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AditiBoo Sep 2018
He touched my hand shyly
Rested his over mine lightly
His finger stroked my palm
Aroused, I tried to remain calm

So I slowly leaned over
My own hand returning the favour
Softly making its way further
Tracing its way to his shoulder

His other hand grabbed my waist
His lips invited me to have a taste
His eyes denuded me hungrily
As I pulled at his crotch imploringly

He walked me backwards against a wall
I let him lead and surrendered all control
He lifted my arms and felt me - waist to finger tip
I quivered in pleasure and jabbed out my hip

I pulled off his shirt as he slowly undid me
Explored his chest as he overpowered me
Dropped to his waist as he guided me
Kissed his engorged **** as he begged to me

I teased his ***** and ****** his member
He sighed and moaned and ****** in fervour
He searched for my aching breast and squeezed it
He bit his lip and closed his eyes, ready to submit

I felt him as he, in turn quivered
And I knew, he was the one conquered
Just a little bit more, he would have delivered
But I was far from being stonkered

So I pulled out and pushed him back
I climbed on him and cut him no slack
Scratch, bite, lick, kiss, caress or smack
I invaded him and empowered him into a comeback

He slammed me down on all fours
Pressing against me as his mouth explores
He knocked rhythmically on my front door
He entered, forcing me further into the floor

He grabbed and pulled back my hair
Shifted me over as he sat on a chair
Hugged me like an overprotective bear
And bounced me around without a care

He flung me on the bed
Strummed my **** until it was red
Making me scream in pleasure and dread
Feeling my ecstasy as my lust was being fed

I grabbed his throbbing member
Slipped it inside - both enjoying the tremor
As he lost any remaining self control
And left in me a minuscule part of his soul

We laid there on our backs, next to the other
Catching our breaths as our cheeks lost some their colour
My ****** still very much in a flutter
As his ***** retracted back into its size former
Regan Jul 2018
I almost lost you,
I really could’ve too.
You wanted me to tell you,
Something I simply couldn’t do.
I hated how I let you,
Walk right over me,
That really hurt,
Can’t you see?
Threatening our friendship,
Over a petty little thing.
Trying to destroy me,
But you can’t,
You can’t hurt me.
You have already
Broken me enough,
But I’ll tell you,
I’m pretty tough.
You hit me, jabbed me,
Told me you could trust me.
Just because I didn’t tell you
What you simply couldn’t see?
I almost lost you,
And it would’ve been for the better,
Because you’re like,
A loose string on a sweater.
but what i’ve found out,
I really should’ve forgotten her.
This is for trying to tell me I was wrong for not telling you, when you have no right to make me tell you.
Talia Sep 2018
I wish you had died on that day
then maybe I'd only face grief
and not the betrayal of that double-edged sword you jabbed into my back.
you said that you also wanted to die on that day
then maybe you couldn't have to face the stress of killing me,
and the depressing aftermath of which you ensued on yourself.
Young girl always saw the world
The people the bustle the hustle the worry
Never seemed to slow down
Pain and sorrow painted on a smiled frown
Felt the jabbed ****** in her fingertips
Rode up to her spine and mind
Couldn't shake the screams off
So she learnt to try
To try get by.
A memory that would never leave
The moment her hands played in sand and she forged a new wonderland
Just play was all she found
Forgot the world in a grain of sand  .

— The End —