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here i am!
oh, i raise a fuss
they're looking,

but seeing me they're not.
-riley minteer
(from “where did today go”)
Tuesday, November 18, 2019
Lot May 2017
I am there too.
Where I can see them, feel them breathing.
In and out.
Fluid and with ease.
Bubbles of air escape from their mouths,
playful and free.
Oblivious to the murk that is me...
Natalie Nov 4
I mprints
N ever to be discovered.
V oiceless.
I nflicted by
S elfishness and
I nhibition.
B ut is it my fault?
L ove makes me feel like I don’t, like I can’t
E xist.
April May 2018
I am the lightbulb
That burned out last night
But no one sees until morning
laurynas-dyma Apr 10
picturesque drawing
of our future
in your eyes
whilst you gaze
into mine.

and it's blurry
and that's exciting,
what it beholds
is unknown.

we guess and imagine
it's colours, size
and the frame.

open to our
I'm just a shadow, that shutters every wind blows.
I'm doing everything I can but it's nothing.
I keep on crying to feel better but it's nothing.
When can I feel I'm important?
When can I feel I'm needed?
Let it be. Cry it all.
I can't do anything.
Traveler Feb 17
Mighty are the winds
In their invisibility...
Wickedly blowing
All around me...
I am but an island
In a mighty storm
Of needs...

Resentful lies
Somehow we survive...
Invisibility keeps me alive

This next stanza
Would be to painful to write
So I'll use my invisible words
And hope everything
Turns out all right!
Traveler Tim
It's kind of a weird story,
How I got these scars.
The're very special,
You can only see them
If I tell you they are here.
But the scars you think you saw,
The scars you think you pointed out on my body,
Don't exist.
The scars i have,
Are seen when i tell you to see them.
So now they are invisible.
Because no one will ever know.
That i want to be the one to speak her name as mine.
These scars,
Are from not from my knife but from you because i told you to hurt me and it would be better for you, for me, and for everybody.
Maybe you want to take the risk.
And want to see the scars.
I'll show them.
But i warn you.
You will not only see scars,
This can go on for a while.
I'll tell you this.
The one thing i keep in mind.
The one thing you should keep in mind.
Don't know, Don't see, Don't show, Don't feel.
And some more lies.
She is there, I believe, behind those slate grey eyes.
Those eyes that once viewed me with Love
or with amusement.
Now, however, they see me without seeing.
She is held prisoner in a silk web of confusion.
She knows not who she is now.
She knows me not and has forgotten my name.
I visit though she forgets I ever came.
She is one who exists instead of lives.
A dear sweet girl with little left to give.
You ask me why I still come and I reply
“ I  promised my love until the day I die.”
Mom was in the nursing home for years and my Father stopped in every day to see her.
fearfulpoet Jul 2018
“only” the lonely know (my special sign)


an incurable silence

the meaningless, wasted touch of a hand,
attached, directed by them from them
to them
a failed reassurance

a classroom, a stadium, cornfield or grove,
so many nutted fallen solitaries fallen to rot
midst a globe of trillions never noticed,
never missed

the silly conceptual that the lonely,
special unique, blessed with a curse,
a specialist status, “only” they afflicted;
with a ken that isolates and yet feels elevated -
oh! I am special

show me one, just one, human who doesn’t truly believe,
they are the onliest loneliest and you will vision
each and every
lonely person who
secret sighs and whose first thoughts are only:

god spare me one more day of being,
fearful of achieving
my very own knowing,
in the invisible place,
the incurable silence award,
reward of another purple heart,
“only” the lonely service ribbon,
my Cain marker

~my special sign~

what a wonderful reception to my first poem!

thank you,
less fearful!
Arke Sep 2018
for all the love of life that is now lost
your voice rings through my mind like a warm song
regardless of sweet summers ending cost
creates poetry in my head ere long

our melting of minds and bodies now gone
but forgotten, your touch could never be
simple as the dusk which becomes the dawn
my love for you as pure, as it is free

I know you may not feel of me the same
perhaps never again will you be mine
and gone is the love that once easy came
perhaps your silence has become a sign

but my love for you will always ring true
and your love alone has carried me through
Glory Oct 29
A silent sunrise
Your last wheezy breaths were swirling, howling winds ensnared in an invisible beer bottle
Undisturbed, I slept on
When I woke, you were gone
Jy May 17
All I need is time,
for this feelings to fade
these scars to heal
Said "better days will come"
I hope it will
For this will be invisible
like how I'm used to
and this love's gonna be
I will always love you,
love you 'till the day I can
It was a promise;
unworthy-to-be-broken one
You should've hurt me
but then you didn't
Somewhat I did myself
yet it was the worst pain
Mara W Kayh Dec 2018
This is for you,
The invisible
Tucked away
Even in the blaring light

This is for you
The silent
The silenced
The golden caged voices
Who having seen the light
keep inside
Lest it be too powerful for others to bare

This is for you
The holy,
The kind
The patient
And compassionate
Who seek no accolades or fame

In whose faces we will recognize
Mothers, daughter, sons and fathers
Of time immemorial
Came from nowhere a couple months ago, saved it in drafts, forgot about it, came across it today, and though it hasn't been edited or labored on, I decided to just put it out there.
Sarah Spencer Jan 19
You look right through
my soul
to see her standing new
and whole
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