Hannah Faith May 2014

Maybe dad is right
It seems to be my enemy
And on a scale of healthy
I am not sure
Where this would be

You hurt me
But its okay
You're my best friend
The person I care about
More than anyone
That matters right?

I just want
For you
To be happy
And not hateful
Yet you insist
On being a jerk

Clarissa Wright Oct 2014

Seeing you drives me crazy
I can’t stand being in the same building as you
Let alone standing near you
You’re condescending
And you could use help in the anger management department

You’re so nice to me
So gentle
You must think I’m a damned fool

I’ve seen you hit and punch and scream
When we were 12,
You pinned someone to a wall
I think he said something racist
But that doesn’t really give you the right
To be a jerk

I hate feeling this way about you
I don’t want to like you
You’re so nice to me,
But you’re so terrifying to be around
Watching you is like watching a soldier
Who doesn’t know the war is over

I feel like I’m trapped in a war zone
Fighting with myself
Tearing my gaze away from you
Whenever people catch me staring
I feel like I’ll die because of the shame

You’re a jerk
 I love you
I hate it

ahahah I hate having feelings sometimes
Marinela Marie Nov 2012

Lust is just a moment for you
Don’t think I don’t know that it is true
So take your heat and leave behind
Just dust, for its not worth of mind
No anger I feel, tis only I see
The only truth you’re able to be
Not one of substance, tis not your way
Thank God, I’ve mind, to lead not astray
Don’t worry, someone will hold your hand
Believe your lies, no mind she stand
By you, with eyes that can never see
How you, no truth, you can never be
For now, I’ll take my leave of thee
And thank God, He’s allowed me to be free
So take your mind, and share with some
Who has no sense, completely dumb
To know you have no heart to give
You’ll find no peace, as long you live
So do you wonder of whom I speak?
For those who question, are those are weak
And whom who reads that smile take forth
Then you alone, are a friend of worth
For you know that it is not you I seek
The ones I curse, with loathe doth reek

Adele KW Nov 2014

He watched as the tears flowed down my face
But I turned away to hide his disgrace
I took my heart and held it tight
held in the pain with all of my might
I took a breath
Sharp in
Cut out

As a felt his hand on my shoulder
But I was already filled with doubt
when I turned around to meet his gaze
Mine was hard, and soon his was hazed
I yanked away from his desperate grasp
But I think I already knew we were done and past

I heard his voice crack with sadness
"Please stay, I love you, I'll miss you, I need you"
Choking on sadness, but holding the rest down
I whispered back, with an emotionless sound
"You may have forgotten what love meant, But my love is something where rules cannot be bent"

GussE Feb 2014

I would stand by you if you had a better attitude.
I would love you if you were less shallow.
I would fight for you if you had a fight of your own.
I would listen to your problems
if I already didn’t hear them all.
What I wont do, is change for you.
I wouldn’t let you go without letting you know why.
And normally I wouldn’t ask you to change but I think you suck.

Shari Forman Oct 2013

He threw our relationship away,
To get back the life he used to have.
What a secretive jerk!

Em Jun 2014

I have never felt so bitter
In all my life.

Maha Salman Jan 2015

You came like a car crash
I didn't see you coming
My mind couldn't believe this was happening
I was flying for a second
Then I was wallowing in pain on the ground
And the car which hit me was already gone

"Someone told me once
that there's a right and wrong;
punnushment is due
to those who dare to cross the line!
Someone told me once
that there's no right or wrong;
punnushment is due
to those who dare to draw the line!"


Maybe it's
just bullshit
and I should play God and
shoot you myself!

If consequences dictate
a course of action
then I should just play God
and shoot you myself!

I'm tired of waiting!


Lyrics from an old song.
Powerful catharsis.
JDK Jan 2014

Sometimes when a person is talking to me
And what they're saying is particularly uninteresting
They might get the feeling that I'm not listening
And it's true
Because, mentally, I'm replacing the words they say with a repetition of the phrase:
Validate me!
Validate me!
Would you date me?
Masturbate me?
Won't you please?
Will you maybe?
And I stare back at them, stone-faced, while thinking:

You look at me
And my head jerks back

What was that?!
It wasn’t me!
Why is my body trying
To torture me

The embarrassment
You must think I’m mental

It's like a knee-jerk reaction..
But it's a head-jerk reaction.

totally random thing that happened to me today. i don't know why it happens, but sometimes i'll look at something and my head will just jerk back... super weird!
Dolores L Day Jul 2014

You make my skin crawl
In a neutral way.

You make me leave the room
Then wish I had stayed.

I think ill of you
Half off the day.

Yet I cling to every harsh
word that you say.

With you I'm either weak
or a raging bitch.

Even though you're the one
with a tiny dick.

Crossing paths with you
lights my mind on fire.

Yet your not someone I've come
to love or admire.

Your an imperialistic
Nazi worshiping fuck.

So someone please explain why
I feel like the schmuck.

To the boy down the street who makes me feel like shit and wait impatiently for his text messages.
Kaedon Nov 2012

and i'd walk through hell just to prove a point
i date a girl for their heart and you try to avoid them,
why do you criticize when you don't even know
that your a poor little boy who harms their souls

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