It's nothing to be ashamed of because in the many poems I have written for you,
And the many tears I have shed for you,
I have realized that maybe I didn't love you either,
The act of you riding away, spoke to me more than a thousand words,
That October you tried to end it,
I wish you had the courage to do so,
Because the truth is that I'm better off without you,
My heart broke slowly waiting for you,
I knew you were the type to never come back,
But I always hoped that you would,
The hardest thing to realize was that we would never be the same,
When the kids ask about you,
I want to jokingly say,
"He went out for cigarettes,"
I don't know if it was harder for them because they picked you,
But they still ask,
Maybe they will always ask,
To them I say,
"He's not coming back,
He never loved you,"
I like to think that I'm preparing them for the heart break they will feel when they grow up and lose a love that never was,
I hope they are not as stupid as me,
I hope they are not as ****** up as you,
This was for the best though,
I realized that my heart longed for another,
But he end up being a coward like you,
St. Thomas,
The Patron Saint of Indecisive Men,
May you be martyred by a too young pregnant woman,
Bound by your progeny,
To die with a wanderlust,
With a love that does not suffice.

— The End —