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I am new to

"love thing"
read about it in manuals

of course
but this is

the real thing.

Ok..ok so
she is just a dust bin.

I love her
rusty dents

she so very very tin!

Oh the metal of her.

The way she wears
her lid.

Her name is Tin(Sn) &

she has 10...10
stable isotopes!

I know the humans will
never understand.

A robot never forgets his
first love.
balance on one foot or a thousand
for a hundred years or more
cause it doesn’t really matter
if you have no talent
i am a candidate for enlightenment
and you are too by virtue
of your entanglement
we are bonded like isotopes and stars
so let's congratulate all the hearts
that have merely
broken ours out of habit
Jellyfish storms touching tentacles to earth,
What molecules make God-
Carbon, mercury;
iridium pooling
Maybe in pencils, scratching at
Isotopes 1,3.
Sodium acetate drawing me.
And the metallurgy,
Periodic charts His polymer a higher Gravity
So what will God take from me;
Magnetizing ions holding atoms fast
Taste like Dreams.
I breathe, relieving particles for brief seas
hung with clouds, leaves
Maybe it's just His cough and it's
vibration, shaking light into sunrises
fired with hydrogen stars sliding
over Time until it resigns.
To Infinity
Unto Holy
Eyeballs return their messages
After the dial tone
You find yourself silent
What a milestone
At twenty six
You are still a ******
Useless burdens
Learn to surf
It combines love with gravity
Strategies and striated lines
Fingers align
We incline our spines
And elevate our torsos
Mind the gap
A fabricated rip in time and space
Figuratively awake
We speak from our hearts
Your long time girlfriend
Is now a victim of indecision
Start talking or you’ll lose her
More than ever she needs your strength
Your friendship, your lips and your touch
Control the rush
And give time a chance to unwind
Mindless fingers linger on her legs
Can we beg for more
Or will we get usurped by the corridors
Cartons of milk left in defiance
Send me your elegant negligee
I neglected to beg your pardon
You neglected to say you were sorry
Phone calls reach dial tones
And we remove the stones from our sundials
Calendars are timeless timelines
Wild like waves
We break free of enslaved isotopes
Compose songs and poems
And attempt to drink atomic gold
From fountains of power
Houses are all just boxes
That we store our souls in
Gardens are living visions
Virtues are numberless
Hundreds of spirits join hands
In parks and paintings
We partake in equations of healing
Save me from my longing
For loving too much is a curse
And purses fall like hexes
Placing dents in your dresses
We undress our fences
And select our neighbors
To dance with
my lips quake as i bow to you
my heart shakes and trembles like a leaf
nature's temples wait and remind us of simplicity
are our minds as tranquil as a lake
do they reside in peaceful quiet
can we sense the edges of the wild
lines are changed and bodies rearranged daily
have you come into your power lately

i swallowed my pride but not my feelings
i give thanks for this healing
as my fingers lick your spine
i am blinded by your fury
we combine memory and poetry
lights are dancing
hunger abates and we must
face our fears with fealty
this light is bright
this life is mindless
kind of like a spiral
these burning brains
drain our storehouses
while we waste away our resources
like porous hourglasses
drip time like honey

i am a sign waving in the wind
singing my rhythms
from deep within
the water and the earth
are permanently hurting
shrouds of candid letters
leftovers that will forever
remain lonely
as isotopes of poetry
are the ions of everything
thunder cackles in the morning
a witch is a woman
with any amount of wisdom
your words are as bland as coffee
and the dandelions are talking
for i am permanently amused
by vicissitudes and antelopes
and aggregates of moods
feelings and isotopes
hanging by psychotropic ropes
firmly financed by our fingertips
lifetimes triangulated in transitions
farm the fallow fields
and try to heal the poppies
dropping numbers
and putting aside our copies
a simulacrum of similes and shortages
as field mice and farmhands
dance on saturn’s rings
despite all of jupiter’s complexities
your complexion is never shallow
and i swallow seawater
to embrace the sweet finality of life
Among these sacred waters
We see our souls
Reflected in finger-paints
Landscapes of residual horror
Parlor tricks are imminent
So you finish them off quickly
There are limits to our equations
As different situations
Require different attire
Lions dine upon your corpse
Like sordid isotopes
Re-posted paragraphs lost
In solitary envelopes
Require forever stamps
While sand storms
Dance on your eyelashes
You hesitate to cry
With eye-shadow on your eyelids
Please note that
I never meant to pry
Though i cannot deny
That it frequently happened
Robert C Ellis Aug 2018
Words caught under teeth,
Grinding the dust of heartbeat,
Stars, the bin of planetary rubble collected by man's
Rocketeer tin cans.  
I am a failed star, too small to sustain fusion,
To fuse the hydrogen isotopes
Atop mad cap humanity unravelling its fertility strand.  
My days just land
And will for as long as I can stand
JaxSpade Jul 11
In the heliopause
Where the suns magnetic field stops
Between the stars
Man has no cause
Where the solar winds drop
Away from the heliosphere
In a universe so cold
Interstellar space grows
In matters of gases, ionic & atomic
Wearing molecular masks
Cosmic rays blasts
Intergalactic space
Where it's safe from human trash
Primordial nucleosynthesis
Produce nuclei
Without hate without race
Bigs bang
unstoppable isotopes
In particle rains
In the heliopause
I had a dream
Where peace was
Radiating in a radiation
Far from us
Where transient astronomical events
Occur in evolutionary stages
Of massive stardust
Where there is no Hollywood
And progenitors accretion
Form the art
There is a space
Without a human face
To bring it to ruin

— The End —