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Is all about time,
timing. . .
Just give me
more time,
I'm working on it.

On everything.
Julian Sep 2016
webbdoodle: decline of kinesiology because of technology
twatterclap: frustration with writing
grangull: witty yet naïve
dormitage: finding the best AirBnB and roommate
wayspaying: reckless neutering of men by feminism
wartle: a slow war by a pathetic guerilla enemy
tranception: communication of souls in eternity
rittle: a mind-teaser for dumb people
Minkumpf: a book on animal genocide
pregromanging: predictive programming about cool fashions in the future
Shilluminatus: a fake illuminati person
Ralphiesque: Someone on the wrong side of history
cognoscenti: real illumination
whasper: Ghostly contact with ghouls
frimple: folding your clothese every day
Treecheese: money to be made in preserving rainforests
tattermedalion: pretended poor person that lives in poverty to disguise his wealth
flocksturr: focuses on avionics of top secret craft
panejectifron: time-travelers exiting their cars
pancledes: time travlers that can be identified
covertthow: an attempt by spies to gain more power
martle: someone too slow to survive on mars
marstion: foothold on habitable planet
wibble-wabble: tergiversation in high pressure situations
flipsquire:99th percentile IQ
frankquibber: 98th percentile IQ
cloveryield: the earnings of luck on aleatory circumstance
actsequlade: quaint TV sitcoms
gimply: with a great gait
fourteenfive:genius level intelligence
qwence: the place for elite people to congregate
Bilderberg: the crownpiece of kapstone paper that selects comfort lazily based on nepotism that worships enough owls until the decided date and that foists roosters to meet with clement (exceptionally) and inclement fate
frohemian: black hipsters
Effrogallant: Bold non-linear flirtation
Sart: coffin for poor people
Ralsk: secret underground subway system
riniguss: landlocked prosperity
tryme: corruption in court for poor people
whyern: beginning of stardom
marzarratea: Ghoulish time-travelers who talk too often
Awgrudge: underwhelming emotional reaction
Virtualasis: long-distance non-physical romance
wikken: genocide of sentient but stupid humans
qwask: infiltrate the untouchables
rijuice: A preordained outcome of an important game
Lagonagria: The uncertainty of scores even with prophetic insight
wopper: someone who is permanently oppressed
axile: carefully being cut or carved
pruke: ***** that comes from nausea that is forced
pluke: excessive absorption of new knowledge
ghallitosis: Fear of the unknown in time-travel
jimpster: a contactee by liaison with time travelers
sessomotto: rocketship
whilded: anticipation of death (thanatopsis)
praken: Aeolian winds of mythical divinity
mustreacle: expectations that are unrealistic that ruins lives
klangquant: making enemies of the aristocracy
pyer: effigy of a dead person bearing no blood
crabwhisker: when two people have such different associations they have no emotional propinquity and therefore can't relate to each other
prull it: implode a building
wetringle: droplets of vaginal fluid
cravvel: people with VD that pretend celibacy
revdection: the art of inventing new words to gain an advantage
New English Words
Tommy Randell Dec 2017
I light your candles, I like the light
But every source these days is less than a little bright
When in that orangey glow
Nostalgia for the old days grips me by the throat

You see I hear you as you read
Watching your lips subvocalize my words
Your low IQ bends you to my need
This is about as obvious as Poetry occurs

You read you feel, that's my transaction
I get off on watching you burning bright
Like some ****** in an abreaction
I light your candles, I like the light

I supply, you participate
As the reader you have free will on your side
You can take or leave it at the Page
Or you can Inhale and risk the ride

But not here, meet me in another place
Somewhere darker, a more personal space
Somewhere I can truly light your fire
You to become my addict, I to be your supplier

Tommy Randell 18th December 2017
Someday there will be Cafés set aside where Poetry, openly transacted as the drug it is, will be legal and safe and not hi-jacked by a few for their own ends.
Matt Shaw May 2017
his black T shirt blazons for the nether,
or is it heaven?

...the letters are glow in the dark.

He walks down the sunset street
smoking a sad cigarette. but really
he is not that sad. because he knows

he thinks, i need to get a job soon.
i wonder where i'll be working next.
i hope one day they flock to the music coming from me,
that would be so rad.
i'm nothing like my mom and dad.
but i'm not such pressing matter to the world, only to me
everywhere men best me
at one thing or another, keep a humble thing going.
they don't understand why i acted out
or where it came from, and there's really no need for them to,
one day some people will.

He thinks it's sad, that cigarette
We don't enfold without violence, but we do enfold
so perfectly. He is really quite intelligent.
He does and doesn't mind that you might suppose
him stupid, or this or that, which he isn't
by the way he looks and talks.

He knows he takes vain pride in being
pretty good looking and knowing about
lots and lots of different things.

That's okay, he loves the word smart.
Everyone is so smart, okay, God is so smart he thinks,
And that seems to just negate the iniquity of "IQ"
That segregates more elitist and more jealous types.

He is 22 now and clinging to his youth
(like his skinny jeans cling to his legs)
But this, he supposes, is maybe not so bad
So long as he takes care of everything he needs to.
On trivial matters right and wrong have faded from his mind,
His critics are shades of gray as is he,
But this is certainly connected to the more dire matters,
which, he thinks, rotate just as dizzyingly.

But that is why things die. Smart. Art.
That must be my connection to Unity,
It was no lie that I did feel this way and do these things
For ever, but it was certainly not perfect.
Only, it is. Right here, right now.

If you could only see his heart.
But he knows, that just means one day,
It will unfold, and you will. Sometimes,
he supposes he's ready to die, only
the aching in his stomach
of so many songs yet unsung
words not yet written
embraces unhad,
charities not given.

These are his thoughts. And he is also annoyed,
Paranoid in fact, all the judging rush hour traffic going by
What they think of me! He's sorry, he hates it. He smiled at you and your child. He thinks himself so dear.

But you only saw this dude walking through Lansdale,
Bringing back Pluto in skinny jeans and high tops,
his ***** thanks to God, the dirt is not *****
The worth is not worthy, smoking a cigarette,
looking at his phone, probably playing Pokymons again
another vibration somewhere down the line
Intersecting all the time.
Mimi Hachiko Jul 9
You’ve given no reason
For me to feel this way
But all reasons aside
You’re such a cliché
The cheerleader type
You run and you play
But I remember a time
Your type would betray
Your voice pitch is high
Your IQ count can’t match
I really can’t see why
You’re considered a catch
But maybe I’m petty
Or jealous, or insecure
I think I’m just ready
To be called particular
I don’t like your type
I don’t fancy to be friends
I don’t follow the hype
You give me the bends
Muzaffer Sep 13
yağmuru seviyor
beni de
sanırım - yani
o minvalde
hissettiriyor en azından

özellikle bekletmeyi
boğa heykelinde
tepelerimi sis kapladığında
çıkıyor birden soprano
şarkılar söylüyor
naftalinli, lavantalı
gönlümü bir hoş ediyor

gülüşüne biraz boya katıp
ve buz attığında rakıya
ağzında kalabalık azalıyor

ve arada.
şarkı söylediğinde
pado kokuyor nefesi
fakat arabesk sevmiyor
ne enteresan değil mi?

öyle herkes gibi
aşkım, sevgilim demiyor
vaha san diyor sürekli
sevdiğini başka türlü
belli ediyor
A. Ş. 'yi ben ekliyorum
cümle sonuna
günbe gün IQ' mu
iflasa sürüklüyor

şiire ilgimi bilmiyor
cahitten 35 yaş ezberinde
hasta beşiktaşlı, çarşıya kayıtlı
zararsız bir argosu var
racon, protokol,
kafa, göz yarma
hepsini ezbere biliyor

derin kilitliyor gözü
içimde kendini katlıyor

aralayıp nefesi hesapsız
dudağımda oruç bozuyor

birgün tövbe derse !?

This poem is Turkish...
I am dumb, stupid, and unintelligent,
I an barely write for I am inelliquent.

But are those two statements ones I believe?
Do I doubt myself with little reprieve?

And are those words even the truth?
And if they are, where is the proof?

Who  says my intelligence is my only value?
Or that my skills or talents are very few?

I don't have answers for these questions here'
But I have been given advice so dear.

"You are not stupid,
For stupidity is foolishness.
You are not dumb,
For the dumb cannot speak."

I am more than the knowledge I store,
I am worth more than anyone could bargin for.

My skills don't define me,
My IQ isn't my identity.

I was given a purpose I will one day see,
For thats why I believe God created me.

He's given me an imaginative mind.
He's blessed me with the desire to be caring and kind.

Does this mean I don't doubt anymore?
That I don't wonder what my purpose is for?

I still doubt, even with proof,
But I know I can always turn to the truth.

I just remember that simple phrase,
This quote that reminds me everyday.

"I am not stupid,
For stupidity is foolishness.
I am not dumb,
For the dumb cannot speak."

And just because I don't know everything, doesn't mean I'm weak.
Diamond Flame Nov 2018
I'm sorry mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry my grades don't match my IQ.
I'm sorry I can't keep my grades up.
I'm sorry that no matter what I do it's not enough.
I'm sorry that I'd rather express
How I feel
Then get stuck in a desk.
I'm sorry I'm such a mess.
I'm sorry, but I'll never wear a dress.
I'm sorry that the color black
And the boy you don't approve of
make me happy
I'm sorry I'm not normal
Color is depressing.
Darkness is happiness.
Sorry, but I'm not perfect.
I never will be.
All I ask
Is for you to love and support me.
I'm a sorry dad.
I'm sorry I can't be strong enough.
I'm sorry for the mistakes I've made.
I'm sorry for what I've done.
I'm sorry that we didn't have more time together.
I'm sorry for my carelessness.
I'm sorry because I know that if you were here,
I'd be a disappointment
and you would disown me.
I'm sorry that I haven't been motivated.
I'm sorry, I know I'm not enough.
I'm sorry I'm so weak.
I'm sorry that I have shut everyone out.
I'm sorry that I need you now that you're gone.
I'm sorry for what you went through.
I'm sorry for all the sacrifices you had to make for me.
I'm sorry
I understand
If you don't accept my apology
Because who would want empty words
From a disappointment like me?
My sincerest apologies
To the two that gave life to me
Peter B May 31
He knows a lot,
more than we do,
he's very clever,
he's got the highest IQ.

He knows his planets
and all the universe
like his own pocket,
he knows them best.

He knows the laws
of physics and nature,
his head is one big

But he doesn't know
one simple thing:
how salty are,
how salty are tears.

No, he doesn't know
this simple thing:
that salty are,
salty are tears.
matilda shaye Oct 12
I can want to call you but not dial it now, which is progress, but it helps when I remember how much I ******* hate you!
I told somebody recently that I always look back on times of growth with a fondness, with a spotlight, even though during them I can only feel the sting.
I want everybody to know to not take anything I say seriously because I don't trust anything I create and that even includes sentences, but whenever I grow up I will demand to be treated as such. I'm not used to how it feels to have an impulse that I don't act on-
I do the same thing each weekend, some of my friends find that to be depressing but I like to think its means we're in a sitcom. It's our own certain patterns and routines and I'm easily able to romanticize it, I think it's sweet, others think it's stationary.
I ran into my ex tonight, the one who I believe has a very low IQ.
I could cry if I wanted to, but I'm not sad. I want to mourn each version of myself that I've left somewhere else (including the one who was with that ex) and I'm absolutely terrified of the ones that I still have to deal with, I see glimpses of them each time I get a new tattoo.
I nearly cried because a song came on that made me think I wanted you back, this happens every so often and I have yet to figure out yet if it's real. Sometimes I think the fact that I get back there (or here, more or less, because I did start to cry) has to mean something, that maybe I did actually love you in a way I haven't ever before or maybe might not ever again, but other times I blame it on my mental health or menstrual cycle or the fact that I'm 22 or maybe even sleep deprivation or my own self destruction patterns or possibly personal insecurities or A literal human need to connect in a way that I'm also simultaneously avoiding.
I like her. I do like her. I just like ME more (and you, but thats only because you match my level of cynical and I find that pleasing because everybody is either morbid or positive these days), and that's new, because I still barely like myself! I usually forget to look at myself in the mirror for days in a row. I've seen my reflection so many times in the past week. I might be getting taller.
I use too many commas and not enough periods or maybe even too many of both but I want to write without worrying who is reading! I want to write in the way that I believe I could, never ending sentences that mean something and hit people in the chest the way I want to be ******* slapped, ******* beat down to my core, you know? I saw my ex who threw me down stairs tonight, it's that one, the really really stupid one, not sure if you remember. She's gained weight since the last time I saw her and I asked if she was sober within 60 seconds of speaking to her, I've gained inches and gotten like 25 tattoos,
I can't wait to be happy.
I only hate you because you don't love me too.
Kay Anderson Aug 2018
Sorry losers and haters but my IQ is one of the highest
Somehow I dont quite believe that but I am pretty biased
See I think you're a ***** Donald Trump I really do
Because what intelligent person would think the following is true
Muslims should be denied entry into the great United States
Surley by doing this you will go down in history as one of the greats?
Or by telling transgenders they can't serve in the forces
And doctors should be punished by administering abortions
How's that great big wall of yours currently going?
Have the Mexicans offered to pay for it or are you still not knowing?
Now I have to say I think your face is one big publicity stunt
So I'm just going to go ahead and be brutally blunt
Donald Trump I think your a
IQ Jan 1
The excitement of my heart vibrates against my chest

Feeling wide awake under the moonlight
Makes me want to dance with you all night

My voice wavers when I see you
I'm shaken by what I want to see

My feelings come back without a degree
The emotions come back without a degree
Calling every night, not being conscious
Sincerity without a degree

HJV Mar 8
When I think, I queue
Feelings are not blinding, but
Tips caress a braille
Figured I try a Haiku

— The End —